Monday, December 28, 2009

Revisionist Republicans are Evil Incarnate

The Republicans Party and it's zombie-esque hordes are the most ignorant evil people ever to infest the earth.

The Elites of the Republican Party (which is analogous to the most fetid nauseating feces of the pile) engage in blatant chicanery and out right hypocrisy.

The same week the odious noisome Mary Matalin declares Bush inherited the 9/11 Terrorist attacks, Fearmongering Republicans and their lying pond scum Fox News Analysts declare Obama is to blame for the failed Christmas Day Pants Bomber.

Because not only do the Republicans and their Birtherite minions hate Obama, they hate America and want Americans to die in Terrorist Attacks. Republicans will stop at nothing in their lying attacks on Obama including aiding Terrorists in making attacks on America because Republicans like Pete Hoekstra want Americans to die because it helps provide them with campaign literature.

The Republican Party Platform is simple to understand. Republican love Money and hate People. They want to regain control of the US Government so they can continue to use it's power to funnel Trillions into the Coffers of Corporations which produce naught but Death for Humanity and then receive their millions in political kickbacks when inhuman Republican Terrorists transition from Government to the "private" sector consulting those same Corporations they just used their political power to fund. For instance, Condi Rice and Stephen Hadley started a consulting firm, a nice cover to receive their payoffs for using their Federal Offices to push America into War.

Another facet of the Republican Plan to Destroy America is to browbeat their vegetative birtherite supporters into mouth foaming lather against social programs by invoking deficits and god. Despite the proven theory jesus hates Republicans, they accomplish this after running up massive multiple Trillions in deficits with war and while Republican Elites are taking federal funds, like The Welfare Queen Michele Bachmann whose family farm has received over a Quarter Million Dollars in Federal Farm Subsidies.

Billions for Republican Defense, Not one Cent for the poor!

And their mentally cowed minions have no idea "their" party views them as chattel whose only usefulness is too provide Republicans access to the levers of Government with which to supplant and destroy the US Constitution and instill an American Taliban Government that exists for the sole purpose of ensuring Trillions go to Corporate Communists and Millions go the the Republican Elite who hate America.

Yahoo News: Obama Takes the Heat Bush Did Not
Rachel Maddow Show: Shameless Cheney ignores own record to cast stones
Talking Points Memo: The GOP has launched multiple fundraising efforts in the wake of the failed attack on Flight 253

Friday, December 25, 2009

And who made jesus angry?

On this fake blessed day it's time to remember the one group of people whom even jesus hated and distrusted; Bankers.

Yes Bankers, as a group, could drive the prince of peace to violence.

And overwhelmingly what political party do Bankers vote for and identify with; The Republicans. Therefore it is safe to infer jesus hates Republicans. And it's irrefutable because it's in the bible.

Illinois Police protect Atheist Sign Now that's an extra detail I'd sign up for!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Whom To Trust?

"Trust is earned not given away." ~ Worf, Star Trek: The Next Generation . From the incredible episode The Wounded, 01/26/91, perhaps the best episode of ST:TNG to explore war and humanity. The interplay between Bob Gunton and Colm Meaney as The Titular Wounded is heart-wrenching and superb acting.
This is a Corollary to my Stop Snitchin' post. Who do you to Trust?

I trust all the fellow officers in my department to do what is right and at a minimum do what is legal. But, to the public in general and in some specific cases the perception of Police Officers is of sadistic power-tripping troglodytes misusing their authority.

Where does the mistrust of Officers come from? Well, most likely, the same place as the mistrust of Government and Religious Officials, sensational did-ya-hear-about stories. (While Hollywood films portray Cops as either, crazy, evil, misguided or naive I tend to think the Hollywood portrayals to be only a small casual factor). But, when a sensation story of police brutality or corruption boils to the surface and causes a new neural pathway in the minds of the public which individuals unconsciously access when confronted by an officer in the future.

Such a story occurred because of the actions of fat P.O.S. criminal disgraced former Chicago Officer Anthony Abbate. Abbate was dismissed on 12/15/09 for his Aggravated Battery conviction after he was caught (on video but off duty) beating up a female bartender half his size.

Humans are prone to several cognitive mistakes and most do not have the set of critical thinking skills to uncover their mistakes. Anthony Abate's actions were criminal but he's an individual and not the group (the police) with which he is most strongly associated. But, due to the natural tendency for human prejudice Abbate is representational to people of all cops.

Authority is a difficult thing. I'm not one to proclaim automatic deference to authority is the right action because I don't think it is. Police Departments aren't populated by Sgt Joe Friday's, righteous and beyond reproach, but I'll never condemn an officer (or Marine) for an instinctual heat of the moment decision. However, serious pre-mediated criminal acts by cops need to be dealt with just as every other citizen, with the additional punishment of permanent loss of position.

But it's interesting that people are often janus-brained when it comes to authority. They are able and willing to apply the most ruthless criticism and skepticism to their opponents yet they wistfully ignore any information which undermines or scrutinizes their cherished beliefs.

As it goes for Authority better to be too skeptical than too trusting... If only more Americans had believed this when the odious Dick Cheney uttered, "Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction."

MSNBC: U.S. Probes shooting at Fallujah Mosque (11/16/04)

Stop Snitchin'

"Say nothing, no matter what happens. You understand? You don't ever talk to the cops." Henry Rollins' Neo-Nazi implores his son before being shot to death in Sons of Anarchy.
Last year I was assigned to a report of youths stealing political signs from front yards. After walking the neighborhood, I discovered the signs stacked into a nearby backyard. I knocked on the door and informed the residents of the crime and the clear evidence in their backyard. The parents of the two high school aged brats who lived in the quite posh home told me their sons would make no statements and they would have their lawyer contact the police. Fortunately, for me the problem didn't become a big pissing match, because the community members merely wanted their signs back and (of course) couldn't be hassled to sign complaints against the two hoodlums.

That relatively minor incident highlighted two important things to me: 1) People no matter what their income don't want to help solve and deter crime and 2) Parents instill an obstructionist mind set into their children by hampering police officers rather than let their loved one face any consequence for their actions. Incidentally this is also why Police Officers don't cross the Thin Blue Line and rat out one another because they know the officer will receive no sympathy or clemency from the public. (Us and Them...)

However, as a recent Chicago Tribune article highlighted an unfortunate number of people still hold to the street's code of silence.
Teens say they won't talk to law enforcement for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they fear reprisal. They may know the person suspected of a crime, or they may have a criminal history of their own. Sometimes they're just mistrustful of police. "Being labeled a snitch carries a price," Julie Whitman, author of the study "Snitches Get Stitches said. "Not just of potential violence, but ostracism by neighbors and peers."
Despite Whitman's list of the commonly accepted factors why the public are tight-lipped it appears to me that the overarching reason the public don't inform more often, even after a horrible crime has been committed, is that Snitchin' is somehow wrong. The recent abduction and murder of 12 year old Jahmeshia Conner, prompted Chicago Mayer in perpetuity Richard Daley to state, "It drives home that silence is unacceptable. We're asking the community, the police are, but there's no response in the community on that child."

However, the clear problem is for me is the people who want you to never talk to the police are criminals. The drug pushers, thieves, burglars, rapists, spousal abusers and murderers. And while they may convince you that your interests align in a specific instance, p.o.s. criminals are the only ones who benefit when people don't tell the cops who did the drive-by shooting, who's pulling residential and car burglaries and who's pushing the fentanyl laced heroin...

It strikes me that the creation of large impersonal metropolitan cities and the 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese are related to the stop snitchin' ideal as humans have the essentially tribal a priori mindset of our recent ancestors still hardwired into our limbic system.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Science Jokes

"This bizarre incident has given them their Yuri..." - Kevin Costner's, No Way Out

Guess what else is a joke? "Climate-Gate".

According to the AP the stolen University of East Anglia emails do not purport to show Wild-eyed Lying Scientists concocting a Great Big Conspiracy to create Climate change.
The 1,073 e-mails examined by the AP show that scientists harbored private doubts, however slight and fleeting, even as they told the world they were certain about climate change. However, the exchanges don't undercut the vast body of evidence showing the world is warming because of man-made greenhouse gas emissions.
But, the Fox News led Terrorists on the Right and the Anti-Human, Anti-Science, Anti-Education Republicans don't care they have a staggering supposed controversy (their Yuri...) which even when debunked and repeatedly shown to be a lie will only serve to strengthen the resolve of the nose-breathing teabaggers who hate humanity and have been conditioned by the Republican Party to hate science and learning...

And yes I am aware that in the film No Way Out, Costner is, in fact, a Soviet Agent (just like Orly Taitz) thus leading to the possible conclusion that Global Warming is not true. Which is a possibility, I am not 100% certain that Man-made Climate Change is occurring, and am willing to look at evidence to the contrary, unlike the conservatives, their Republican fondlers and the Right Wing Terrorists. They have absolute certainty their positions concerning every issue are infallible. And because they start out with their conclusions they engage in thievery, deception and blatant intellectual dishonesty in order to ensure the "evidence" they acquire conforms to their preconceived ignorance.

