Saturday, July 30, 2011

Your Moneyed Masters are getting Angry with you America

“When someone is overextended and broke they don’t continue paying for country club dues, they drop out of the country club,” - Paul Broun (Let Them Eat Cake Party)

"Things are rough all over," - Cherry Valance, The Outsiders
The Republicans and their Moneyed Leash Holders are wholly disconnected from the average American. The comments coming from the Elitist bureaucrats show with whom they chum around. The Country Club? $700 dollar wine dates?

At the same time the GOP is insisting that questioning tax subsides for Private Jet Owners is suggesting a Maoist 5 year plan they are seeking to eliminate Pell Grants because some poor person may get a chance at education. "So you can go to college on Pell Grants — maybe I should not be telling anybody this because it’s turning out to be the welfare of the 21st century," Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Montana). That's the same Denny Rehberg, the 23rd Richest member of Congress who gave a woe is me Town Hall meeting to state he and his wife "are struggling like everyone else" and when asked, 'What's your net worth?', replied "I am land rich and cash poor."

The Republicans are fantastic at staying on message; Pell Grants? Welfare! Medicaid? Welfare! Social Security? Bankrupt Welfare!

Should the Pell Grant system be looked at and modified? Sure, especially in light of the fact that the University of Phoenix, a for-profit corporation receives about $1 Billion of it and produces non-certified degrees from a near worthless curriculum. But, that's not the Republican message. The Republican message is a Pell Grant goes to an (implied) non-deserving type who blows the money on drugs and doesn't take any "real" classes anyway since he's studying at a Leftist indoctrination camp.

This situation wouldn't be so dire if a large number of Democrats, in an effort to be business friendly, weren't siding with the Republicans in selling the country's natural resources, infrastructure and American people out to the Plutocracy.

The Plutocracy has moved so far beyond the lives of 99% of Americans that articles like, You Try to Live on 500K in This Town, should make any decent person vomit when they read:
Five hundred thousand dollars — the amount President Obama wants to set as the top pay for banking executives whose firms accept government bailout money — seems like a lot, and it is a lot. To many people in many places, it is a princely sum to live on. But in the neighborhoods of New York City and its suburban enclaves where successful bankers live, half a million a year can go very fast.

“As hard as it is to believe, bankers who are living on the Upper East Side making $2 or $3 million a year have set up a life for themselves in which they are also at zero at the end of the year with credit cards and mortgage bills that are inescapable,” said Holly Peterson, the author of an Upper East Side novel of manners, “The Manny,” and the daughter of Peter G. Peterson, a founder of the equity firm the Blackstone Group. “Five hundred thousand dollars means taking their kids out of private school and selling their home in a fire sale.”
But, instead we've allowed a small cadre of Politicos, Bankers and Industrialists to determine the political course of the Nation. Upper New York State Mansion owning, $100+ Million Dollar Man Sean Hannity is given 6 hours everyday to talk about 'shared sacrifice' and glibly remarks “If we can experience a little pain now…"

We let parasites like Hedge Fund "Manager" Stephen Schwarzman get away with saying, “It’s like when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939,” if his precious Capital Gains is taxed as ordinary income. And in a pervese Orwellian Double Speak we let the political class call Schwarzman and his ilk, Job Creators, when these Hedge Fund Managers make money by raiding companies and laying off 25-50% of their workers, closing plants and opening new ones up overseas.

Recently, 50 billionaires entreated Chris Christie to run for President. Amongst them were Paul Tudor Jones (hedge funds; $3.3 billion), Stan Druckenmiller (hedge funds; $2.5 billion) and Bernie Marcus (Home Depot; $1.9 billion). Apparently these Billionaires are sorely disappointed with President Obama, the biggest complaint was 'class warfare.'

This is Class Warfare. It's palpable. Every American kind of knows it. But, the Plutocracy defintely knows it. So, they are all in.

Seizing upon the elections in 2008 and 2010 to foment disaster and discontent in this Nation, they have hired Hit men to bring down the Government from inside. Druckenmiller specifically wants default by the Government because he knows his future investments will be paid off by whomever is running the future Government but a default now will destroy many social programs. "I think technical default would be horrible," Druckenmiller said, "but I don't think it's going to be the end of the world. It's not going to be catastrophic. What's going to be catastrophic is if we don't solve the real problem."

And the only question is; as in previous times will enough people be fooled into transferring their anger at the wrong people? Can the Rich succeed in dividing the poor and middle class and setting them upon each other?

