Thursday, July 20, 2017

Trump set to institute Wage Slavery via the NLRB and his Department of Forced Labor

The property which every man has in his own labour, as it is the original foundation of all other property, so it is the most sacred and inviolable - Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations
More people getting paid for overtime work sounds great, but... Speaker Paul Ryan illustrates how more money for American Workers is bad because when Americans are financially secure they vote for a Democratic Socialist Government but, when reduced to penury by Republican policies they elect reactionary Republicans.

One of the most pernicious lies promulgated about President Obama's tenure was he did nothing for the working class. President Obama's National Labor Relations Board and head of the Department of Labor Tom Perez, increased protections and aggressively defended workers while punishing employers who conducted wage theft.

President Obama and his Labor Department passed regulations changing the ceiling mandating overtime pay but, a Federal Judge in Texas held up the overtime rule back in December. Now, traitor Trump and his Department of Forced Labor will undo it completely as well as undercutting American workers on several other avenues.

Under the President Obama's Department of Labor rules, salaried employees earning less than $47,476 annually would have automatically received overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours in a week, double the current $23,660 ceiling. More than 4 million workers would have earned an estimated extra $12 billion over the next decade. As Vice President Joe Biden correctly noted last year, "It is based on a simple proposition. If you work overtime, you should actually get paid for working overtime."

This, of course, enraged Republicans, who responded with predictable Pavlovian frothing at the mouth fury. Actually, paying workers is antithetical to the Republican Party.  Trump especially doesn't pay people who work for him, as thousands of contractors and former FBI head James Comey found out.

In many ways Traitor Trump, is a bog standard Republican, he hates paying workers and uses the awesome power of the Federal Government to ensure he doesn't have to. The Republican Plan to screw over workers works like this; an employee works 60 hours (20 hours overtime) but instead of being paid time-and-a-half, the 20 hours goes into a bank of compensated time (CT), which theoretically the worker could use as paid time off or as pay at the end of the fiscal year. What really happens is the CT builds up for years and the employee never gets time off and never gets paid.

But, Trump and his Forced Labor Department are just getting started.  In addition, to making overtime an unpaid "benefit" of working in the U.S.  The Department of Forced Labor is also set to do the following:
  • Trump's proposed budget includes a 20 percent cut to Labor Department funding, but not all areas as the Office of Labor-Management Standards, which investigates conducts witch hunts against in private-sector unions is set to receive a 22 percent increase.
  • Eliminating the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rule, which barred companies from receiving federal contracts if they had a history of violating wage, labor or workplace safety laws. 
  • Rescinding the Persuader rule, which would have required law firms to publicly disclose any work they do for employers surrounding union busting and anti-union organization efforts.
  • Curtailing OSHA efforts to improve worker safety by delaying tightened exposure standards for silica, which is often breathed in by certain construction workers and linked to lung disease; and lower workplace exposure limits for beryllium, an industrial mineral linked to lung cancer.
And they are just getting started.  Traitor Trump and the Respublikanskaya Partiya have a message to 99% of Americans; You have No Friend in Government.  Welcome back to the Era of Forced Labor and Slavery.

Joe Biden was right as usual when, in 2012,  he stated, "We got a real clear picture of what they all value. Every Republican's voted for it.  They're going to put y'all back in chains."

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Trump family and the Republican Party are straight-up Traitors

We are a Republic not a Democracy - Conservative Mantra. Thanks to the traitorous Republican Party we have become a Respublik under Russian control.

Right wingers claim 3 million votes for Hillary were illegal, to explain why Trump was awarded the Presidency, as the ultimate Participation Trophy for coming in second place.  But, distressingly conservatives allowed 1 Dictator to determine the 2016 Presidential Election.

The Republicans always admired Dictator V. Putin.  Conservatives cherish and revere Putin because they long to have a strongman authoritarian dictator in office.  Putin's been sending Russian Agents into the US to destabilize faith in our governmental institutions and he found a willing partner in the Republican Party.  Putin shrewdly bought low and purchased Donald Trump in the 1990's and sat on his investment.  As the American Right-Wing descended into reactionary insanity and lost the last shreds of diginity, morality, and patriotism, Putin bought them too.
"There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump – swear to god!", Majority Leader of the Traitor Republicans Kevin McCarthy admitted to House Lead Traitor Paul Ryan and Gun Nut Steve Scalise last year.
Now Putin is selling High as he orders Trump in their private secretive meetings and the Republicans to eviscerate the American Dream at home and the American Ideal abroad.  Russian asset Dana Rohrabacher was ordered by Kremlin officials to disseminate Russian Propaganda on the U.S. House floor to weaken the Untied States and aid Putin and the Russian Government.

