Wednesday, November 13, 2019

14,000,000 and Going Up Conservatives love pretend

"To fuel our economic boom, we are *bowl-ding* -- (LONG ADDERALL SNIFF) -- and boldly using American energy independence." 
After indulging in one of his tells, misspeaking a word or phrase followed by a long sniff and then slowly saying the word, Trump slurred out a claim about jobs,
“I’m very proud of my daughter Ivanka. She has now created 14 million jobs and they are being trained by these great companies, the greatest companies in the world because the government cannot train them.”
The quip is to say Ivanka created 14 million jobs... in China. But Trump's entire Presidency is preposterous, unbelievable, untethered to reality.

One of the most infuriating things of the mendacious Trump Maladministration is conservatives applauding Trump's blatant lies. Of course, since Trump's non-stop barrage of absurd falsehoods, delusional exaggerations and utter bullshit angers the libs it therefore delights his MAGAt Horde.

If the Media fact-checks Trump's absurd claims his followers will simply declare it "Fake News" and then go about yelling at black people about the Greatness of Maga.

To me, Trump's vile and false claims about his Heroism on 9/11 and venal ignorance about Police work are the most insulting and outrageous lies but, there is a Trump Lie for every topic and occasion.

Trump claims this is the greatest... Trump declares that is the best ever... it's ludicrous, but effective.  Trump has succeeded in pulling the classic scam which conservatives have willingly fallen for, for 50 years.

The scam is simple; A Republican makes a grandiose claim, takes credit for something, or says he's going to do X,Y, or Z then after the news cycle has revolved a few times said Republican acts as if his claim or X, Y, Z happened. The Media in their job of legitimizing Republican Mendacity go along with it and now the mere claim is now the truth.

Trump being the consummate grifter and liar knows a classic scam when he sees one. And Republicans have been running this one on conservatives for decades. But, while at first it took crafted propaganda and the ceaseless repetition of lies via Talk Radio, email listservs and Faux News, conservatives now engage in a form of self-hypnosis to actively delude themselves via social media. Right-wingers no longer need the scam artists as they simply have learned to scam themselves.

Most of Trump's claims were for personal aggrandizement but, now facing Impeachment Trump has weaponized his claims to literally call himself "The Chosen One" and the Greatest President who Ever Was, who;
  • Rebuilt the Entire Military.
  • Respected by Foreign Leaders 
  • Created the Greatest Economy Ever
  • Farmers cried for the love of Trump
  • Trade Wars are good, and easy to win
  • is the Toughest on Russia and North Korea
  • Released a Perfect Call Transcript
  • Lowest Black Unemployment Ever
  • And lie after lie after lie
The Maga Horde repeat these lies as gospel. There's no reaching a people who decide to angrily repeat lies as truth. We live in a Totally Subjective America, wherein whatever Donald Trump and Maga Need to be True, Is True. 

In reality, the military under Trump has suffered an increase of negligent training accidents, increased risk overseas from Trump bungling, and the criminal malfeasance of the Republican Party in the Niger Special Forces Ambush has never been properly investigated.

Yet crying Billionaire Leon Cooperman debased himself on CNBC when he bravely held back tears and fears of an Elizabeth Warren Presidency. Cooperman went on to repeat many of the Trump falsehoods and compared Trump to Reagan. Yet, it makes sense for Cooperman to hew himself unto Trump, as it benefits him immensely and after all he's just looking out for his own class, "I’m not afraid to stand up to the wealthy and well-connected.”

But, facts and reality no longer matter to conservatives. They love the Pretend America which Trump is giving them.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Donald Trump Jr made a bigger sacrifice than any Veteran at Arlington Cemetery

Most Republicans and conservatives are chickenhawks, jingoistic cheerleaders for War and the Military, but decidedly against joining and putting their own asses on the line.

