Friday, April 29, 2022

NFL Draft and Deaths

Baby Oil is banned for Professional Wrasslin'

Ladies and Gentlemen! This is the XFLLLLL...Vince McMahon 2001, Vince is no stranger to putting former employees into early graves after fucking them over during their playing years.

The NFL Draft commenced yesterday.  I have derisively called this the Annual Slave Auction.  As a white liberal nerd who's never played organized sports at any level I'm just the type the jocks in high school used to stuff in lockers, Treasonous conservatives used to proclaim people like me should shut up about sports because it's their domain.  But, ever since Colin Kaepernick kneeled but, refused to Bend the Knee and especially after Donald Traitor Trump declared War on NFL the 2nd Time (Trump's 1st War on the NFL in the 1980's ended in his utter defeat) football now belongs to Liberals.  Don't tell Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones or Washington "Commodes" owner Dan Snyder. 

Former TE Greg Clark committed suicide when he shot himself in July last year.  Clark leaves behind his wife and his 22 and 15 year old sons.   Last month, his family revealed Boston University doctors discovered Clark had stage III CTE.  Clark only played 4 seasons in the NFL after a career in Stanford and a smaller college.

Several players have committed suicide due to the aftermath of devastating brain damage from their playing careers.  Many others have suffered in silence and been labelled by society (let's not be coy White Society) as aberrant criminals.  In 1997 Don Yaeger (A rabid rightwing liar) co-authored a book Pros and Cons:  The Criminals who play in the NFL.  But Yaeger and his co-author Jeff Benedict, while supposedly conducting "extensive research" to write a book "startling in its breadth" did what assholes always do; first they conflate a lot of crimes including drug and alcohol use and abuse which even in the 1990's was understand by researchers as self-medicating behavior.  No they apparently couldn't be bothered to investigate or theorize about underlying causes.  This is, of course, in keeping with all conservative ideology which treats "some people" as a priori guilty (Like the deceased football player Chris Henry) and ignores anything which may have contributed to the situation treating all incidents as though they occur ex nihilo. 

 Football will be viewed by future historians as we view the bloody games of the Roman Empire.  In the meantime, hundreds of bodies will be fed into the meat grinder to receive physical and mental scars which often prove fatal.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Illinois Active Shooter School Shooting Drills don't work and are a trauma inducing event

A fascinating aspect of human psychology is the difficulty in dropping a prized theory.  For instance training people to face an active shooter.  Everyone wants to believe that practice with men clomping around swearing with loud bangs, screams and simunitions will allow people to break out of a freeze response and fight or flee.

Tom Clancy loved this theory and incorporated it into Jack Ryan's pistol training in the novel Patriot Games (1987).  After healing from the IRA attack in London, Ryan goes to meet Sgt Maj Noah Breckenridge and finds himself in a darkened room without explanation.  Breckenridge throws two firecrackers at him and screams for him to engage his target.  Ryan's first shots are misses but, Jack recovers and hits center mass.

This concept of "reality-based" training found it's way to schools.  Multiple states adopted "Active Shooter" simulation training and in 2019, the Illinois legislature adopted the same.  Well, the reality is people play-acting murdering students didn't prepare the children to respond to school shootings but, instead traumatized the fuck out of them.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (Ace's) is a detailed guide to common traumas facing children.  It's an extremely important aspect of studying children's pyschology because Ace's is a very important determining factor for later life struggles.  This is, of course, coupled with the ludicrous and murderous conservative doctrine of encouraging babies to rush the shooter.   And you have a receipt for sociological ills and the continuation of traumatized children growing into broken adults.  Of course, in the United States what must never happen is guns must never ever be hurt or inconvenienced.  Also, it's totally fucking cool to stalk victims of school shootings on the street like Perjury Traitor Greene did with David Hogg or crap your Alex Jones inspired theory that all school shootings are false flags all over Twitter*.

It's also useless to conduct a couple active shooting drills a year as if they are fire or tornado drills, where you orderly line-up and march outside to your pre-planned rally point or hunker down under a desk.  In order for any reactions to a chaotic school shooting to become second nature you need to train all the time, like a Jocko Willink or Pat McNamara.  So, while it feels like such active shooter training should work reality shows it doesn't.
*- Now that Elon Musk has "purchased" Twitter, Free Speech demands that all gun nut propaganda and threats of violence towards gun control activists never shall be infringed!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Donald Trump Jr is a fvcking Traitor too

Traitor One and Traitor Two

Nose Candy Jr?

Key Bumper Donnie?

Treasonous Shit Trump?

The road apple doesn't fall far from the horse's ass; Donald Trump Jr is a treasonous scumbag, just like his father.  Junior was deeply involved in the attempt to overthrow the United States Government.

“This his(sic) one you go to the mattresses on. They will try to fuck his entire legacy on this if it gets worse.”

 Go to the mattresses... fucking phony tough guy... Junior quoting The Godfather he's the epitome of fake strength just like his bag of shit father.  

Donald Trump Jr. was conspiring to overthrow the Government right after he realized his criminal shit father lost the reelection.  Now, I know it took a while for the loss to register with Coked up Donny Junior because he's a dumb shit-stain.  Of course, it does appear Nose Candy Trump Junior's legal defense for being involved in a traitorous conspiracy is he's too stupid to know what he was doing.

But, he's also fucking soft like his father.  That's why I don't think his shooting guns with Eric Greitens is all that scary.  Traitor Tot is a load of soggy wonder bread.  Now Greitens, well he's a modern Republican scumbag.  He's a rapist and an abuser.  He avoided conviction on Felony Election Fraud and financial crimes by resigning as Governor of Missouri.  But, Greitens is like all Republican Criminals they never really go away as he's now planning a run for US Senate in 2022 and he'll rely on the fact that conservatives don't give a shit about malfeasance or crimes.  

Conservatives simply want all Democratic politicians arrested and executed for the crime of being a Liberal but, don't be afraid Coked Up Junior will do anything because he's a chickenshit coward like his father (DJTJr was 23 years old on 9/11) so yeah he'll post a video shooting guns to "strike fear into the hearts of liberals" but, just like on January 6th he'll expect rightwing paramilitary domestic terrorists to do the wetwork; but, the only problem is they are more than willing to do it. 

Twitter & Crypto

"The reason today's sale of Twitter is big news; the reason it could turn out to be a pivot point in our history..." all you need to know is conservatives are ecstatic about the sale as Tucked in dick Carlson explained on his racist agitprop show.