The Republican Party, henceforth the Республиканская партия (anglicized Respublikanskaya Partiya) takes orders from the FSB and the Kremlin. Respublikanskayas have known for years Trump and members of Congress are owned by Vladimir Putin.

So, the Republican Party are allied with a foreign power to subvert the United States.  The Respublikanskaya Partiya declared war on the United States decades ago and have no compunctions when it comes to undermining elections, disseminating lies and propaganda, collaborating with foreign powers, and engaging in all manner of illegal activities in order to achieve power.
"Of course it’s legal – it’s war," Traitor Rudy Giuliani answered, laughing. "Until the war is over, anything is legal."
The Respublikanskaya Partiya goal is to remake America into a Neo-Feudal Tyranny in which all power and wealth resides in the hands of the 1% and Republicans act as vicious Guard Dogs for the Plutocracy, keeping the 99% shackled in perpetual wage slavery.

If it means the Republicans have to pay dividends to V. Putin well that's just the price for enacting their brutal evil agenda. 

What's shocking, depressing, and ironic is the the Republicans efforts, since Prime Traitor Ronnie Raygun, to undermine faith in the United States, sow distrust in the government, and swipe the American Dream from the hands of the working class has allowed the Evil Empire under Putin to succeed where it failed as the Soviet Union.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

They Don't Care Republicans Cruz forward with medical plan to kill millions of Americans Update: Republican Senate fails

If you were Wealthy, You'd be Healthy
Since you're Poor, there's the Funeral Door

The Banana Republican Party latest plan to kill thousands and bankrupt millions of Americans is moving forward in fits and starts.  As the Party of Treason and Subversion of the United States the Respublikanskaya Partiya hates the American People and wishes to curtail the gains Americans made in the 20th century.

The Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare with They Don't Care is a case in point.  Republicans rallied against the ACA for 7 years!  They gnashed their teeth, they tore their hair, they beat their breasts, if only that Dastardly Obama would get out of the way they, the Republicans, would pass a Healthcare Insurance Law which would stand for all time.

Now, since the 2016 elections, the Republicans hold the entire Federal Government.  Yet, all they've mananged to propose are plans so cobbled together, so inane, and so monstorously evil even their duped and battered right-wing drones don't support it and the Insurance Industry has declared the latest version which includes the Ted Cruz Amendment "unworkable".  Ah, but there is one group which supports it, the Republicans Masters' the 1%.

Trump's campaign gave conservatives everything they wanted. Outright bigotry, violent racist language, implied calls for violence and explicit consent to harm the American People.

But Trump's election gave Republicans a chance to get everything they and the 1% have wanted; an End to American Dream and the elimination of the Social Safety Net.  Republicans serve the Plutocracy and the Plutocracy has no use for the American Dream. Republicans view American's value only in terms of the amount of work each American can do and the amount of excess labor value the Vulture Capitalist class can extract from each them.

The Progressive gains of the 20th century marked an actual rise for Americans which the Founding of the Nation and the Glided Age of the 19th century kept confined to the owners of the Nation.  And those Owners, the 1%, hate those progressive gains.  Because when the working class is no longer held in the shackles of corporate bondage and wage slavery they go on and create a pluralistic society with broad based protections for workers, the elderly, the afllicted with a chance for future generations to rise above the preceeding.

The Republicans HATE that.  The Republicans want a return to the days when a railway worker losing an arm on the job was kicked off at the next stop and left to fend for himself.  The Republicans want a return to the days when elderly coal miners were glad not to have been killed in an unsafe mine explosion or cave-in so they can instead whither away of black lung disease and die in a pauper's hovel.  The Republicans want a return to the days when medical care, education, pensions, and the prosepct of living and enjoying your golden years was reserved for the Rich.

The Republicans Don't Care and that is the Healthcare law they are passing.

The Republican Don't Care bill has apparently failed.  While it's fortunate the Republicans are as flaccid and incompetent as they are anti-American but, until the Republicans are removed from Congress they won't stop in their efforts to kill the poor and impoverish the working class.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Impeachment! Dana Loesch and the conservative longing for Civil War 2.0

Impeachment is now out in the open.  The 5 worst Presidents in American history have all been conservatives; Jefferson Davis, George W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Ronnie Raygun, and now Arch-Traitor Donald Trump.

Things are about to get dicey.  As the further evidence of right-wing betrayal of the Nation mounts, conservatives will grow irritable and begin to threaten death more openly.  Southern Conservative traitors murdered hundreds of thousands of Americans in the first Civil War and modern conservatives want to best that record, in Civil War 2.0.

NRA hired right-wing domestic terrorist Dana Loesch narrated the call for violence in the NRA's audition video to be the American Freikorps.  You can palpably feel Dana's hatred pulsing forth during her speech, the anger swelling in her, as her gnashing diatribe reaches its crescendo and she calls for The Clenched Fist to be dropped upon protesters, #blm, liberals, feminists and those enemies of conservatives, the American People.

