Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two Big Assets of the Rational Response Squad.

I first became aware of the Rational Response Squad when the group trounced Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort on a Nightline debate in which Cameron and Comfort set out to prove the existence of god. The "debate" wasn't even close. Cameron and Comfort trotted out the standard canard of everything has a creator and a picture of a "Croc-a-duck", but eventually could not produce the scientific evidence of god they claimed existed and ended up falling back on the words of the so-called living god and his book. I can only assume they meant Mithras.

As I watched the video I realized Kelly, besides being intelligent, is really, really hot and possesses some other impressive assets besides a brain. Wow.

Apparently at some point the Internet became aware of Kelly's great body and have been attempting to get a better look. The RRS put together a page making fun of the googling of Kelly and her boobs. The page is funny, but also points out some of those searching for Kelly do so not to gaze at her impressive rack or read her writing denouncing irrational beliefs but to issue her threats.

Update (1/23):
Moving off the topic of Kelly's boobs, which is hard to do, here is a post from Ray Comfort on the Science of the bible. Unsurprisingly, the first point is wrong, the Earth is not a sphere but an oblate spheroid.


LT Nixon said...

I wonder if Boner is going to come out of the woodwork and show Kirk Cameron the errors of his ways.

kellym78 said...

Thanks for pointing out that the two biggest assets of the RRS aren't necessarily boob one and boob two. Not that the boobs are bad, but I think you know what I mean.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Thanks for dropping by! I enjoyed your last post and have always felt, atheists are more moral by expousing morality for it's own sake.

And lead a more fulfilling life understanding the joys of this world, art, beauty, knowledge, friendship, love, etc are the keys to a good life or maybe 42.

As for the grand plan, I hold if more of mankind lived this life (the only one you get) to it's fullest and appreciated it completely, man would treat each with more respect.