Monday, January 24, 2011

What Jay Cutler's Knee Injury can teach us about PTSD

"I want you to get that man out of here right away. I won't have these other brave boys seeing such a bastard babied." ~ George S. Patton
The Bears lost to the Packers 21-14 yesterday. Jay Cutler was injured in the Bears loss to the Packers sunday. Just before half he took several hits and Fox Sports zoomed in on his bloodied right elbow. But, during one sequence Troy Aikman noted Cutler was limping off the field. On the next series Cutler threw an incompletion (his final pass of the game) in which he short armed the throw getting no support from his legs.

Cutler then finished the game on the sideline as Caleb Hanie almost became a legend but fell just short of leading the Bears back. After the Bears lost, a segment of Bears fans and NFL players began attacking Cutler for getting injured labeling him a quitter and a "pussy".

Cutler tore his MCL. Tore it.

Cutler has been one of the toughest players I've ever seen. However, many people dislike Cutler because of their perceptions about his attitude and demeanor. No one knew yesterday, except for Cutler and the Bears medical staff, the extent of his injury, yet that doesn't stop people from calling him a "pussy". I am disgusted by so-called Bears fans and any NFL player who is attacking Cutler.

However, what the incessant calls to 670 The Score, the tweets by NFL players and the on line yahoo sports comments illustrate is there is a certain base meanness which permeates much of our society. And it's ugly.

It strikes me this is similar to what people did to soldiers suffering from what had been called, "shell shock", "battle fatigue", the "thousand-yard stare" and is now known as PTSD or Combat Stress Reaction. They very rarely believed the suffering veteran. And it took a soldier the stature of Audie Murphy coming forward with what he suffered after World War 2 to reduce the stigma of combat stress.

Because many Americans and even people who have suffered through similar experiences seem to have this feeling that anyone who professes to be injured is actually malingering.

It's disgusting and it's a part of the American fabric.

Bears players and GM Jerry Angelo hit back hard at the baseless and ugly classless attacks on Jay Cutler as well as Pro Football Weekly Owener Hub Arkush and 670 The Score announcers Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein. When Angelo was asked about the bullshit comments by NFL punks he stated, "I think it's crap. I thought they were a union. If that’s the way they unionize themselves, they got bigger issues than the one that they have with the owners. I’m very disappointed. That, to me, is dirty pool." Good for you Jerry.

Boers began his show by stating he was "completely ashamed to be affiliated with the ignorant bastards who felt it, compelled to call this radio station". Boers and Bernstein then thankfully spent their entire show blasting their brainless "meatball" listeners, classless NFL punks, and testicle lacking reporters who attacked Cutler.

And then late night Score Bears Reporter Laurence Holmes broke the overall story about Jay Cutler's serious knee injury. Holmes was at the game. Holmes has first hand reporting. He is a primary source. All these NFL players, sports reporters and and analysts who are attacking Cutler are not. So, any reporter or columnist (Jason Whitlock) who questions Cutler's injury should have their reporting skills questioned.

But, to you Jimmy Johnson of Fox Sports; Shove a microphone up your ass and go back to peddling your late night snake-oil dick pills. No wonder you coached the Cowboys, you little-dicked scum bag.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Don't Retreat! -Reload." Remember there is no Tea Party Orthodoxy

Save the strong lose the weak,
Never turning the other cheek
Trust nobody don't be no fool,
Whatever happened to the golden rule
We got stranded,
Caught in the crossfire ~ Stevie Ray Vaughn, Crossfire
Until they need one.

Do you remember how when the Tea Party was castigated for it's extreme elements? The racists? The bigots? The militia members? Those declaring themselves "Sovereign Citizens"? The Oathbreakers? The Birthers? The Tenthers? The ones declaring the Obama Government and the President himself to be illegitimate?

Well, after each incident some group with Tea in their name like, Tea Party Nation or Tea Party Central or I want to Tea Party All the Time would state with finality the 'Tea Party movement has no structure and no hierarchy'.

Well, that was until a Tea Party inspired murderous bastard acted upon the core message of the Tea Party. Then no less than Senator Lamar Alexander and Congressman Trent Franks, two Republicans who have been ensconced in Washington DC for DECADES, can go on national tv and declare, the murderer doesn't fit the profile of a Tea Party member and anyone who mentions Sarah Palin is responsible for the murders.