As everyone knows Elon Musk "bought" Twitter yesterday.  Twitter isn't essential or anything new.  Now, I don't know if Musk, the man who's taken credit for many things he hasn't done, used his leveraged Tesla holdings to make the purchase or spent worthless Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a terrible terrible thing.  It's a computer solving puzzles and people declaring it's "MONEY!"  The way it makes actual money by it's holders and/or creators is to convince (scam/fool) people to invest real money when Crypto is high and then laughing as the Crypto craters.  Then those people "buy" it back and resell it when it goes up in "value" again.  Stealing old people's pensions and getting people who are too financially immature or unversed in risk/reward thinking.  Of course, the problem is on an individual level some people will end up with big windfalls, meanwhile society loses out because of the number of investors who make poor choices in the aggregate and the damage computers running 24/7 sucking in huge amounts of power and producing huge amounts of heat*.  But, one of the things which has emerged is the sheer hatred conservatives have for society writ large (a topic for another post). 

It's ironic the 21st Century Billionaires have made their money by manufacturing nothing.  It's all hype as the production is elsewhere.  As manufacturing jobs were sent away from the Nation so was any sense of Noblesse Oblige, obscenely rich men felt towards America and society in general.  Elon Musk's fanboys have always grossly exaggerated his actual contributions.  To be fair Tesla cars did fill a niche that the Big Automakers ignored or moved away from because of the non-stop lies and pressure from rightwingers or the to lucrative Chinese Market.  

But, what will Musk's purchase of Twitter mean?  The reason GETTR, GAB, or Trump Social fail is because there are no liberals on those platforms.  Sure conservatives love getting together to plot assassination attempts on Democratic Governors and Congresspersons but, the constant conservative circle jerk bores them after a while.  What they yearn to do is to insult and threaten Liberals.  To see their most hated enemies scared and upset.  To waste peoples' time.  To get you to engage with them.

Twitter is for the Fash.  So is Fashbook.  So is Youtube, which consistently and forcefully recommends rightwing lies and propaganda.  Techniques for monitoring assholes are far behind the assholes techniques for flooding the zone with shit.  So, Twitter may or may not descend fully into the fascist cesspit that so far it has barely avoided but, conservatives definitely believe their MAGA God will resume his Tweeting and that their violence and harassment of "The Left" shall be able to commence unbound and unimpeded.

Certainly, pyschos like Twitter's wrongest man Alex Berenson, fake physical and real terrorist Simone Gold and all-around loon Naomi Wolf expect to be reinstated to peddle Covid nonsense. Personally, I think Musk bought Twitter to keep people from saying mean (and true) things about him.  

*- The Bitcoin mining destroying towns is an eerie echo of past historical injustices and harbinger of future atrocities.  From Open Veins of Latin America, you can read about Potosi and the silver mines of the Cerro Rico, which consumed 8,000,000 souls in the rapacious pursuit of wealth.

Monday, April 25, 2022

The GOP Plan for America: Death & Taxes

Republicans will Rule or they will Ruin America. 

I *am* taking notes on a fucking criminal conspiracy - signed Rick Perry 2020-2021

The only thing Republicans have to offer the American people is Death & Taxes.

The Paleoconservative wing of the Republican Party, once typified by racist Hitler-loving zealot Pat Buchanan is mainly passé.  However, one canard which remains active in the rightwing propaganda network is some people don't pay enough taxes and the rich pay too much in taxes.

Rick Scott, a colossal thief who bilked old people and the US Government out of Billions of dollars but got off Scott free with a $300,000,000 severance package (Brett Favre's mistake was going for too low an amount so while Favre's a HOF football player he's a Rookie grifter) has concocted an 11-Point Plan to further fuck over the American People.  It's an unholy mess which is designed to destroy the US Government.  No, that's not hyperbole.  One of the key points is sunsetting every piece of legislation in 5 years.  This alone would end the US Federal Government.  But, besides drowning the US Government in the climate-change rising tides of Florida, instead of a bathtub, Scott wants to ensure the mistake of the Post World War 2 America is repealed as well, raising taxes on the ever shrinking middle class, until all of Us are reduced to Wage Slaves.  

It's no different from every revelation that Donald Trump was an epic tax cheat and financial conman.  MAGA treated each piece of evidence with orgazmic approval and joyous expressions of admiration, 'That just proves he's smart!'  They yearn to be like him; an outright bigot, a contemptuous scofflaw, a tax cheat, an unctuous criminal with Fuck You Money who get to ignore laws, rules, regulations, and constraints whenever they feel like it.

While much of the Republican Party thought they could use Trump's rise to rubberstamp tax cuts and appoint ignorant petulant children to Federal Judges they also got an Insurrection and appeals to Fascism and Violence which initially frightened them but, they learned to stop worrying and love the Mob.

Everyday comes new revelations of what was obvious; elected Republicans conspired with Donald Trump and his criminal cabal comprised of his executive branch and family to overthrow the US Government.  The mob which attacked the Capitol was damn certain they had not only Trump's blessing but, were in communication with Republicans inside the Government.  147 GQP Senators and Representatives voted to   continue the Coup by Bureaucratic means after the violent January 6th Insurrection failed.

As a microcosm, in Nevada, Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak was accosted and threatened with hanging and bodily harm by two conservatives.
Nevada State Republicans, especially the loathsome Michelle Fiore, rushed to defend this and said the Governor brought it upon himself and deserved it.

It's an incident which shows the accelerating nature of rightwing discourse.  Threats of Violence are de rigeur for conservatives.  That's why January 6th was "legitimate political discourse".   

So, that's why two conservative psychos in Nevada felt not only within their rights but, righteous in threatening to murder the Governor of Nevada.  That's why a Republican running for Attorney General in Michigan feels not only comfortable but, confident her call to arrest and execute Doctors will help her win the election.

If the Republicans retake the House and Senate in 2023, everything you thought was won during the 20th century and all the way back to the Civil War is up for grabs.  Republicans in numerous states will roll back every labor protection, civil rights, education, worker's rights, EVERYTHING, because they know the Republican Congress will be busy throwing fuel onto everything and investigating Hunter Biden's TRUE CROSS Laptop while impeaching President Biden daily.  Republican State run legislatures and Governors will expand their "laws" to encroach and infringe upon other States knowing that any challenge that goes to the Supreme Court will go their way.

And then the Paramilitary Rightwing Domestic Terrorists will tag-in and relieve Police Forces of the onerous job of executing minorities and gathering up dissidents for relocation and reeducation. 

Death & Taxes are coming your way America... 

Friday, April 22, 2022

Candeath Owens, Dennis Prager, Chaya Raichik working on manufacturing case for death camps

"I am running for Attorney General because of potential homicides in hospitals, because of vaccines — so-called vaccines,” Karen Mueller Republican candidate for Wisconsin Attorney General who plans to arrest Doctors. - Remember planning and training to kidnap and murder the Democratic Governor of Michigan = not a crime; treating people for Covid with vaccines instead of horse paste = a crime.