And what I do know is that the Bush/Cheney Regime allowed companies to flout pollution laws because violently stupid Republicans like Michele Bachmann believe the planet to have been saved already and that the earth and it's inhabitants exist for the sole purpose of providing the Republican Party with money and luxury...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Navy SEALs don't = Charlie Sheen but Chicago Ray = Chicken Hawk Ray

Often the Right wants to blame Obama for everything they can. It's an excellent form of attack because while more educated Republicans may understand the Birthers are insane they feel no compunctions in allowing them to spout their insanities because it helps get evil men like Dick Cheney and Karl Rove into power.

With President Obama being the C-in-C, a standard avenue of assault from Chicken Hawk Conservatives has been to attack him for not understanding the military. (While I could tangent off onto Conservatives quiet acquiescence of Bush's blatant disregard for military readiness and troop welfare throughout his tenure I will refrain).

So, the Punks on the Right have attacked Obama for decisions ranging from the tactical level, the Somali Pirate Standoff, to the Strategic National Policy level, the long term strategy for Afghanistan. Sometimes the Terrorist Punk Ass Bitch Right wants Obama to ignore the Generals and sometimes they don't...

In Afghanistan, Fox News often lead the charge with castigating Obama for not immediately giving General Stanely McChrystal, his requested amount of troops. The principle is simple. Now that a Democrat is in office the concept of Civilian control of the military is wrong and will result in the Terrorists winning.

The attacks on Obama based on misunderstanding of the Military and Chain of Command is an easy sell to the Right because the vast majority of the Punk Ass Bitches who comprise the Republican Party or are Conservatives are Chicken Hawk Cowards who've never served a day in the military even though Fox News declared the GWOT to be a more difficult fight than the struggle against the Nazis and Imperial Japan.

A recent incident in the GWOT has 3 Navy SEALs facing court-martial. The 3 are charged with allegedly assaulting Ahmed Hashim Abed, on 09/01/09 at Camp Schweidler in Iraq, and each declined NJP (Non-Judical Punishment) and requested Trial by Courts Martial, which is their right.

And in steps the misunderstanding of Chain-of-Command. Because the Right Wing Obama Hating Terrorists declare the Court Martial is the fault of President Obama and Liberals. Buffalo Grove, Illinois native Chicago Ray summed up his view on the charges brought up against 3 Navy SEALs in a post titled; Today's the first step in the liberal loon rape of the bravest and best America has to offer.

Personally, I don't believe the SEALs should be tried but their superior officers are duty bound to investigate the mater and it is upon their recommendation and investigation that the Trial is commencing. U.S. Special Operations Command Central brought the SEALs up on charges on 10/02/09.

Of course, violent idiots like Buffalo Grove Ray couldn't care less and see an opportunity to implant a meme in the minds of his like-minded violent blithering idiots on the Right. Obama and the Looney Left hate the Troops! Trying these men shows how much they love Terrorists and Hate Navy SEALs!

President Obama is now, most likely, aware of these Court Martial because of the publicity and well deserved support they have received but as C-in-C he will not be routinely advised of every NJP and/or Court Martial on-going in the Military.

I commented on Chicago Ray's blog but Ray decided to delete my comments and then respond to me thus:
Eugene, first off I'm a registered Independent ignorant FUCK

See any GOP shit on this site anywhere? That's because there isn't any.

Secondly...."Obama is a liberal. Obama is the commander-in-chief."........ Thanks Teresa

See how ignorant they can be Teresa? Can't even understand the damn headline. And if they didn't troll around without reading you would have read the last piece on this ripping Bush for the charges brought in Haditha... So don't bother commenting here unless you read, OK>

That's what happens when liberals speak and why I woulda just deleted it if you hadn't already smacked him around

Funny how the buck stopped with Bush if someone in the liberal movement had a damn UTI but not with the Messiah... He gets a pass for being half black.
Buffalo Grove Ray's first line makes me laugh. It's called an objection and it is a technique liars and bullies often employ. Ray states he is a registered independent, yet his profile reads he spent: "8 long years of fighting Bush Derangement Syndrome". Ray's a Republican and to close his argument against me Ray decides to bring "Race" into the matter, more on that later.

This Trial is wrong but it does not mean we scrap the Chain of Command, however it doesn't matter to totally not Republican Independent Chicago Ray. Ray is a typical member of the Right. Violently stupid, actively ignorant, a Punk Ass Bitch Bully and Chicken Hawk Coward. And getting back to Ray's oozing racism, sure enough, BG Ray was upset with Obama and Liberals for interfering with the Military Operations against the Somali Pirate (or Samolian Pirates in his parlance): ChicagoRay's blog provided this nugget;
They're all thinking their Muslim brother Barack Hussein Obama is gonna cut 'em all some slack, and the facts are he may just do that...
I must say this trial recalls Breaker Morant: Scapegoats of the Empire, which has been on my mind of late, due to the passing of British actor Edward Woodward. I hope that Obama breaks with Bush and does not allow members of the military to take the fall for the Government.

Over at Red Stick Ralph The Malcontent, there is a similar debate between me and some actively ignorant violently stupid Right Wing Terrorists.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter and the Climate

Well, Winter has officially arrived in the Chicago-land area with the heavy wet snow dumped on us. That Earth's Climate changes with time is an incontestable fact, the point at issue is; Can man-made causes affect the Climate?

The Republicans led by Fox News and their Punk Ass Bitch Conservative base have finally played their trump card when it comes to the issue: Scientists are engaged in a massive conspiracy to foist the Hoax of Global Warming onto the world.

That is exactly what is being set forward with the stolen emails and the Sean Hannity led Fox News push to convince their followers that Scientists are engaged in the, "Biggest scientific fraud, I think, in our lifetime."

But, it's not merely man-made climate change, Sean Insannity is questioning. He like most Punk Ass Bitch Right Wing Conservative Terrorists hate science in general and while I think climate change is not a settled issue, I'm cognizant the same group of lying Teabaggers claim Evolution is a Giant Hoax and various other Scientists and Educators are engaged in a cross scientific discipline World-Wide Multi-Generational Conspiracy.

Republicans have for years been cultivating proudly ignorant members; Championed by Queen Semi-Mayor Sarah Hot and Palin who has turned Active Ignorance into her Crown and Scepter. And funded by Billionaires (Charles Koch and David Koch for instance) they spend millions to undercut education and ensure Americans reach adulthood ignorant and violently stupid.

The Right wants to divorce Americans from learning and understanding and make them dependent and pliable to the Control of the Anti-Human Anti-Science Right, which views the American people and the Planet as a giant reservoir of money for the Republican Elite to tap into and drain at their leisure.

Atheist Media Blog: BBC Newsnight Heated Debate Over "Climategate". Thank you Puffy Punk Ass Bitch Republican Marc Morano and the Fox led Birtherite Conservatives for continuing to make America look buffoonish to the World sans Bush...

Time: Has 'Climategate' Been Overblown? ~ By Bryan Walsh
The truth is that the e-mails, while unseemly, do little to change the overwhelming scientific consensus on the reality of man-made climate change.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I'm sure that killers are all around
United fools
Bewitched by words
These weapons take control ~ Lay Down The Law, Sodom
My Department sent me to an Interview and Interrogation class getting me off of midnights for 4 days.

Yay or rather Bleech! I hate Chicago traffic in the mornings and mornings in general, plus I figured since I listen to Sean Hannity I don't need an Interrogation class all I need to do if I suspect someone has committed a crime is playfully water board them. While the suspect is laughing and enjoying some collegiate rough housing they'll feel so cordial towards me that they will admit to every crime they have committed plus a few others I choose to charge them with; Case(s) Closed!

But, I went nonetheless. I was astonished to discover the booklet for the class to be nearly 150 pages long! I was expecting only a one page pamphlet with the following:
Step 1: Grab Suspect by Throat.
Step 2: Remove Baton from Belt (Officer may show Suspect the Baton to entice cooperation)
Step 3: Strike Suspect with Baton.
Step 4: Repeat if Necessary.
Imagine my surprise when I read this following passage in an essay regarding Interrogation:
The clearest example of an interrogation practice that will void a confession is the infliction of physical force or pain upon the person under interrogation, because it is an incontestable fact that harm of this nature may produce a confession of guilt from an innocent person. This is also true as regards indirect physical harm - for instance, an unduly prolonged continuous interrogation, especially by two or more interrogators working in relays or the deprivation of food, water, or access to toilet facilities for an unreasonable period of time. A threat of physical harm may have a similar effect --- the extraction of confession from innocent persons. ~ Fred E. Inbau
Holy Fuck! Who allowed this traitor into the country? But, then I realized the problem. The Punk Ass Bitch Chicken Hawk Teabagging Birtherite Conservatives and their Republican Fondlers don't know anything about interrogation. Most have ensured their splotchy, flabby, pasty-white flesh will never see the harsh light of a combat zone so they don't understand the Fog of War and the Right Wing Extremists hate the Police because the Police are agents of the Government and the Government can never do anything well. The Right thinks everyone arrested must be guilty and everyone captured by the Military in Iraq or Afghanistan is a Terrorist or Guilty of aiding Terror and therefore there is no need to deal with any processing but only to move onto the sentencing phase, with rougher being better.