Friday, July 29, 2011

As an Atheist I support the Ground Zero Cross at the WTC Memorial

"This cross was found in the rubble..." - Faux News Blonde, Martha MacCallum.
And what better Monument to illustrate either god's non-existence or utter lack of ability to avert a monstrous act of evil. Or even worse than god's impotence or non-existence for the christians, is the possibility that god did, in fact, intervene on 911... for the muslims...

And 2300 years later Epicurus' conundrum remains unanswered;
“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?”

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Joe Walsh, Scion of Conservative Values... Lazy Deadbeat

Oh Joe... Joe... Joe... Joe... I get it now! I'd wondered why Representative Joe Walsh (R-Ill) was such a scummy uncouth lout towards President Obama. His every word laced with the vitriol we Liberals normally only see from hate-filled conservatives.

Walsh's ex-wife has filled court documents claiming he owes $117,437 in back child support. These are the family value Republicans the conservatives love to foist unto all of Us. Joe Walsh is a typical Teabagging Republican.

But, now I see why Joe Walsh hates Barack Obama so much. Sure, I thought Joe Walsh might be bigot when he famously said, "Why was [Obama] elected? Again, it comes back to who he was. He was black, he was historic. And there’s nothing racist about this."

It's actually appears more prosaic than I thought. Because President Obama has something Joe Walsh never had; a stable respectful marriage with kids who love him. Whilst all Joe has is a ex-wife and kids who know him to be a despicable lazy deadbeat.

So the reason Joe Walsh acts like a despicable deadbeat scumbag, the reason Joe Walsh votes lockstep with the Republicans to continue taxpayer assistance to Multi-National Oil companies and Private Jet Owners, the reason Joe Walsh preens and struts for the cameras at MSNBC and ignores the problems in his Congressional district, the reason Joe Walsh worries that "American Jews aren't as pro-Israel as they should be", instead of concerning himself with the the consistently failing Home Values of his constituents is because Joe Walsh is a lazy deadbeat.

The reason Joe Walsh seems to be such a scummy conservative? It's because that is who Joe Walsh is...

And here's HenryPatrick1736, a typical teabagger, who loves him some Joe Walsh and posts his Attaboy Joe because he went after that scary/evil "Leftist" Chris Matthews...

And, of course, one could go to Glenn Beck's The Blaze and read the hundreds comments in support of Joe Walsh. Because once Walsh started his rhetorical firebombing of Obama the conservative dupes rushed to proclaim him awesome and so insightful. Now, that, he's been exposed as a "criminal" the Right's message is going to be, it's a hit job by the liberal MSM and the IOKIYAR will be invoked, but that's just part of the inherent hypocrisy of conservatives.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is the American Dream Dead? Yes, the Republicans murdered It.

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. ~ Frederick Douglass
That's too glib. It's not that the Republicans murdered the American Dream, it's just that their version of the American Dream is one in which the US is a Corporate Controlled State, where a small cadre of Politicos, Industrialists, and Business Behemoths absorb the vast wealth of this nation with the US Government existing solely to defend and protect the Wealthy Plutocrats and Oppress or Kill off the Middle and Working Classes.

And they've succeeded. The Working and Middle Classes have been murdered. America is a Corporate State now, run by and for They, the Plutocrats. The Corporate State "murdered" the Middle Class. But, it's not much of a murder mystery, Business hired the Republican Party as Hitman and the Democratic Party, in an effort to appear business friendly, stood by and watched the hit.

The Rise of the Corporate State and the murder of America is tied to that ghastly time which killed so many others, World War One. As Smedley Butler noted, "At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War."

Following the War those Moneyed Persons were afraid of the previous Era of Progressives. Huge gains had been made for the worker, Unions had won major battles. This could not stand if the Corporate State was to Rise.

The first move was to shift the debate. Socialism must be made toxic. And thus the 100 years war of the Right on Humanity began. By demonizing Socialism the entire debate shifted rightwards so much that a Moderate Fiscal Conservative Milk-Water Liberal Barack Obama can be painted as the godchild of Mao and the most radical leftist ever elected.

Of course, this shift could not have succeeded if the Democrats and Liberals had not been wooed and enticed by that well worn aphrodisiac Money. By surrendering their principles of a Just Government for a quick buck, Liberals aided and abetted the Rise of the Corporate State and Capitalist Hegemony,

Disaster Capitalism is Triumphant now and as I pointed out in an earlier post, it has absorbed many attributes of a religion. Miracles are ascribed to it, Utopia will be achieved on Earth once we surrender ourselves to its' embrace. Capitalism has done little for most people on Earth other than Presage an early death.