Of course, Arch-Traitor Trump has numerous right-wing domestic terrorist organizations to choose from; the Oathbreakers, III Inchers, and Unconstitutional Sheriff's of America and if need be he can turn to his "Education" Secretary Betsy DeVos' brother Erik Prince and employ Blackwater inside the CONUS.  This would just be a further payback for Prince establishing another back channel for Traitor Trump to contact his master Vladimir Putin in the Seychelles.

A large number of people are already being hurt under the Trump Regime.  I used to believe Trump would make an off-handed tweet to the effect of won't someone rid me of these troublesome liberals but, with the incredible revelations of Trump's brazen betrayal of the Nation; the unbelievable number of meetings with Russian spies and employing active agents of the Russian Government in high level U.S. cabinet offices it's now much more likely the subversive Traitor Trump and his racist DOJ under Jeff Sessions will specifically instruct paramilitary operatives to begin rounding up and slaughtering Americans.

For a long time conservatives have been yearning to unleash their anger upon those whom they hate the most, the American People, and go on an orgy of murderous violence and bloodshed.  Right-Wing "humor" of no-limit liberal hunting permits and General Pinochet's Free Helicopter Rides undergird their ardent desire to murder a portion of America they deem undeserving of the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

Conservatives have long-tired of dogwhistles, winks and nods.  They want and need a Casus Beli, real or imagined, to cloak themselves in the mantle of righteousness, so that they can #MAGA.

The Impeachment, trial, and removal of Donald Trump will be that Casus Beli.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Conservatives don't care about Russia because they willingly serve a KGB Colonel

Conservative means to serve and American conservatives serve a KGB Colonel. Republicans aren't worried about the Arch-Traitor Trump because Republicans hate the American People. Trump's Treason doesn't matter to the Right-Wingers because right-wingers always knew about the Russia collusion and interference in the 2016 elections.

Arch-Traitor Donald Trump was guaranteed to pass the evil legislation Republicans crafted so, why would they waste time investigating someone whom a) they agree with, b) committed treason with, and c) gave them the opportunity to eliminate the Social Safety Net and crush the American people under the yoke of corporate bondage and generational penury.

Paul Ryan and the Республиканская партия have been dreaming of the day they could take away the modest governmental aid which goes to the sick, the old, the lame, and the poor.  Steve King floated the Republican plan to cosign millions of Americans to an early death as they funnel women's healthcare funding and take food from the mouths of hungry children to pay for the Wall along the Mexican border.

The Banana Republicans hate the 20th Century, hate the American Dream being opened up to undeserving people, and hate that the poor don't work until they die.  The Respublikanskaya Partiya have been working to limit voting rights, purge voting records, rig election machines, engage in byzantine court-room legerdemain, and now openly allying with a Foreign Power to undermine and ensure vicious people are placed into the 3 Branches of Government to transform the Nation into a giant Republican Death Camp.

But, never forget Conservatives don't care about any of this.  Conservatives will gleefully let Trump and the Republicans slit their throats because they know Trump and the Republicans will slit the throats of the undeserving (blacks, hispanics, feminists, liberals, immigrants) first and as long as Conservatives get to watch other suffer they will willing aid the Republican Butchers in their tasks.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Traitor Trump, Respublikanets, and conservative criminals

It's incontrovertible the Respublikanets Party, numerous members of Traitor Trump's campaign, Trump's son, Vice-Traitor Mike Pence, and the Arch-Traitor Donald Trump himself allied with the FSB, additional agents of the Russian Spy Network, the Russian Government, and Vladimir Putin to illegally steal the 2016 Presidential election thus committing high crimes and misdemeanors.

The Respublikanet Party allied with Russia in service to their Plutocratic Overlords. As such they were willing to violate laws, undercut the election process, undermine U.S. Intelligence agencies, and betray the American people, because they knew Donald Trump as President would fast track their agenda of intolerance, oppression and adulation of rich.  Republicans hate the United States of America. Republicans believed they have a chance to eliminate the social safety net, end the American Dream and shackle the American people under crushing burden of corporate bondage.

As the evidence of Trump's Treason against the United States of America mounts conservatives have turned to a well-worn tactic first advanced by creationists.  To attack the fact of evolution, duplicitous conservative creationists demand that every facet of evolution needs to be explained or it's not true.  Russia and the Republicans colluded in treason to steal the election but, conservatives claim unless you can show every in and out, every shred of evidence, then it's not true.

Additionally, Republican criminals have changed their ardent denials from there was never any collusion, to the collusion occurred but's it's a "Nothingburger".  Now conservatives proclaim the collusion which they say never occurred is the fault of Barack Obama.