Interrogation of suspects is a valuable and necessary tool for the extraction of information both for the military and civilian law enforcement. However, what the Terrorists on the Right want to use it for is the extraction of "a pound of flesh".

It's a Binary function. Similar to the declaration you can't be a little bit pregnant you can't do a little physical torture and hide behind the euphemism Harsh Interrogation. It either is or is not physical torture.

Disaffected and it Feels So Good: Illinois Get To Know Your Laws 2 (02/09/2009)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

You know who are happy about Obama's Afghanistan War

"I want justice. And there's an old poster out West that says, 'Wanted: Dead or Alive.'" ~ President Bush 09/18/2001
Lost amongst the Obama Afghanistan War Surge was the tacit and quickly ignored conclusive proof that President Bush purposely allowed OBL to escape from Tora Bora.

The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations finally got around to telling America that President Bush ordered the US Military to allow his buddy Osama Bin Laden to get away. I don't know if John Kerry got a copy of Kill Bin Laden by Dalton Fury but the Senate Report references Fury's book extensively.
[O]ur nation has never been closer to killing or capturing bin Laden as we were at Tora Bora. As uncomfortable as it may be to accept, we have now known for years that bin Laden was not killed or captured at Tora Bora ~ Kill Bin Laden, pg. 291
But, this is okay to the Terrorist Teabaggers and to their REMFpublican Fondlers, who don't care about and hate Americans, for wars make them big profits and win them elections. Therefore, the conclusion is easy; President Bush is a traitor who forced his way into operational decision making and stopped America's Special Forces from killing Bin Laden because Bush needed the specter of UBL to scare Americans win elections and use the power of the Federal Government to channel Trillions of Dollars to his handlers and controllers.

As to Obama's acceptance of more war... There is a difference between starting 4GW Wars of Choice like Bush/Cheney did and inheriting the cluster fuck of guerilla wars from Republican Chicken Hawk Cowards but I had hoped for more from President Obama than to be subsumed into the Pentagon's Warmongering Military Industrial Complex.

Hillary Clinton has always been a warmonger, ready to use the military for National Interests but I thought National Security Advisor and Former USMC Commandant James Jones skepticism may have carried the day and convinced Obama to not escalate but begin the draw down and exit.
Jones explained: "You can keep on putting troops in, and you could have 200,000 troops there and Afghanistan will swallow them up as it has done in the past. We need a better plan with the allies to gradually turn over responsibility for the country to Afghan institutions and organizations in as short a time as possible."
But, besides the REMFpublicans and the Neo-Con Warmongers the other group which is extremely happy about expanded War in and around Afghanistan are: The Fucking Mercenaries... Afghanistan is big business for DynCorp.
"We expect to see relatively steady growth in our business in Afghanistan largely because we have a pretty broad portfolio of services at work in the country today," DynCorp Chief Executive Bill Ballhaus said
So those who profit off of Death and Destruction continue to use America and when it comes to Using the Troops and kowtowing to the MIC it doesn't matter who's President.

Disaffected and it Feels So Good: Bush Stopped US SOCOM from Killing Bin Laden (10/05/2008)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why are the Religious So Evil?

Blind Believer
Choose the easy way
Pray for absolution
You know you've gone astray
~ Fear Is The Key, Grand Magus
Religion isn't evil. However, it's conservative terrorist right wing extremist practitioners sure are!

Here's Pastor Joe Grant Swank Junior, of New Hope Church in Windham, Maine, in a story titled Palin's God vs. Obama's God
This cancer sore Obama is the most dangerous occurrence ever in all the Republic's history for it promises us our doom. Palin is the antithesis to Obama. Palin represents a biblical way of life. Obama represents a satanic cult.
I suppose Americans should be thankful Pastor Swank merely hates Doombama and didn't pray for the death of the President as most Conservative Professing Terrorist Preachers do...

The Mayor of Arlington Tennessee Russell Wiseman, who believes the answer to the question is jesus christ the son of god, "should simply be yes..." is really angry and believes President Obama blocked A Charlie Brown Christmas Special because Obama's a Moooslim. Furthermore, Mayor Wiseman thinks,
"you know, our forefathers had it written in the original Constitution that ONLY property owners could vote, if that has stayed in there, things would be different........"
While Wiseman is an evil religious sociopath it's more likely, the racist is just upset the property is now President.

The Family Research Council is warning it's friends; President Obama and Washington D,C., radicals plan to impose homosexuality and silence christianity in workplaces. Tony Perkins wants you to know:
The Homosexual Left believes they are on the verge of achieving a great victory in their war on your faith and on marriage.
The FRC led by Anthony Perkins don't like when the Federal Government infringes on religion and the rights of Americans, that is as long as the religion in question is theirs and the beliefs are their stitled anti-human ones, otherwise, it's absolutely imperative the Federal Government infringe in American's lives.

It's the nature of the Terrorist Republican Party to use religion to impose it's evil ideology onto the American public. The Republicans ensure to load their language with as much christianism and false piety as possible in order to get their brainwashed conservative teabagging birtherite fanatics to support their human-hating, money-loving doctrines as the hollow hallelujahs help them get Americans to vote against their best interests and for a party which hates Americans and uses their blood and bodies to grease their bank accounts.

Convict Coffee or I Have A Bean

This is a laudable effort. Unlike merely accepting a convicts assertion that he strokes jesus the Second Chance Coffee Company at 657 Childs Street Wheaton, Illinois offers released convicts employment as one part of an effort to stem recidivism. Recidivism really means, as every cop knows, once a piece of shit criminal always a piece of shit criminal.

I Have A Bean is a excellent idea which may help stop the cycle and give these p.o.s. criminals a real second chance, which they don't receive in the criminal training ground known as prison. And even if it fails most of the time, it will be a success, if it helps even a single perp turn his life around.

Someone very special to me turned me on... to this story.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Republican Party enjoys Nirvana?

Hate me
Do it and do it again
Waste me
Rape me, my friend
~ Rape Me, Nirvana
Well, not exactly but what the Pro Human Pain and Suffering Profit over People Chicken Hawk Punk Ass Bitch REMFpublican Party of Deferments does enjoy is funding companies that force women not to report being raped because, well because, as everyone knows by their actions the Republican Party hates People.

Republicans for Rape shows the 30(!) Republican Senators who voted against an amendment that would allow employees of military contractors to sue their employers if they are raped at work.

You see Republicans and their conservative enablers enjoy it when People (Especially Americans) are killed, raped, assaulted or grievously wounded. That's why they celebrated Bush and Cheney's Utter Failures (9/11, VA Tech, The Amerithrax Attacks, the DC Sniper, Hurricane Katarina, Iraq and Afghanistan). When Republican Teabagging Conservative Birtherites see violence and death They see Money and there is nothing Republicans love more than being able to profit off the Blood of Humanity.

Shared Sacrifice why War Movies Suck

Nixon over at LT Nixon Rants wonders why Iraq and Afghanistan war movies are duds.

The reason is unlike in World War II (and Vietnam) there is no actual shared sacrifice amongst the American people. WWII was a shared burden across the entire American populace. There is no shared sacrifice and no shared burden during the last 8 years.

418500 Americans lost their lives in WWII and millions more were injured. Additionally, the American People aided in the War effort, scrimped and saved, worked with the Department of War and in the Armed Forces and knew large swaths of the American populace also sacrificed and suffered.

While, today a vast majority of Americans do not have even a tangential connection to either theater of Operations. This is why no one cares about War deaths, or TBI and homeless Veterans.

And those making movies are even further removed. No modern "star" today would even consider dropping a Hollywood career for service. There aren't a Vic Mature or Wayne Morris amongst today's stars. No today's Hollywood elite mimic World War II Chicken Hawks Ronald Reagan and John Wayne and pretend to be in the military...

Then, when the war ended most Americans had a real connection to it and knew something about war and the military. They knew how to portray the war and soldiers. Today's Americans and Hollywooders don't and it shows.

I left an updated comment over at Nixon's. It's a line, from the documentary Gunner Palace, which sums up the American publics' (shopping not withstanding) view of Iraq:
"Someone being sympathetic to this? I don't know if I'd be sympathetic if I wasn't in the Army. After you watch this, you're gonna go get your popcorn out of the microwave and talk about what I said, and you'll forget me by the end of this.” ~SGT Beatty, Gunner Palace.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obama's War

Despite Bush's utter incompetence and Cheney's evil ignorance, Obama's Decision will go a long way in tying Afghanistan to his name...

