Friday, November 29, 2013

Defend the Vatican Attack the Pope

Right-Wingers are geniuses. They are able to hold two ideas in direct opposition in their head at the same time.

The United States is closing it's Embassy in Vatican City and consolidating it with the Embassy and Consulate grounds the US has in Rome and throughout the Italian Peninsula.

Ka-boom! Right-Wingers took to their fainting couches to bemoan President Obama's continuing attacks on all that is Holy.

How is Nicholas Cage supposed to find the secret documents in the Vatican Archives which prove that Jesus hand wrote the Constitution so that conservatives could use their guns to crush liberal communists and rule America with an Iron Fist?

Of course, there isn't a U.S. Embassy in Vatican City, which is less than 1 mile across and doesn't have grounds for anything not associated with the Church, but hey details and truth are anathema to conservatives.

But... A funny thing happened recently. The New Pope Francis, having been born in Argentina (albeit safely from Italian immigrant parents) has been using the Papal Pulpit to point out how evil Capitalism actually is and how the unholy pursuit of money has led to huge suffering amongst people considered by Capitalists as disposable.

How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly home- less person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?  
Human beings are themselves considered consumer goods to be used and then discarded.  
In this context, some people continue to defend trickle-down theories which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world. This opinion, which has never been confirmed by the facts, expresses a crude and naïve trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power and in the sacralized workings of the prevailing economic system. Meanwhile, the excluded are still waiting.  
A new tyranny is thus born, invisible and often virtual, which unilaterally and relentlessly imposes its own laws and rules
Everything the Pope has commented upon is the reflected in Dominant Ayn Randian Culture in America. Despicable Capitalists, guarded by their Republican lap dogs and Pro-Business Democrats, and serviced by well-paid media sycophants have introduced the vicious Rule of the 1% and their Piss Down Your Back and Tell You It's Raining Prosperity upon the Nation, where the Mass of Humanity is nothing and the beautiful, rich 'job-creator' class is everything. 

It so alarmed Rupert Murdoch and other Plutocratic swine the Media was brought in to begin the attacks on the Pope.

Faux News resident Upper Class Twit Stuart Varney, a reliably asinine Tory who holds nothing but hatred towards the poor, but is a stupid conservatives ideal of a smart man because he speaks with a RP accent, took time to scold the Pope and defend his Moneyed Masters.

Racist Limpballs (Rush Limbaugh), King of the Conservatives, managed to take time away from his dreams of raping Sandra Fluke and whatever other woman he wants, to decry the "pure marxism coming out of the mouth of the Pope". We all know what comes out of the mouth of Limpballs.

American Catholics, who have for years given their support to Republicans and the Right, are in for a shock when their "brethren" the anti-human, let'em die, kill the poor, guardians of Plutocracy and Vulture Capitalists, turn upon them.

They'll be surprised when conservatives begin to spit out epithets like papists and defame the 'Bishop of Rome' while expecting Catholics to toe-the-line and prostrate themselves in front of the conservative idols of Oppression, Subjugation, and adulation of the Rich.

And they'll be forced to choose between Supply-Side Jesus and the Vicar of Christ. Interesting times indeed.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dinesh D'Souza calls for President Obama's Murder

I am thankful this week when I remember that America is big enough and great enough to survive Grown-Up Trayvon in the White House! — Dinesh D'Souza (@DineshDSouza) November 26, 2013
Dinesh D'Souza is a well known racist, serial adulterer, and wingnut welfare receipient, so its' just plain logical that he would inject some Stochastic Terrorism into the Right-Wing Fart Bubble blog-o-sphere at the moment conservatives are claiming America surrendered to Iran and that Obamacare is a worse disaster than Hurricane Katrina and the George W(orst President Ever) Bush-led Iraq War.

D'Souza, of course, deleted the tweet and then posted, “Feigned outrage on the left over me calling Obama ‘grown up Trayvon’ except that Obama likened himself to Trayvon!” Waaaah! I'm the Real Victim here! Conservatives lack the courage of their convictions and are a cocktail of chicken hawk cowardice. D'Souza is a right-wing victimology champion having gone all the way to blaming Liberals for 9/11,
The cultural left in this country is responsible for causing 9/11. [T]he cultural left and its allies in the media, Congress, Hollywood, the non-profit sector and the universities are the primary cause of the volcano of anger toward America that is erupting from the Islamic world.
Having written that Barack Obama is ruled by the african muslim ghost of his dead father to overthrow and kill whitey, Dinesh D'Souza has made his recent career the elimination of President Obama, endlessly repeating the putrid conservative mantra about President Obama, as the terrorist pal, the kenyan born, the madrassa trained, the marxist bred, the black christian liberation theology muslim with the dream of destroying Real America and pimping his hilariously titled The Roots of Obama's Rage and movie 2016: Obama's America amongst every toxic right-wing news source.