Donald Trump Jr, (the Trump name is forever Slimy Shit) followed in his fathers bone spurs, and avoided all military service. Slimy Shit Junior was 23 years old on 9/11 when his father thanked the Saudis for knocking down World Trade Center 1 and 2 and making Trump Tower the tallest building in New York City. Trump Jr. didn't join up and serve in Iraq or Afghanistan. But, in his new book Triggered: How the Left thrives on Hate and wants to Silence us, Trump Junior would like you to know he sacrificed at least as much if not more than any Vet at Arlington,
"I rarely get emotional, if ever. I guess you'd call me hyper-rational, stoic. Yet as we drove past the rows of white grave markers, in the gravity of the moment, I had a deep sense of the importance of the presidency and a love of our country ... In that moment, I also thought of all the attacks we'd already suffered as a family, and about all the sacrifices we'd have to make to help my father succeed — voluntarily giving up a huge chunk of our business and all international deals to avoid the appearance that we were 'profiting off of the office'. Frankly, it was a big sacrifice, costing us millions and millions of dollars annually ... Of course, we didn't get any credit whatsoever from the mainstream media, which now does not surprise me at all."
Fuuuuuuuuuck You. "I rarely get emotional" and I'm "hyper-rational" Traitor Tot sounds like his demented old man. Anyone who has to claim they are 'like really smart' or "hyper-rational" is decidedly not.

And Slimy Shit Junior is on this media book tour to make money. To explicitly profit from the Office of the Presidency. Not from individual sales of the book; that's not how rightwing screeds become "best-sellers". No instead rightwing think tanks buy up huge amounts of these books and give them as gifts from joining.

What a disgusting spectacle. Trump and his shit family have degraded the US, of course, but what is far more disgusting is how conservatives have decided to go along with this. For fucks sake, conservatives are so vested in #OwntheLibs that they will cheer and read Trump's book about how much he and his family have sacrificed?

On the heels of the Court ordering Traitor Trump repay $2,000,000 he stole from Charity and Slimy Shitt Junior declaring he's suffered and sacrificed more than any person buried at Arlington National Cemetery should not only be a death knell for Trump's political future but, immediately make him a pariah in polite company and earn him angry denunciations from Veterans groups and individual Vets. But, no conservative is going to abandon Trump no matter what despicable lies and stolen valor Trump and his spawn engage in.

Trump is yet to be the worst President in History, that still belongs to W(orst POTUS) for his War Crimes in the Middle East, ignoring the warnings about Bin Laden determined to Attack the US, for allowing New Orleans to drown, and for another Republican Recession, but Trump and Family have the revere Midas touch; everything they touch turns to shit. Trump Jr is modeled from the same slimy shit.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Rape-publican Jim Jordan Knew and conservatives love him for it

Jim Jordan personally knew about sexual assaults at Ohio State and did nothing. Worse than doing nothing Jordan's dereliction of duty and blasé indifference to sexual assaults which he knew about allowed further young men to be victimized. At least 177 male students, some as young as 14-15, where sexually assaulted by Richard Strauss at Ohio State University, in over 1400 reported incidents between the years 1978 and 1996. Jordan was a coach there from 1986 to 1994.

But, don't expect Dennis Hastert Jr to resign. When confronted with their criminal malfeasance, Republicans get angry, scream, cry, pout and yell at their accusers and victims, until allowed to continue holding office. And conservatives can be counted upon to rally 'round and defend all Republican Sex Criminals as they vociferously did with Boofer O'Kavanugh, Roy Moore and Rapist Trump himself. Privilege means "Private Law" and the biggest privilege in Politics is IOKIYAR.

What is fascinating with the giant Awakening QAnon Pizzagate Adrenochrome conspiracy cohort is how easily identifiable sexual criminals like Roy Moore, Jim Jordan, Justice Kavanugh, and Traitor Rapist Racist Trump escape their steely eye and "exhaustive on-line research". Until you realize the #Pizzagate Liars are specifically tasked with muddying the waters with agitprop specifically to defend conservative rapists.

Remember that on Twitter conservatives have claimed there are thousands of secret arrests and thousands more secret arrest warrants just waiting for Trump's go-ahead to round-up a cabal of child abusing criminals. It's pure nonsense and a total fabrication; but it serves the purpose of allowing conservative to claim Trump is Great. Conservatives love lies and hate America. So, the rightwing internet can be counted upon to claim the lawsuit filed is "Fake News" and return to their "research" proving #Pizzagate is true...

