Friday, January 25, 2008

It was Worth It...

My conclusion is clear. NO... HELL NO... FUCK NO...

So, I don't quote or reference those running for president with whom I staunchly disagree. I do not like to give them coverage even to point out their complete ignorance (e.g. Huckabee and Evolution).

But, when you can catch Chickenhawk Warmongers who want to be president stating Iraq was worth the cost in Blood and Treasure sometimes you have to let people know the extent of their insanity. From the January 24 MSNBC debate:

First off, each respondent ignores the question was the War is worth the cost of blood and treasure;

John McCain, "The war in Iraq is justified..." Was it worth it? "It was a good idea."

Mike Huckabee, "I supported the president when he led us into this, as did the Democrats, and I think we owe him not a lot of scorn. We owe him our thanks..." So, we owe Bush who never served, whose children never served, whose extended family has never served, whose chief handler Dick Cheney never served, whose rabid on air supporters, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity never served our thanks? So Mike is your son, Mike Dale Huckabee going to join the Corps and serve over in Al Anbar any time soon?

Mitt Romney, "It was the right decision to go into Iraq. I supported it at the time. I support it now." As long as none of the 5 sons of Romney have to go anywhere near the fighting , bloodshed and danger, right? After all they are serving America right now trying to get you elected president! And I'm sure they have hopes and dreams and aspirations and it would be terribly inconvenient to force them to put their lives on hold for something so trivial as the War on Terror.

Only Ron Paul is correct on the War on Iraq, "It was a very bad idea and it wasn't worth it."

Update (01/26):
I'm not even sure what to write about Huckabee's WMDs are Easter Eggs analogy. "Just because we didn't find them, it doesn't mean they weren't there..." Kinda like the 100% complete and accurate fossil record Fanatical creationists demand be produced for every creature on earth? If we don't find them according to you I can claim they are still there, like Easter eggs right, Hucky?

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