Saturday, September 8, 2007

Operation Everyones Al Qaeda

The propaganda continues unabatted from the Bush Regime. Everyone in Iraq is a Member of Al Qaeda.

But, don't worry because the Surge is working and Al Qaeda in Iraq is being isolated and destroyed.

Except AQI are still a danger and we need to stay...

But, rest assured, "We're kicking ass."

Of course, Al Qaeda in Iraq is nothing more than the latest smoke-screen/boogeyman used by the Bush Regime to keep forces in Iraq. Even my old boss Corps Commandant James Jones admitted 98% of the violence in Iraq is done by Iraqis.

In the end it doesn't really matter, Bush is merely attempting to keep the clock ticking. I await the already infamous PETRAEUS REPORT in a few days, which Bush will use to bludgeon the nation into keeping 150,000+ troops in Iraq until he is safely ensconced in his retirement castle doing his daily power hours.