There's really only one reason Dinesh and his despicable ilk have been spewing their filth it's the fevernt hope a Ted-Nugent inspired Second Amendment Hero will murder President Obama. It's the same thing they did with President Clinton in the 1990's which enticed conservatives to drive-by and shoot at the White House. 

If there is one thing Rape-publicans think of more often than Rape Rape Rape, it's assassinating a sitting Democratic President.

Thus by referencing Trayvon Martin, the murder victim of George Zimmerman, D'Souza is clearly alluding to his desired fate for President Obama.

Jerome Corsi and Heather Childers want to Lynch President Obama

The Iran Deal II: The Wrath of the Khan-servatives

The Right's reaction to a diplomatic success was as predictable as it was unhinged. Now, unfortunately the P5+1 Iran Nuclear Deal should be called Obamacare III: The Search for Conservative Sanity because Republicans declared the so-called "Nuclear Option" ending the filibuster to be Obamacare II but, I'm not fluent in right-wing klingon.

Fortunately, the internet provides many who are able to translate right-wing shit-talking and what they uncovered is President Obama's Diplomacy is Munich and the President himself is Neville Chamberlain or A. Hitler.

The constant references to Hitler and WWII go beyond "Godwin's Law" and show us right-wingers have a paucity of reading, knowledge, understanding of any historical time frame to draw upon other than WWII.

Andrew Deadbart's successor Ben Shapiro stated, The easy comparison is to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler in Munich in 1938.

Mark Levin, the brains behind Sean Hannity went further, Obama's destruction spreads worldwide; we surrender to Iran.

Munich 2; Deal Reached On Iran's Nukes, howled Joshuapundit. ...President Obama and the West have just decided to accept a nuclear armed Iran.

This is like Munich and Chamberlain all over again, isn't it? said Robert Stacy McCain. Even to think of negotiating with the Tehran regime is a disgrace.

So, Conservatives wasted no time assuring their duped and brain battered followers that Diplomacy by President Obama is tantamount to surrender. Gotta Blame Barack for something!

Of course, its' only inside the American Right-Wing fart bubble of outrage that such diplomacy is seen as surrender, partly because the grifters who continually pump there noxious emissions into the right-wing blog-o-sphere need a fresh supply of outrage to keep fleecing the conservative rubes but also because secretly down in their shriveled loins conservatives hope some Right-Wing Second Amendment Hero will rid them of President Obama.

However, the worst of the worst has to go to NeoClown John Bolton, Former UN ambassador and never right about anything, who let it be known that Israeli has his blessing and the moral duty to launch nuclear attacks on Iran immediately for the dastardly crime of diplomacy,
"So in truth, an Israeli military strike is the only way to avoid Tehran’s otherwise inevitable march..."
Once again, Israel is treated as the 51st and yet most important State in the Union by the Right.

A reason for this was hit upon over at Addicting Info, T. Steelman who believes that underneath all of the furious beating of conservatives' man-boobs lies the belief by the right-wing religious fanatics that Wars in the Middle East will usher in the end-times,
This agreement throws a wrench into their Armageddon plans. The situation in Syria has petered out for the moment so Iran now draws their attention again. For their End Times scenario to work, there must be conflict in the Middle East. Every step to alleviate that drives another nail into the coffin of their twisted religious doctrine. The way these people talk about this — their codes and dog-whistles — clearly paint Obama as the Antichrist. They believe that his actions, especially concerning the Middle East, will jump-start their little end-of-the-world drama. They WANT war in the Middle East. They WANT death and destruction. Because they believe that will usher in the Second Coming. They see everything as the end of the world because they WANT it to be. And that is just some premium sick, to my mind.
So, it does seem the conservative Chairborne Commandos who've never stepped into the yellow footprints let alone heard a shot fired in anger beat feet to their keyboards to furiously demand that Neville Chamberlain/Obama/Hitler renounce his kenyan muslim marxist ways and declare immediate war on Iran.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Iran Deal; Another Diplomatic Victory by President Obama

America was treated to another masterful job of World Stage Diplomacy by President Obama when the President reached a deal that will halt the enrichment of uranium and force Iran to accept inspectors on the ground to verify compliance, all in exchange for relaxing some of the economic sanctions against the Iranian Government.

