Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boeing steals from Taxpayers

Boeing is a company which could not survive in a Free Open Market competition. For years Boeing has remained a viable company by receiving Billions of Taxpayer dollars in Corporate Welfare, euphemistically called Defense Contracts. But, even the Billions of dollars handed to them for shoddy work isn't enough for Boeing, as the company has routinely and criminally overcharged the US Government for their work.
Boeing overcharged the U.S. Army $13 million on spare parts that Army officials could have purchased from the Defense Logistics Agency (dla).
And this is the company that Jim DeMint, Nikki Haley and the Republican Party are holding aloft as a Stalwart Business Model!

I understand why. Anything President Obama proposes the Get Obama Party is against. The GOP's job isn't looking out for the American Taxpayer, it's not to defend and protect the American worker, it's not even to defend the nation from harm. The GOP's job is to, quote Mitch McConnell, "make Obama a one term President."And all it takes to get so-called fiscal conservative Teabaggers on their side is too have Faux News, Racist Limbaugh and the Right Wing Radio cohorts wailing about anti-Business Obama harming poor little Boeing, a company which steals Billions from the American people.

Here is the big problem; What we have in America is not Capitalism. We have a Corporate run Government which ensures that TRILLIONS of dollars is stolen from the People and transferred to Banksters, War Profiteers and Politcos. And when times get tough they demand Shared Sacrifice. We sacrifice and they share. American Capitalism is Socialism for the Rich, in which their profits are privatized and their losses are socialized.


Harry Finch said...

American Capitalism is just legalized corruption.

Erin O'Brien said...

I just keep digging you more and more. I am so sick of the "liberalism is a mental disorder" schtick that I could scream.

Anyone with a pair of peepers can see that the only agenda the GOP has is to put America as far down and they can get it in order to blame it on Obama. Simply disgusting.

Truth 101 said...

Ripping away union rights, destroying the middle class and turning us into a 21st century fuedal country is the unspoken goal of the party of Cheney and the Koch brothers.

They view jobs not as meaningful, productive work that enhances the value of the employer, but as form of charitable commodity that is meant to be thrown out when no longer useful and gotten for the lowest cost possible.

Grung_e_Gene said...

TRUTH, Labor costs have always been viewed by the Dominant Class as a nuisance, which is why they created the Republican Party to aid them in controlling the workers via Government Authority.