But, despite Obama's Decision what will remain constant is the continuing Unconditional Terrorist War being waged on Obama by the Conservative Punk Ass Bitch Fox News-led Lunatic Extremists... [more to follow]

Monday, November 30, 2009

Murdered Officers

And all for no reason
Just one piece of lead
~ I Hung My Head, Sting
Ronald Owens, Greg Richards, Mark Renninger and Tina Griswold were murdered for being Cops. They were fathers and husbands and a wife and mother. Read the short bios at the Officer Down Memorial Page.

The Lakewood Washington attack is an extreme incident but when coupled by the thousands of hostile and highly charged emotional interactions Police Officers have with people, everyday on the job, Officers (being people as well) often times naturally build a bunker mentality in which the only ones they feel they can trust are each other.

Not the Public, not the Courts, not their local City Officials, and not far removed elected politicians...

However, it feels tawdry and offends me to expound on Mike Huckabee's decision to commute the 35 year prison sentence and release the prime suspect, Maurice Clemmons, in this case. I won't use fellow Officers deaths to score cheap political points.

Of course, the ignorant loathsome odious Republican Coward Mike Huckabee can't take any responsibility and blames the Courts:
Should he [Maurice Clemmons] be found to be responsible for this horrible tragedy, it will be the result of a series of failures in the criminal justice system...
And, Bill O'Reilly assures Huckabee "It's Not Your Fault". IOKIYAR.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush's term...

What is the point? Dana Perino mouthing Dick Cheney, "We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush's term..."

Is rational discourse even possible with such blatant evil liars? "Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction."

The rabid ignorant Conservatives and their evil Republican overlords just lie. Lie, lie, lie, lie and lie some more. Doesn't matter. They are so blinded with hatred of Liberals they will believe their own liars no matter what and so warped by the evil Republican ideology that lying and allowing innocent people to die is their political platform.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Victory in Iraq Day, One Year Later

Disgusting Warmongers, REMFpublican apologists and Chicken Hawk Cowards last year declared 11/22/08 to be Victory in Iraq Day:
We won. The Iraq War is over.

I declare November 22, 2008 to be "Victory in Iraq Day." (Hereafter known as "VI Day.") ~ Zomblog, Zombietime
This craven maneuver was an attempt to salvage the legacy of Bush and Cheney. Giving them One Win (Iraq) and Two Losses (Bin Laden 9/11) and One Tie (Afghanistan) in Republican War Accounting and ignoring the Bush/Cheney Legacy of Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths.

However, focusing just on Iraq since VI- Day 161 Americans have been killed and 688 wounded. But I'm certain Zombtime has consoled each and every grieving mother of the dead and the fathers of the maimed and wounded by telling them they can sleep better knowing that President Bush "technically" Won in Iraq on 11/22/08 and their child isn't a Casualty of War.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Tyrant at Home, The Weakling Abroad

Oh, you were a vampire
and now I am nothing at all
~ Bloodletting (The Vampire Song), Concrete Blonde
How is it that Obama the next Islamo-Hitler ready to cosign Super Patriots Racist Limbaugh, She Who Shall Not Be Named 1 and 2, Sean Hannity, every Fox News contributer, all hand gun owners and the rest of the Real Americans to the gulag while governing with the Iron Fist of ACORN Tyranny in the States while at the same time is the weakest bowingest wimpiest Terrorist Emoldeningest Weakling when dealing with every foreign nation?

Obama has to be the wimpiest Tyrant in history! Simultaneously able to subvert and steal The 2008 Presidential Election via ACORN, yet embracing weakness and also caving into the Terrorists by not immediately ramping up the War in Afghanistan.

The Pro Human Palin and Suffering Republican Party of Chicken Hawk Cowards and their Conservative Teabaging Birtherite Base are ridiculously Brilliant being able to mesh these two diametrically opposed positons into their mushy brains.

But, by continuing the out and out zealous fanatical rhetoric they are forcing moderates and true conservatives to make a choice and while Democrats may lose seats in Congress in 2010, the ghoulish amalgamation of evil anti-human notions which comprise the Anti-Obama Movement are ensuring his re-election in 2012 and hopefully will further push the modern Republican Party towards it's grave, where it shall languish never again to plague the American landscape...

Unfortunately, the Republican Party is comprised of Zombies, Ghouls and Vampires and like the undead they won't stay buried but will rise again to infect and kill Americans (literally threatening murder and revolution) with their perverted profit over people ideology.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ayn Rand Objectively Wrong

There are certain books which supposedly need to be read early on in life in order to appreciate them. Mostly this is due to the mind of the reader being immature enough to be warped by the unhelpful, improper or evil message of the book or thought process.
"Give me a child for his first seven years and I will give you the man" ~ Jesuit Maxim.
Of course, when the Jesuits were allowed to brainwash and indoctrinate the boy early on he'd retain their warped teachings all his life.

So I never got around to Ayn Rand's two works until my mid-twenties. And having trudged through the long hard slog of Atlas Shrugged the most pertinent fact about the book, to me, was which character I most readily identified with.

I know I am not a Ragnar Danneskjöld super engineer able of crafting a Super Stealth Ship, or have the chess mastery of Francisco d'Anconia to undercut and play a 20 year deep Global Game of Intrigue, or possess the Hank Reardon intellect to invent an entirely new alloy, or the comic book super powers of John Galt himself so I identified with Dagny Taggart's loyal assistant, Eddie Willers.

Eddie represents the common man in Rand's book and philosophical worldview. And it clearly shows that Rand views the mass of humanity as dogs, hard-working enduring and loyal creatures but not possessing many other positive traits and with the ability to be turned to good or evil by how they are treated. Dagny Taggart was obviously Ayn Rand herself.

And how does Dagny (Rand) treat her loyal assistant, the common man, as the "evil" society crumbles? She leaves him to fucking die on the train tracks! Because that is what Objectivism holds the mass of humanity is nothing and the few brilliant beautiful people are everything. And even amongst the select few there exist a pecking order. Amongst the elect there are some even more Objectively Superior and those people need to be allowed special privileges.

A majority of the reason Rand wrote Atlas Shrugged was because of her desire to justify her sexual mores. I don't care, fuck whomever you want to fuck, but for Rand to rationally indulge in her sexual proclivities she had to wrap it in the aura of her Philosophical Magisterium as part and parcel of the Whole Objectivist Truth. In the novel, Hank Reardon and Dagny become lovers because they seek refuge from the "evil" society in each other's arms; having not fled to Galt's Gulch. Well, when Dagny's plane crashes, Reardon flys around trying to spot the wreckage. But after The Strike and upon being reunited with Dagny the two happily parts ways as if nothing ever happened between them because Dagnay has moved on to ride Galt's mega-phallus???

In her writings Rand often berates altruism and several philosophers (most noticeably Immanuel Kant) as evil and teaching an anti-human thought system. Because it undercuts and destroys the Individual, who is everything. Well, it is Rand's Objectivism which is truly anti-human. Objectivism goes: Reason is the highest, the individual is everything, reality exists A is A, yet Rand doesn't respect and in fact hates most common individuals. No Individual, even Randian Super Heroes, exists or succeeds ex nihlo.

I believe myself to be fairly intelligent and not given to evil but not having the spark of Randian superiority so to Rand I'm common. And that's when Rand's Objectivism shows it's true anti-human streak. The commons are nothing but potential parasites and therefore unreasonable, not grounded in reality, irredeemable and not worth saving. The Common Man is nobody special to Rand.
I'm Nobody. Nobody Special. Not like you.
Everybody is Special. Everybody. Everybody is a Hero, a Lover, a Fool, a Villain. Everybody. ~ Evey and V, V for Vendetta, Alan Moore and David Lloyd.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sarah Palin Champion Republican Victim

Sarah Palin has begun her 2012 push. She's done several interviews in support of her Going Rogue book. The book itself is a mash-up of lies, ignorance and false piety, just the stuff that Republicans and their teabagging birtherite consitutents lap up.

But, Sarah is upset because she was Palinized. Sarah'a a victim, just like all the other Republicans out there. Particularly galling to Sarah is the Sexist Newsweek cover of her which, ummm, exposes her (and her use of the American Flag as a hot body sweat rag)...

Palin has always used her sexuality to advance herself. And when called on it, cries Victim! The Abu Gharib fall "guy", former US Army Brigadier General Janis L. Karpinski sums up Sarah Palin succinctly:
There is something almost sinister in Palin's attempts to seduce the voting public. She has a "come hither" look all of the time, and dares anyone, men or women, but especially men, to approach her or challenge her....

She uses her sexuality, and men's vulnerability, to intimidate them and expose their weaknesses...