The Traitor Trump family, the Russian-aligned Republicans and their conservative criminals will never admit to their monstrous crimes and treason.  As the evidence mounts and the downfall of Arch-Traitor Trump grows more and more likely the Republican villains are going to issue louder and louder calls for political violence to their conservative domestic terrorist cells who are just aching to be unleashed to murder their enemies, the American People, in an orgy of violence instead of the slow death inflicted by Republican laws.

Monday, July 3, 2017

America falls for identity theft scam gives personal information to Putin's Puppet

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the country.  Criminals target thousands of American households every year.  Nowhere is this more evident than the White House.  Donald Trump has stolen what it means to be the President.  He gave it away cheaply to Russian pimps and gangsters.  Now Putin's Puppet wants to steal the vital biographical data on 200 million Americans and hand it over to the FSB and Spetsnaz.  The Republican Party is alligned with Russia against the Unsited States of American and the American People.

Don't expect small government conservatives to decry this action.  The creation of a MASSIVE database by federal bureaucrats causes them no consternation because conservatives sold their shriveled blackened souls to their Republican Masters long ago.  Conservatives will do whatever their  Republican Masters want and the Republican Party obeys the 1%.

The 1% wants to destroy the American Dream and the quickest way to do that is to eliminate the franchise for millions of Americans who don't vote right.  Trump's tiny right-hand man for this endeavor is the odious Kric Kobach, who sent a demand letter from the Executive Branch to all Secretary of State for all 50 states.

The Plutocracy has always hated expanded voting rights in America because when the American People are offered a choice of what type of government they desire, it is a Democratic Socialist type, with a solid social safety net, dignity for the elderly, assistance for the destitute, access to education and employment, union protections, living wages, public parks and public landmarks, and medical coverage for everyone.

The Republican Party opposses all of these things.  The Republicans want this:
A Public Beach used exclusively by Republican Hatchetman Chris Christie
The Republican Party hates America.  Conservatives hate basic deceny, human rights, and the progressive 20th century.  Conservatives want access to the America Dream made available only to them and crushing penury and slavery on everyone else.  The 1% hate that they do not own everything in this country.  Combined together, conservatives, the Republican Party, and the 1% want to destroy the United States and replace it with a neo-feudal wage slave state.

Together these three enemies of America, conspired to get Donald Trump elected President, because they knew he would enact the right-wing agenda of Oppression, Intolerance and Adulation of the Rich with reckless abandon.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Guns Save Lives! Don't Drink the Water. Choose not to get sick. Republicans offer up their Obamacare Alternatives i.e. Die

Granny Straving P90X Ryan has a message for America, "I would not bet against Mitch McConnell". Nor would I.  McConnell's desire to cosign millions of Americans to an early grave is evident on his plump comfortable face.  Paul Ryan's earliest dreams were of denying the poor, sick, and old of healthcare rights.  Now, Paul Aynryan has seized the opportunity to make his dreams of shredding the social safety net to transfer that money to the rich into a nightmare for the poor and sick as Mitch McConnell tries to make Republicans Don't Care a reality.

Conservatives are so desperate to send millions of Americans whom they believe are underserving of basic rights to their deaths they will invent any number of ridiculous arguments;
"What if there are 15 million people who actually don't want to sign up for insurance but they were forced to, and have been counted because they were forced to under Obamacare? Is that part of the number that CBO gave us?" - Rich out-of-touch Plutocrat Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute. 
"How about letting other groups form -- not just employer based," Doctor Alieta Eck opined, "So if a group like the NRA or some other group..." - Guns Save Lives after all.
Since the Orangmanbabyus maladministration occupied America we have seen the strain of evil called conservatism inflicting its' degenerate lack of morals upon the American People.

Republicans hate America.  Conservatives hate the American Dream and want it crushed.  Conservatives are yearning for Trump to signal the go ahead to slaughter liberals, minorities, feminists, and every person in the United States who has the gall to act like an entitled White Person.

Remember, that briefest of moments when conservatives called for an end to the violent rhetoric?  Yeah, that was a ruse.  What conservatives want is for #blacklivesmatter and liberals to lay down and accept death at the hands of Republican bureaucrats and conservative murderers.  Here's right-wing domestic terrorist Dana Loesch calling for bloodshed in an NRA video (yes the same NRA Dr. Eck said would offer medical insurance)

The only difference between conservative "thought" and Republican policies is conservatives want to kill you right now whereas Republicans would like you to die after you've worked yourself to death's door.