In an Age of accelerating fascism telling the truth about conservatives is an increasingly dangerous act.  Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz identified the pernicious and vile creator of "Libs of TikTok", as Chaya Raichik, an unrepentant propagandist who spliced and edited videos to help craft the Groomer narrative the right has adopted.  Raichik is a new power player on the right who is cited by the likes of Tucker Carlson and was in direct communication with Christina Pushaw, the communications director for Governor Ron DeathSentance down in Florida.

P'Shaw you say...
Conservatives exploded in fury on-line, on every site, and on every social media platform.  Glenn Greenwald went apoplectic, he and other rightwing propagandists were incensed at the "doxxing" of Chaya Raichik.  And to conservatives doxxing is identifying them and pointing out their agenda and lies.  This is another unforgivable offense;  Telling the truth about conservatives and their agenda.

Candeath Owens spent time with Charlie Kirk to spew horrible, disgusting appeals to terrorism by claiming "THEY" deliberately murdered patients, not just by pushing the vaccine and causing "Vaccine Deaths" or by denying the life saving treatments of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.  Candeath Owens spewed the most despicable lies about "they" allowing people to die, denying treatment, crimes against humanity and she wants Tribunals and Prison.

Dennis Praeger, spent time talking about how the left has no sense of humor but, worse still he fears the left more than he fears death.  Now admittedly this isn't funny and I''m not laughing because all of this; the Grooming Narrative, the Anti-CRT, the abortion extremism, the Doctors murdered conservatives, the left is more dangerous than death, all of it, is to build justification.  The craft a Casus Belli in which conservatives are forced to "defend themselves" in advance.

Conservatives if given enough power will round-up and execute millions of Americans. Anyone warning that politics has not experienced a fundamental shift is an alarmist.  This isn't Trump, but the conclusion of conservative ideology, which inexorably leads to death camps and pogroms.  Just listen to what they are saying;  Tribunals.  Planned Arrests.  Death sentences.  These are not the claims of a party interested in justice but one hell bent on Savage violence and bloody retribution.  Trials and Death Camps.

Conservatives are coming for us America.  Right now they are barely satisfied with the Bureaucratic Violence, which rightwing legislatures and governors are doling out, in Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, but like addicts, conservatives develop a tolerance for this type of action and are looking for a stronger dose of fascism and violence to quicken them.  And that fascist violence is coming...

Thursday, April 21, 2022

(Easter) Mass Shootings

Good Friday.

Holy Saturday.

Easter Sunday.

Just think next weekend is Orthodox Easter so we can do the 3 holey* days all over again!

America is awash in easily obtainable firearms, and subsequently victims of gunfire are so commonplace, that a shooting which kills or injuries only one or two people is not news anymore, it takes a mass shooting of almost 10 people to make National News.

In South Carolina 9 shot, in Pittsburgh 10 shot, another 10 shot in South Carolina  These incidents were coupled with the massacre in Sacramento and the terror attack in Brooklyn.

Every conservative sent a dick pic
to this FSB spy, NRA star & current
Russian war crimes supporter
As always if the NRA (Nasty Russian Assholes) weren't funded by Vladimir Putin and engaged as an asset of the Russian government to undermine law & order in the United States would their actions be any different? 

Things aren't going to change for along time.  Gun Violence is here to stay and any effort to collect weapons is going to be a daunting task.  Because the Gun Manufacturing Industry has flooded the Nation with 400,000,000 weapons and the new ghost gun fade is going to get 100% Republican support simply because President Joe Biden and law enforcement officials are against them.

We already have 13,000 dead from guns a third of the year through 2022, on pace for the standard 40,000 a year.  But, similarly to the problem of the saturation of guns, gun nuts have been inundated with agitprop and choose to believe all the lies feed to them by the NRA, by gun makers, by, FSB agents, by Republican cowards. 

So, since the Sandy Hook Massacre on 2012 and for years before that rightwingers "arguments" for the necessity of unrestricted gun violence haven't changed; i.e. the violence only happens in DemocRAT cities, it's all the fault of blacks, DGUs, most gun deaths are suicides, freedom, blah blah blah...

I can understand why so many have simply given up; it's fatigue like what we've witnessed with Covid.  It doesn't matter that an overwhelming majority support gun regulation and are in favor of bans and limits on weapons, a small dedicated and monied kernel of hard core gun humping lunatics are fanatics and are energized to undo all laws, curtail all regulations, and neuter all enforcement to ensure gun violence becomes remains a daily ubiquitous occurrence.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Ken Paxton, Greg Abbott and Texas Twerps declare War on the United States of America

El Paso is rooted like a thicket of salt cedar and cottonwood on the Rio Grande. El río cuts through mountains to make this place a natural passage. That’s what el paso means, the pass. For centuries many different peoples—like ourselves, right now, standing here—have passed through El Paso, going north, going south, going west, going east. On the other side is La Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México. Los mexicanos call this river “el Río Bravo,” and they know, like we know, that we are all brothers and sisters. We breathe the same air, we drink the same water. We are border people. Somos fronterizos. We are without end. - The River/El Rio: both Sides, No Sides by Bobby Byrd and Sasha Pimental

While I hope Beto O'Rourke can capitalize on this and eventually win the Governorship, Texas has been a shit State for a long time because Lone Star Assholes have this theory that since they were an Independent Nation (built on Slavery and the Myth of Remember the Alamo) they occupy a special niche that they can leave the Union whenever they wish.

But, like all Republican States nowadays they don't threaten to secede anymore but, intend to impose their "laws" upon other states, and the American people writ large.

Texans pride themselves on being a private land state, as over 95% of the land of Texas is held privately and over 83% of the property in Texas (142 million acres) is "Working Land" meaning it's farms, ranches, and forests.  But, almost every Republican bureaucrat who hails from Texas is All Hat and No Cattle as the saying goes... Such as little lord Briscoe Cain, who wears sweat free Stetsons and Wrangler work shirts inspired by David Byrne's oversized suit, who's taken to threatening Citigroup with criminal prosecution for "Abortion funds".

Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton hatched scheme after scheme to fuck things up in Texas and blame The Biden Administration.  Abbott's inspections were so farcical, on top of unlawful, the Texas Troopers under the Department of Public Safety weren't checking anything other than tire pressure because rules about search warrants and 4th Amendment protections still exist in Texas (for now).

