Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why are the Religious So Evil?

Blind Believer
Choose the easy way
Pray for absolution
You know you've gone astray
~ Fear Is The Key, Grand Magus
Religion isn't evil. However, it's conservative terrorist right wing extremist practitioners sure are!

Here's Pastor Joe Grant Swank Junior, of New Hope Church in Windham, Maine, in a story titled Palin's God vs. Obama's God
This cancer sore Obama is the most dangerous occurrence ever in all the Republic's history for it promises us our doom. Palin is the antithesis to Obama. Palin represents a biblical way of life. Obama represents a satanic cult.
I suppose Americans should be thankful Pastor Swank merely hates Doombama and didn't pray for the death of the President as most Conservative Professing Terrorist Preachers do...

The Mayor of Arlington Tennessee Russell Wiseman, who believes the answer to the question is jesus christ the son of god, "should simply be yes..." is really angry and believes President Obama blocked A Charlie Brown Christmas Special because Obama's a Moooslim. Furthermore, Mayor Wiseman thinks,
"you know, our forefathers had it written in the original Constitution that ONLY property owners could vote, if that has stayed in there, things would be different........"
While Wiseman is an evil religious sociopath it's more likely, the racist is just upset the property is now President.

The Family Research Council is warning it's friends; President Obama and Washington D,C., radicals plan to impose homosexuality and silence christianity in workplaces. Tony Perkins wants you to know:
The Homosexual Left believes they are on the verge of achieving a great victory in their war on your faith and on marriage.
The FRC led by Anthony Perkins don't like when the Federal Government infringes on religion and the rights of Americans, that is as long as the religion in question is theirs and the beliefs are their stitled anti-human ones, otherwise, it's absolutely imperative the Federal Government infringe in American's lives.

It's the nature of the Terrorist Republican Party to use religion to impose it's evil ideology onto the American public. The Republicans ensure to load their language with as much christianism and false piety as possible in order to get their brainwashed conservative teabagging birtherite fanatics to support their human-hating, money-loving doctrines as the hollow hallelujahs help them get Americans to vote against their best interests and for a party which hates Americans and uses their blood and bodies to grease their bank accounts.


TRUTH 101 said...

To their credit Gene, the righties continue to include Jews in their talking point of "Judeo/Christian" values influencing our Founding Fathers.

But maybe they just don't want the Council of Jews that meet in Switzerland every now and then to rule the world to get mad.

Power demands respect even from idiots.

Anonymous said...

I am a Liberal, and Im sorry I ever supported him. I dont like him, but what I dont like more, is Republicans spreading lies about him.

He is a MAJOR disappointment to me, you, and America. And just about anyone here. Hes weak. Very weak. But I dont think hes a communist, or a Muslim.

Green Eagle said...

Fundamentalist Christianity, which we can trace back to Cromwell and before, has always been a religion of "hellfire and damnation"- a religion that revolves around the threats of an angry God to smite sinners down.

I think it is difficult for us to understand this, but this type of religion attracts the morally weak, who do not feel, based on their own emotions, that people will behave without being threatened by a bully-God. Thus, ironically, the most apparently strict of sects become filled with the weakest people. So, the rest of us are treated to the spectacle of the Ted Haggards and Jimmy Swaggarts and Jim and Tammy Bakers on a regular basis. This is not an accident, nor is it necessarily a sign of overpowering hypocrisy. It is a natural phenomenon of religions which are designed to attract the least decent among us.

-Just my observation

Grung_e_Gene said...

Green Eagle - to me Religion is merely a human construct. A theory like any other created and advanced by people. Religions have the lucky break of having been around a long time and rapaciously consuming the time and energy of many great minds of the past.

I'm sure if Role Playing (the Dungeons and Dragons kind - not the other type) had been around, St. Jerome and the Venerable Bede would have crafted detailed rule systems, worlds and cosmologies surpassing The Forgotten Realms...