But, if Americans have the temerity to live beyond their useful working years, Republicans have a plan for that contingency, gutting EPA regulations so Corporations can wantonly poison Americans.  After all you could always exercise some of the Paul Ryan "Freedom" and choose not to drink water.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Craven Republican Criminals Demand President Obama tell them how he uncovered their crimes. Updated: Right-wing Ratfvcker Glenn Greenwald to the Rescue of the Republicans!

In the height of  "choots-paw", Republicans are angry their brazen criminal collusion with the Kremlin to steal the 2016 election and undermine the U.S. government has been revealed.

Republicans are like drug dealers whose stash gets stolen and call the cops to report the theft.

After furious hair pulling and chest pounding denunciations that there was no collusion between  the criminal Republican Party and Russian Agents to get Putin's puppet elected, right wing media transitioned to, Of course there was collusion but so what???

Soon when it's revealed voting machines, voting rolls, and actual cast ballots where tampered with by Russian Agents in coordination with the Republican Party, conservatives will transition to, Too bad we won! It doesn't matter that we cheated!

But, the Republicans have learned certain political lessons since the criminal traitor Nixon resigned; the key one is never apologize and when confronted with bad actions ascribe them to your political opponent.  Every allegation levelled by Republicans and conservatives is, in reality, an admission of guilt and a projection of bad actions they themselves have conducted.

Thus, the Republican Party, a subsidiary of the Russian Government, is blaming President Barack Obama for their treasonous alliance with Putin and the FSB.

Republicans will do whatever possible to take power and force their vision of the American Dream onto the Nation.  The Republican Dream is to turn America into a giant death camp of unending corporate bondage, where the American people work until they die and instead of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, the Republicans will give the American people death, slavery, and the endless pit of debt slavery.

So, as further evidence of direct control of Trump, his inner circle, Republican elected officials by Russian Intelligence Operatives comes to light expect the anger, right-wing lies, and calls for Civil War from conservative domestic terrorists increase.  But, the Banana Republican Party doesn't care because their enemy is the American People and conservatives will ally with anyone who helps them advance their agenda of intolerance, oppression, and adulation of the rich.

And just like that, America's* Purest Leftist Glenn Greenwald picks up the mantle once more of defending Putin and declaring there has postively been no evidence NONE!!!! Whatsoever for the media focus on Trump's ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin.  Greenwald is a right-wing ratfucker always ready to attack the Democratic Party and liberals.  The best part of Greenwald's latest right-wing hit piece is all the conservatives attracted to it who leave comments extolling conservative ideology and denigrating evil liberalism and leftists only to have embarrassed lefty's try to shush them. For instance:

June 28 2017, 12:37 p.m.Mr. Greenwald has correctly analyzed and pointed out the fantasy of the Left’s ‘Russia narrative’ and he should be given credit for having the courage to tell the truth.
Thank you, Mr. Greenwald.
To those of you that want to criticize him for telling the truth as he sees it, I respectfully disagree, and I will also say that I am as red/Republican as any of you, probably more so than most. Greenwald stands alone, in my opinion, among Intercept reporters who value TRUTH above political leanings. 
June 28 2017, 6:59 a.m.
The leftist PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER has not even mentioned the CNN firings/resignations. Leftist/liberals are liars, fascists & will be the demise of their OWN. 
Russ Pedinska
June 28 2017, 10:33 a.m.

What does this lengthy, deflecting dialog have to do with CNN journalists resigning over faking news?… liberalized much?

June 28 2017, 8:38 a.m.

Trump does not have a “campaign against the media”. The lying, fascist, fake news, and propaganda outlets are damaging themselves. Trump only comments on it. MAGA!

June 28 2017, 6:21 a.m.

Excellent article. It describes in detail what was known as the “echo chamber” during the Obama admin. The echo chamber was an endless and repetitious drum beat of false and politically motivated stories about Obama detractors that many in the media, including CNN, were happy to promote. I think it was Ben Rhodes, a close Obama associate, who actually coined the term “echo chamber” and it describes the phenomenon perfectly. You also made an excellent point that anonymous “officials” can basically assert anything they want, no matter how false, with no repercussions. It’s no secret that many in the federal government employ are Democrats and would love to see Trump destroyed. The whole thing is grotesque and a great example of why most Americans distrust the media it is supposed to rely on for factual news. 

June 28 2017, 6:16 a.m.

As the SWAMP is being slowly-but-surely drained, the slimy creatures are being forced to worm their way into the sunlight, denied cover of the filthy, murky sludge of the lefty & establishment-status quo.

These lefties are in PANIC MODE, so anything goes . . . just keep flinging the swamp sludge against Prez Trump and ANY of his friends, family or hires, and HOPE something sticks to keep the dem’s concocted spy-narrative front ‘n center and in the headlines.
Of course, the left is soooooo gullible and desperate to excuse Hilly’s disastrous campaign, that these political mind-games are fertile fodder for the reality-challenged lib’s.
Well, at your own peril, dem’s . . . now the back-water stories of your beloved Obama and his lazy, hazy years of self-indulgence and stinkin’ political maneuvering are coming to light.