First, of course this murderer fits the profile of a Tea Party member, with his fear of a government, illiterate pleas for the sovereignty of the individual versus the state and his gold backed currency mumblings. And he's a registered Independent, which until now, has been cherished by the Right as meaning Tea Party member.

But, second, how can two career Republican politicians speak for the Tea Party? We've been told for years the Tea Party is not affiliated with the Republican Party.

What Alexander and Franks made clear is what has been known for a long time, the Tea Party is the Terrorist arm of the Republican Party. They had a mission, which was crafted at the upper levels, and passed along in memos to cause disruptions, instill fear and allude to gun play and violence, in an effort to frighten and terrorize Democrats and Liberals. Here is Dick Armey's vision of political discourse from the 2009 Tea Party Healthcare Insurance Reform attacks:
- "Spread out in the hall and try to be in the front half. The objective is to put the Rep on the defensive with your questions and follow-up. The Rep should be made to feel that a majority, and if not, a significant portion of at least the audience, opposes the socialist agenda of Washington.”

– “You need to rock-the-boat early in the Rep’s presentation, Watch for an opportunity to yell out and challenge the Rep’s statements early.”

– "The goal is to rattle him, get him off his prepared script and agenda. If he says something outrageous, stand up and shout out and sit right back down. Look for these opportunities before he even takes questions.”
That is what Republicans do immediately when they are out of power.
"I believe in this movement ... America is ready for another revolution," - Sarah Palin at the 2010 Tea Party Convention.
Now, that another Tea Party inspired terrorist incident has occurred the push back is coming from all levels on the Right. Faux News spent the entire day attacking liberals, especially Sheriff Clarence Dupnik for pointing out the obvious, when you use violence and guns in your political language when you declare your opponent is an enemy and invoke the idea of armed overthrow of the democratically elected government you are Responsible!

Meanwhile, the Tea Party could care less about the murders and anguished families and are spending all their time attacking liberals. The Tea Party Express had this to say:
It is quite clear that liberals are trying to exploit this shooting for their own political benefit, and they used deception and dishonesty to try and smear all of us and our beliefs.
Now clearly, this murderous bastard is responsible for his actions but Sarah Palin, Dick Armey, Freedomworks and the organizations under the Tea Party umbrella have created a climate and stoked the fires which, most likely, served as the spark for his terrorist act.

They are responsible for the Tea Party Massacre in Tucson.

Who Will Conservative Terrorists Murder Next? [Disaffected and it Feels So Good]

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Tea Party Massacre in Tucson, Arizona

The Tea Party is responsible for the horrific massacre in Arizona. And they know it.

Because of it they are preparing to violently push back (would you expect anything less of Terrorists) blaming the attack on liberals and claiming the murderer is a "liberal lunatic".
"The left is coming and will hit us hard on this. We need to push back harder. The shooter was a liberal lunatic. Emphasis on both words," wrote Judson Phillips founder of Tea Party Nation.
Putting aside the murderer's fear of government, pro-gold currency screeds which fit perfectly in a Glenn Beck monologue or a Keep Your Government Hands off my Medicare Tea Party Rally, The Tea Party and conservatives have spent the last 2 years vociferously creating a climate of anti-government and hatred for Democrats.

They openly and brazenly brought guns to political rallies. As Chekhov noted,
"If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired."
Well, the guns and violence the Tea Partiers have hung upon themselves just went off.

Just recall the hundreds of signs at Tea Party rallies, "We Came Unarmed [This time]", "The Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time...", "Let his days be few; and let another take his office." Their every rally was besot with eliminationist wordage, violent imagery, hatred and murderous intent if their political will was thwarted.
"That's because of the Tea Party movement, all these Tim McVeigh wannabes." ~ Sean Hannity
It's a hallmark of Republican and conservative political dissatisfaction. They threaten violence always and immediately when not in power. And the last two years have seen a horrible toll. This most recent event obviously has captured every one's attention, but we've become so inured to the Conservative calls to Violence and Bloodshed a review of this timeline will make sense of the recent Tea Party Massacre. And cast a chilling light on every good American who now has to live in fear of Conservative Terrorism.