She encourages men and women to be drawn first to the sexuality and beauty of a woman before making a decision about her credibility, intelligence and leadership.

Using Sex to win votes is nothing new for Republicans they scare their voters with the horrors of gay sex and castigate Democrats for infidelity (whilst hypocritically engaging in both gay sex and rampant infidelity themselves).

But, nobody cries Victim more often than the Republican Party. From Fox News, Racist Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and every single Republican white male christian, nobody claims victim status more often and more ironically than Republicans.

The ironic hillariousness occurs because no one else claims to be the biggest baddest toughest meanest Sumbitches on the planet than Republicans. How does one reconcile the these two states of being a Victim but also being Tough?

Well, there are three groups of people who exhibit this tough bravado vicitm-hood whining: Bullies, Chicken Hawks and Punk Ass Bitches. And appropriately enough these are the people who make-up and support the Republican Party: Bullies, Chicken Hawks and Punk Ass Bitches.

That's it every single Republican or teabagger or "conservative" you meet these days is either: a Bully, a Chicken Hawk or a Punk Ass Bitch.

The comments I get from Righties highlight and support my theory. Most fall into bullying insults or punk ass bitch threats which everyone knows they won't follow through on because it's the nature of the cowardly profit over people ideology the Republican Party has foisted onto these unfortunates...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama Don't Bow Down

President Obama don't bow down to the Republican Chicken Hawk Warmongers who want to continue to suck the life's blood of the American people by having you expand the war in Afghanistan. Be brave and strong enough to stand up to the MIC and not allow American lives and money to be expended futilely in Afghanistan.

President B. Hussein Obama your decision is easy, pull us out of the Wars and be remembered as the one of the Greatest American Presidents ever... You, like I, took an Oath to Defend the American Constitution not the Afghanistan or Iraqi ones!

Listen to General Powell, take your time don't let the Chicken Hawk Warmongers like Mitt Romney goad or bully you into sending hundreds of thousands of Americans (as long as they aren't any of Romney's 5 sons) into a war with no purpose to defend a CIA backed corrupt regime for ambiguously defined National Interests. (Surprise! The brother of Hamid Karzai, the Mayor of Kabul, Ahmed Wali Karzai is a CIA paid operative, despite also being a Opium Kingpin and possibly funding the Taliban and international Terrorism. The CIA also backed Ahmed Chalabi who played the CIA and Bush/Cheney like fools, getting them to remove Saddam for him, and then double-crossed the US by giving classified Intel to the Iranians)

Getting and Letting (Getting In, Getting Bin Laden, Getting Out, Letting the "Afghans" figure out the rest) was a better choice in the beginning but the Bush/Cheney Regime had no intention of starting a war and finishing it because Perpetual War is the prime way the REMFpublicans make money! For instance Condi Rice and Stephen Hadley are starting a consulting firm, a nice cover to receive their payoffs for using their offices to push War onto America.

President Obama, I know it will be difficult, the MIC has made Trillions on the Wars of Bush and Cheney and if you think the Fox News led outrageous attacks by the Punk Ass Bitch REMFpublicans and their Teabagging Birtherite followers has been bad over the last 2 years the open calls for your Assassination (Pray for Obama psalm 109:8) and Overthrow will be unending from the Extremist Right.

And even though The Equalizer passed away his line as Harry Harbord Morant in Breaker Morant is more apropos: There is an epitaph I'd like: Matthew 10:36. Well, Peter... this is what comes of 'empire building.'

Armchair Generalist: Afghanistan Corruption - Out of Control

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Most of them, met an early grave years before i was born
All of them left brothers and sisters and mothers behind
~ Your Time Has Come, Audioslave
Having worked on The Birthday here's an Ooh-Rah to my fellow Devil Dogs (belatedly) and salutations to my god damn Veteran brethren out there.

On Veterans Day it's time to remember the most salient fact in America, the Republican Party hates Veterans, spends their blood like nickels and wants them to die.

It's part of the Republican Party Trick and Treat Campaign; Trick the American people by claiming to support the Troops with empty words while they are busy undercutting, underfunding and stabbing Veterans in the back every opportunity they can and then Treating themselves to the money and prestige of being the War Party.

Senator Tom Coburn, Punk Ass Bitch Republican using his "rights" as a US Senator has blocked passage of a bill providing care for Veterans. A typical Republican showing his hatred for Veterans and his desire to have them die.

Republicans have fought to keep Veterans from gaining benefits when they return home because Republicans see money from the government as their money better spent on enriching Punk Ass Bitch Republican families and cronies, Republicans want Veterans destitute homeless and depressed because Republicans want Veterans to kill themselves to save money.

Disgustingly, Republicans were against the expanded GI Bill in 2008 because surviving Veterans might get a few extra thousand dollars each for school and training instead of that money being siphoned off to the coffers of Punk Ass Bitch Republican Warmongers like Eric Prince.

Then as Veterans returned from repeated deployments and faced the Bush neglected medical care at Walter Reed and reduced dwell time at home, many succumbed to depression and committed suicide, Right Wingers didn't care but instead spent all the years of the Bush Administration defending Bush and attacking Liberals while paying lip service to praise for Veterans who languished because the Republicans and their Teabagging Birtherite Minions don't care about living Veterans and use the dead to further advance Republican ambitions of Profit over People.

From Politics Plus: Happy Veterans Day and Thank You
With that in mind, I considered the ongoing GOP claim that Democrats do not support our troops, but Republicans do. I visited Project Vote Smart to learn what our veterans have to say about just who it is that has their backs. The Disabled American Veterans gave 200 national politicians a 100% perfect rating. All 200 are Democrats. They gave 32 national politicians a rating of 50% or less. All 32 are Republicans. The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America gave 85 national politicians an A+, A or A- rating. All 85 are Democrats. They gave 49 national politicians a D, D- or F rating. All 49 are Republicans. It seems that Republicans call it supporting the troops whenever they vote for a measure to funnel billions into the pockets of war profiteers, but when it calls to actually taking care of our vets, they almost invariably complain about the costs and oppose it. So I encourage you all to do remove Republicans from office.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The DC Sniper and a Question of Terrorism

Riding on the winds of death
Raining from the sky
Suffocating final breath
The misery sublime

Shock and Awe
Eradicate eliminate exterminate at will
Shock and Awe
Rapid execution termination orchestration of the dead
~ Shock 'n' Awe, Onslaught

Despite his execution, the murderous DC Sniper John Allen Muhammad clearly was a figment of the imagination and did not exist. I know this because for years the Chicken Hawk Pimp Dick Cheney bragged unequivocally He kept America Safe from Terrorism Every Single Day He Was in Power after that whole 9/11 failure (shhhhh Amerithrax Attacks). Cheney the Pimp was backed by his ever lying prostitute/daughter Liz Cheney and the Fox News TV SpecFor Commandos.

Punk Ass Bitch Republicans backed Cheney and his man Bush despite of and in support of their repeated failures home and abroad. And the Iraq War was framed by the Extremist Right as the War on Terror and all attacks on American forces in Iraq were terrorist acts and all the combatants were terrorists.

It's only Terrorism when they do it, It's Shocking Glorious Freedom when we do it.

9/11 was a horrible Act of Terrorism. So what was Shock and Awe? For that matter what was the Fire Bombing of Dresden? Clearly the target of such overwhelming attacks is to kill and cow the civilian population into surrender, despite stated goals expressed by US Government officials.

Mushy Chicken Hawk Know-Nothing Jonah Goldberg declared he doesn't believe the Fort Hood Incident to be Terrorism. According to him Terrorism is: by conventional definition, an attack on civilians intended to strike fear in the non-military population in order to advance a political or ideological agenda.

Well, a true definition of Terrorism is War. War is Terrorism.

But! But... the problem is the individual soldier isn't a Terrorist however, collectively We as a Society allow unscrupulous men to use them in Terrorist actions.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Hood and the Costs of War

The Horrible Incident at Fort Hood, in which at least 13 service members died and 29* were wounded is unquestionably a Terrorist Attack. And the perpetrator, Nidal Malik Hasan, appears to be a Sleeper Agent.
If one suicide bomber can kill 100 enemy soldiers because they were caught off guard that would be considered a strategic victory.
That comment and his extremist posts lauding muslim suicide bombers now seem to be advance warning of a plan to conduct an attack from within on Americans for the faith. An acquaintance, Colonel Terry Lee alleges Hasan stated, "Muslims should stand up and fight the aggressor and that we should not be in the war in the first place." And that Hasan said he was "happy" when a US soldier was killed in an attack on a military recruitment centre in Arkansas in June.

How does this incident factor into the current American wars? Well, strategically as far back as the Punic Wars Generals have realized the most effective way to undercut deployed troops is to stage attacks back on their homes instead of on the actual deployed army. This had the effect of dividing their attention and undercutting their morale.