NONE of this was MEANT to happen, but the swamp is full of it and we’re just beginning to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Proudly Unaffiliated
June 28 2017, 9:02 a.m.

And on and on and on these right-wing trumpanzees infest the Intercept and post these MAGA lies.  You would think a pure true leftist like Greenwald would be upset his post is being touted by Faux News and MAGAmericans as proof Trump is as pure as orange snow but, when you recognize Glenn Greenwald is a right-winger and always has been it becomes clear why right-wingers like his opinions.

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Republican American Dream is to turn the Nation into a Death Camp

"If he dies, he dies..." Ivan Drago, Trump's Asst Secretary of Health and Human Services 
"These people don't understand how capitalism works..." Republican Deathdealer Francis Roony of Florida.
There are several unforgivable crimes in America; being poor, being black.  Republicans have added being sick to this list. And the Republican sentence is death.
Before summer’s out, we'll repeal/replace Obamacare w/ system based on personal responsibility, free-market competition &; state-based reform - Vice President Pence, a vicious bigot and murderous attack dog of the Rich doesn't care about the sick, the elderly, or the disabled, except that they die.
Republicans are set to enact the only healthcare plan they've every really believed in: 1) Don't Get Sick, 2) If you do, Die Quickly.

Republicans, those lofty out-of-touch, safely ensconced bureaucrats in Washington D.C. view Americans as cogs in the gears of industry and war.  To be used with no protections, and discarded when broken or worn-out.

When Republicans pine for Capitalism they long for those heady days when children were sent into coal mines and train workers who lost an arm could be fired with no reprecussions or compensation, when women got cancer from making radioactive watches, and young girls were chained into their shirt factory to be burned alive as there were no job killing regulations just worker killing jobs.  Republicans want Americans to work until they die.

This is the Republican American Dream.  Legions of Americans working themselves to death, to further enrich the Plutocrats, who keep Republicans flush with campaign cash in safe gerrymandered districts, where voter supression and no absentee voting ensures only the comfortable elite vote while the poor, the sick, the elderly are sentenced to the best death camps ever devised; Republican controlled America.  The Republican American Dream is a Giant Death Camp.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Donald Trump is owned by Russian pimps and gangsters. Republicans have Declared War on the American People.

Donald Trump is a Traitor.  Donald Trump owes allegiance to Vladimir Putin.  Donald Trump is en hock up to his orange hair-plugs to the Russian Mafia.

The Russians have been grooming Donald Trump for decades.  Trump being an arrogant, ignorant blowhard blew his massive inheritance and went bankrupt multiple times.  In the 1990's Russia having carefully tilled Trump's soil planted their flag up his ass and bought him cheaply.

Worse, still every Republican knows it and they don't care.  In fact, multiple members of the Republican Party have sworn undying allegiance to Russia.  Conservatives willingly serve a KGB Colonel.  The Republican Party and right-wingers are openly aligned with a foreign power to destroy the United States of America.

It's treason to the Nation, treason to the Founding Fathers, treason against the United States Constitution, and treason to the people Republicans supposedly represent.

And Trump has admitted it.  Trump starts his mornings focused on Russia, yelling at staff about Russia, venting about the media's reporting on Russia, his actions are those of a guilty man caught red-handed.  Trump tweeted yesterday he knows President Obama was aware of Putin and Russian interference in the 2016 election.  Trump, most likely, believed his tweet, "Was not stupid" but, it undermined the claims right-wing media have been making that there is no evidence of Russian Interference.  Of course, the Trumpenpropletariat will never abandon Trump and will not be bothered by this inconsistency because they have been conditioned to axiomatically adhere to Cleek's Law, which postulates Conservatism is against whatever Liberals want, updated daily.

Now, it might seem odd the Republican Party, which made absolute resistance to Russia the core of their Party for 40 years, would align with Russia.  But, it makes sense when you realize the Republican Party's enemies have always been the American People and the American Dream.

The Republican Party has been at war with American ever since the end of World War 2.  Republicans hid their hatred and anger at the Social Safety Net during the War but, as soon as the need for unity ended, Republicans went back to what they've been doing since the founding of the Nation.  Seeking to kill and enslave as many Americans as possible.

The Republicans Don't Care Bill is designed to harm and bring about the death of millions of Americans.  Recall the Republican Party has 8 years to craft some sort of Healthcare Reform.  For 8 years they screeched, Obamacare Sucks! And America would have perfect healthcare if it weren't for that dastardly Barack Obama blocking us!  And these are the bills we've been promised?!?