Sarah Palin, who bears a large responsibility for the Tea Party Massacre in Tuscon, has had her aide claim her gunsight targeting of Giffords and 19 other Democrats were "surveyors marks". "Don't retreat, -Reload" those surveyors marks? Of course, the hypocrites of the Right slavishly agree, no Equivocation is too ridiculous for conservatives.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik lays the blame right where it belongs on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party: "When you look at unbalanced people, how they respond to the vitriol that comes out of certain mouths about tearing down the government," he said. "The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on this country is getting to be outrageous and unfortunately Arizona has become sort of the capital. We have become the Mecca for prejudice and bigotry."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

In Crafting an Alternate History, Republicans and Conservatives show they Hate America

Power don't come from a badge or a gun. Power comes from lying. Lying big and gettin' the whole damn world to play along with you. Once you've got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts ain't true, you've got 'em by the balls. ~ Senator Roark, Republican, Sin City
Conservatism has gone morally bankrupt. Besides the murders and increasing Terrorist attacks by Conservatives and the Right Wing blogosphere furiously trying to disavow any connection to the violence they nurtured and helped grow, Republicans have consciously severed any ties to the past which sought to aid Americans and help this Nation. Because the modern Republican Party cares for themselves and their Ultra-Rich Masters, and the conservative dupes who support the GOP are an insular group of bigots who choose to believe that only white, christian heteronormative persons are "Real America".

Conservatism was rejected by the Founding Fathers. Otherwise the east coast of America would be a part of the Commonwealth. The Founding Fathers first started off with the idea that they were proper Englishmen and wanted to be treated as such, the word American was a slur amongst the British at the time. But, that ended with the adoption of a new ideal, while imperfect, with the creation of a secular land wherein, at first only a select group of people, but over time an increasing number were given enumerated Rights and Freedom.

But, Michele Bachmann and the Republican Menace must change history books and lie constantly. And Republicans lie big. The Republican Party recently staged a sham reading of the entire Constitution to kick off the 112th Congress. Oddly, the Republicans decided to skip some parts, specifically the parts about slavery.

Well, that's no problem! Just get Glenn Beck and Faux News to trot out a standard Republican lie about Slavery in the Constitution; The 3/5ths person slavery rule was actually to destroy slavery! But, if that's the case why didn't a new GOP Congressional Freshman proudly read that part of the Constitution? Because everyone knows that Republicans are pro-slavery. Their entire platform is a ceaseless push to destroy Unions, race to the lowest salaries and institute wage slavery on the American people.

During Obama's Presidency their evil cynicism has become evident. President Obama declared the Constitution was a flawed document, Laura Ingraham and Faux News have spent years attacking him for that statement. Yet, as the recent sham reading indicates, Republicans themselves believe the document to not be the perfect revealed word. But, to continue to dupe their ignorant base of bigoted voters they fetishize the Constitution. Republicans will go through any lengths, shamelessly adopt viewpoints and positions diametrically opposed to those they espoused a year or day earlier, and vote against any and all legislation which would aid the American People merely to re-gain political power.

Ronald Reagan famously stated the following, "maybe I should go see Andropov and propose eliminating all nuclear weapons" and "my dream is to see the day when nuclear weapons will be banished from the face of the Earth". Yet, when President Obama said,
“I state clearly and with conviction America's commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons”
and took up the issue of limiting Nuclear proliferation and the START Treaty the Republican Party couldn't attack him fast enough. The Republican Party is stocked with shameless liars.

The Republican Party's job is to lie about everything. Lying gives Republicans power because whenever people learn the truth about Republican policies they lose consistently. So Republicans lie about everything from the ridiculous to the sublime.

The ridiculous; Judith Miller who reported verbatim everything Dick Cheney told her about Iraq's vast amounts of Nuclear Weapons as a casus belli for invading Iraq, recently chided Julian Assange as a bad journalist for not verifying his sources in the Wikileaks controversy.
"My job is to tell readers of The New York Times what the government thought about Iraq's arsenal."
The sublime; The Republican Party plans to vote to Repeal Obamacare and reduce the debt. The Congressional Budget Office released an estimate that Repealing Healthcare Insurance Reform would add $230 Billion USC to the National Debt. So what do the Republicans do? Why they lie. Republicans have to continuously create false narratives to keep their base of battered conservative voters motivated and deluded.

Weapons of Mass Destruction, ACORN, "Climategate", Birtherism, the New Black Panther Party, Homosexuality, Obamacare are all issues the Republicans talk about to cover their true goal which is this:
US Census data for 2010 show the widest rich-poor income gap on record. In 1968, the top 20 percent of Americans had about 7 times the income of those living below the poverty line. By 2008, that disparity had grown to about 13. By 2010, it had grown even further, to more than 14.
Lying it's the stock and trade of the Republican Party. But, it is for a purpose to beat down the Middle Class and Poor into a state of penury and a return to the Pullman Towns of the 19th century.