But, it's not enough for the Plutocracy. Hedge fund manager Clifford S. Asness and Republican Paul Ryan may enjoy a romantic $700 wine date, but every last vestige of the New Deal and the Progressive gains of Unions and Socialists must be destroyed as well. Plutocrats, like Hedge Fund Manager Stanley Druckenmiller, are willing to lose thousands of dollars in far away dividends if it means they can destroy Social Security right now.
One of the world's most successful money managers, the lanky, sandy-haired Mr. Druckenmiller is so concerned about the government's ability to pay for its future obligations that he's willing to accept a temporary delay in the interest payments he's owed on his U.S. Treasury bonds—if the result is a Washington deal to restrain runaway entitlement costs.
Republicans have brought forth bills to defund the EPA, continuing the 30 year War of Deregulation, to roll back the Clean Water Act, to steal Social Security funds and to end Medicare and Medicaid as they seek to let Corporations steal as much as possible.

But, Republicans believe the entire brunt of Government spending needs to be borne by the Working Classes. And Government Spending is actually just a giant shell game by the Republicans.

Republican Mike Lee of Utah resoundingly won in 2010 on a platform of forcing children to work in Utah's Salt Mines. Lee is demanding that a constitutional amendment be passed making it only possible to raise taxes when approved by 2/3rds of both the House and Senate and if it's not approved "in his framework" he'll bring down the Government. Basically, Lee wants to ensure that Taxes are never again raised on his Moneyed Masters.

The only Government Spending Republicans support is Corporate Welfare. It's called Defense Contracts or Tax subsides. And these monumental amounts of money go to those who have the most. Taxbreaks for owning a Private Jet. Tax payer funding for Multi-National Oil Conglomerates. Billions in No Bid contracts to Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Halliburton, BP, Blackwater (Xe) and other companies who criminally overcharge the government for their shoddy work, turn round and give campaign donations to the very same people who turn round and give them bribes the Defense Contracts.

U.S. Military spending accounts for more than half of our discretionary spending. If you really want to know where our current budget woes come from look over yonder at Iraq and Afghanistan, for our Deficit was born and raised in the desert.

And this doesn't even address the likes of petty Grifters and Scumbags like Republican Michele Bachmann and her family, who happily accept Medicare payouts and Federal Government Farm welfare while voting to end all Federal help to downtrodden Americans.

It's time to realize the Corporate State will not give back any of this power they have stolen with the direct help of the Republicans and the cowardly indifference or craven acquiescence of the Democrats.

Monday, July 25, 2011

What the terrorist attack in Norway could have meant

"Nothing justifies Terrorism... or murder," Captain America.
"Terrorist? That's just what the big army calls the little army," Wolverine.
- from the X-Men versus The Avengers 4 part Limited Series
As the terrorist killing spree in Norway was unfolding, blogs and media sites broke with news of another muslim terrorist attack. Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Free Republic, David Horowitz, Erick Erickson at Red State, Michelle Malkin, R. Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Andrew Breitbart and others were happy. Here was another 911 for them to exploit. Yet again the Rightwing message about islam and muslims would be proven correct. Yet again being a liberal pluralist multicultural nation which allowed freedom of religion to all would be no defense against muslim terrorists. Herman Cain's idea that mosques can be banned in America would gain traction.

It would be nothing less than a quickening for the conservative stance of war and intolerance and a "bloody shirt" to wave against those who would deny their warmongering. It would be a free-for-all Punch a Hippie Fest all across the Rightwing Universe.

And then it all feel apart. Like a house of cards, the foundation for the Right's War on Terror has been built on the idea that there is something especially wrong with islam. That islam unlike anything else breeds terrorists.

As a result of this single Norwegian Terrorist Attack that idea has been shown to the world at large to be nothing more than a bigoted sham. Now, of course, anyone who's the least bit interested could know that across the globe and throughout time people have used faith and beliefs to justify their barbarous treatment of others, but for the past 10 years those who identify themselves as christian or conservative or rightwing have maintained that islamic terrorism is a special problem.

It's a repudiation of the idea that islam has some special unequivocal connection to violence different than any other ideology,
It's a repudiation of the 3 Peter King muslim extremist Congressional Hearings,
It's a repudiation of all the attacks on antiwar Americans,
It's a repudiation of the War in Iraq,
It's a repudiation of Rendition,
It's a repudiation of waterboarding,
it's a repudiation of the idea that Terror must be met with military response,

It's nothing less than a complete repudiation of everything the American Right Wing has claimed over the last 10 years.

Here's video of Anders Breivik decrying "Cultural Marxism" to Sean Hannity...
Oh, it's Andrew Breitbart, well, there's no 'real' difference between the two...