So even though the American Trucker Association called for an immediate cessation to blocking imports of food shipments from Mexico and Texas companies told Governor Abbott to knock it off I have no doubt this plan will work.  Because Abbott and Paxton took a media blitz to Faux News to Let's Go Brandon and chortle at how brilliant their plans were and rightwing media loved every moment of the harm and farce.  

Paxton is still facing numerous criminal fraud charges having engaged in felony after felony for Trump with the expectation of receiving a Presidential Pardon from Trump after Paxton had other states electoral college votes voided.  Criminal Paxton filed a lawsuit to have Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania award Trump their electoral votes.

And if you've been paying attention, this is the current scheme Republican States have adopted to undemocratically enforce their will upon other States.  And thanks to Trump appointed Judges, especially but not only on the Supreme Court, Republicans have Judicial Supremacy enforcing the rightwing agenda on States they don't control.  Couple this with voting suppression and Republicans expect that taking back the House and Senate in 2022, will lead them to Republican State Legislatures declaring Trump the winner in 2024 no matter what, after they've successfully impeached President Biden.

This type of Bureaucratic Warfare from the GOP is expanding and accelerating.  The Banana Republican Party will keep pushing forward to take America backward because Republicans don't care about polls, or legality, but the exercise of raw power and the unequal enforcement of laws.  Fascism is already here and it's picking up adherents, lookie-loos, and late adopters.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 21: Shooting the (Grand) Rapids, death by Cop

Big Toad Barr's Wild Ride
Lester Holt: Can we talk about the big lie?
Bill Barr: Which one is that?
LH: Well you write about the big lie being black live matter...
BB: Yeah [smirks]
LH: What did you mean by that?
BB: Well Black Lives Matter is based on the premise that the main threat to black welfare in the inner city are out of control police force that gratuitously kill African Americans and that's simply not borne out by the facts. - From an interview of the odious toad Bill Barr by Lester Holt, as the Corporate Media again helps to polish despicable conservative turds and allow a flagrant criminal to re-enter polite society while hawking his book about the Trump White House.
I suppose we had gone too long without an extrajudicial killing of a person of color.  Often Officers will tell me, as I express dismay at these incidents, 'Yeah well police kill far more white people than black.' And I'm not sure how to tell them that this is not a good argument other than to reply like Chidi in The Good Place,  
"Okay. But That's Worse. You, You Do Get How That's Worse, Right?"
And watch them brush off such sarcastic retorts. Why? Well, I don't know but, Police in the United States kill far too many people for any claims by such a noxious criminal asshole like Bill Barr to be taken seriously (of course he is taken seriously by the Corporate Media). In fact, violence and death at the hands of the Police is so pervasive Police and the Federal Government routinely undercount the true number. A study found that over 31,000 people died from Police encounters, but only 14,000 were classified as such;
More than half of all police killings since 1980 do not appear in official government data, according to an explosive new study in The Lancet, a top medical journal. The researchers reveal how “systemic misclassification” in the federal database that tracks the causes of death in America has produced, over four decades, an undercount of more than 17,000 deaths at the hands of police. The proportion of undercounted police killings of Black Americans is even more extreme, the research shows, rising to 60 percent.

So, an unidentified Officer in Grand Rapids, Michigan shot and killed Congolese refugee Patrick Lyoya around 8am on April 4th. Predictably, the incident arises from a traffic stop for improper registration and then escalated out of control ending with the unnamed Officer shooting Lyoya in the back of the head while on top of him.

Now, here's where the bad faith actors will get involved. First off, there's going to be the subjective fear for my life defense. It's impossible to disprove the Officer wasn't scared therefore his killing of Lyoya is justified. Secondly, there is going to be the weapons involved defense. Call it the Kyle Rittenhouse Defense; i.e. there's a gun involved therefore I am afraid the "Criminal" will take the gun from me and kill me with my own gun; ergo we are back to subjective fear for your life defense. Third, every white rightwing asshole including those who justify the January 6th violence against Police, will declare with finality Lyoya should just have complied. And lastly, the video evidence is going to be parsed and dissected frame-by-frame for the simple fact that individual still images from the videos can then be presented in a way to present a wholly different picture as opposed to what went down in real time.

Decades ago Police Departments began crafting these Use-of-Force continuums to create justification of violence against people as began to point out police violence is a problem. To justify the extrajudicial killing of Lyoya. It will be something like this:
  1. Lyoya get out of the car (escalation).
  2. Lyoya ignores "commands" to get back in the car (defiance).
  3. Lyoya runs from the scene (presumption of guilt).
  4. Lyoya grabs the taser and ignores commands to drop the taser (active "aggressor")
  5. Lyoya continues to "fight" the Officer, they go to the ground, the force of Lyoya's fighting is such that it deactivates the Office's body-worn camera (fear for life)
And thus the Arbitrator will be able to reframe the encounter as Lyoya being the aggressor, who is responsible for the escalation of violence and the passive voice of Officer involved shooting will dominate the narrative until voila the official statement is Justified Shooting.

7-10 years ago I would have concluded the Officer would not have faced consequences but, with the increased high profile incidents and despite Bill Barr's mendacious bullshit, I think once the initial investigation is completed charges may be recommended for the still unnamed Officer.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Can you do a Favor for Favre? Brett needs help to repay $8 million he helped steal from the government.

Brett Farve was an asshole as the Quarterback of Green Bay Packers but, since he was the Gunslinger, who consistently beat the hated Chicago Bears, and a Super Bowl winner (just once haha) it was all okay. 

Brett was able to get away with sexually harassing several women at the end of his career by citing addiction to Vicodin and simply refusing to cooperate.  Brett had to pay a whole $50,000 fine from the NFL while the NY Jets organization fired the women Favre was harassing.

Since then Brett has devolved into the cliched aging athlete, telling people to work hard and lauding Donald Trump while he himself is engaged in the most despicable schemes to defraud and steal money; you know a typical rightwing asshole.  

While Favre was extolling hard work he and his wife were engaged in multiple schemes with the despicable Mississippi Governor and other Republican officials to swindle millions of dollars.  Favre stole over a million dollars directly from the TANF, and at this point can be linked to over $8 million in funds "misappropriated" through various means and schemes

 Remember, in conservative parlance, wypipo who help advance the rightwing agenda are always good people who inadvertently did a bad thing, those who espouse liberal ideas or suffer from the crime of unforgivable blackness are bad people inherently and therefore deserve to face extrajudicial execution at a movements' notice.  

Of course, Brett's defense will be like his football days;  He didn't embezzle he just helped the embezzlement schemes like throwing a touchdown to Sterling Sharpe!  Favre no doubt learned these thieving techniques from Diaper Donny himself but, failed to realize he, himself is semi-pro at grifting at best, while Diaper Donny is the G.O.A.T. of the grifters.

