Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bush the Bodhisattva

So do you think it's a coincidence that the pronunciation of Siddhārtha Gautama's "nickname" Buddha and the President of the United States George W. Bush's nickname Dubya rhyme in the English language (the true language of god)? Because if you do you don't understand religion!

Think of the enormously obvious parallels:

Both Buddha and Dubya were born into Royalty.

Buddha saw suffering of mankind during his trips, known as the Four Sights. Dubya saw the suffering of the Vietnamese people... from his couch.

Buddha has his 8 fold path, Dubya has his 12 step program.

Buddha attained Enlightenment and sought to teach others his insights to free them from suffering caused by life. Dubya's "Awakening" came one September Morning and his has since taught 1 million Iraqis Freedom from suffering life.

Contemporary scholars praised Buddha for his physical perfection. Likewise, Chris Matthews and others gushed over Dubya's assets in a flight suit.

Of course, Buddhism does have a major problem since it is directly responsible for NAZISM! And I have a very simple proof.
To wit, The Swastika is the symbol of the NAZIS! Buddhism uses a Swastika. If the the Buddhists hadn't used the Swastika The NAZIS! would never have existed. Ergo, the Buddhists are responsible for the NAZIS!

The true credit for this type of thinking belongs to Denyse O'Leary and other IDiot creationists who have for years tried to tie Darwin to Hitler and continue to do so as evidenced by this insane rambling by O'Leary.

Anyway to all the Buddhists out there I hope you realize the Bodhisattva Maitreya you are awaiting for to teach enlightenment to Mankind is already here and he reigns in a White House.

Update 02/29

Whoa. Check out this load of enlightenment Dubya drops during a conference. Ohm...
(Hat Tip to Crooks and Liars)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Delving into the Water Cure

I've mentioned the American use of the Water Torture several times (here and here) in the Philippines. Well, Meet the New Boss because the CIA finally admitted the US Government is still using waterboarding (torture), today.

Paul Kramer has a detailed expose for The New Yorker on it's use 100 years ago:

Many Americans were puzzled by the news, in 1902, that United States soldiers were torturing Filipinos with water. The United States, throughout its emergence as a world power, had spoken the language of liberation, rescue, and freedom.

(With a Hat Tip to Brown over at Borrowed Suits)

Sound familiar? It should be frightening to the American People when their Government grants itself the latitude to torture people it deems "enemies" for the slope is slippery indeed..

Who next will become an "enemy" of the State to be taken away? And who next will be ordered to administer the torture?

While this post is filled with some over-the-top hyperbole (perhaps) the Government has often used violence to supress those deemed less than desirable. Recall: WTO Seattle, Kent State, The Bonus Army, Sacco and Vanzetti, Haymarket Square Chicago, Ludlow, Wounded Knee...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Purposefully Misunderstanding the Iraq War

The misshapen lump of jaundiced flesh, Richard Perle, is now claiming We have already won in Iraq. As an aside the use of we always makes me laugh especially when uttered by a chickenhawk warmonger who ensured he wouldn't soil his lily white breeches by experincing direct fire.

However, in his article Perle hedges his bets and also writes in the same article, the war is far from over. You see Perle is a political scientist, which is one of those soft and lumpy sciences. So, it's a perfect fit for Perle. It allows him to make contradictory statements even in the same article.

Perle was a Champion of Iraq War as a member of the Project for the New American Century. But, of course Perle is a rear echelon commander, he envisions all these great benefits from sending the American military into action without understanding anything about war. And I don't mean what the day-to-day grind being in theatre does to a man's pysche and the other individual horrors men face for the rest of their lives after being used as pawns. I'm writing about the a complete ignorance of what an "enemy" is bound to do on the field.