Update 2:
Here is a story of courage from a man, Marcel Glefe, a Hero, vastly different than Breitbart or Breivik,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pray for Rain or Is it Warm in Here

In 1948 the Boston Braves had the slogan "Spahn and Sain and Pray for Rain" and in Baseball this was a reasonable plan for victory, but Prayer to fix weather conditions hasn't been a productive strategy since the Days of High Adventure...

Hysterical Raisins pointed out that last week Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Asks Oklahomans to Pray for Rain on Sunday July 17; “I encourage Oklahomans of all faiths to join me this Sunday in offering their prayers for rain.”

Now, the response was a week of record heat across the entire United States. But, worse than the belief that we can pray for rain, is the work Faux News, the Republican Party and others are doing to undermine any effort to confront Climate Change.

As the temperatures soared last week and the drought deepened in Oklahoma and Texas, the cadre of snide climate change deniers were nowhere to be found unlike when Sean Hannity said, "Global warming, where are you? We want you back," after a large blizzard in February 2010.

Mother Jones has done the best at breaking down the Climate Change deniers and their varied throw up a screen of denial/skepticism/bullshit tactics:
A Field Guide to Climate Change Skeptics - by Kate Sheppard
The Dirty Dozen of climate Change Denial - by Josh Harkinson

Denying the fact of Climate Change is yet another litmus test for potential Republican office holders. Another No-New-Taxes Grover Norquist Pledge, another Vander Plaats Gay Marriage is bad and blacks were better off under slavery Pledge. And since confronting Climate Change poses the possibility that the GOP's owners, the Richest 1%, might lose some money from having to stop dumping tons of pollution and poisions into the environment it's easy to see why the entire Republican Party is willing to let the earth burn.

Additionally, it will be interesting to learn if the email accounts of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia which lead to Faux's months long expose of nothing were also hacked at Rupert Murdoch's insistence.

The Norwegian christian Terrorist wanted an anti-muslim/counter jihad Crusade?

So, why didn't he sign up and head on over to Afghanistan? ISAF has a Norwegian component which currently leads the PRT in Meymaneh.

Of course, the suspected terrorist Anders Behring Breivik reportedly has a 1500 page manifesto wherein he is mad at 'The Rise of Cultural Marxism', islam, education of women and liberal values.

I'm not going to read the ramblings, but I will note that Max Blumenthal holds in, Anders Behring Breivik, a perfect product of the Axis of Islamophobia the following:
As horrific as Breivik’s actions were, he can not be dismissed as a “madman.” His writings contain the same themes and language as more prominent right-wing Islamophobes (or those who style themselves as “counter-Jihadists”) and many conservatives in general.
And I see that he prepared for this attack; he 'Roided-up, planned to have distraction music (Lux Aeterna by Clint Massell on repeat) blaring if he felt his will/strength/adrenaline rush fade, counted on his simulated training and superior weapons and armor.

And always remember, unlike what Ayn Rand would demand you believe, his perception was reality. He considered himself a culture warrior, a modern Justicar, a crusading knight in the battle for cultural conservative christian heritage. Thus he targeted hundreds of young members of the country’s Labour Party who gather to discuss politics and democracy at Utoya island. He apparently blamed the Labour Party and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg of perpetuating "cultural Marxist/multiculturalist ideals" and indoctrinating youth with those ideals.

While Faux News predictably ran with this must be the work of muslim extremists as Glenn Greenwald pointed out the first reaction by everyone, The New York Times, CNN is to find a angle to blame the omnipresent Al Qaeda. As Greenwald sardonically observed,
Al Qaeda is always to blame, even when it isn't, even when it's allegedly the work of a Nordic, Muslim-hating, right-wing European nationalist.
This fanatic will accomplish much by his terrorism. He's murdered a hundred people, he's caused deep pyschological damage to hundreds more, thousands of grieving family members will live their lives with a giant hole in their soul, thousands more will curtail and self-censor themselves out of fear and those with whom he shares the ideological spectrum will wash their hands of the incident by proclaiming The No True christian/conservative/counter-jihadist/whatever would do these things defense.

The lessons to take away from this are carry a piece and be ready to pre-emptively use it if:
- someone starts bemoaning the rise of Marxism,
- someone on steriods is listening to cheesy faux-classical music,
- you see a blonde christian walking towards you,
- a person wearing a tri-cornered hat is carrying an AR-15,
- you're attending a Liberal political gathering and Andrew Breitbart attempts to crash it.

Because Guns save Lives...

Over at the Blog Gates of Vienna, the poster "Fjordman", claims the now defunct Fjordman Blog (out of Norway) did not belong to the terrorist A. B. Breivik. When an incident like this occurs and the murderers' ideological structure coincides with Intolerance, the Intolerant begin to parse and walk around the edge of the Ends Justifies the Means while distancing themselves from that which they have wrought and preached.