It's shocking how often staunch rightwing sports stars, like Favre and Curt Schilling, spend countless hours bemoaning modern America, besmirching and demonizing people on government assistance, while they themselves are engaged in criminal schemes to steal millions using their government connections.  Every Accusation is a Confession. (EAIAC)

Greg Abbott's Lone Star Fascism; Getten Zee on Der Autobus Mach Schnell!

"The migrants have to volunteer to get on a bus to Washington DC. Is that right?" War crimes cutie Dana Perino asked.

"Well let me explain how this whole process works..."  Texas Gruppenführer Greg Abbott

Getten Zee on Der Autobus Mach Schnell! 

Everyone knows how this process works...  everyone knows what this process is called...  

Smarmy Greg Abbott and the oleaginous Ted Cruz made the rightwing media rounds touting their plan to round-up and relocate "Immigrants".

This is how they always start.  Pick an out group, in this case one whom Republicans have ruthlessly and relentlessly dehumanized for nothing other than coming to the Nation looking for the American dream, as every shitty lily white conservatives' ancestor did at some point in the Nation's past, and expose them to inhumane treatment.

This is a trial run for Republicans coming plans to round-up more people and send them places.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the Abbott stunt, because rightwing media does nothing but troll and try to generate soundbites and media quips to #OwntheLibs.  

"These are all migrants who have been processed by CBP and are free to travel, so it’s nice the state of Texas is helping them get to their final destination as they await the outcome of their immigration proceedings — and they’re all in immigration proceedings,” Psaki said about the first bus arriving on Wednesday.

But, Greg Abbott has to ramp up the inhumanity and hurt as many people as possible to brush up on his bonafides.  Abbott is probably going to run for President in 2024.  Which is why Abbott has tasked the Texas State Police with a farcical display of searching every truck coming in from Mexico loaded with produce after the trucks have gone through federal inspections.  Abbott defends this as a search for drugs or persons being trafficked but, in reality it harms people who purchase that produce and it's fuck with the truckers and their employers.  Also to #OwntheLibs somehow...

But, while Texas flirts with getting the forcible "relocation program" up and running the recent Senate confirmation hearing highlighted a reinvigorated avenue of Attack on Americans from Republicans:  Denying the accused Legal Counsel. 

This is, of course, not new.  Republicans have long asserted some people are not deserving of legal defenses.  Some people are presumed to be a priori guilty of crimes.  Certain races are natural criminals and poor whites are suspect too, until they show proper fealty to rightwing ideals and it's long been official GOP policy to demon liberals or those with left-leaning proclivities as soft on crime or criminals themselves (e.g. the latest grooming accusations).

Despicable scumbag Tom Cotton dared to invoke Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson's name while slandering and smearing Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson.  Cotton insultingly claimed Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson defense of detainees at Guantanamo was akin to defending Nazis.

Cotton is ostensibly an educated man, we already know he's not an Officer nor a Gentleman, so let's point out that Justice Robert H. Jackson absolutely believed the Nazi War Criminals tried at Nuremberg deserved legal defense and was adamant that the presceding been done in accordance with the best practices of Law at the time and with an eye justice over vengeance; 

"That four great nations, flushed with victory and stung with injury stay the hand of vengeance and voluntarily submit their captive enemies to the judgment of the law is one of the most significant tributes that Power has ever paid to Reason."

The captured War Criminals from Nazi Germany were tried for their crimes, in direct opposition the detainees at Guantanamo captured during the phony GWoT spent more time in custody than Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz, the architect of German submarine warfare and last Head of State of Nazi Germany. A fact I pointed out when rabid conservative villains demonized Bowe Bergdahl and lied about the 5 detainees great President Obama traded for him.

I've said we've passed the Fascist Inflection Point on 01/06/21.  I've pointed out the violence the Republicans have already written into the system with guns, with running over protester "laws", with bounty's placed on anyone who comes with 15 feet of an abortion.  Republicans don't believe in the Rule of law except in the fascist sense;
For my friends everything, for my enemies the law...  Óscar R.Benavides, Peruvian Field Marshall who successfully conducted a Coup in 1914. 
While the Republican attacks on women are not coordinated on the Federal Level (yet) they are relentless from Republican controlled states, as well as, the vicious campaign to demonize and exert the awesome power of Government on individual Transpersons and Doctors and women's health workers and teachers and anyone who stands in the way of Republican creating a Neoconfederate Evangelical Nation.
Republicans are banking on winning the House and Senate in 2022, and then outright stealing the White House in 2024.  Then on January 20, 2025 with total control of all 3 branches of Federal Government the Republicans will institute the most oppressive and diabolical Government in the history of mankind.  Conservative beliefs taken to their logical conclusion inexorably lead to fascism. The greatest examples of Conservative Government are: The Confederacy of 1861, Apartheid South Africa, Chile post 1973, the Estate Novo in Portugal from 1933-1974 and of course the crown jewel of conservatism Nazi Germany.

The misery, open violence, bureaucratic strangulation the Republicans will visit upon all Non-#MAGA will ensure anyone who opposes them will meet with extrajudicial killing at the hands of Police or deportation to concentration camps in Washington DC.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 20: Goal of Gaol: (Duncan) Hunter Biden's Laptop and Let's Go Brandon Straka

"The American people are fed up with this over-dramatization of a riot that happened here at the Capitol one time. "They are sick and tired of Jan. 6 — it’s over, OK?" - Major Traitor Greene, who video evidence seems to suggest is the hoodie wearing figure who dropped pipe bombs off at strategic locations in the late evening of January 5th before Greene and conservatives tried to overthrow the government.

White criminals are good people
caught up in events.
"And as you probably have heard one of the first January 6th trials ended in an extortion... and then there was a horrible thing that they were doing to people," Diaper Don the Traitor Trump intoned at his latest "Rally" where he once again blamed Speaker Pelosi and the Mayor of D.C. for the conservative insurrection on 01/06/21.  Trump was referring to Matthew Martin, who was acquitted on charges last week, because as a fat middle aged white man, Judges (especially Trump-appointed ones) find every possible reason to excuse unlawful behavior. 

The focus and intensity of the Hunter Biden Laptop is indicative of the last 30 years of media coverage; a Democratic Presidency must be ruthlessly attacked by the Corporate Media, who uncritically repeat all rightwing agitprop, to show an air of impartiality, culminating in the Media giving outsized attention to each and every ginned-up (or Ginni Thomas' up-ed) rightwing conspiracy, while studiously ignoring say an actual criminal conspiracy of Ginni Thomas.

