Saturday, August 15, 2009

You still have made a choice

Now watch what you say or theyll be calling you a radical,
~ The Logical Song, SuperTramp
I do not like the power of the Federal Government and despite the last 8 months of posts, I'm not a staunch Obama Defender.

However, If you force me to make a choice between R. Limbaugh and the Birthers or Obama, I'm going to choose Obama. I can never forgive R. Limbaugh for making fun of Michael J. Fox by his grotesque undulating. And the Birthers, and their Fathers the Republican Party, have declared they can never accept Obama. So if that is the choice you offer, I'll stand with Obama.

The issue is the Misplaced Rage. The conservatives of the Nation have ignorantly allowed their anger to be displaced onto Obama from the real enemy. The President Who:
- diddled himself while the country received the Worst Terrorist Attack ever,
- undertook Nation building in War torn regions,
- expanded the Federal Government to new heights,
- allowed the hole at Ground Zero to remain a festering wound in order to exploit it for votes,
- negligently ignored Veterans returning from foreign wars of choice,
- subverted the Constitution,
- obscured and distorted scientific progress and thought,
- funneled Trillions to the Military-Industrial-Complex destroying the economy,
- used the power of the Federal Government to quash dissent and to undermine political enemies,
- hired incompetent religious zealots to run the military and the economy,
- and allowed criminals to drain money from the nation when hundreds of billions of dollars were hidden in Swiss Bank Accounts.

Obama has inherited a situation which Jessie Ventura declared he wouldn't "wish on his worst enemy", yet the conservatives have allowed themselves to be duped into hating and working to overthrow Obama because... he's a Kenyan Socialist, instead of the ignorant buffoon who transformed a surplus of 4 Trillion dollars into a 6 Trillion dollar debt and changed the country from the United into the Failed States of America.

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ran said...

Yeah, the whole Obama as Socialist, Communist, Fascist, or what have you shows the power of propaganda.

I think Obama's main push so far has been to maintain continuity between his and the GWB Administration. The war continues, the funneling money to Wall St. continues, etc. Looking at his actions, Obama seems like a slightly less extreme version of GWB. And yet he is lambasted as a fascist?

The differences that have caused the right-wing uproar are not about on the ground policy. There is little difference between Obama and his predecessor regarding that. What reason does the right-wing noise machine have to expend so much effort against him? Race is not it as they bloviated and became enraged at Clinton in the same manner ,who, like Obama, was as much a Socialist as Ronald Reagan ever was. The only thing I can guess is that the leaders of the right wing simply are trying to regain the personal power they had under GWB and are using the propaganda tools at their disposal to that end.

Thus, we have ignorant people being fired up and taking a stand about the government intruding in their Medicare and other misinformed ideas. The only hope I have is that those moderate conservatives out there see the lunacy of the ignorant mass on their right and reject it and the propaganda that feeds it.

Grung_e_Gene said...

As Gore Vidal correctly observed, I say very mildly, we have only one political party in the United States, the Property Party, with two right wings, Republican and Democrat.

Both parties are geared and have been constructed to cater to the moneyed interests of the Nation, what stopped most widespread protests was that America was such a land of plenty there was enough of a trickle-down of wealth and marginalizing of the poor and powerless to undercut any large uprisings.

Now we are seeing widespread and long lasting economic woes and groups are not being successfully subsumed into the Machine.

Of course, the members of Stormfront would despise Obama because of his skin regardless of state of the nation but, combined with the problems Obama inherited we have the current arguments of Loud Voice and Red Face.

DiscipleDOC said...

Mr. ran. Have you always been this stupid or has something happened to you lately, like a fall on your head?