Here's s snippet of Team Member Zenster epitomizing the I secretly agree with what the terrorist did but know I can't shout for joy: Just now, Europe's Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist politicians have gotten their first glimpse of the repercussions that await further betrayal of their own kith and kin.

Update 2:
So, I know it's Free Republic (one of the worst right wing sites) but the comments are an interesting look into the minds of those who engage in logical fallacies/word games/parsing in order to disavow someone's ideology. Have a look if you care too...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Rich Dominant Class and their Republican Dogs are vicious uncouth louts.

Paul Ryan works hard! Therefore he deserves his $700 Pinot Noir night! The Dominant Class is ascendant and they know it. The gap between Rich and Poor is at it's highest level ever and widening. The Rich are more and more open with their utter contempt for America, Democracy and those struggling.

As Paul Ryan and Clifford S. Asness sat swilling their wine a plebeian had the gall and temerity to approach the benighted Deficit Guru and his Rich $20 Billion Hedge Fund companion. Asness responded with Cheney-like sagacity, "Fuck Her"! (read more about the "Snarling Red Faces of America's Financial Overlords" at A Tiny Revolution: Alice in Billionaireland.)

Ryan and the Rich class he obsequiously bows down to live in a bubble world. The Rich have bought the entire Republican Party and most of the Democratic Party. They are insulated from the rest of us and basically view millions of Americans as serfs and wage slaves.

As such, most debates in the State and Federal Government revolve around their issues. And what are the issues the Rich care about? Lowering their tax rates, dividing the working classes, stifling dissent here and opening up markets abroad.

But, struggling Americans don't want to hear about the travails of the Rich, so the Rich have been recast as "Job Creators", an Orwellian doublespeak. And blame is transferred to others:
"I think it's abysmal that 51% pay no income taxes..." - Orrin Hatch.
Republicans have been fascinatingly successful at making everyday people mad at these Welfare Queen phantoms while they continue giving Corporate Welfare and Tax subsidies to Private Jet Owners.

Just transfer Americans's anger. Those damn Unions and that bankrupt Medicare! We have to reform them. We have to change them. We have to eliminate them. But... Now no longer do the Plutocrats fell the need to meet secretly in a Bilderberg Conference; they now have no problem strutting about, handkerchief to nose, showing their utter disdain and contempt for America as they steal more and more of the Nation's Wealth.

I forgot the newest Republican darling, Allen West. An entire generation of conservatives exist, having been raised on Limbaugh's buffoonery, who believe being a Punk Ass Bitch is the proper way to govern and talk to people. West like the fanatic teabaggers who idolize him is such a Punk Ass Bitch. West is famous for shooting a gun next to the head of an Iraqi in order to extract information, and since all Iraqis are terrorists (just ask Peter King or any Teabagger) he was cheered for his action, except by the military. West was Court Martialed and accepted a Non-Judical Punishment and encouraged to resign which he did. West, has now taken his ignorance to the House where he is cheered for insulting Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. West, like a typical cowardly Republican Punk Ass Bitch, resorted to the ultimate loutish position, "there are certain ways we talk in the military." Officer and a Gentleman...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cholera Water for the Poor, $350-A-Bottle Pinot Noir for Republicans

The Republicans hate the EPA and are wholly owned by Corporations. As such, 223 Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to eliminate the power of the EPA and the Clean Water Act of 1972, by passing H.R.2018 The Clean Water Cooperative Federalism Act of 2011. It would eliminate, wholesale, the EPA's power to supersede individual states' water pollution rules. Because as we all learned last year with BP, TransOcean and Haliburton and the Gulf of Mexico Spill companies can be relied upon to regulate themselves and if something does happen Rick Perry or some other Republican Stooge can blame it on god.

This is a Joe Barton before the fact apology to polluting Companies. Quite simply by doing this the Republicans are allowing Corporations more leverage by allowing them to face individual States as oppossed to Federal Power.
BP acknowledged that for the last six years its Whiting refinery violated federal pollution limits on benzene, a highly toxic chemical linked to leukemia and other health problems.

BP reported that it had processed too much benzene at the refinery's sewage treatment plant, about 15 miles southeast of Chicago.

Last year alone (2008), the company processed more than 95 tons of benzene waste -- about 16 times the amount allowed. BP also violated the 6-ton limit from 2003 to 2007.
Whiting Refinery was cited who violations of U.S. and Indiana EPA regulations in October 2008,
Federal regulators say BP PLC violated the Clean Air Act by beginning to make modifications at its Indiana oil refinery along Lake Michigan to process Canadian crude without the proper permit.

