Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Joe Walsh says Obama is acting like a Boy tells the President to Quit Lying

"He acted like a ten-year old... We voted for him because of who he was...", Republican Representative Joe Walsh, thinks President Obama is a ___.
If there is one thing Joe Walsh knows it's that President Obama is black, "Most people voted for him because of who he was. He was a historic figure, our first black president." And that is all he knows. Joe Walsh is an embarrassment. As one of the leading figures of the 2010 Tea Party Republicans he is filled with the Ronald Reagan/ Grover Norquist ignorance of Government is the problem let's drown it in a bathtub....

As such he knows his job is to say the most incendiary buffoonish things and act like the Federal Government is corrupt and incompetent. And the Republicans have spent the last 30 years undermining and corrupting the Government. Joe Walsh and the Tea Party Caucus are the same as it ever was...

And as Joe Walsh endears himself to the Teabaggers by slandering that you-know-what in the White House, he continues the Republican tradition of screwing the working man over for his Corporate Masters. Just 4 months ago, Joe Walsh and the other 235 Republicans in the US House voted unanimously to continue giving US Taxpayer dollars money to Multinational Oil Companies.

"You've spent money like a drunken sailor for 3 years," - Joe Walsh. Hey Joe, what would a chicken hawk like yourself know about military service members? It'll be great when in 2012 Walsh loses his ill gotten and uncared for District, then he can stay in Washington DC and start a Tea Party think tank.

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