Much thought has been directed at why the white working class abandoned the Democratic Party and besides the undeniable racist angle of the backlash to Civil Rights the truth is since the 1970's a significant slice of the American working class has seen a diminishment in their lived experienced and lifestyles.  This is a topic for a far longer post but, in response to this starting with Nixon, the Republican Party began blaming everything on the Democratic Party; from crime to deindustrialization. 

Thus, Enter Hunter Biden's laptop...  Not Duncan Hunter* because being a convicted Republican criminal doesn't make Duncan, the Hunter Republicans and the media are looking for...  Hunter Biden's Laptop represents the Holy Grail or True Cross for the rightwing media to quest after.  It is a holy relic and a repository of Absolute Truth.  Don't worry about Chain of Custody because if you don't believe this current Laptop contains all the evidence needed to prove every whack-a-doodle rightwing conspiracy true, up to and including the January 6th Riot and the 2020 Elections, why they've got at least two more to sell!

In reality, as Twitter noted, 

Never forget Trump's first impeachment was due to his extortion** attempt on Ukraine and President Zelenskyy, (the same Zelenskyy Madison Crawthorn calls a thug) as Trump tried to coerce into claiming their was a foreign investigation into Hunter Biden.

Which leads us to actual criminals who actually committed actual crimes, we have Let's Go Brandon Straka, who's fame comes from starting a social media movement call Walk Away from the Democratic Party, which was right-wingers and lifelong Republicans claiming on Facebook and Twitter they were Democrats who were upset by something or other and now were ardent Republicans. (Here's a typical . His infamy comes from being one of the criminal conservative terrorists to storm the Capitol on January 6th.

But, he wasn't just some low-level caught-up-in-the-moment drone instead Straka was live tweeting the Insurrection and urging conservatives on.  It is without doubt that had the Insurrectionists held the Capitol all throughout the night Straka and others would have succeeded in destroying the electoral process and probably in murdering Democratic Representatives.

But, Straka like all right-wingers has lived so long with the unequal enforcement of laws, the not see style of policing of conservatives, and the lax judgments brought against those charged with crimes that he never thought he would be in trouble for those crimes he committed. Straka was arrested, held in custody, tried and accepted a guilty plea. Straka, most likely informed on other defendants in order to receive a lighter sentence. To prove he didn't Straka has taken to the rightwing media to prove his unwavering commitment to the cause of Overthrowing the US Government and installing an Authoritarian Trumpist Dictatorship.

But, Straka has also taken time to bemoan and wail at the inhumanity of prison,

“During those two days, I sat in that cell literally just breaking down emotionally because I thought myself, this is now Jan. 25, 2021, so Joe Biden became president five days before I got arrested, the Democrats have now taken full control of the federal government, I’m Brandon Straka the Walk Away from the Democrats founder, and now I’m sitting in a concrete cell,” he continued, becoming increasingly emotional. “There are hundreds of people who are facing nonviolent low-level misdemeanor charges who are being treated like terrorists, like insurrectionists in this country. I actually fall into this category—the government has actually put me on a terrorism watch list.” 

Boo-hoo-hoo! All Let's Go Brandon Straka did was commit multiple crimes whilst in the middle of successfully stopping the certification of Joe Biden's crushing 2020 election victory. Because let's get this straight; the conservatives who invaded the Capitol, sought out Democratic Representatives and Mike Pence to murder, and literally shit on the floors and walls did stop the Government from certifying the Election results for several hours.  During that time Donald Traitor Trump aided by Ginni Thomas, Mark Meadows and numerous other Republicans spent 7 hours and 37 minutes stopping National Guard and other Law Enforcement units from responding to the Capitol as they attempted to coordinate further disruption and attempted to get the Trumputsch (the Coup d'Etat) back on track.  

*- Despicable Traitor Trump pardoned Ex-Marine and convicted criminal Duncan Hunter. I dgaf about this bullshit pardon Duncan Hunter is an Ex-Marine forever. He needs to surrender his Quatrefoil and EGA. As way of comparison Hunter was convicted of the exact same offense as Jesse Jackson Jr. Jackson received a 30 month sentence, prosecutors asked for 48 months. Duncan Hunter received an 11 month sentence and served 2 fucking days.

** - This doesn't even get into the recovered seditious communications of Traitor Tot Jr, the $2,000,000,000 Saudi Arabia just handed Jared Kushner, or the millions in Chinese kickbacks raked in by Ivanka Trump during her residency in the White House.  Donald John Trump taught Republicans that the way to get away with crimes is to keep committing them non-stop because eventually the media will get tired of covering the continued crime spree.

Monday, April 11, 2022

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 19: Buffalo Officers, won't you push an Old Man to the Ground Tonight, Push an Old Man to the Ground Tonight!

Besides butchering the spirit of the original quote by Terry Pratchet it draws a distinct blue line between Justice and the Police and clearly indicates Police don't provide Justice.  Because in the United States, we don't have a Justice System we have a Legal System, and that system is geared to over protect rich and their property and indemnify the Guards of the System

In 2020, protests over the extrajudicial killing of George Floyd erupted across the country.  These were peaceful, but they were also an expression of left-wing agitation and the United States does not allow left-wing agitation so Police were called out in force and all manner of egregious violence was meted out on protestors.

Right-wing agitation, on the contrary, is coddled and encouraged in the Nation as witnessed by the two domestic terrorists who planned to kidnap and murder Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer were acquitted and the other two were given mistrials.   

So, when 75 year old Martin Gugino was shoved to the ground by two Buffalo New York Police Officers (dressed in their best Judge Dredd gear and flanked by 50 other similarly festooned Officers) and began bleeding from the ears after suffering a fractured skull, it became another chance for right-wingers across the Nation to invent and concoct outlandish conspiracies of radio jamming to justify the egregious misue of force, which is exactly what fascist Twitter and Traitor-in-Chief Trump did.

Well, as these things go, the two Officers were cleared today of any policy violations by an arbitrator and of course, a Grand Jury last year declined to indict either officer.

The arbitrator Jeffrey Selchick's written opinion is ludicrous of course,
"Upon review, there is no evidence to sustain any claim that Respondents (police officers) had any other viable options other than to move Gugino out of the way of their forward movement."

Gotta push that solitary old man over instead walking around him because he was trying to zap the digital radios of the Riot Police with his special 5G vaccines!  The attorney for Gugino is continuing with the lawsuit against the City of Buffalo but, the Police Commissioner planned to reinstate the two Officers today.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Trump is a Fucking Traitor. So is Ginni Thomas. So is Marjorie T. Greene and so is almost every other Republican.

