Thursday, January 24, 2008

Surprises: Bush & The Surge & Weasel Words

Surprise, The Bush Regime used 935 falsehoods and lies to build up support among the American populace for the Iraq War.

And after the lies brought us into War the Bush Regime bullied everyone who questioned them over the past 5 years with "Give us Just another 6 month". Surprise, Petraeus is asking for... ANOTHER 6 MONTHS!

And now, surprise, the Bush Regime is planning on using weasel words to ensure the US is stuck in Iraq for generations, by sidestepping the word treaty in order to sidestep Congress.

Remember the weasel words concerning the fate of US bases in Iraq? Let's call them Enduring instead of Permanent. Surprise, enduring means permanent.

I don't know if the Surge has actually produced a fundamental paradigm shift in the 4GW battlefield of Iraq, the history of insurgent wars would tend to indicate the guerilla forces are laying low until the extra US troops go home and operations against American forces aren't as dangerous. At which time, the insurgents will step up their attacks once more.

What I do know is obscene amounts of money have been transferred to the Warmongers running this Government. If you're eagerly awaiting your $600 rebate the Warfare State has effectively deluded you into being happy with crumbs while it gobbles down BILLIONS daily.

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