Of course, the Rape-publican Plan to move Jim Jordan into the House Intelligence Committee makes perfect sense. Jordan never saw a crime he didn't want to ignore and Jim Jordan the Rape Enabler would make a perfect choice to deny Traitor Trump committed High Crimes & Misdemeanors. 

Dennis McKinnon the 1985 Bears and Hubris

As the Chicago Bears suffer through another disappointing season, after it began with such promise and talk of Super Bowl aspirations, it's time to reflect on the one Bear Super Bowl Championship; the Legendary 1985 Bears.

The young me who half watched the Bears demolish the Patriots (spit) in Super Bowl XX had no idea it would be 20 years before they made another Bears team even made the big game.

To be fair, I don't watch football on TV much anymore, don't gamble on games, and don't go to games or buy merchandise because of the barbarity of the sport. Added together with the treatment of Colin Kaepernick provided me the ability to sever connections almost completely*.

But, I believe I will buy Dennis McKinnon's new book, Chicago Bear #85 Silky D Bares All authored with the late great Chicago sportscaster Chet Coppock. The 85 Bears have been overanalyzed since their failure to win a second or third Championship and cement themselves as the Dynasty of 1980's, that honor went to the San Francisco 49ers. McKinnon did the Chicago Sports Radio talk shows and tore into the Bears ownership and management because Ego and Hubris, from coaches, owners and players were all responsible for Bears One-and-Done fate; a fate which seems to be befalling the most recent Chicago over-hyped Champion the 2016 Cubs.

(* - I started "playing" Fantasy Football back in 1992 with High School friends and my first Title was in 1993 thanks to Marcus Allen's 13 touchdown Chiefs season. Much to my chagrin I still indulge with my old friends. I recommend Nate Jackson's book Fantasy Man.)

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Go Northwestern Go! Push On Jeff Sessions! The absolute disingenuous Campus Free Speech Warriors

Go! Northwestern Go!
Hit 'em hard!
Hit 'em low!
Go! Northwestern Go! - NU Fight Song by Theodore van Etten 1912
Ole Racist Jeff Sessions was invited by College Republicans to Northwestern to expound on the real meaning of the 'Trump Agenda'. Northwestern Students bravely decided they did not want the mastermind of the Child Concentration Camps to be given a platform on their Campus.

First, Conservatives always argue in bad faith. Always. But, bad faith arguments are not prima facie bad arguments. And Conservatives believe they have a cunning wedge to use on College Campuses.

Before getting into the finer details of the disingenuous rightwing "free speech" arguments it can never be forgotten that Jeff Sessions lustfully kidnapped several thousand children from frightened refugees on the southern border and secreted them into the arms of unknown people in the United States. Sessions ripped apart thousands of innocent families and inflicted physical, mental, and emotional trauma upon people from which they will never fully recover.

So, while this statement by NU College Magat Evan Scully seems reasonable “I understand people have the right to protest, but, at the same time, I think it’s more valuable for us to go in there and listen to what they have to say instead of making it impossible for the people inside to hear Sessions. Even if you don’t like them, I think it’s very important to come listen to them and hear what the other side has to say.” Never forget what Sessions has done and how he has used his position in the US Senate and as US AG to undermine people's rights, unlawfully restrict their freedom, and undermine liberty in this Nation.

The College Republicans have been running the hypocritical Free Speech game since the Dinesh D'Souza and Laura Ingraham did it in the 1980's.

Additionally, just last week, right-wingers (and deluded liberals) took to their fainting couches when the Traitor in the White House was booed at a Washington Nationals World Series game. Faux News talked openly and earnestly about punishing those who booed.

Yet, these same people pretend that College Campuses must accommodate rightwing criminals and liars on University grounds. The scam these conservatives are pulling is mainly engineered to appeal to the vast swath of Independents and undecided America. Conservatives believe they have a winning argument in casting Campus as ideological no-go zones were Radical PC is out of control and even cherished beliefs enshrined in the Perfect Constitution are ignored or trampled upon by crazed Leftists who are indoctrinating your kids. As with all arguments made by right-wingers this one is done in bad faith.

