Sunday, January 6, 2008

Government Authority Tells World to stop hurting Religious Authority

Well, two recent incidents have me dismayed and perplexed. Our betters in Government have become alarmed since their systems of control are under attack. Hence we have the United Nations Third Committee of the 62 General Assembly approved a draft resolution Combating the Defamation of Religion.

The Assembly would further note, with deep concern, the intensification of the campaign to defame religions and the ethnic and religious profiling of Muslim minorities...

I have to give credit to the EU, led by the Representative of Portugal, which voted against the Resolution stating, "However, the concerns set out in the draft amounted to religious intolerance." And to India, which pointed out the draft "focused excessively on a single religion". Because this draft amounts to nothing more than a don't say anything bad about the religion of peace.

However, let me be very clear, no religion deserves respect. Religion is a construct, created by men and further refined by men throughout the years. No man-made idea or construct deserves respect. Period. It is Man, himself, who deserves respect. No system of thought is above or exempt from criticism, ridicule, or the prospect of being discarded to the dustbin of history. Religion above all, since it purports to speak to ultimate truth.

Of course, I also don't know what defamation exactly entails.

If I point out mohammed killed people who disagreed with him, experienced hallucinations and lied about having a horse fly him to Jerusalem and back in one night, have I defamed islam?

If I call christanity a collection of ideas taken from other religions and philosophical systems have I defamed, christanity?

And what should the punishment be for Richard Dawkins for this commentary?

Re-education? A Fine? Imprisonment? The pillory? The Heretic's Fork?

And the news from the US is as bad. Randy Forbes (shockingly a R-VA) has proposed the Government vote to change American history. House Resolution 888, contains this clap-trap:

Whereas religious faith was not only important in official American life during the periods of discovery, exploration, colonization, and growth but has also been acknowledged and incorporated into all 3 branches of American Federal government from their very beginning

I won't get further into the list of Whereasses, please go here for the excellent piece by Chris Rodda, or here for another good post, or here

This is another attempt for militant christians, ala House Resolution 847 Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith, to continue to force their fantasies upon the American populace and turn America into a christian theocracy.

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