America has gone from the cherished mythical Land of the Free to the Land with the Biggest Income Disparity in the Western World. Get used to those chains America cause the Republicans are forging them and the conservatives are fastening them about you as quickly as they can...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Assassination Attempt on Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 18 other people were shot at a political function, "Congress on Your Corner". 6 human lives were taken and many families shattered as a result of this shooting.

Giffords is a Democrat. Giffords was shot in the head and was initially reported dead but as of now was in surgery. Her vote on the Healthcare Insurance Reform, earned her a target, literally, from Sarah Palin. At an earlier Heathcare reform rally in 2009, an unidentified person dropped a gun. Her stance on Immigration and her beliefs that the right wing beloved Arizona state law demanding random detention of suspected illegals was "divisive" and did “nothing to make the communities I represent safer" earned her the hate and ire of Faux News and the Tea Party.

Here is what the Tea Party used as a political slogan prior to the election:
"Help remove Gabrille Giffords from office. Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly"
The Rush will be to blame the Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Sharron Angle, Michael Savage and the other conservative toxic talk show hosts who propound daily their virulent anti-immigrant fear mongering and have used murderous, bloodthirsty gun laden imagery in their quest to destroy the Democratic Party and Barack Obama. And perhaps they should get the blame.

What is without doubt is that conservatives and Tea Party Hateriots have fully embraced the language of violence in the political rhetoric. Every function was an opportunity to have gun-totting mama grizzly invoke the Revolution and violence. There were calls by Sarah Palin to "not retreat, reload" and Palin's "Target the 20". Michele Bachmann wanted her constituents "armed and dangerous" over the Heathcare law Giffords voted for. Sharron Angle urged her supporters to "Use Second Amendment Remedies" to remove Harry Reid. And from Republican Catherine Crabill, "We have a chance to fight this battle at the Ballot Box before we have to resort to the Bullet Box". The use of violence or the threat of violence to effect political change is known as terrorism.

But it's not just conservative bloggers who are actively talking about Violence and Overthrow of the Government.
I hope they do feel threatened. Attempts at peaceable protests have been met at turns by feigned ignorance, then mockery, then attacks on the character and motives of those would not sit quietly by. Perhaps it will take a serious review of our capacity for violence to get them to realize we shall not surrender our individual liberties to their lust for power.
High level Republican Bureaucrats have urged conservatives to violence as well. Here are the fact free musings of Ford and Reagan cabinet members Ernest S. Christian and Gary Robbins in their article; Will Washington's Failures Lead to Second American Revolution?

Conservatism is Terrorism. Get used to it.

Predictably, the Right Wing blogs and their insane adherets are quick to disavow and act as though their bloody invocation to violence and terrorism had nothing to do with this, as they always do. And, this is another part of the problem. When Glenn Beck styles himself a Progressive Hunter and preaches violence against the Tides Foundation or the ACLU or the President everyone shoould fear that someone may act upon the apocalyptic ravings of the domestic terrorists at Faux News.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Gay Panic of Louie Gohmert

"And if anything, these kids are less innocent — these 16 and 17 year-old beasts…and I've seen what they're doing on YouTube and I've seen what they're doing all over the internet — oh yeah — The kids are egging the Congressman on! The kids are trying to get this out of him." ~ Matt Drudge defends Republican pervert Mark Foley because... well, because Foley is a Republican and IOKIYAR.
So holiday travel caused me to miss the Congress and President Obama succeeding with many legislative victories. The most interesting one was the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the civil rights victory for homosexual women and men in gaining the freedom to serve openly in the military.

Of course, Republicans hate freedom and liberty and wish to force Americans back into the bigoted white, christian, heteronormative gulag the conservative movement longs to force down the throats of every American. So, while it's unsurprising that a mere 23 Republican Senators and Congressmen voted to end DADT, it's safe to say that 90% of Republicans are ignorant bigots who hate America.

A key Republican Champion for bigotry is Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas. Gohmert is most famous for his "Terror Babies" declaration, that America is being invaded by muslims who will have children here then leave, indoctrinate these children as terrorists and let them return (since they are American citizens) as sucidie bombers 20 years later. When pressed by Anderson Cooper who stated flatly, "the FBI says it's not happening" and asked Gohmert to provide the slightest shred of evidence for his cheap pulp fiction scare story, a blubbering Gohmert floundered, stammering "You going to keep me honest! It's happening! It's happening!" and became a mass of incomprehensible gibbering jelly, most Republicans are mounds of flabby pasty jelly sans courage.

