Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This is What Republicans Believe: They get Medicare, You Don't

Everything done by the Federal Government is Socialism... Unless it benefits Republicans and their Corporate Masters.

Rep. Rob Woodall (R-GA) had to put the plebs from his district back in their place with a town hall meeting, when some non-Republican person dared to question him!
Ilene Johnson, a Democratic activist who lives in Gwinnett County, "You take government-subsidized health care, but you are not obligated to take that if you don’t want to. Why aren’t you going out on the free market in the state where you are a resident and buy your own health care?"

Rob Woodall, "It’s because it’s free. It’s because it’s free."
Woodall went on to claim, "Folks, if you give people things for free, don’t blame them for taking them." First off stop with the usage of the term 'Folks'. It doesn't make you seem aw, schucks small townish. Second, Woodall probably thought he was winning points with the crowd with his subjects by educating them about how Medicare is a free service for 'welfare queens' but as always Republicans lie.

Medicare, Medicaid aren't "things for free". They are programs which have been bought and paid for by the American People. And what the Republicans and Paul Ryan are trying to do with their 'Here are Some Coupons go out and try to get Cancer Medication' Deathcare plan is steal that money.

On Newt Gingrich's studio home at Meet The Press David Gregory talked about Paul Ryan Deathcare Plan:
"So, Ruth Marcus, what wins here, bold leadership on Medicare and the argument that the Democrats won't do something courageous or the Democrats who say, hey, those guys want to take away my medicare?"
It's Bold! It's Courageous! Forcing old people to try and pay for their healthcare with a quickly devalued coupon? Forcing sick children to get coverage from Insurance Companies which are caught cheating those children out of coverage now:
Illinois Blue Cross and Blue Shield to pay $25 million fraud settlement for denying coverage to sick children in need of nursing care by "fraudulently" shifting their claims to Illinois' Medicaid programBlue Cross (Chicago Tribune Feb 24, 2011)
When it comes to Medicare, everyone in America, a nation of 300 Million persons should be aware that the 300 Never-Done-An-Honest -Days-Worth-Of-Labor Republican Bureaucrats have been instructed to destroy it and replace it with Paul Ryan's Deathcare Program.

It doesn't matter 80% of the American People dislike these Republican policies because the GOP ignores the will of the people and serve the interests of Billionaires. But, the blatant hypocrisy is galling. Republicans don't even care. They lie to cameras, they lie to consitutents, they lie, lie, lie. Because, even if they do get voted out their families financial future is safe and secure. All these 2010 Teabagged Republicans enjoy lifetime pensions. They see no problem in slashing your benefits while ensuring they will continue to get them.

And all they have to do to win this financial security is cosign We, The People to Perpetual Wage Slavery.
"Labor is a commodity just like corn or beans or oil or gold, and the value of it needs to be determined by the competition, supply and demand in the workplace," -Steve King (R-IA).
You are nothing more than a non-durable good, a cog, in the machines of Industry and War and the Republicans have no problem telling you your value, wage slave.

And they'll gladly do it with a ready lie on their lips but, by hook or by crook, the Republicans are going to force America into perpetual bondage in service to their Plutocratic Masters,
"[O]ne way or the other, either through the Supreme Court or the legislature, these reforms will be put into place," Scott Walker, Koch Governor.


Jerry Critter said...

To say that Medicare is free is an outright lie. But then again, lying is one of the things that republicans do best.

ran said...

ran said...

"Illinois Blue Cross and Blue Shield to pay $25 million fraud settlement for denying coverage to sick children"

Would you expect anything less from Halliburton? Milton Carroll, the chairman of HCSC (BCBSIL's parent company), also sits on Halliburton's board. I guess providing health insurance and war profiteering require a similar skill set.