This underlines a basic misunderstanding of the war The Bush Regime lied to start and continues to lie about today. The battlefield in Iraq is a 4th generational war. In 4GW, physical conflict is the least important component by the non-state entity (the insurgents), other than ensuring they do not allow themselves to be fixed on the battlefield and obliterated. Therefore, when it comes actual confrontation, the insurgents fail when they allow themselves to be concentrated in a one place (like Fallujah 2004) and they succeed when they employ force multipliers such as IEDs, suicide bombers and snipers.

When the US Surges extra forces into the battlefield, the insurgents understand they need merely to lay low, knowing the Surge can not be maintained indefinetely. This lowers the number of deaths (which are still appallingly high) and is why Bush wants to keep the extra forces in Iraq for the reminder of his Dictatorship. The illusion of reduced violence in Iraq, with special thanks to the US news media which refrains from mentioning the daily deaths of Iraqis and Americans, provides a winning formula for Bush to claim the Surge worked, he "won" and Iraq is a Grand Old Success before he stumbles his way out of the White House.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Inculcating Ignorance

I just watched this video today from Rocketboom. The worst thing about the video is the stultifying and poisoning of a young mind. Instead of teaching the child to think critically belief in wish-thinking is implanted, the child is brainwashed just as the older ladies were when they were young.

The women are clinging to an outdated theory. The theory Evil exists on earth because Man has not properly interpreted the Mind of God. This is a theory first advanced in Man's pre-literate history to explain why bad things happen to those who seem to be blameless. Since, it's creation this theory has undergone many changes, but the problem is today we have better theories to explain the phenomenon.

America is not in trouble because they have strayed from God's word but because the rise of the military-industrial-complex, the creation of an education system which teaches "worship" of the flag and of authority, ignorance of America's true history, politicians who use religion to gain power and from all the problems which stem from a lack of teaching people to distinguish between fairy tales and reality.

Of course, the lines about Barack Obama, which the first woman heard from "one of her church members who is keeping up on what his (Obama's) comments are" highlight the of fear-mongering lies spread by a political machine until they are repeated so often enough they become "fact".

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Never Were Anti-War Congress

Nothing captures the true essence of Reid, Pelosi and the Democrats of Congress better than this:
Elected to end the war, Democrats have surrendered to Bush on Iraq and betrayed the peace movement for their own political ends

The Democratic Party's disgusting use of the Occupation of Iraq and the deaths of Americans to get themselves elected in 2006 is on par with the Bush Regime's use of the troops and 9/11 to invade Iraq and get re-elected in 2004. The politics of the End justifying the Means.

Gore Vidal is right when he states, “But then, I say very mildly, we have only one political party in the United States, the Property Party, with two right wings, Republican and Democrat."

Matt Taibbi has written an excellent article for Rolling Stone entitled The Chicken Doves.

From the article:

Rather than use the vast power they had to end the war, Democrats devoted their energy to making sure that "anti-war activism" became synonymous with "electing Democrats."

Once again — it happened in 2002, 2004 and 2006 — the Democrats have essentially decided to rely on the voters to give them credit for being anti-war, despite the fact that, for all the noise they've made to the contrary, in the end they've done nothing but vote for war and cough up every dime they've been asked to give, every step of the way.

The only thing more damning then the last sentence is that it's true. If you think voting for Democrats in 2008 will mean an end to the Occupation of Iraq I think you're going to be disappointed again. Perhaps I'm wrong, about Barack Obama, and he'll follow through on his stated Troops out of Iraq, by the end of 2008. Perhaps...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why Iraq?

To gain strategic control of the Middle East, due to it's central location.

Afghanistan is too far away from the region. By being centrally located The US military in Iraq threatens Iran to the East and Syria to the West. Additionally, the US position provides protection for Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The other strategic concern of the Middle East is simple: Oil. Stopping the post-Shah Iran from dominating the Oil reserves of the region has been the goal of the US since 1979. Unfortunately, the Bumbler in Bush only strengthens the repressive Iranian Governments position when he ineloquently slurs his Axis-of-Evil speeches and threatens an attack of Iran.