Well, following the victory for freedom, Gohmert took to the House floor to recall a tale of gay panic which he suffered back in his military days. The story centered around a gay soldier who apparently made a pass at Gohmert no doubt after he caught Louie staring too long at him while in the showers or after Louie offered the soldier some extra wrestling practice.

Louie was of course super offended. How dare that muscly tight bodied hunk of a soldier tempt Louie Gohmert!

Now, here's the thing, to many conservatives this story sound like a terrible threat which is going to afflict our young men in the service. You see, conservatives don't have any first hand experience with the matter because conservatives are cowards and chicken hawks who don't serve in the military, so they'll have to get there stories second or third hand (but please don't make that a dirty thing).

I, as a Liberal, love America and served in the Marine Corps, so I know about barracks life. The Marines have the worst male-female ratio of all the services (19 to 1). The Army has the most female members of all the branches, so it's interesting that Louie always focused on the men while he was in, but I'm sure he only admired their tight bodies abstractly and nothing more.

Anyway, in the Corps, whenever a young lady transferred to my company and into the barracks her first night would be met by a number of male Marines knocking on her door to introduce themselves. This happened on numerous occasions and barracks fire watch often was tasked with stopping foot traffic to the female barracks area.

Of course, Louie wouldn't know anything about this as his Army time was spent praying to god to remove those mental images of sexy army boys parading their "overt homosexuality" past him.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paul Ryan resurrects Reagan Voodoo Economics

Bring me your children, they'll burn!
Never look back, never turn!
Cry me a river, you'll learn Voodoo!!
~ the late Ronnie James Dio and Black Sabbath describe Ronnie Reagan and the Republicans plans for America's future.
Like the Bride of Re-Animator, Paul Ryan who has adopted Reagan's signature up-turned greaser bouffant hairdo is now trying to bring back the Reagan Economic Nightmare. Even classifying Reagan's Piss Down Your Back and Tell You It's Raining system of Wealth redistribution as "economics" is insulting. Reagan presided over the Republican push to destroy Social Security.

First, Reagan stole the Social Security funds transferring the money to his cronies and controllers in the Military-Industrial-Complex then after attempting to bankrupt Social Security conservatives began a long propaganda campaign about Social Security's insolvency.

Republicans are truly evil.

Now, Republicans are not merely content with inflicting more harm upon the American people, The Republicans with Paul Ryan as the titular head of the House Budget Committee, are making sweeping changes to the House rules which will allow the Chairman (under the direction of the Party) to have sweeping power over the Budget. He will be able to unilaterally set spending levels that are binding on the House, and any attempt to lessen the impact of these cuts can be ruled out of order.

Will the Republican Chairman's new designation will be Generalissimo? Or Potentate? Or Unilateral Budget Supervisor (UBS)?

The Republicans, who already hate freedom, liberty and Democracy are now trying to bestow upon themselves Absolute Tyrannical power over the American people. It's bad enough the 300 Republican Tyrants in the Federal Government are pushing your economic future into Serfdom, it's probable that now 1 Republican bureaucrat elected by a 100,000 voters will have power to cosign Americans to Wage Slavery and Penury as they follow Paul Ryan's Roadmap to America's Future by eliminating Medicaid, Medicare, Pell Grants and Social Security.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Republican Party's notions of Shared Sacrifice

In order to be part of the totalitarian mind-set, it is not necessary to wear a uniform or carry a club or whip. It is only necessary to wish for your own subjection, and to delight in the subjection of others. ~ Christopher Hitchens, from god is not Great pg. 232, sums up the Republican Party and their conservative fanatics use of Government in order to subjugate the Poor and Middle Class.
Whenever you watch a Sunday Political Show and a Republican bureaucrat talks about Shared Sacrifice watch out it means the Middle Class is in for a beating. The Republican Party has spent the last 30 years dismantling the Federal Government in an effort to destroy the Poor and subjugate the Middle Class.