Jeff Sessions is not some kindly old gent hawking a memoir or cookbook, but is planning another run for the US Senate where he will use the power of the Government to enact the rightwing agenda of hatred and intolerance. Sessions was the first big-name Republican to endorse Trump. Besides, masterminding the child separation policy at the border, Sessions repeatedly voted to make certain Americans second class citizens.

Sessions is going to use this incident to boost his campaign and rightwing websites are going to continue to push the Free Speech attacks to gin up outrage amongst their drones.

Monday, November 4, 2019

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 2: Welcome to Chicago Trump

"You just kicked the shit out of an innocent man." - Strawberry Alice
"Innocent of what?" - Little Bill (Unforgiven 1992)
The Chicago Police Department embarrassed and debased themselves during Traitor Trump's visit. Trump is so obviously a conman and yet they applaud him. Police Departments across the United States are so thoroughly corrupted by believing their own Hero Warrior bullshit that Trump needed to spew little more to get the fawning adulation of a group of so-called Law Enforcement Officers.

Working the job for over a decade the only thing which irritates me on the job is when someone lies to me. I can deal with a lot but, lying to me is just too much. Yet, Chicago Cops not only enjoy being lied to by Trump they are eager to be lied to? Why?

During the 2016 campaign Trump recounted one of his fantasy scenarios where a big strong burly tough guy fawns over Trump when he declared a confided in him,
"And I said, 'How long would it take you to straighten out this problem?' " the president added. "And he said, 'If you gave me the authority — couple of days.' I really mean it.  I said, 'You've gotta be kidding. ... Give me your card.' And he gave me a card. And I sent it to the mayor. I said, 'You ought to try using this guy.' Guess what happened? Never heard. And last week they had another record. It's horrible."
Trump trotted out the story yet again, and added in the standard rightwing canards that Chicago has the Toughest Gun Laws in America and laws don't work. Now, you would think even the least inquisitive Cop would recognize the syllogism:
If the laws are tough and crime is still a problem, then enforcement is lax. 
I.e. the Chicago Police Officers are lazy or incompetent. But, what these Officers heard was 'those people are natural born criminals and animals and your command staff are weak or namby-pamby liberals' and if only Police Officers were unshackled they would be able to clean-up the City.

Trump is stupid but he has certain mean low cunning and what Trump knows is most people believe in half-conceived theories of criminal justice; usually variations of the wholly discredited Broken Windows Theory. So what Chicago Cops heard was what they wanted to hear;  "Don't be too nice."

I am wholly insulted and ashamed that Police Officers are so fucking gullible and easily taken in by a bloated, adderall abusing, grifting RAPIST.

Of course, no one should be surprised Police Officers, especially Chicago Police Officers, will ignore the law and willingly violate peoples Constitutional Rights because Chicago Police Officers are currently engaged in such activities.

Stop & Frisk violates the 4th Amedment. In 2016, Chicago Officers became required to justify their detention of minorities because that's who Chicago Police stop, by being able to articulate their reasonable suspicion. Of course, what's become apparent in the data collected since then is Officers don't have or don't know what that standard is and their supervisions are helping them add data after the fact, to justify the unlawful interaction.

But, illegal stop & frisk is supported by conservatives because right-wingers believe all black people are a priori guilty of some crime thus, any stop any detention of a black person is thus justified.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

On Halloween, Andy Ngo conjures up some Antifa Boogeymen

Andy Ngo posted a youtube video purporting to be his home security footage. Ngo's video title is: CCTV: Antifa showed up to my family's home and the caption declares;
These six goons wearing print-out masks of my face approached my family's home at night on 31 Oct. 2019. They repeatedly rang the doorbell, pounded on the window, recorded footage of the property and gestured at the cameras. There were no candy bags. 
And the comments on Ngo's facebook post and youtube video are all the same; Hi-Point, this is what shotguns are for, second amendment, I wish they would come to my house, buy an ar15, stage the murder correctly, we can't let antifa get away with this... Conservatives yearning to murder.
Ngo is a well-documented fabulist. Ngo created the "cement-milkshake" lie during the Portland protests. Ngo claimed he was a simple journalist viciously attacked without provocation by Antifa. This garnered him multiple tv appearances on Faux and other rightwing propaganda outfits and... money.