The EPA said in November the modifications caused "significant increases" in sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter and carbon monoxide emitted from the refinery.
Near Charleston West Virginia American families no longer have clean water to drink because the Bush Administration gleefully allowed Coal Companies to violate EPA standards and pollute the water table so badly that families are drinking a toxic sludge which is eating away at their bodies:
Jennifer Hall-Massey knows not to drink the tap water in her home near Charleston, W.Va.

In fact, her entire family tries to avoid any contact with the water. Her youngest son has scabs on his arms, legs and chest where the bathwater — polluted with lead, nickel and other heavy metals — caused painful rashes. Many of his brother’s teeth were capped to replace enamel that was eaten away.

Neighbors apply special lotions after showering because their skin burns. Tests show that their tap water contains arsenic, barium, lead, manganese and other chemicals at concentrations federal regulators say could contribute to cancer and damage the kidneys and nervous system.

In the last five years alone, chemical factories, manufacturing plants and other workplaces have violated water pollution laws more than half a million times.
But, like all things Republicans if you have $$$ you can have Clean Water or even better if you have money and are poised to ensure all Government Spenidng is directed at protecting and transferring wealth to the Rich while undercutting and killing the Poor you can be Pinot Noir swilling Paul Ryan, Serious Budget Wizard!

This is Dastardly stuff the Republicans are pulling. If you aren't not a Hedge Fund Manager or a high ranking official for a Multi-National Oil Company or own your own Private Jet the Republicans do not give a shit about you. And Republican bureaucrats passing this type of legislation don't care about water pollution because they know they'll be rewarded by these same polluting companies with huge dollar amounts.

But conservatives don't care. Republicans and Conservatives love when Americans die, the sound of Americans suffering is music to the Republican ear.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If Rupert Murdoch has nothing to hide...

Then all of his communiques, financial statements, personal emails, correspondence and all other data should be made available to the US Department of Justice. Along with every internal memo of Fox News and News Corporation.

If Murdoch doesn't make all this data available then I and the FBI can correctly conclude that Rupert Murdoch and members of Fox News are involved in a massive criminal conspiracy which needs to result in them being stripped of all assets prison sentences and a utter revocation of all broadcasting licenses. After all if Rupert Murdoch doesn't have something to hide then he would make that information available!

Murdoch's testimony overseas was a load of bollocks. Here are some of Rupert's sudden failure of perspicacity:
Asked by lawmakers why there was no investigation, Rupert Murdoch said: "I didn't know of it."

"I'm not really in touch."

"If we were to comment on anything now, it could result in guilty people."

"A lot of people had a lot of agendas in pursuing this hysteria."

"I'm sure there are headlines which can occasionally give offense, but it's not intentional."

"I don't know the details of what we're doing."

"I may have been lax in asking more."

"I think that we are more open than the United States."

"Most people say I've got crazy ideas and rise against me.

"I'd say, 'What's doing?'"

"I'm not sure what I said."

"This is not as an excuse, maybe it's an explanation of my laxity."
Rupert Murdoch is a criminal propagandist, whose tapestry of deception has planted the seeds of ignorance and division which will take a generation for America, Britain and every other nation who has been befouled by his pablum and lies to overcome.

Monday, July 18, 2011

And now we add Murder to Rupert Murdoch's list of Crimes?

Rupert Murdoch has been involved in an in-plain sight covert operation to undermine the United States and the United Kingdom. The scope of this dastardly plot is finally being realized with the uncovering of a massive spying and hacking campaign that Murdoch initiated at the behest of his Chinese Controllers facilitated through his wife.

Okay... That's a bit too much of The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, but what Rupert Murdoch has been engaged in is a decades long campaign to brainwash and dupe millions of people. He has felt no compunction in having his paid propagandists lie everyday to achieve his goals. The question we have to ask ourselves as a people is; What were those Goals?

The Prime Goal of the Ruling/Dominant Class has been to convince enough Americans to vote against their own economic self interest. And Murdoch's Propaganda Machine was highly effective at achieving that goal. Millions of Americans are so duped by Murdoch's lying that they support a political party Which Is Voting Right Now to eliminate Unions, steal Social Security, eliminate Clean Water regulations, destroy the EPA, OSHA, and do away with Medicare and Medicaid while giving Billions of taxpayer dollars to Banking Cartels, Private Jet Owners, and Oil & Gas Multination Corporations.