Scipio Africanus engaged in such slash and burn tactics forcing the Carthaginians to recall Hannibal from the Italian Peninsula and into direct combat with his Scipio, leading to the Roman Victory over Hannibal at Zama.

Sherman's March to the Sea and the devastation it wrought pulled the Confederate forces from the fight up north not only through the material destruction and interruption of the South logistics but through the psychological impact on the Southern soldiers.

Now, we have this... tragedy. American soldiers unsafe on base in CONUS and unsafe with a Doctor who was, ostensibly charged with, helping them cope and adjust.

Another cost of war... Another calculation Chicken Hawk Punk Ass Bitch Warmongering Neo-Conservatives merely put down in the "it's worth it" side of the cost/benefit analysis warfare ledger... This one, single attack is a terrorists' best weapon as it will shake and disrupt US society profoundly. Although I'm certain Sean Hannity and Liz Cheney are delighted as they will no doubt try and use this to blame Obama somehow...

As for Hasan, after his trial and conviction, his execution by firing squad or hanging needs to be done the same day.

I am struck by two incidents which are to me somewhat comparable. First the infamous Columbine Massacre. One theory purports Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold committed the slaughter in retaliation for the alleged rampant bullying they were subjected to in school and there are allegations Hasan was subjected to slurs and harassment for being a muslim post 9/11.

The second was recounted by Howard Zinn in A People's History of The United States,
A twenty-year old New York City Chinese-American named Sam Choy enlisted at seventeen in the army, was sent to Vietnam, was made a cook, and found himself the target of abuse by fellow GIs, who called him "Chink" and "gook" (the term for Vietnamese) and said he looked like the enemy. One day he took a rifle and fired warning shots at his tormenters. "By this time I was near the perimeter of the base and was thinking of joining the Viet Cong; at least they would trust me." ~ pg. 495-496.

However, in no way do these comparisons justify or mollify the murderous actions of Hasan.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


In the Streets on Halloween
The Spirits will Arise
Make your choice, it's Hell or Paradise
Ahhhhhhhhh - It's Halloween
~ Halloween, Helloween
Republicans love Halloween because it's right before election time when they can continue to Trick the Voters of America and enjoy the Treat of funneling Trillions of Dollars to their Corporate Masters who then allow the Republicans to siphon off Billions of American Taxpayer Dollars to themselves, their families and their Cronies.

But, while the Trillions in Treats would be bad enough the Tricks they play in getting Voters riled up at the thought of food stamps and decent medical care for the poor is down right vicious.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where is the Conservative and Republican Rush to enlist?

I haven't heard about the mad rush by Young Republicans (YR's) or Young Conservatives (YC's) to fill the slots needed by ISAF Commander General Stanley McChrystal to win in Afghanistan. The YC's resistance and fighting here on American Colleges is too important and the YR's are too busy fighting here on the home front against Islamo-Hitler to finish the job Superhero Bush and Ditherless Cheney began 8 years ago. Or maybe all the slots were filled by ethnic minorities while they DeLay'ed and by other Americans in tough financial straits or lacking health coverage?

Well, you can't expect the gutless flabby Chicken Hawk Punk Ass Bitch Republicans to actually fight! They merely goad people on and leave the fighting to be done by others.

Perhaps, secretly, the Chicken Hawks agree with US State Department Official Matthew Hoh (and former Marine) who resigned his position in Zabul Province because of opposition to continuing the Afghan War. Hoh stated in his resignation letter, "I find it specious the reasons we ask for bloodshed and sacrifice form our young men and women in Afghanistan" and "I do not believe any military force has ever been tasked with complex , opaque and Sisyphean mission as the U.S. military has received in Afghanistan." But, Chicken Hawk Punk Ass Bitch Republicans will publicly call for more troops and more war if they think it will help their political aspirations all the while harboring no intention of ever putting their pasty asses in the fire.

Rough stuff excerpted from The Usual Suspect at Rucksack to Backpack: Walk With Me In Hell
To my ungrateful generation,

This world is full of people who demand respect without earning it. That's a commodity that I can no longer afford to give away freely. If I haven't earned someone's respect by now, then I never will, and that's fine. The more I think about it, the more I realize that you have NOT earned mine. Thought you had it for free? I can't believe you're still alive when some of the best men I'll ever know died in someone else's country. As far as I'm concerned, this ain't your land anymore. We earn our keep. You'll always be below me now, not because of what you haven't done, but because of how you conduct yourself despite what you have not done. Don't dare try to cheapen what we go through. Come experience it for yourself.

Roll the dice, take a chance card. Spin the wheel, sit for a spell and let the Russian Roulette begin. Let's do some time in the meat grinder together, THEN you can open your mouth. Until then, you're cattle with an inflated ego and unfounded opinions. Empty, vapid, soulless byproducts of bad TV and shitty rap music.

There's more via the link. But, that's a coarse hard bitten assessment of the hidden costs of war which Punk Ass Bitch Chicken Hawk Republicans conveniently leave out of the ledger of bills due. Hopefully, The Usual Suspect doesn't let his experiences exact too much of a toll on his soul. So I bid him remember those Thespians of Great Renown and their view on (The Bright Side of) Life:

If life seems jolly rotten
There's something you've forgotten
And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
When you're feeling in the dumps
Don't be silly chumps
Just purse your lips and whistle - that's the thing.

And...always look on the bright side of life...
Always look on the light side of life...
~ The Bright Side of Life, Monty Python

Operation Yellow Elephant: Not as tough as his name and mouth imply

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Racist Limbaugh Hoist by his own Petard

or more likely in the case of that bloated flabby sack of blubber, Hoist by his own Glenn Bec de Corbin.

So, Racist Limbaugh castigated President Obama for a Thesis on the Founding Fathers and the US Constitution. Racist Limbaugh breathlessly called Obama "a little boy" and with righteous indignation Racist Limbaugh declared Obama had "utter disdain" for the Constitution.

Of course, the whole Thesis is false, a made up post by a blogger who so hates(?) President Obama he crafted a fake blog post to show how bad President Obama is...

This doesn't matter to Racist Limbaugh, because even if the whole story is false, he can rightly say I know Obama thinks it.

Racist Limbaugh then went on the offensive and declared his actions were necessary because such falsehoods where attributed to him in his terminated NFL ownership bid. Limbaugh is a classic projectionist. He ascribes his misdeeds to his political opponents because he assumes everyone is as deceitful and untrustworthy as he is...

Racist Rush, everyone knows you are a bloated bigoted racist who would physically whip Obama if he could get away with it. We know that's what you think but not because we are lying scum like you or the Punk Ass Bitches who make up and support the Republican Party but because there exist actual documented quotes in which Limbaugh tried to obscure his racism under the guise of the media is to blame for wanting a black quarterback to do well. (From Think Progress; Stunningly Racist Punk Ass Bitch Republican Steve King can't find anything racist from Limbaugh. And I couldn't find any military service from Steve King, despite King being born in 1949 and the Vietnam War still being fought when he turned 18...)

But, the pathetic Right bewailed the MSM and declared they would forever boycott the NFL when Limbaugh was dropped in his bid for ownership of the St. Louis Rams. They beseeched Limbaugh to sue every news organization which used the fabricated quotes. Of course, using falsehoods to castigate your political opponents is wrong and indefensible. But, now that Racist Limbaugh is guilty of such actions there will be ZERO posts on the Punk Ass Bitch Conservative blogs declaring Racist Rush to be wrong. Because the Punk Ass Bitches who make up and support the Republican Party are rank hypocrites who will believe any and all lies about President Obama.

For instance here's my new pal, Bloviating Zeppelin's take on the issue, I therefore give Mr Limbaugh an easy pass. Next.

Bloviating Zeppelin made himself known to me when he chastised me for not having Life Experience. If the type of Life Experience he's talking about leads me to be a rank hypocrite defender of lying racists like he is I'll pass...

Here is a link to cartoonish buffoon Michael Ledeen's complete dreck of writing on Obama's Thesis, in which he cavalierly demands Maybe instead of fuming about words that Rush Limbaugh never uttered, the paladins of the free press might ask the president about words that he did write. Even more shamelessly the dishonest Ledeen defends his deliberate slander by claiming It worked because it’s plausible. It convinced Ledeen because he is such an unthinking zealot and wanted it to be true he'd believe any lies told about Obama especially the ones Ledeen tells himself.

Read some of the comments from the ragged bunch of Birtherites declaring this proof of Obama's Marxist Islamo-Nazism. The blithering Punk Ass Bitches on the Right had their "minds" made up for them and are willing to believe everything which confirms their blind ignorant hatred of Obama even when it's complete lies of Fox News...

I completely forget that Michael Ledeen has zero credibility or bravery for this doctrinal statement: "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business." ~ As relayed by flabby mush butt Chicken Hawk Coward Jonah Goldberg, April 23, 2002.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Obama The Great

Obama the Great
His name struck fear into chicken hawk hearts of repub-licans
Obama the Great
Became a God amongst mortal men
~ Obama the Great, Somewhere In Time, Iron Maiden

President Obama is just like President Nixon. It's the latest slander on Obama promulgated by the pathetic Right.