Of course, the truth wasn't on Andy Ngo's side, in reality Ngo was fully involved in the Fascist group Patriot Prayer's plan of attacking protesters, including recording the resulting melee and of course, editorializing and portraying Antifa as the evil instigators who attacked without provocation.
Another person he includes in the “grifter” category: Andy Ngo, a conservative writer who’s built a Twitter persona around filming fights between antifa and right-wing extremists (that, and trying to convince people that hate crime allegations raised by LGBTQ+ Portlanders are simply “hoaxes”).

Ngo tags along with Patriot Prayer during demonstrations, hoping to catch footage of an altercation. Ben says Ngo doesn’t film Patriot Prayer protesters discussing strategies or motives. He only turns his camera on when members of antifa enter the scene.

“There’s an understanding,” he says, “that Patriot Prayer protects him and he protects them.”
In football, it's the old instigator technique. Football players before hi-def video used to be able to get away with committing an egregious infraction and when the other player retaliated and was caught by the referees, enjoy having him get penalized. The announcers, often old players themselves, would always say, it's always the guy who retaliates who gets caught.

Therefore, I tend to believe Ngo and some of his rightwing Hatriot extremist friends staged this incident with literal boogeymen. Ngo's whole MO is to lie and fabricate about Antifa. Coupling this with Ted Cruz's crusade to get Antifa labelled a Terrorist Group, conservatives are gearing up to do what they love the most; rounding-up and murdering millions under the guise of self-protection.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Climate Change strikes Chicago Unhappy All Hallow's Eve

My Elm tree hasn't even lost a leaf
For the second straight year, heavy snow falls have inundated the greater Chicagoland Area almost 2 months before the official start of winter. This year the snow falls on the 30th and 31st of October have struck not only while leaves are still on the trees but, while many of those leaves have yet to even changed to Fall colors. This 2019 Halloween is worse than the dreadful one in 1993.

It's depressing that the concerted effort of the Rightwing in America in denying the reality of climate change. Even the United States Navy knows Climate change is real and presents an existential threat to the Navy's Mission and the World.

Back in 2010 James Mattis recognized the threat of climate change as his forward to the United States Joint Forces Command, Joint Operating Environment report indicates;
From economic trends to climate change and vulnerability to cyber attack, we outline those trends that remind us we must stay alert to what is changing in the world if we intend to create a military as relevant and capable as we possess today.
Of course, under Rapist Racist Traitor Trump and his Destruction of the Nation tour, the Navy shut down the U.S. Navy Task Force Climate Change because it had been set up by President Barack Obama.

And why not? Trump himself won't face the repercussions of Climate Change. Trump's window of life is under 10 years. His children will be safely protected by the Billions of Dollars Trump is swindling from the US Department of Defense and Treasury and even his youngest child will, most likely, not suffer the disastrous effects of Trump's evil and ignorant regime.
As a newly pinned Corporal I participated in the infamous
JFCOM Millennium Challenge 2002 Invasion of Iran War Games.

Binders Full of Women, Missouri Edition

So, the State of Missouri has been tracking the menustral cycles of Planned Parenthood patients. Republican rapist, felon and sex slavery afficiando Governor Eric Greitens nominated "Doctor" Randall Williams to the role of Missouri State Health Director, a role Williams had in North Carolina.   Williams used the power of his Government position to dictate all women must undergo an invasive, medically unnecessary pelvic exam 3 days prior to a surgical abortion and now has created a spreadsheet of women in Missouri tracking their dates of medical procedures and menstural cycles. No doubt Eric Greitens would have used this data to kidnap some more Missouri women but, unfortunately Greitens resigned as Governor and rejoined the Navy.

In a normal functioning Nation, this would be a gross violation in all sense of the word, but when you realize this fits the goals of the Republican Party and the conservative movement it makes sense. Everyday Republicans inch closer to creating the Republic of Gilead and recreating the Slave State of the Idealogical Forefathers. Conservatives believe government exists to protect them, and bind their enemies. One of the dumbest myths about conservatives the media continues to propagate is conservatives want a small government when conservatives do not. They want a targeted government. And whom do they wish to target? The Non-#Maga.