But, Rupert Murdoch's criminal electronic hacking and harassing operation is getting more and more insidious and sorted as the days go. And now... the prime News of the World whistleblower, Sean Hoare, against Murdoch turns up dead?
"The death is currently being treated as unexplained but not thought to be suspicious. Police investigations into this incident are ongoing."
And what does Faux News have to report on this issue? Why they blame the Liberal Media for "piling on" and purposefully confuse subject and object by claiming the Hacking Scandal carried out by Rupert Murdoch and his criminal underlings makes them the victim.

The Right Wing Blogs and major websites spent weeks and countless posts attacking Anthony Weiner's... umm... Weiner, but a criminal operation to invade the privacy of regular citizens, 9/11 victims, dead servicemen and 13 year old children? To harass them via electronic means and to blackmail officials orchestrated by Rupert Murdoch? Well, that gets no attention.

And why do the Right Wing Conservative blogs have nothing to say? Why are conservatives ignoring this story? Quite, simply because it involves something which does not conform to their alternate views of reality and the false conservative narrative they have crafted.

The false Conservative narrative has been a long effort to sow so much ignorance, hatred and discontent amongst the poor class so that the Ruling Plutocrats (that alliance of Politicos, Military Elites, Banksters and Industrialists) could more easily succeed in maintaining and increasing the transfer of wealth to themselves. And that is Rupert Murdoch's biggest crime, a campaign of lies, obfuscation and deliberate ignorance designed to bring about a Neo-Feudal World.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boeing steals from Taxpayers

Boeing is a company which could not survive in a Free Open Market competition. For years Boeing has remained a viable company by receiving Billions of Taxpayer dollars in Corporate Welfare, euphemistically called Defense Contracts. But, even the Billions of dollars handed to them for shoddy work isn't enough for Boeing, as the company has routinely and criminally overcharged the US Government for their work.
Boeing overcharged the U.S. Army $13 million on spare parts that Army officials could have purchased from the Defense Logistics Agency (dla).
And this is the company that Jim DeMint, Nikki Haley and the Republican Party are holding aloft as a Stalwart Business Model!

I understand why. Anything President Obama proposes the Get Obama Party is against. The GOP's job isn't looking out for the American Taxpayer, it's not to defend and protect the American worker, it's not even to defend the nation from harm. The GOP's job is to, quote Mitch McConnell, "make Obama a one term President."And all it takes to get so-called fiscal conservative Teabaggers on their side is too have Faux News, Racist Limbaugh and the Right Wing Radio cohorts wailing about anti-Business Obama harming poor little Boeing, a company which steals Billions from the American people.

Here is the big problem; What we have in America is not Capitalism. We have a Corporate run Government which ensures that TRILLIONS of dollars is stolen from the People and transferred to Banksters, War Profiteers and Politcos. And when times get tough they demand Shared Sacrifice. We sacrifice and they share. American Capitalism is Socialism for the Rich, in which their profits are privatized and their losses are socialized.

Friday, July 15, 2011

9/11? That happened in 1999, right?

Just ask anyone over at Faux News and they will gladly tell you that, George Bush protected US from Terrorists.

"We were certainly safe between 2000 and 2008. I don't remember any terrorist attacks on American soil during that period of time." - Eric Bolling at Faux News

This isn't the first time this has happened:

"We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush's term..." ~ Bush Spokesliar Dana Perino.

"We inherited the most tragic attack on our own soil in our nation's history," ~ Mary Matalin.

"[George Bush] he inherited the negative impact of 9/11," - Sean Hannity

"What he should be doing is following the right things that Bush did, we had no domestic attacks under Bush," ~ Even 9/11 exploiter Rudy Guilani, and the Mayor of New York City, seemed to forget that the worst Terrorist attacks on the Nation happened when Republicans were in charge not only of the White House, but the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Supreme Court.

Thus it can correctly be concluded that Republicans are utterly incapable of defending or being honest with the American People.

Of course, this always happens when Republicans and conservatives get together and start ramping and revving each other up about how the Terrorist loving, anti-business Kenyan upstart is destroying America. They let their Freak Flags Fly! And when their ignorant groupthink has their ire raised conservatives allow their inner insanity and psychosis to escape their mouths.

Never Forget Who Was President on 9/11 [Disaffected]

Do you know why there wasn't a Medal of Honor awarded to a living Service Member under George W. Bush?

Because Dick Cheney would have lost his front of the line free medical care. Seriously. One of the "benefits" a Living MoH recipient gets is front of the line medical care and they are the only persons who could move ahead of Vice President Cheney in an emergency.

Of course, while the MoH recipient will (bravely) deal with the aftermath of multiple tours and will have to make do with his special $1200-a-month augmented by COLA pension, Dick Cheney is basking in the Hundreds of Millions of blood soaked pay off dollars he has been awarded by the Companies who hired him to start Wars.