So, let's dispose of the those romantic notions of Bringing the Light of Democracy to the region or the fearmonging of Terror and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The plight of the Kurdish people clearly illustrates our commitment to stop the spread of Democracy and self-determination. The Kurdish people will never be allowed to form a Nation-State for themselves. The government of Turkey is conducting a war on the Kurds (ostensibly their own people) in Eastern Turkey and will engage in full blown war (using F-16s sold to them by War profiters from the US) if the Kurds attempt to create the nation of Kurdistan.

And this is where the truth of the UN comes into play. The UN only cares for it's members who are (and this may surprise some) not human individuals but Nation-States. And it is in the interests of Nations to stop new members from being created. The grossness of the UN is for another day.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Bush Fiscal Responsibility, stop disability payments to Veterans

So, NPR reported the Army pressured the VA stop helping wounded Veterans with their paperwork so the Vets wouldn't get their proper disability rating or benefits.

From the story:
Army officials in upstate New York instructed representatives from the Department of Veterans Affairs not to help disabled soldiers at Fort Drum Army base with their military disability paperwork last year.

A soldier described what it feels like to be used and discarded by the War Machine, "To be tossed aside like a worn-out pair of boots is pretty disheartening," the soldier says.
Army Surgeon General Eric Schoomaker denied that the Army had told the Veterans Affairs Department not to help injured soldiers challenge their disability ratings.

Guess what? We now have documented evidence. Listen to and read the follow-up NPR story. And read the memo which specifically states, the "VBA should discontinue counseling MEB soldiers on the appropriateness of DOD MEB/PEB ratings and findings."

Couple this with Bush Government lawyers arguing Veterans are not entitled to mental health care.
Veterans have no legal right to specific types of medical care, the Bush administration argues in a lawsuit accusing the government of illegally denying mental health treatment to some troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Read more from the story.

How can anyone believe this government gives a shit about veterans? To the US government veterans are wooden blocks from a game of RISK, soulless, faceless, chips to be moved and sacrificed in the Great Game of world domination.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wanna know how much the Iraq Occupation is going to cost in 2009?

Too Bad! The Sec Def Robert Gates isn't going to tell you. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!

Instead the War Mongers will claim the DoD budget is only 515.4 BILLION. A pittance!

Over at Think Progress, the Sec Treasury Hank Paulson proudly proclaims the monies needed for Iraq are an "Unknowable Amount".

This sure is some good news. Now the evil antiwar types won't be able to point to the amount of money being spent on death and destruction as being too much because it's unknowable. Just like God, therefore whatever our Leaders and Betters in Government declare is Imperial Fiat.

Take that Anti-warriors!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I have no duty to respect islam. I am not a muslim. islam is an idea whose time has passed. islam and it's history is not immune to criticism, to discussion, or to ridicule. I do have a responsiblty to respect my fellow man however, how far does that respect go?

There currently exists another charge of Blasphemy by muslims, this time against Wikipedia.

This is a depiction of mohammed:
-|- is a picture of mohammed. Have I just committed blasphemy?

This is riduculous. Blasphemy is a made up crime by ignorant leaders who use it to deflect critcism from their failed policies. islamic leaders enrich and indulge themselves and keep their populations in poverty and to deflect their anger, outside enemies have to be created.

Hence the Danish cartoon controversy. After the initial publication there was no worldwide outcry, but a group of Imams in Denmark (who had been granted sanctuary by the Danish Government) added 3 fake cartoons they created and toured the world looking for support.

The governments of Egypt, Libya, Syria, Pakistan and others had a conveint fall guy to cover for their countries lack of infrastructure, education, medical facilities and hope. And tons of Danish flags were rushed into the region for burning. Of course, since the Danish flag has a cross on it they were disrespecting christians, but this received little attention.

Thus far it has not exploded into murderous violence as in the norm for these types of demonstrations.