This all makes sense when people realize Republicans real enemy and only enemy are the American people.  The Republican Party exists for one purpose, the destruction of the Democratic Republic and the creation of a Neo-Feudal Wage Slave State in which the American People are shackled in unending bondage to undying Corporate Persons.

Digby sums it up,
The simple truth is that the Republicans welcomed a foreign government interfering in the election on their behalf. They knew and they were happy about it and they are now doing everything in their power to cover it up. There is no other way to look at it.

Republican leaders were so hungry to kill people on Medicaid, bankrupt the middle class and give tax cuts to their millionaire friends that they knowingly allowed a foreign government to help that corrupt, incompetent imbecile into the White House. Think about that.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Trump Don't Care, Republicans finally get their Deathpanels

Laura Nazigraham is being touted as the next Trump Press Secretary
The Rich Plutocrat is looking forward to defending the
Trump Don't Care Death Panel Bill.
The 13 Republican Senators just unveiled their bill.  And it is a giant Death Panel.  The Republican Party had been yearning for years to eliminate the Social Safety net and this bill gets them closer to that goal; with the ultimate goal being the impoverishment and enslavement of the American People.

The Republican Party has moved closer to their grand plan of freeing the Plutocracy from all taxes, regulations, controls, and laws while the 99% are denied any chance at the American Dream.

The AHCA is a massive tax cut and transfer of wealth to the Plutocracy wrapped up in the tattered remnants of the Social Safety Net.  Of course, many Trump voters will be denied healthcare, will die from treatable conditions, will suffer but the comfortable will be comforted and the afflicted will be afflicted.

Lawyers, Guns, and Money have correctly identified the governing principles of the modern Republican Party:
1) More money for Us
2) Fuck You
The only sticking point for the Republicans, right now, is bill doesn't go far enough and completely eliminate the meager assistance given to the poor, the sick, the tired.  However, the Republican Party did take a major step towards the elimination of Medicaid, which is a joint Federal/State government funded healthcare system funded by the U.S. Government and managed by States.  The Trump/Republican Don't Care bill allows States free reign over the money which means those Federal dollars won't be going for medical care for poor, disabled, and elderly but, will be neatly transferred into the Cayman off-shore bank accounts of the Rich in Sam Brownbackian fashion.

It does not matter the Trump Don't Care bill is massively unpopular.  The Republican Party has correctly identified there are no such things as future elections.  There is only the now.  There is no need for them to fear future repercussions because come next election cycle, a mere 1 year from now, the Republican bureaucrats in Congress will gin up another cache of false flag pseudo-controversies to dupe their deluded drones and vicious bigots; who will then dutifully return them to Congress to wreak more destruction.  Now, combined with the Republican Party openly aligning with a foreign government the long sought after dream of the Republicans is within reach.

Their dream, is not the American Dream, but a dream of a Neo-Feudalist Nation, wherein 99% of Americans are shackled in the "gig-economy" of Wage Slavery, stuck in Corporate bondage with no recourse through the courts, with no assistance from the U.S. government, with unequal protection from Law Enforcement, which is wholly owned by Billionaires, and ruthlessly operated by the Guard Dogs of the Plutocracy; The Republican Party.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Erick Erickson calls for dissolution of U.S. Conservatives declare war on the U.S.

"Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily..." - Donal Trump July 2016, offers quid pro quo, to Putin and the Russian Government, get me elected and I'll give you what you want.
Conservatives serve a KGB Colonel.  Erickson and American conservatives sold out the country for power.  The Republican Party is a subsidiary of the Russian Government.  Thus, it was no surprise Donald Trump dominated the Republicans as Trump is owned by Russian pimps and gangsters.

Conservatives have wrought so much damage upon the U.S.  Southern Conservatives broke up the country in 1861, European Conservatives declared war on the US in 1941.  For decades modern conservatives have been waiting, aching, hoping, praying, and working towards a Casus Belli in order to murder liberals, minorities, immigrants, feminists, and everyone who has the temerity to expect equal rights and a piece of the American Dream.

Thus, in 2016 modern conservatives, from across the Nation, came together to usher in the total destruction of the U.S.  So, less than a half year into his monstrosity of a Presidency, Putin's puppet and his conservative KGB drones, are doing the dirty work and destroying the United States of America.