Conservatives need lists of the enemies. Breitbart (warning links to Breitbart), 4Chan and the other Toxic Rightwing Internet groups love making "tags"; i.e. lists of the enemy; Liberals, minorities, teachers, feminists, LGBTQ, immigrants. Because those lists will be used by conservatives, as soon as they re-elect Traitor Trump in 2020, to round-up, re-enslave and exterminate millions of Americans.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line

Ann needs higher and higher doses
of raw racism to get the same High
Another unjustified shooting of a black person by a scared, dumb, or racist white cop...

Yet another unjustified shooting of a minority by a scared, dumb, or racist white cop... The Fresno Police Department investigated itself and found it did the right thing. The "investigation" tied the young man to a previous shooting, claimed he was known to carry guns, and stated he fled into a daycare. Nicely done! All the components are thus present to allow White America sagely nod, applaud the Officers, and tut-tut those people and their criminality...

This is all done to ensure certain segments of society KNOW, justice is unequal, laws are selectively enforced, and sentences (in this case death) are unequally administered. And conservatives, who are forever warning about the Government lying, greedily accept ever report which exonerates and justifies these killings precisely because conservatives agree with the execution of black people. Conservatives believe all black people are a priori guilty of some crime. Ergo any extrajudicial killing of a black person is, in fact, justified.

As we have seen, even with the ubiquitousness of cell phones, body cams, and dashboard recordings, Police Officers don't have much qualms in shooting down even fleeing suspects. These incidents are Unconstitutional on their face. Extrajudicial executions of persons not convicted of crimes represent the ultimate seizure under the 4th Amendment. The landmark ruling of Tennessee vs. Garner is settled law and is known to every Officer for the past 35 years. But, White America and specifically white conservatives not only justify these killings but, agree with and defend them vociferously.

After every shooting, the Rightwing Wurlitzer revs up to muddy the waters, fabricate evidence, smear the dead black person, and works to undermine Law & Order. Because it serves the purpose of Conservatives to repeatedly show black America and other minority groups that the Law will be unequally applied and criminal cops will be not only afforded every opportunity and defense they denied their victims but, will be heralded as heroes and lionized by White America.

So, Police and Sheriff's Departments have a problem; partially of their own making. Throughout America, communities no longer view Police Officers as the good guys. As with the above killing in Fresno, previous killings in Ferguson, Staten Island, and so many others, Police Departments are concluding Officers use of deadly force is fine, and while minorities have known for years Police Officers are not the good guys, segments of society are having to confront the awful visual evidence.

It doesn't matter if the incidents are nuanced or if it's just a few bad apples or if it is because of the institutional and structural racism built into Law Enforcement & American Society, or whatever the "true" underling issue is; The Truth is Police Officers are killing American citizens, and especially black men, at an unjustified rate and getting away with it.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Banana Republican Party will dissolve the US Government in order to defend Trump and maintain Power

The Crooks Brothers Riot II (Driftglass)
Trump and his cadre Republican Traitors attempted to shut down part of the Impeachment proceedings by violating SCIF regulations and laws. Because at this point, Republicans know no unlawful, illegal, or unconstitutional action they undertake will be condemned by Faux News and their actions will be applauded by the toxic rightwing internet.

Under Trump the tendency for Republicans to deny the legitimacy of a Democratically controlled Government has hyper-accelerated. It is but a matter of time before the Republicans out-right declare the US Government not controlled by them is unlawful and ipso facto defunct and they seize power in a Putsch.

Conservatives have benefited for years at the unequal applications of laws and the selective enforcement of rules. Trump himself has relied on failing upwards and not being held to account for his criminality and malfeasance. As President, Trump has sped-up the damage to foundational concepts and the Rule of Law.

We have already witnessed the Republicans declaring the US Constitution does not apply to restraining them. Trump appointed Judges have issued rulings that Trump is immune from prosecution and even investigation, including fulfilling his infamous threat of shooting someone on 5th Avenue and getting away with it. It's a short step to the Republicans declaring no Non-#MAGA official, liberal, or Democrat has any power or jurisdiction over a Republican. Ever!

