Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to Beat Torture

Is Using A Minotaur To Gore Detainees A Form Of Torture?

Torture's back in the news because Dick the Pimp and Liz the Prostitute are out pumping the media and angrily defending war crimes on TV again.

The Republican Ticking Time-Bomb Scenario is easily countered. Any terrorist actually tortured, in the scenario, need only steel themselves for a short time and then provide false information.

For example, let us say you have knowledge a bomb is set to go off in 1 hour in LA or NY, if the bomb planting terrorist can hold out for 30 to 45 minutes and then pretend to succumb and provide you with the location of the bomb, the group will go off running 24 style to the wrong location as the bomb explodes in the other location.

To back my argument in the Mel Gibson MOVIE Payback. The crucial torture scene (in the Gibson cut of the film) has Gibson's character "Porter" undergoing a ball-peen hammer to the toes pretending to break and giving false information (in a sincere way) in order to send the torturers to a wrong location.

The Republican Pro Human Pain and Suffering Right Wing Extremists seem to think the prospect of wanting the torture to end is what is motivating the terrorist and don't seem to understand a committed terrorist has no expectation of survival. But, the major mass casualty attacks used by Dick the Pimp to justify his war crimes have usually ended with all the terrorists dead because they knew going in it would be a suicide mission. (See as examples the Moscow Nord-Ost Siege, the Beslan School Hostage Crisis, Mumbai Terror Assault and Dick Cheney's massive failure 9/11) Torture designed to inflict pain is used because the Torturer thinks the Tortured is worried about ending the torture with the mindset of living to see the future.

And then there is John McCain. Senator McCain proves some people are strong and crafty enough to give a false confession using information which the torturer thinks may be true. Although, I could be wrong about false confessions and all those people tortured by the Inquisition actually were Witches, flew around on brooms and were in League with Lucifer.

Of course, some sadistic fucks torture for the sheer pleasure of inflicting pain and tormenting the infidel and enemy. This describes most of the Right Wing FreeRepublic Extremists who are pro-torture.

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