I hope Wikipedia doesn't give in, but I also hope any editors whose identities are known get themselves a handgun.

Monday, February 4, 2008

America Doesn't Support the Troops

An' it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' anything you please;
But Tommy ain't a bloomin' fool - you bet that Tommy sees! ~ Rudyard Kipling

If a loved one of yours isn't currently serving or hasn't been to Iraq or Afghanistan you really don't support the troops. Except perhaps in same nebulous way people support ending poverty or ending worldwide hunger. You'd like to as long as you're not burdened. And if Yellow Magnetic Stickers or care packages of Beef Jerky are your idea of support you really need to read about what is going on in Iraq and examine your conscience.

“Someone being sympathetic to this? I don't know if I'd be sympathetic if I wasn't in the army. After you watch this, you're gonna go get your popcorn out of the microwave and talk about what I said, and you'll forget me by the end of this.” ~SGT Beatty, Gunner Palace.

The latest incident involves Bill O'Reilly repeatedly insulting homeless veterans. To Bill, Veterans are homeless because they don't "work hard and keep it honest" like Bill.

Do you think the Government supports the troops?
When they lose 26 million veterans personal information?
When David S. Chu complains Veterans benefits are hurtful to national security?
When after Chu's comments the scandal at Walter Reed finally comes to the attention of the people?
When more and more emotionally scarred veterans are abandoned and left to take their own lives?

To the Government the troops are expendable, once you are used up advancing the National Interests you are to be discarded and forgotten. In fact for them it's better if you died gloriously on the battlefield. Then you could be enshrined and eulogized. Liars and Chickenhawks can place words like Honor, Bravery, and Duty on your dead lips. And if the Dead Hero, like Pat Tillman, doesn't agree with the Imperial ambitions of the Government and is against Wars of Conquests, why you can simply say like Hannity and Coulter, "I don't believe it".

But, of course, it gets worse. Many troops have reservations about the war but realize their situation. An endless stream of authority figures have instilled and ensured that the individual soldier knows he is powerless and if he opposes the War of Occupation: He'll:

be court-martialed,
be called a coward or traitor,
receive a dishonorable discharge,
be ridiculed back home,
be labeled as anti-American,
be called an anti-war pussy by some washed-up, has-been, pompous ass.

And if the soldier stands against the Government and says No Sir I won't go, he'll stand alone. After all who voted to send him there and who continues to vote to keep him there? Congressmen can’t be counted on because they have one priority, getting re-elected. And as John Bruhns stated on Huffington Post it has been "established that we have a bipartisan majority of Congress with a crystal clear intent to keep the U.S. military in Iraq..."

What does Supporting the Troops mean? I don't know.

Of course, I know the sinister reason the Warmongers use the Support the Troops mantra, to give cover to those whose actions are quite the opposite. Inadequate personal body armor, no rush to up-armored HMMWVs or even M113s, extending troops rotations in country and reducing time back stateside, the advancement and prosecutorial immunity gifted to Blackwater and Walter Reed should be enough evidence to prove the Government, War profiteers does not “support the troops”. But, in hiding behind the Troops and casting dispersions on the Anti-war position they gain the advantage. And it is an advantage they will never relinquish.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Surge has worked so well everyone can come home.

Or Maybe Not...

The surge has been such a blinding success a freeze of the troop reduction is necessary and more troops may be in Iraq by the this time next year after Bush slimes his way into history. Of course, I may be wrong since no Americans or Iraqis are dying in Iraq anymore...

The last year has been a barrage of incessant chirping from Chicken Hawk Warmongers, like Robert Kagan, who declared the Surge worked before it started.

Of course, the latest tactic Bush has unveiled is the somewhat unsubtle claim if we leave Iraq, Iran will think Americans are pussies. Nothing like impugning the manhood of Americans in order to ensure they continue to support an occupation, which has freed a million Iraqis from the drudgery of their daily lives.

I feel like I've written this post before...