Conservatives will back all illegal activities and all it will take is a drunken Matt Gaetz calling for violence and Conservatives will declare ANOTHER CIVAL WAR!

Driftglass writes up the pathos ruling the Conservative mind these days in his piece Room 101.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Lynching Trump the Ethnic Cleanser by Bill Orally

Of course, Trump complained his Impeachment is a "Lynching". White Victimhood* is the entirety of the conservative identity. Since Watergate the entire rightwing universe has been building up to this moment; the Glorious Moment when Conservative politicians can wantonly commit crimes while in power and not worry about being removed.

This is all Nixon's Revenge. Conservatives decided in 1974 they would never again let the left, the media, the America people dictate whether or not they were in power. Since then it's been the creation of rightwing think tanks to craft gerrymandered districts, powerful lobbyists writing the legislation for the Republican Congress to pass and President to sign, thefts of Judgeships, the creation of the Alternative Facts of the Rightwing Hate Radio, the non-stop Propaganda of Faux News, and the relentless lies promulgated by the conservative internet.

This coordinated Rightwing effort has born it's Treasonous Fruit; the bloated Orange Criminal, Rapist, Racist in the White House. Trump is not a deviation from Conservatism; He is the Most Full Expression of a Conservative.

As with Boofer O'Kavanugh the Rightwing has reveled in Trump's blatant criminality and shameless venal mendacity, and no witness, no expose, no act of Treason, betrayal, no brazen crime will ever untether them from Trump.

It's not the old bromide that a person being conned will continue to go along with the con instead of admitting they were wrong and are a dupe. Conservatives are fully invested in the grift Trump, the Republican Party and the conservative movement are pulling. It doesn't even matter if they lose a farm which has been in their family for generations or even fucking die because of the Con, they are in on it and that is all that matters.

Being in on the Con and being fed non-stop agitprop means all conservatives have to do is wait... Traitor Trump has already gotten the US media to go along with concentration camps on the US border and ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish "there no angels" People. When Trump declares won't someone rid me of these troublesome Democrats? The Maga Horde will spring into action rounding-up and murdering the Non-#MAGA whilst Faux News justifies it as a response to the Soviet-Style Coup

*- I do not know to whom to attribute, but on Twitter and Facebook I saw the explanation white men must constantly invoke Slavery & Lynching for oppression because there is literally no commonly understood term for oppressing white males.

Monday, October 21, 2019

The Cubs and the Ricketts Family Curse

Rickettsia -  small disease causing bacteria transmitted by ticks.
As the World Series draw near the Astros will make their 2nd appearance in 3 years, it's time for Chicago baseball fans to resurrect the time-honored eternal lament Wait till Next Year. And to recognize for all the talk about "every season is sacred" the Chicago Cubs are more than willing to coast and cash-in on the dying embers of the 2016 Championship for the Cubs fans must face the truth the "vaunted" World Series Window hath closed.

It's also time to note that while WSCR 670 The Score calls this the greatest era in Modern Cubs History, in reality the Cubs have not made the Playoffs for the last two seasons. The Theo Epstein-Jed Hoyer brain trust is chock full of Hubris, believing the hype that they are the smartest guys in baseball, they've overvalued their own players, made terrible decisions in Free Agent signings, and now need a new manager because they ran the last one out of town.

Now, this is nothing against any player on the Cubs, I wish them nothing but good luck in getting as much money from the Team and sport they can before the harsh Ricketts family ownership and wonder boy Epstein jettison them.

But, in reality I have not been a Cubs fan since the odious Ricketts family descended upon Chicago like a plague of locusts and got control of the Cubs in October 2009. Joe Ricketts is the TD Ameritrade Patriarch who made his fortune the old-fashioned way; by siphoning off money from people, like the blood-sucking tick borne disease which is their namesake

In 2007, Sam Zell another ruthless and worthless "investor" acquired the Tribune Company using the financial trickery of a "leveraged buyout" dumping Billions of dollars of debt onto the Tribune Corporation and then selling off the valuable assets; i.e. the Chicago Cubs. The Ricketts Family took note and implemented "Project North Side"; a complicated scheme of chicanery and inventive bookkeeping using the purposefully shady, complicated, and byzantine banking rules to buy the Cubs without actually having the assets or cash-in-hand.

