Monday, June 6, 2011

What caused my return to Christ, an atheist's reawakening

"Can't serve God and Mammon both, Mammon being money." - Clint Eastwood, Pale Rider
As I was driving through soul crushing Chicago rush hour traffic, a small gray Toyota Corrola whizzed by me and on the back I saw Don't Let the Car Fool You My Real Treasure is in Heaven.

I realized at that moment that indeed God was real. But, the car had another message. Riches on earth did not belong to the fervent believer but to those who have another Religion.

Capitalism has replaced God.

This theory is hardly new, as the above quote relates, but what I did realize is that the Corporatists have sought to replace god as another means to control the working class.

The Serfs who toiled and labored under nasty and brutish conditions "enjoyed" more time off work, nearly a half year thanks to Feast and Mass days, than most workers in America do today.

Americans today are working longer hours, for a stagnant pay scale, and taking less time off than those Medieval Serfs. There are many reasons for these conditions, some stemming from the Reagan Revolution of supporting Corporate Welfare on the backs of the Middle Class. But, to the point of this post, Capitalism has absorbed many of the attributes of god.

Capitalist Demagouges abound in this Nation. They pontificate about the miracles associated with Capitalism. Capitalism has created the frozen TV Dinner! Alleluia! Capitalism has turned worthless black sludge into petrol! Free Market be praised!

Last year, when 32 Chilean miners were saved from being trapped under ground. Daniel Henninger, a blinkered Capitalist Priest, jumped forward and declared, Capitalism Saved the Miners: "It needs to be said. The rescue of the Chilean miners is a smashing victory for free-market capitalism."

Conservapedia had on their main front page: Bad News for Liberals Once Again. Pure Capitalism and the free market saved the miners.

The only thing Capitalism has ever done for Miners is kill them.

The most recent example being the Upper Big Branch Mine Explosion on April 5, 2010, which took the lives of 29 miners. The murderous tragedy happened because Massey Energy is an adherent of Unfettered Capitalism, who purposefully and systematically ignored safety, circumscribed government regulations and manipulated elections in order that they could run their mine on the principles of Capitalism.

Of course, in America there have been many mine disasters. In 1947 in Centralia, Illinois a mine explosion killed 111 miners. This murderous capitalist disaster is mainly known of today because Woody Guthrie (and later Bucky Halker) memorialized them in "The Dying Miner".

But, these and the myriad other incidents of Corporate malfeasance are ignored by the priesthood and thus unknown by the duped and brainwashed flock, who mouth the hosannas of Free Market and Capitalism, without knowing what they are doing is creating and then reinforcing a neural pathway of bondage to those who view the majority of the world as replaceable parts.

So, for the sake of more time off let's supplant the new god of Capitalism for the older christian god...


ran said...

"Capitalism has absorbed many of the attributes of god."

Yep...except that with God, the serf's reward supposedly comes in the next life. With capitalism, it never comes. The bootstraps myth is much easier to disprove that the existence of Heaven. Yet the devout serfs keep falling for it.

Enjoy the rest of you Ascension Monday off of work.

Green Eagle said...

I think it should be made clear that the Chilean mine was state-owned and that the entire cost of the cleanup was paid by the Chilean people. This rescue, if anything, was a victory for socialism.

Phil said...

Get off yer ass and post something.


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