Saturday, July 30, 2011

Your Moneyed Masters are getting Angry with you America

“When someone is overextended and broke they don’t continue paying for country club dues, they drop out of the country club,” - Paul Broun (Let Them Eat Cake Party)

"Things are rough all over," - Cherry Valance, The Outsiders
The Republicans and their Moneyed Leash Holders are wholly disconnected from the average American. The comments coming from the Elitist bureaucrats show with whom they chum around. The Country Club? $700 dollar wine dates?

At the same time the GOP is insisting that questioning tax subsides for Private Jet Owners is suggesting a Maoist 5 year plan they are seeking to eliminate Pell Grants because some poor person may get a chance at education. "So you can go to college on Pell Grants — maybe I should not be telling anybody this because it’s turning out to be the welfare of the 21st century," Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Montana). That's the same Denny Rehberg, the 23rd Richest member of Congress who gave a woe is me Town Hall meeting to state he and his wife "are struggling like everyone else" and when asked, 'What's your net worth?', replied "I am land rich and cash poor."

The Republicans are fantastic at staying on message; Pell Grants? Welfare! Medicaid? Welfare! Social Security? Bankrupt Welfare!

Should the Pell Grant system be looked at and modified? Sure, especially in light of the fact that the University of Phoenix, a for-profit corporation receives about $1 Billion of it and produces non-certified degrees from a near worthless curriculum. But, that's not the Republican message. The Republican message is a Pell Grant goes to an (implied) non-deserving type who blows the money on drugs and doesn't take any "real" classes anyway since he's studying at a Leftist indoctrination camp.

This situation wouldn't be so dire if a large number of Democrats, in an effort to be business friendly, weren't siding with the Republicans in selling the country's natural resources, infrastructure and American people out to the Plutocracy.

The Plutocracy has moved so far beyond the lives of 99% of Americans that articles like, You Try to Live on 500K in This Town, should make any decent person vomit when they read:
Five hundred thousand dollars — the amount President Obama wants to set as the top pay for banking executives whose firms accept government bailout money — seems like a lot, and it is a lot. To many people in many places, it is a princely sum to live on. But in the neighborhoods of New York City and its suburban enclaves where successful bankers live, half a million a year can go very fast.

“As hard as it is to believe, bankers who are living on the Upper East Side making $2 or $3 million a year have set up a life for themselves in which they are also at zero at the end of the year with credit cards and mortgage bills that are inescapable,” said Holly Peterson, the author of an Upper East Side novel of manners, “The Manny,” and the daughter of Peter G. Peterson, a founder of the equity firm the Blackstone Group. “Five hundred thousand dollars means taking their kids out of private school and selling their home in a fire sale.”
But, instead we've allowed a small cadre of Politicos, Bankers and Industrialists to determine the political course of the Nation. Upper New York State Mansion owning, $100+ Million Dollar Man Sean Hannity is given 6 hours everyday to talk about 'shared sacrifice' and glibly remarks “If we can experience a little pain now…"

We let parasites like Hedge Fund "Manager" Stephen Schwarzman get away with saying, “It’s like when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939,” if his precious Capital Gains is taxed as ordinary income. And in a pervese Orwellian Double Speak we let the political class call Schwarzman and his ilk, Job Creators, when these Hedge Fund Managers make money by raiding companies and laying off 25-50% of their workers, closing plants and opening new ones up overseas.

Recently, 50 billionaires entreated Chris Christie to run for President. Amongst them were Paul Tudor Jones (hedge funds; $3.3 billion), Stan Druckenmiller (hedge funds; $2.5 billion) and Bernie Marcus (Home Depot; $1.9 billion). Apparently these Billionaires are sorely disappointed with President Obama, the biggest complaint was 'class warfare.'

This is Class Warfare. It's palpable. Every American kind of knows it. But, the Plutocracy defintely knows it. So, they are all in.

Seizing upon the elections in 2008 and 2010 to foment disaster and discontent in this Nation, they have hired Hit men to bring down the Government from inside. Druckenmiller specifically wants default by the Government because he knows his future investments will be paid off by whomever is running the future Government but a default now will destroy many social programs. "I think technical default would be horrible," Druckenmiller said, "but I don't think it's going to be the end of the world. It's not going to be catastrophic. What's going to be catastrophic is if we don't solve the real problem."

And the only question is; as in previous times will enough people be fooled into transferring their anger at the wrong people? Can the Rich succeed in dividing the poor and middle class and setting them upon each other?


Erin O'Brien said...

And all they righties have to do is put up a photo of a fetus or tell these jugheads that Obama is going to take their guns away and *presto* they vote to take apart every program and legislation that defines the middle class.


Erin O'Brien said...

That should say they vote for the politicians that take apart every program ....

aw hell, you know what I mean.

jadedj said...

"Can the Rich succeed in dividing the poor and middle class and setting them upon each other?" They already have. Ungoddamnbelievable, indeed, E O'B.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Deficit reduction doesn't matter to Republicans, keeping taxes low on their Moneyed Masters (and as you realize) destroying social programs are the two tasks for the GOP.

Despite all the "job-killing tax increase", speeches John Kyl gives every time a Republican gets out there the message is: Obama's a marxist (and kenyan...), Democrats want to give money to gays and 'weirdoes' and other 'un-american' types or take away your guns...

And you're probably correct that we are divided jadedj and that makes me cringe to think;

"A House divided against itself can not stand."

Harry Finch said...

All you need to know about America is that our current crisis is over our credit rating.

ran said...

This isn't class's class massacre. It's only class warfare if we put up a fight.