When Wall Street engaged in furious gambling aided by the blind eye of Republican de-regulation it meant the Middle Class would sacrifice by being on the hook for the debts incurred. Of course, the Wall Street hoodlums know this because they've been pulling the same scam for 30 years ever since Ronald Reagan and John McCain gave them the nod, with the Savings & Loan Scandal, that Corporate theft would be protected with stolen Tax payer dollars.

Shared Sacrifice means a Federal Worker pay freeze on Middle Class government employees while helping Goldman Sachs funnel Billions of Tax Payer dollars into bonuses for the Bankers whose profligate "investment" gambling was aided and endorsed by President Bush and the Republican Party and the cause of the 2007-2009 Republican Party recession.

When Republicans start wars, as a means of a gigantic transfer of wealth from the Nation to the blood sucking War Profiteers, for instance Halliburton and Blackwater (Xe), it meant the poor and middle class would bear the brunt of the suffering and sacrifice, while Republicans profit off the blood of dead Americans in wars they will never serve in for Republicans eschew military service due to their inherent cowardice.

When Republicans talk about shared sacrifice in terms of cutting Federal spending it means an elimination of regulatory bodies, like the FDA, the EPA, OSHA and MSHA which keep Corporate monstrosities from poisoning our food water and air or from working Americans in dangerous slave conditions. It also means Republicans will continue to strive to steal from pensions and social security as detailed in Paul Ryan's plan to eliminate Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

It means Billions of dollars physically lost in Iraq as the price of Warmongering and Trillions of dollars stolen from Social Security and transferred to the Republican War Profiteers off-shore banks in the Cayman Islands and UBS Switzerland. It means the end of Regulation on Banks, it means apologies to Oil Companies who destroy our lands and defense of Rich Mine Owners who kill their workers, it means an increase of Taxes on the Poor, while Taxes on the Rich decrease.

Shared Sacrifice to Republicans means the rapidly expanding gulf between the Rich and the rest of America. It means the Grover Norquist and Voodoo Economists dream of destroying Unions.
"They can tell their unions that they have to accept cuts now or face a much more dire fate in bankruptcy court.”
And the Sham Tea Party Hateriots have allowed themselves to be conditioned that Unions are always to blame. The $30K-a-year garbage man in New York City is to blame for the economy and not the recklessness of real estate "moguls" who leveraged and repackaged billions in junk investments in order to make big scores on the Republican housing bubble scam. Conservatives blame dead Chicago Firefighters and not Harry Macklowe whose, as pointed out in the New York Times Real Estate section, "$7 billion gamble on seven Midtown skyscrapers at the top of the market almost cost him his entire empire, is out looking for new deals."

And while thousands of Americans have been fast-tracked into bankruptcy and home foreclosure,
the truth is that there have been surprisingly few career fatalities among New York developers, even though they have lost billions of investor dollars on overpriced real estate and have littered the city with unfinished apartment buildings. While a homeowner who lost a house to foreclosure would find it difficult to borrow for years, developers who defaulted on enormous loans have still been able to attract money.
Nope Republicans are busy browbeating their conservative slaves into believing the Middle Class is to blame.

Shared Sacrifice means the realization of the Republican Goal of Neo-Feudalism, wage slavery and cutthroat Capitalism for the Poor and Socialism for the Rich and their undying Corporate monsters.

EPA Reminds Republicans Cap-and-Trade Used to be GOP Idea - and it Worked for Acid Rain [The Center for Public Integrity]

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Governor Chris Christie tell New Jersey to Go Fug themselves

Never missed a meal, puffy faced Republican hero Chris Christie has a message for his constituents in New Jersey, Fug off and dig yourselves out of the snow!
“If someone is snowed into their house, that’s not our responsibility,” Christie said.
If people of New Jersey were rich and important like Christie they'd be smart enough to galavant down to Florida, on the taxpayer dime for a vacation just like he did.

Republicans believe that all Governmental functions are socialism, especially if they aid working class and poor people. And whenever they get caught revelling in their hatred for regular Americans they attack as Christie often does.

But, like all Republicans Christie is a blatant janus-faced hypocrite who out of one side of his mouth blasts the Federal Government for spending while at the same time requesting Federal dollars for his state, by seeking disaster relief from the US Government.

Snow Plowing is Socialism! And here is George Will, who has never done an honest day's work, blaming Unions for the response. And what is his source for this "theory" the Rupert Murdoch controlled New York Post and 3 anonymous sources as evidence. Because to conservatives everything is an opportunity to attack Labor and to weaken the Middle Class in pursuit of the defense of the Rich.