Ewick, the Commie Red, son of Ewick,
I am no longer an optimist about the future of this country. This past week has shown there is no incentive for the better angels of ourselves to rise. Both sides are out for blood. The only way to calm the situation is for us to part ways. Frankly, and historically, the only thing at this point that is going to save us from ourselves is either breaking apart our union or a major war not of our choosing that forces us to unite. I suspect the latter is coming...
As soon as conservatives do not get their way, they seek to destroy.  Erickson's piece is a collection of right-wing lies and tropes about how oppressed conservatives are and includes the declaration liberals are the "American ISIS".  I refuse to entertain Erickson's disingenuous article which plays the Both Sides Do It but, liberals are worse... while equating liberals with ISIS.  Additionally, Ewick dabbled for years in eliminationist rhetoric, indulged in violent fantasies, aided and advanced every pernicious and scurrilous lie during the Obama Presidency has the audacity to whine about civility.  But, being a conservative Erickson can't quietly lament, instead he pins for bloodshed and Civil War.

Conservatives are destroying the Nation and have declared the Second Civil War is underway.  Who does this aid? Vladimir Putin.  Putin's poodle in the White House is overseeing the dissolution of the United States and conservatives are working to replace America's position in the world with Putin's Russia.

Toma over at what...Trump (formerly sickhorses) has a detailed graphically depiction of Erick Erickson preferred ideology.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Yet again, Conservatives love when Police Officers kill black people. Philando Casitle edition

Yet, again black Americans are forced to swallow a miscarriage of justice.  There are some unforgivable crimes in America;  Poverty, Immigration, and Blackness.

With the advent of cell phone cameras, the public is seeing over and over again the extrajudicial treatment of black America at the hands (and most often barrel of a gun) of the police.

Philando Castile was murdered last summer in Minnesota for the crime of unforgivable blackness.  The defense attorney ran down the list of excuses conservatives always reach for to justify the murder of a black man,
"We have him ignoring his commands. He’s got a gun. He might be the robber. He’s got marijuana in his car,” Mr. Gray told jurors. “Those are the things in Officer Yanez’s head."
These deplorable lies; Castile looks like a bank robber, the officer smells pot, are trotted out to provide right-wingers cover when they justify murder and to buttress their fascist programming all blacks are criminals.  Because conservatives ardently believe that all blacks are criminals.

But, the deplorable NRA has been silent about this murder.  And this would seem to be a huge error on their part.  This incident has the elements of everything the NRA has warned America.  A perfect case for the NRA to burnish their so-called defense of gun owners rights in the face of government tyranny.  But, the NRA can not muster a defense of Philando Castile and the reason is glaringly obvious.

The NRA, as a staunch conservative group, also believes all black people are criminals and thinks this shooting was just and lawful.  The Second Amendment is not for black people.

Of course, so-called Patriot groups are silent about government injustice as well.

This would seem to be difficult to understand until one realizes the Oathbreakers, III Inchers, Unconstitutional Sheriffs of America, and all other right wing militias don't exist to address government malfeasance but, to act as a paramilitary arm for advancing the fascist agenda of The Republican Party.

Of course, conservatives might trot out Criminal Sheriff David Clarke as proof they don't believe all blacks are criminals, but Clarke (or Ben Carson or Thomas Sowell) is the token right-wingers invoke to provide cover for their rampant racism and conservatives love David Clarke because Clarke trained under Vladimir Putin in Russia to learn how to murder prisoners under his command.

Donald Trump rose to the Presidency by realizing that conservatives have been aching for Republicans to drop the dog-whistle politics and loudly and proudly proclaim outright racism and unvarnished bigotry,

Conservative thinking, such as it is, is a fetid swamp of anger, petulance, racism, and the demand for unequal protection under law.  So, don't expect conservatives to rally to #blacklivesmatter or clamour for Colin Kaepernick any time soon.  Conservatives love when black people are murdered.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sean Hannity likes Eric Trump because they both steal from charities

With such a constant stream of conservative chicanery, Republican obfuscation, general right-wing bullcrap, Cheetolini's incoherent tweets it's easy to miss how despicable the sleazy Trump clan is, until one of them oozes onto faux news and belches forth their justifications for crimes.

This was the scene a week ago or so when Eric Trump went onto Sean Hannity's faux news show.  Eric Trump has been using charity golf games as cover to steal millions of charity donations.  Those donations were earmarked for children's cancer research but, instead like everything the Trump family touches those monies got absorbed and sucked into the Trump black hole, a criminal enterprise so dense that not even fiat currency can escape it.

Sean Hannity, being no stranger to using a charity to steal money, having stolen over 97% of millions of dollars donated for Veterans, hosted Eric Trump, where ET declared those who oppose his father are not human beings, "To me, they're not even people."

Dehumanization of liberals, of minorities, of Democrats, of anyone and everyone who opposes the advancement of the fascist conservative agenda of Oppression, Intolerance, and Adulation of the Rich is always the first step.

Conservatism has been on a steady descent into a cesspool of bigots, grifters, racist hucksters, and religious hypocrites.  Right-Wingers are so down the rabbit hole they can not admit they've been taken in and are owned by thieves and liars.  Donald Trump and the Trump crime cartel saw their opening.