With the Cubs purchase Joe Ricketts, an unabashed racist, felt no compunction in running 6 straight losing seasons with cut-rate players maximizing profits and now after 1 World Series Title, setting up as many revenue streams as possible to drain the Cubs Fanbase of dollars. Next season the Cubs will remove their games from TV onto their "Marquee Network", a pay-per-view channel.

Like, most of the Corporate Vulture Class, Joe Ricketts got rich spending other peoples' money. Then congratulated himself on his "work ethic" and set about using the Awesome power of the Government  to crush the Working Class. After winning the World Series, Ricketts worked to get Trump elected, ever since the Cubs have lost.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Traitor Trump surrenders to Erdogan and Vlad Putin

If Trump wasn't an avowed Traitor would you be able to tell by his actions? Trump's syphilitic ignorance and his pathetic fear over his multiple Impeachable actions coming to light have pushed him into panic mode.

But, thankfully NPR today conducted another "Cletus Safari" to find out What do Trump voters think.* And lo and behold, Trump voters declare they love him because he's pro-life, doing such a tremendous job with the Military, and they are disingenuously mad and shocked at the media for saying Trump isn't acting Presidential.

There is no reaching the Maga Horde. Instead, all efforts must be made to fight voter suppression and to get as many Democratic voters to the polls. A Trump 2020 Victory will be as the Arch-Traitor himself declares, "....Death to America."

*- The media under Trump, in their relentless drive to normalize him, run variations on 4 stories;
  1. Both Sides Do It.
  2. Democrats in Disarray!
  3. What do Trump Voters think?
  4. Today, Trump, truly became President... 

Friday, October 11, 2019

It's not just Traitor Trump. The entire Republican Party is owned by Russian pimps and gangsters

Okay... It's been known for a long time the Trump Crime Family has been laundering money for the Russian Oligarchs for decades and Trump himself has been a Russian asset since his first recruitment in the 1980's.

Because, Trump's stupidity and business failures left him without a source of funding the 1990's, but Trump has been is a mob-adjacent grifter for decades so it was natural he would find the the newest rising Criminal Syndicate and get himself in deep with Russian gangsters.

The recent arrests of Two Russian-backed Urkainian spies who had multiple "business" contracts with Trump, Traitor Tot Don Jr, Rudy Giuliani, Paul Manafort, Pete Sessions, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Lindsay Graham, and other Republicans brings it all around. It wasn't only Trump who sold out his country for Russian roubles but The Entire Republican Party. 

Recall the Department of Justice and US Senate has declared the NRA was acting as an undeclared Russian-backed foreign agency funneling illicit Russian monies into the campaigns of numerous Republicans.

Now, forget this penetrating the bubble of the #MAGAt Horde they're unreachable and have been for a long time.

Instead what we are facing is the same dilemma which confounded many liberals and Democrats in 2016, can we use the apparatus of government to achieve justice? In reality, this has been the eternal problem facing the left for centuries; can the tools of the Master be used to dismantle the master's house?

Under FDR, Harry Truman, JFK, and LBJ the Democratic Party seemed to make advances using the power of the government to advance justice; consequently this when conservatives decided "Big Government" was the problem with America. As soon as Government could help alleviate the woes facing those who have traditionally been crushed under the Government, conservatives

Now, even though conservatives have hated Government since then, Republicans have not. Instead Republicans set about undermining protections and sharpening the elements of the Government which help them acquire and maintain power and which could be used to undo the Progressive gains of the 20th century. See for instance the bullshit narrative of Antonin Scalia and his "Orginalism" arguments.

Now, Republicans have been more than willing to destroy the American people in the quest to End the American dream and return the 99% to endless Wage Slavery and Eternal Corporate Bondage but, I did not think they would wholly sell out the Nation to their once most hated enemies. But, I admit I misunderestimated the Perfidy of the Republican Party.

2018 was the first steps in retaking the Nation from the rightwing terrorists and Republican traitors 2020 will be the turning point and place upon President Professor Elizabeth Warren the terrible task of bringing the Cadre of Conservative Criminals to justice.