Hold Me Back Bros! Hold me Back!!!
A fucking conman...

A fucking criminal...

A fucking coward...

A fucking fascist...

Josh Dawsey of the Washington Post got an interview with Trump and it was filled with all his typical lies and foibles.  Oh True the Vote in Georgia is uncovering things, you can't believe just wait!  Oh my crowd on January 6th was tremendous, biggest ever!  Oh I would have rushed in and saved the day but, man the Secret Service held me back.  Oh Nancy, she's responsible for the violence.

This is Great! But... Also terrible! I love it!
More!  I mean Less! I totally would do something
If I was in charge! But I'm not it's Totally Nancy!

Trump is the perfect cipher for the modern conservative; he's weak they pretend he's strong, he's cowardly they pretend he's brave, he's stupid they pretend he's smart, he's a thief they pretend he's a savvy businessman, he's venal they pretend he's above corruption.  Trump is devoid of spirit, of knowledge, of generosity, of kindness, of charity, of every fucking value conservatives claim to cherish and they love him.

All for this fucking guy!  There is no descriptor or adjective which encompasses or correctly identifies Trump.  Except one, Fascist. 

I don't even know why I'm typing this.  Nothing is going to break this rightwing fever.  Even if Trump runs and loses again in 2024, MAGA has elevated him to Mythological Hero status and heap all manner of feats and legends upon him.  

And, of course Mitch McConnell and others knew what Trump was.  Of course, they saw what his rhetoric could bring about.  But, they don't care.  Like all indolent bureaucrats they calculated they could control a Fascist and ride his demagoguery to victories; with taxes, with the SCOTUS, and bring about the Neo-Confederate White Evangelical Nation-State they desire.  And for fucks sake... they might be right.

I read Merrick Garland is down with Covid.  I am still hoping Garland's DOJ is building the case to bring against Trump, his confidants, and cabal.  I recognize Garland saw the way Faux News, the rightwing internet, Bill Barr, and Traitor Trump himself, used whatever means, bad faith, and lies to undermine the Mueller Report.  And I know the new revelations about Ginni Thomas' deep involvement in the attempt to Overthrow the United States government have created more work on top of the 700+ prosecutions the Department of Justice has on-going with small fry's and the dopey leaders of the Proud Boys and Oathbreakers.  So, I hope Garland is building as air-tight a case as he can; but, with the understanding The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good.  But if Traitor Trump, his Republican criminals in Congress (Gaetz, Greene, Boebert, Gosar, Massie, and so many others) are allowed to get away without prosecution then we're completely screwed.

2016 was the most important election in my lifetime and we lost.  The damage is still unfolding.  These 4 years under President Biden are a chance to undo some damage, and if Joe hadn't done anything other than hold the line and delay the Fascist Ascension, his Presidency would have been a success.  President Biden has already done much more as Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson's appointment today proves.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Republicans are Grooming a new crop of Domestic Rightwing Terrorists.

The militias that were cultivated by Republicans in the 1990's prepared the ground for the later more radicalized rightwing domestic terrorists.  This was recognized by the nascent Obama White House which published a definitive analysis in 2009 and prediction of were the threats facing the United States were coming from; rightwing rhetoric, Faux News, conservatives, and Republican Tea Party terrorists.

The right-wingers correctly identified as potentially dangerous flipped out and upped their threats of violence in response.

Of course, conservatives then attempted some direct actions; such as the Bundy Insurrection at the Malheur Bird Sanctuary but, AG Eric Holder and President Obama handled that deftly allowing the assembled wackos to spout and expend their energy fruitlessly and then slowly waited for the group to commit mistakes resulting in their capture.  This strategy was correct even if a rightwing judge threw out the government's case in a miscarriage of justice.

But, the biggest expression of white rightwing violence was demonstrated on 01/06/21 at the Capitol in Washington DC which, except for some lucky breaks and individual acts of bravery, would have resulted in multiple Democratic Congresspersons and Senators being executed and Mike Pence either dying or affirming the false slate of Electors.  Arch-Traitor Trump's 7 hours and 37 minute gap of phone communications indicate there is far more 

And no this is not hyperbole, if you think the Bounty Hunter laws being passed in Texas and the Anti-Trans laws being passed in Florida, and the anti-abortion laws being passed in every Republican control state aren't violence because they've been adopted by State Legislature then you've allowed yourself to be lulled to sleep with the rightwing canard "America is a Nation of Laws";  we aren't.  The United States is a Nation steeped in violence and minority ruling over the majority through unDemocratic means and state violence.  Just remember all these States have also passed Stand Your Ground and Run-Em Down laws designed to indemnify conservatives when they use vigilante violence against protestors.

But, while many Republicans are comfortable and prefer the old ways of passing laws making certain people subjected to the awesome power of state violence (while exempting others from it), the newest batch of Republican psychos is not.  

No for them, they yearn to see Police busting people over the head with batons and imagine armies of Kyle Rittenhouse's executing street justice on all those they categorize as "Others".

And that is what "Grooming", the newest blood libel Republicans are throwing around at every opportunity, is because the newest cohort of Republicans want state sanctioned violence to be used at every opportunity.  This has a two-fold benefit for Republicans; because LGTBQ+ people will either have to face violence from the legal system with little means of recourse or if there is a protest or violent counter-reaction, then Republicans can unleash the full might of Government (as well as Truck driving run'em down enthusiasts) with strict "AntiFa" Laws labelling every Non-MAGA as a terrorist thereby enabling them to round-up millions of Americans.

Because Abraham Lincoln's immortal Cooper Union address remains as potent today as when he gave it in 1860; Conservatives and the GOP are all in for 2022 and 2024 with their agenda of Rule or Ruin;

Your purpose, then, plainly stated, is that you will destroy the Government, unless you be allowed to construe and enforce the Constitution as you please, on all points in dispute between you and us. You will rule or ruin in all events.

Therefore, it has fallen to Us, We, the People to stand up and face down the rightwing terrorists who are coming for us.  As Lincoln as said,

Neither let us be slandered from our duty by false accusations against us, nor frightened from it by menaces of destruction to the Government nor of dungeons to ourselves.


Don't expect charges of hypocrisy to blunt the rightwing Grooming agitprop campaign, as at the same time every Republican slapdick is shouting 'CRT, Antifa, Grooming', Tennessee Republicans have crafted a new Super Special Straight Wedding Law which has no minimum age for marriage.  

President Biden keeps telling the truth about Putin and Russian War Crimes which makes Republicans mad

According to a new book, President Biden correctly labeled Rupert Murdoch and Fox, "one of the most destructive forces in the United States."  President Biden also correctly called Putin a War Criminal.  But, despite Joe's comments being 100% demonstrably true and factual the President garnered pushback from Putin's Poodles in the GOP and rightwing internet. 