Except you see Nixon resigned in disgrace, whereas Obama will go down as perhaps the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER.

After having inherited the disgusting mess Bush/Cheney left the country in, when (or if) Obama is able to extricate the US from the Phony Wars on Terrorism for Profit and reigns in the Corporate Raiders of the American Economy who had Bush splay the American people out in front of them for repeated violations, in accordance with the Ronald Reagan Piss Down Your Back And Tell You It's Raining economic doctrine, and when Obama ensures the forgotten segment of American society have access to humane medical treatment and aren't cosigned to death by the Republicans Party; Obama will be accorded Top 3 status in the history of America.

But, further enhancing his legacy is the fact that perhaps only one other President had to deal with repeated death threats, not only from ignorant bigots, but in Obama's case from the leaders of the Pro Human Pain and Suffering Chicken Hawk Punk Ass Bitch Republican Party.

Punk Ass Bitch Republicans are actively inciting their followers the 9/12ers, Birtherites, Teabaggers, Get-a-Job Shouters, the "suddenly" fiscally conservatives to Insurrection and the assassination of Obama. Of course, being the cowards that they are, R. Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney, Sean Hannity, Paul Broun, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and the rest of the flabby assed Punk Ass Bitches would claim they had no idea their constant vitriol, cries of Hitler, death panels, revolution and outright falsehoods and lies directed at Obama had anything to do with the attempted murder they hope and pray happens to Obama.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Girl from Georgia (USSR)

Angel of Death
Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
Sadistic, surgeon of demise
Sadist of the noblest blood
~ Angel of Death, SLAYER
The Republican Party and it's frenzied supporters, the 9/12ers, Birtherites, Teabaggers, Get-a-Job Shouters, have seemingly ingested the novel and film The Boys from Brazil and thus have been transformed into an unrecognizable conglomeration of madmen who scream and yell, talk real tough and make hysterical demonstrations of anger but despite their convictions that President Obama is Islamo-Hitler they lack courage and are thus nothing but Punk Ass Bitches.

Enter the Taitz, The Girl from Georgia (USSR)*. Orly Taitz has convinced the Republican Party that Obama is one of titular characters in the novel and film, a genetic clone of Adolf Hitler.

Watch the battle scene between two greats, Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier, and Peck's prophetic revelation of Obama's true heritage as the Islamo-Hitler of the 2000s.

But, now watch as Punk Ass Bitch Republican Jean Schmidt tells an angry Birthrite accuser she agrees with her and not with the American courts.

But, while the Party of Ronald Reagan has embraced and championed Taitz, a child of the evil empire; a Soviet Citizen like Orly Taitz would never be taken seriously unless there was a constant stream of invective being leveled against the President. A ceaseless river of false witness which has flowed from the mouths of Fox News. Whether it be one of the Isms; fascism, communism, socialism, marxism or Obama's desire to destroy America or kowtowing to every foreign dictator; no lie is too unbelievable, no slander too ridiculous, no charge too outlandish for Fox News.

So, enamored and beguiled by a godless Communist Soviet Agent, the Punk Ass Bitch Republicans and their brain washed Self-Appointed Chicken Hawk He-Man America Defenders have allowed themselves to made fools of as Taitz paraded ridiculous Kenyan Birth Certificate forgeries and outlandish lawsuits which when tossed out by American judges merely serve to strengthen their resolve and inflame their fanaticism.

*- Orly Taitz is actually from the Moldavian SSR, the other side of the Black Sea but I needed the Georgian SSR for the alliteration.

Ha ha ha the NBC series Night Court had a premonition about Orly Taitz in the episode The Game Show from 1989. Dan Fielding summed up Orly succinctly 20 years ago, “Well, I have pieced it together, and it seems I was kidnapped and drugged by… Soviet agents."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Corps Old Corps

'Cause there's nothing at all
Except the space in-between
Finding out what you're called
And repeating your name
~ Ruby, Kaiser Chiefs

There are only two servicemen, killed in Afghanistan, Chicken Hawk War Proponents can name, Pat Tillman and Joshua Bernard.

Joshua Bernard was the Marine whose tragic death was seen by Americans safely ensconced in their homes, office buildings and EIB Studios because the Associated Press callously defied Bernard's fathers' request to not show the photographs of his death.

But, while the Pro Human Pain and Suffering Punk Ass Bitch Republicans and Conservatives became enraged at the showing of this Marines' death it was typically for the wrong reasons. To Punk Ass Bitch Rightwingers Bernard's death is necessary because once Bernard is dead flabby crap filled REMFpublicans can besmirch his name by co-opting him.
"So the words about noble deaths and sacred blood and honor and such are all put into dead lips by grave robbers and fakes who have no right to speak for the dead."

Well, Marine Corps 1st Sgt John Bernard (retired), the father of Joshua Bernard and perhaps the only man who can speak for him wants a change in the RoE (Rules of Engagement) in the Afghan AO before more Marines and Soldiers, used as police officers and nation-builders, are killed.

The new RoE were put into affect by General McChrystal back in July when he took over the ISAF AO. His RoE calls for breaking off of contact with the enemy when said engagement threatens civilian Afghans and limits to the use of close air support (CAS) and indirect fire (arty).

Back then Never-Ending War Supporters and Punk Ass Bitch Rightwingers were skeptical of McChrystal's plan to try and limit civilian deaths. However, when McChrystal went public in his request for more forces in theater anti-Obama blogs, like Professor of Life supported McChrystal as if his word about the Afghan AO was inspired by Douglas MacArthur.

The Punk Ass Bitches of the Right would no doubt attack 1st Sgt Bernard if they could because all they care about is opposing Obama and anyone who gets in the way of the Righteous Anti-Obama War is against them. So, most likely, if any flabby Chicken Hawk Fox News Chicken Hawk becomes aware they will attempt to co-opt and use 1st Sgt Bernard to attack Obama.

The price we are paying for the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are not just measured in the tragic death of Americans, like Joshua Bernard, or the money stolen by Xe and other Military Industrial Complex Corporations but in the millions of small hidden fees extracted by warfare on the bodies, minds and souls of the survivors.

For a peek into life of Marines in Helmund Province, Afghanistan watch: Two Weeks in Forever

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trash Can I Stan

But now -- why, we have got into a mess, a quagmire from which each fresh step renders the difficulty of extrication immensely greater. I'm sure I wish I could see what we were getting out of it, and all it means to us as a nation. ~ Mark Twain, Returning Home, New York World, London, 10/6/1900
Any deployment of Combat Troops also includes the follow on support troops, news sites broke a story about the additional 13,000 troops Obama approved for deployment to Afghanistan corollary to the 21,000 Troop increase in March. But, this is not an Obama Apology post.

I'd like to know what War proponents think we are achieving by continuing to occupy the area and increasing the number of US service members in the Afghanistan AO. The Unites States is now in the position to defend Hamid Karzai, called disdainfully the Mayor of Kabul because of the limited scope of his authority, and his corrupt government.

Karzai's August election will only be accepted by some of the powerful Afghan Warlords if they are allowed to have a stake in the new government. This will include giving power to the likes of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar who was responsible for the fighting which destroyed Kabul (and divided the country allowing the Taliban to move in) and possibly assisted Bin Laden in escaping from Tora Bora into Pakistan when Bush purposefully allowed Bin Laden to escape rather than let Delta kill/capture him.

More importantly the US Troops are going to be occupying, policing and nation building in Afghanistan for years. And Counter Insurgencies have a nasty habit of being decades long struggles of alternating low and medium conflict.
From The NATO Afghanistan 2009 Report: Decades of conflict, a nearly non-existent national infrastructure, high levels of illiteracy, endemic poverty and chronic underdevelopment place Afghanistan 174th out of 178 countries on the UN Human Development Index. The Bonn Process provided for a Constitution,an elected President and Parliament and the beginnings of a functioning government. In early 2006, the Afghan Government and the International Community came together in London to develop a strategy for Afghanistan’s recovery. The result was the ANDS which aims to create and develop effective national, provincial and district government institutions capable of delivering basic services. It is a long-term and challenging task that has produced mixed results so far.

The question is: Is it worth it for the US to send more and more men into the AO and have those men return in flag draped coffins?

Getting and Letting (Getting In, Getting Bin Laden, Getting Out, Letting the "Afghans" figure out the rest) would seem to have been a better choice. That plan may have failed and Afghanistan could have turned into another Somalia, or the Taliban could have reclaimed power or Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and Burhanuddin Rabbani could have restarted their battle for Kabul or Heroin Drug Lords could have turned the nation into a new Golden Triangle Drug Empire or any number of terrible futures could have happened.