And from late 2001 to early 2009 there was Dick Cheney, who had skirted duty and chickened out of the Vietnam War via 5 deferments, telling George Bush not to award a Medal of Honor to anyone, so that he could keep receiving emergency heart transplants, angioplasties and surgeries without the fear of a living MoH Hero delaying his medical treatment

So, how do we thank our current Living MoH Heroes? By forcing President Obama to end these Disastrous Wars of Choice and Empire. And by holding the Republican Party accountable for the Disastrous Wars they championed which have resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and 6 TRILLION siphoned off and stolen by War Profiteers leading us to the Republican Recession.

But, while George Bush, Dick Cheney and the Republican Party hate our military Heroes I salute MoH Leroy Arthur Petry and Salvatore Giunta and all our honorable service members.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And in this corner David "The Strangler" Prosser

Wisconsin has turned into the WWE. The Wisconsin Republicans are fakes. They care nothing for the people of Wisconsin and are wholly owned and operated by Corporate Moneyed Masters.

Justice David Prosser won re-election, under dubious, but most likely not fraudulent circumstances, when a former worker of his, Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus announced she had found 14,000 uncounted votes, 11,000 of which went to Prosser.

Now, prior to this discovery and with the spectre of a Prosser defeat, Nationwide conservatives were crying election fraud as they always do when they lose. And if they were honest they would have been skeptical of the results after this discovery. But, like all things conservative, cries of foul are only important when it's against their side. Conservatives have no shame and are rabid hypocrites who feel no compunctions at lying, obfuscating and stealing in order to get "their way", which is hilarious because "their way" is the way of the Richest in this country who seek a return to out-right slavery and Neo-Feudalism.

But, David Prosser was adjudicated the winner of the election and went to work ensuring the anti-Worker agenda of the Koch Brothers was put into action. However, Prosser is a mysognist with a history of anger issues and it wasn't too long before he was involved in some alleged confrontations.

The most serious event involving Prosser was the allegation made by Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, that in a fit of anger Prosser grabbed her in chokehold. Prosser countered that Bradley had rushed at him fists raised and he defended himself. As every Police Officer could tell you anytime you get to a fight in progress or a battery, it's always the other guy who started it, but that didn't matter to conservatives.

Every Rightwing blog declared Prosser innocent because he is a conservative. Guilt and Innocence is a matter of political ideology to the Right. Every liberal accused is guilty and every conservative convicted is a victim of liberal bias!!!

It's part of the Conservative Insulation Machine. A self-perpetuating mythos which allows the Right to complain that anytime a conservative is found guilty, accused of wrong-doing or caught saying something Bachmann Crazy it's a set-up by the Liberal Media. This was dramatically demonstrated by the oft repeated lie that President Obama wasn't "vetted by the media" (the current torchbearer of that meme is Totally Not Racist Republican Joe Walsh) and poor, poor Sarah Palin was viciously attacked by the MSM.

It wouldn't be so bad if conservatives' blindness, ignorance, hatred and hypocrisy didn't have consequences for the rest of society. But, Conservatives are not content to shackle themselves to the gears of Industry and Warfare, they actively work to cosign the rest of America to Wage Slavery to the Ruling Class.

Joe Walsh says Obama is acting like a Boy tells the President to Quit Lying

"He acted like a ten-year old... We voted for him because of who he was...", Republican Representative Joe Walsh, thinks President Obama is a ___.
If there is one thing Joe Walsh knows it's that President Obama is black, "Most people voted for him because of who he was. He was a historic figure, our first black president." And that is all he knows. Joe Walsh is an embarrassment. As one of the leading figures of the 2010 Tea Party Republicans he is filled with the Ronald Reagan/ Grover Norquist ignorance of Government is the problem let's drown it in a bathtub....

As such he knows his job is to say the most incendiary buffoonish things and act like the Federal Government is corrupt and incompetent. And the Republicans have spent the last 30 years undermining and corrupting the Government. Joe Walsh and the Tea Party Caucus are the same as it ever was...

And as Joe Walsh endears himself to the Teabaggers by slandering that you-know-what in the White House, he continues the Republican tradition of screwing the working man over for his Corporate Masters. Just 4 months ago, Joe Walsh and the other 235 Republicans in the US House voted unanimously to continue giving US Taxpayer dollars money to Multinational Oil Companies.

"You've spent money like a drunken sailor for 3 years," - Joe Walsh. Hey Joe, what would a chicken hawk like yourself know about military service members? It'll be great when in 2012 Walsh loses his ill gotten and uncared for District, then he can stay in Washington DC and start a Tea Party think tank.