One of the rhetorical tools Republicans have used for years is to claim President Joe Biden is a gaffe-machine.  The GQP found willing accomplices in the Corporate Media which was always at the ready to excoriate Biden for his misspeaks.

Well, now that Vladimir Putin's forces have committed documented War Crimes in Bucha, Republicans have fully descended into the QAnon abyss of lies.  Republicans are furious!  No not with the War Crimes!  But, that Putin's military invasion should be going so badly and making Republicans look so bad for defending and supporting a KGB Colonel for so long

Petulant Republican children Matt Gaetz and Major Traitor Greene s are so mad at Putin, that they've taken to yelling at US SecDef Lloyd Austin for President Biden's successful rallying NATO and providing Ukraine weapons and support to defeat Russian forces.

Obviously, the Republicans think bombarding the American people with non-stop rightwing agitprop and falsehoods about Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson or Pete Buttigieg or President Biden is a winning strategy and maybe it is... because they goal is to get Americans to believe the lies Republicans tell about Democrats and disbelieve the truth told about Republicans.  Conservatives listen to these Trump rallies which are 100% falsehoods and cheer. 

But, once you've begun to accuse your political adversaries of being child rapists (and it's still unbelievably galling the Party of child abusers Donald Trump and Dennis Hastert and Mark Foley accuses the Democrats) then there's really no backtracking.  There's no way the Republicans can work with Democrats after this.  And since 9/11 this is entirely what we have seen from the Republicans.  Increasing inflammatory rhetoric and a ratcheting up of the wild accusations.  So that now the Republican Party is a wholly fascist organization dedicated to destroying the Rule of Law in the United States and ensconcing a One Party Ethno-Nationalist White Supremacist Country.  The 2022 and especially 2024 elections are going to see a Manichaeist Rule or Ruin Republican Party.

Rightwing Pundit Glenn Greenwald
But, before the next elections Republicans are harming plenty of people here and killing plenty of people abroad.  The images emerging from Bucha in Ukraine are War Crimes.  But, the pushback and defense of Putin and Russian war crimes on-line and by elected Republicans and powerful conservatives in the media is a stark harbinger of the Fascist American future.  

Michael Tracey should have the common courtesy

to remain dead after Maxine Waters murdered him
Throughout this Russian military build-up, invasion and now documented war crimes the Biden White House has shared accurate intel and stated facts about Putin and the conduct of the Russian military; Yet the chattering class of Twitter Reactionaries were having a grand time in February chortling and chastising Biden as Chicken Little but, since the invasion began Twitter right-wingers transitioned to non-stop promoting of Russian War Propaganda.

And the Putin apologists haven't been mollified by the images coming from Bucha.  Every new day highlights how their previous day's twitter rants are 100% wrong, but there's no penalty for being an idiot on Twitter (Michael Tracey and Glenn Greenwald are just the biggest Twitter Propagandists, there are 1000's like them) and these people who were wrong yesterday, wrong today, get to be wrong tomorrow and continue on as though their previous errors don't undermine their current errors.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 18: Ow! My Balls! Edition

I've had some direct experience with control, ahem, tactics such as this

Back in late March 2022, Officer Travis Lewis and another Indianapolis Metro Police Officer were called to the scene for a possible burglary in progress.  There was no suspect, no apparent attempted burglary, and no other crime in progress.  Police then ran a name check on the caller who appeared to have an active Order of Protection prohibiting from being at the residence in question.  In such an offense, being present in violation of a court order is a mandatory arrest no discretion for the Officer.

This is were you step in and deal with the issue straight up.  Tell the guy he seems to have an OOP.  If, he starts telling you he isn't going anywhere you move on to handcuffing him... maybe.  Using words and persuasion is always preferable to force even, the lightest of force.  But, that's not what seemingly happened as the Officers on scene handcuffed the suspect* and tried to get him into the back of the squad car.  

At this point the Officers should already be verifying the Court Order is valid. And I don't know what was going on before the ball twisting use of force; maybe Ofc Lewis was tired, hungry, sleepy or ready to go home.  Maybe dispatch verified the court order incorrectly.  Maybe the innocent suspect was engaged in an act of "Aggravated Mopery"  whatever, the result was Lewis grabbed the guys nuts a couple of times in order to get him into the back of the squad car.

It seems the other Officer on scene came forward to the Department about the Use of Force policy violation, that's commendable and very brave, and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has only released partial video of the incident and while they conduct an investigation but, several charges of battery and official misconduct have already been filed against the Officer.

There's a whole host of other factors which could be at play here, Ofc Lewis direct supervisors may have expected him to (or ordered him to) clear up the call quickly and move on to others.  Maybe the department has a policy of handcuffing suspects immediately.  I hope he gets a proper defense but, all Officers should know by now Times have Changed.  

A decade ago such an interaction wouldn't have resulted in criminal charges nor a department investigation and probably would have gotten the Officer involved a round of pats on the back and joking Attaboy's.  Because Policing in the United States has always been comfortable with the causal use of violence or threat of violence directed at "mopes". 

"Mopes" is a term of long lineage used by Police and Courtroom Officials for suspects but, as Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve highlighted in her phenomenal book Crook County: Racism and Injustice in America's Largest Criminal Court, the term broadly applies to anyone who interferes or slows down the rapid dispensing of "justice" in the criminal justice system.

But, post-Ferguson in 2014 and definitely post George Floyd these types of incidents are more and more frequently caught en flagrante delicto by body camera and citizens cell phones and can no longer be brushed aside or tolerated by a civilized society let alone applauded.  Of course, the adoption of casual violence against suspects is in direct violation of Sir Robert Peel's instructions to the newly created Metropolitan Police of London in 1829 and the still pertinent rules for Police conduct as crafted post World War 2, Principle #6; 

The police should use physical force to the extent necessary to secure observance of the law or to restore order only when the exercise of persuasion, advice and warning is found to be insufficient to achieve police objectives.
But, those rules governed Policing in the British Commonwealth.  The history of Policing in the United States diverged as it was in direct response to the pressures of Industrialization, the influx of immigrants of differing cultures and language, and the recent emancipation of black Americans from Slavery with the addition of Frontier Justice aimed at controlling and eradicating Native Americans and Mestizoes

*- I should point out this is the pernicious quality of Police parlance as the caller was innocent of any crime but, at this point in the narrative and interaction with the Officers he was a "suspect" for a Violation of Order of Protection.  So, using force on him has been, for many years, okay.