But what we, The US, and ISAF forces are doing now is defending an Administration, labelled by General McChrystal full of "rampant government corruption", who warns that the additional Troops he wants may not stem the Taliban's resurgence. And then it's only a short step to when the locals begin to see Karzai's government as illegitimate, the Guerilla forces as legitimate and our forces as Occupiers.

Of course, the Warfare Proponents who exert massive control over the US Government want continued war and continued transfer of wealth to their coffers. And they don't care about dead Marines and the decades long angst of everyday pains which come home when those who live.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day Health Scare

The Republicans (and Democrat traitors) have their Corporate Insurance Masters orders to provide the American People with the same level of Health Care Columbus provided the Arawak upon landing in the Caribbeen, i.e. slavery and death. And like Columbus, Republicans make official declarations (about Health Care) which are complete lies.
Columbus's report to the Court in Madrid was extravagant. Because of Columbus's exaggerated report and promises, his second expedition was given seventeen ships and more than twelve hundred men. The aim was clear: slaves and gold.
[T]hey ordered all persons fourteen years or older to collect a certain quantity of gold every three months.
When it became clear that there was no gold left, the Indians were taken as slave labor on huge estates, known later as encomiendas. They were worked at a ferocious pace, and died by the thousands. ~ From Howard Zinn's work, A People's History of the United States

Insurance Compaines don't provide coverage. They will take your premiums but if you actually need to use their "coverage" the first thing the company will do is deny your claims and if that doesn't work for them, Insurance Companies simply drop you.
From a Washington Times story: Guardian Life Insurance Co. executive called high-cost patients such as Mr. Pearl "dogs" that the company could "get rid of." Legally barred from discriminating against individuals who submit large claims, the New York-based insurer simply canceled lines of coverage altogether. Guardian, a 150-year-old mutual company, reported profits of $437 million last year, a 50 percent increase over $292 million in 2007.

Insurance Companies make money by pretending to provide you coverage but if you are actually sick or become sick they will drop your insurance. Republicans delight in Americans working themselves to death in pursuit of Corporate profits and then being denied care. Its what the Republicans are striving to achieve for their masters. Republicans delight in hating you and watching you die.

Having been stationed at Swamp Lejeune North Carolina, one of the things I learned about was the quality of the ground water. Camp Lejeune (that's a US Marine Corps base for the Chicken Hawks out there) has had decades worth of chemicals leach into the ground and metals from ammo launched into the hinterland from various weapon systems. Because of that the groundwater was contaminated, and one of the effects has been a spike of Male Marines, who were stationed at Lejeune from the 1960's through the 1980's getting Breast Cancer. Male Breast Cancer is rare, extremely rare.

But, while these Marines get coverage from the VA (a government run option), Insurance companies would view this as a "pre-existing" condition and would deny them coverage. America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) blames Veterans for rising prices, just like the Republican Party and The Bush Administration:
The AHIP study shows that nearly half of this apparent increase in Medicare expenditures can be explained by controlling for the use of services received through the Veterans Administration (VA) or at military facilities.
AHIP and Republicans want Veterans to die because as David S. Chu the Pentagon's Undersecretary of Personal and Readiness, under President George W. Bush, said, "The amounts have gotten to the point where they are hurtful. They are taking away from the nation's ability to defend itself."

Like gangsters and criminals, AHIP the national association representing nearly 1,300 member companies providing health insurance coverage to more than 200 million Americans, brazenly threatened Congress and the American people that they will simply raise prices if any real Health Care Reform occurs.

Eventually, if Republicans are allowed to, they will help Health "Insurance" Companies simply take your money and disavow every disease as a pre-consisting condition and allow all Americans to die.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Toyota, Republicans favorite Cars

Real Americans love Chevys and Fords, Punk Ass Bitch Republicans love Toyotas and other foreign cars. Why? Because they hate American Workers. Republicans want American Workers to work hard while young and when you get old die quickly. That's what Republicans want for Americans to work themselves to death. This is why Republicans are always against Unions and have been fighting against Health Care all of 2009.

Unions, like the UAW, and a more fair Health Care helps Americans, Republicans are against everything which helps extend the lives of the poor and middle class in America. Foreign Auto Makers, especially with automotive plants in the South are allowed to pay cut throat capitalism wages and disbar unions while receiving US Government Subsidies and tax incentives to treat American workers unfairly.
Republican Richard Shelby of Alabama ensured Mercedes -Benz received $253 Million USC, Honda $158 Million USC and Hyundai $234 million USC tax breaks for building plants in in his state, Republican scum Bob Cooker gave Volkswagon $577 million USC for a factory in Tennessee and "Mississippi paid $284 million for a new Toyota plant; Kia got $324 million from Georgia. Texas had to fork over only $133 million for Toyota's Tundra plant in San Antonio, while Tennessee gave $197.6 million so Nissan would move its American headquarters to Nashville."

Republicans use the power of the Government and these tax "breaks" to break and destroy the UAW which doesn't vote for Punk Ass Bitch Republicans.

But, this also means that sacrifices have to be made this year the Republican Party and their Punk Ass Bitch Conservative fanatics decided General Motors was to be allowed to wither and die. Ostensibly, the Punks on the Right declared because GM made inferior products and held aloft Worldwide #1 Car Maker Toyota as the paragon of True Car Making Genius.

And Toyota Mythical Awesomeness is falling apart. All makes and models of Toyotas are being recalled for a variety of reasons.

Late 90's and early 00's Toyota Tundras and Tacomas are failing apart from rust and corrosion.
Dealing with rusted pickup frames and the subsequent fallout is nothing new for the Japanese automaker. About 1.4 million Tacomas were involved in rust-related defects that caused the automaker to make concessions last year to customers. That year, Toyota agreed to buy back Tacoma pickups from 1995 to 2000 with frames rusted so badly that they were beyond repair.
More frighteningly than your vehicle failing apart around you from Rust is the floor mat accelerator sticking problem, where pedals become trapped under floor mats, causing vehicles to continue to speed up after drivers lifted their foot off the pedal. Toyota issued a recall for the following 4 million models:

• 2007 – 2010 Camry
• 2005 – 2010 Avalon
• 2004 – 2009 Prius
• 2005 – 2010 Tacoma
• 2007 – 2010 Tundra

Defects like the floor mat/accelerator issue or rust problem "could" be excused as planning or poor oversight concerning the manufacturing process.

But, completely inexcusable would be the deliberate destruction and concealment of evidence and obstruction of justice by Toyota into the rollover deaths, which
Dimitrios Biller, a former Toyota corporate lawyer involved in the rollover cases, contends in his lawsuit that the Japanese automaker's executives "made every effort" to quash investigations from 2004 through 2007. Biller alleges Toyota TM destroyed data.

And of course, Toyota lost $1.7 Billion in 2008 and lost $6.9 Billion(!!!) in the first quarter of 2009.

Yet a Toyota Avalon was the vehicle Republican Punk Ass Bitch and Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney longingly pinned for when he penned his magnificent Op-Ed Let Detroit Go Bankrupt, writing:
Ford, for example, needs to cut $2,000 worth of features and quality out of its Taurus to compete with Toyota’s Avalon. Of course the Avalon feels like a better product
Romney further blamed the American worker for not dying quickly enough for Romney's tastes,
First, their huge disadvantage in costs relative to foreign brands must be eliminated. That means new labor agreements to align pay and benefits to match those of workers at competitors like BMW, Honda, Nissan and Toyota. Furthermore, retiree benefits must be reduced.

Romney wants American workers to make less and die quickly after they have used up their youth. And he hopes for the destruction of Detroit and the elimination of jobs and retiree benefits. Of course, Romney's worked for Government and never had to worry about where his paycheck or benefits are coming from or their elimination.

Punk Ass Bitch Republicans and Conservatives like and protect Foreign Auto Makers because they hate Americans and want you to die.

I forgot to include the famous Who Could Ask For Anything More Toyota Ad Campaign. That sentiment is precisely the Republican Party mantra and intent for the poor and middle class. The Republican Elite and Corporatist Establishment, "cannot survive without the obedience and loyalty of millions of people who are given small rewards to keep the system going". How dare the poor and middle class, who have been given so much Trickle Down wealth demand more, be content with the "small rewards" from the Republican table.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bill O'Reilly Science is Fascism!

I ain't never had much call fer... fer book learnin'. ~ SNL Skit staring Robert Duvall, Who's More Grizzled, 28 February 1998
Professor Richard Dawkins, "If a Particular Scientific Theory doesn't work do some better Science...

Bill O'Reilly, "NO!!!"

Professor Dawkins' reaction (at 4:11) to Bill O'Reilly declaration Science is Fascism will make you laugh. I guarantee it.

But, in O'Reilly's defense since Creationists have proved Biology and Evolution, a specific scientific field, are Nazism, a specific Fascist Ideology, it is a logical syllogistic conclusion then that Science, in general, is Fascism, in general.

White jesus makes me sad...