Friday, January 11, 2008

Mission Accomplished 2... This time it's for real...

Lieberman and McCain have spoken, The Surge Worked. Mission Accomplished all over again.

And apparently America should believe Bush with his upbeat assessment of the Surge calling it "incredibly successful beyond anybody's expectations".

Well, after being treated to repeated claims of progress by Bush:

April 24, 2003: "And we're making progress. There's tangible, visible progress on the ground there in Iraq"

April 30, 2004: "We're making progress, you bet,"

May 24, 2004: "We're making progress. Yet there still is much work to do."

August 11, 2005: "And we're making progress training the Iraqis. Oh, I know it's hard for some Americans to see that progress, but we are making progress."

I could go on posting links to the Bush mantra of progress but The Eye of The Witch blog has already done an excellent job of documenting the White House press releases hailing progress.

Here is Keith Olbermann's Progress Retrospective from Countdown:

I'll wait to proclaim success when Americans aren't dying.

Why do Americans ignore the last 5 years of death, mayhem and destruction in Iraq?

Probably because Neocon Warmongers and Warfare State supporters, who predicted the Surge succeeded back in March or April before it began, Surge Results Visible by Charles Krauthammer. Surge's Success Going Unnoticed by William Kristol and others spend all their time bombarding Americans with the Progress and Mission Accomplished meme.

Remove Brain. Wash Brain. Reinsert. Repeat as needed.

The Surge occurred to save Bush from the prospect of having to pull troops out under his presidency. Now, he'll be able to keep troops in Iraq until he slinks his way out of the White House and down onto his ranch in Crawford or Paraguay.

And if the next President is so foolish as to try and limit the amount of money being made by the peddlers of death and lobbyists of destruction he (or she) will find themselves the subject of brutal and non-stop "You lost Iraq" attacks until the uninformed populace believes...

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