It's still early in the agreement but for the first time in decades the United States along with Russia, UK, France, China, Germany, has engaged the Iranian Government through diplomatic channels.

“While today's announcement is just a first step, it achieves a great deal,” US President Barack Obama said in a statement at the White House. “For the first time in nearly a decade, we have halted the progress of the Iranian nuclear program, and key parts of the program will be rolled back.”

And one can always tell a brilliant diplomatic stroke by the way Republican Howler Monkeys react. Right-Wingers have No Concept of Diplomacy, Republicans engaged in their standard gnashing of teeth, beating of their man-boobs, and tweeting about Obamacare.

Sigh. It's difficult enough living in a country with an ardent core of Ultra-Reactionary fanatics who are bent on turning this Nation into a Corporate Bondage Wage Slave Hellhole but, to have chicken hawk morons comprise a significant part of our government whose idea of Diplomacy is Shock & Awe (as long as someone else's children do the fighting) or derp-proclamations that, "We're not French."

Combining this with the successful intervention in Libya, which prevented a bloody civil war and lead directly to the ousting and death of Muammar Gaddafi and the Chemical Weapons deal President Obama and John Kerry masterfully executed with Russia and Syria and President Obama has succeeded in advancing US interests in 3 powder keg Middle East Nations with only the Tragic loss of life at Benghazi.

Yet, when compared to the MASSIVE* failures of Ronald Reagan, the mentally-addled, terrorist-loving, cut-and-run Chickenhawk, tax-raising, war criminal, tool of the Plutocrats, destroyer of the Social Safety Net, quisling of the Rich in their conquest of America, and George W(orst President Ever) Bush what do Republicans do in response to President Obama's masterful diplomatic coups? Threaten Impeachment.

*- On April 18, 1983 the Beirut Embassy Car Bombing killed 17 Embassy personnel (and 46 Lebanese) and the follow on Truck Bombing attack 6 months later on October 23, 1983 at the US Barracks in Beirut killed 241 Marines, Soldiers and Sailors. Ah, but Saint Reagan was President. The most despicable thing is the attacks followed the same tactics because the Terrorists knew the Embassy Marine Guards were barred by Ronald Reagan from having ammo at their posts.

Two Terrorist Attacks separated by 6 months using the same tactics which resulted in hundreds of Americans killed.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Obamacare Follies and the Republican Playbook

The Obamacare role out was a flub, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Why the administration didn't include a PPACA kiosk in every Social Security Administration office and field banks of 24-hour phone operators throughout the Nation is a mystery to me.

What should not come as a surprise to anyone the least bit familiar with the GOP is the disingenuous despicable evil sabotage and subterfuge Eric Cantor and his party were planning because the Republicans had a playbook designed to sow discontent and anger at the PPACA.

These are the same people who decried fluoridation of water as a "commie plot". These are the same people who originated Truther Movements in the 1940's by claiming FDR knew the Japanese were on the way to bomb Pearl Harbor. These are the same people who distributed JFK: Wanted for Treason fliers in Texas just prior to his assassination.

Republicans hate the Poor, hate Government and hate everything and anything which takes away from their ability to oppress and harm Working Class Americans.

This is what we're faced with; an intransigent Party which will never argue in good faith, will never propose any government based solution, and will do everything in their considerable power to harm the Nation in service to their Moneyed Masters.

So, once the Republican Government Shutdown ended and the Obamacare Website snafus became the focus; our Elite Media reporters, bloggers and newspaper opinion pages dutifully covered Republican drones all repeating the same message from their disingenuous propaganda 'Obamacare failure... Obamacare failure... Obamacare failure... Num Num Num...' and focused on Poor Little Rich Girl sob stories about the troubles the Rich and "Low Affluent" are having with the PPACA, instead of Republican Sabotage or pointing out that Republicans have No Alternative, except if You are Poor Die Quickly."We've got to a point, where money is so powerful a force in politics and in the media that attention is paid, mostly, to people who are wealthy; upper middle class, that define what the politicians are looking at and concerned about and what the media are covering. I wish that were not the case but, in fact, as a political reality that is the case." - Robert Reich on Moyers & Company, 09/20/13

Dylan Ratigan, a multi-millionaire with a 30,000 square-foot hydroponic farm called "Archi's Acres" bemoaned that his catastrophic insurance coverage was going up $4000-a-year. Dylan is rich enough to not need regular healthcare coverage because he can just pay out of pocket. Why can't those poor moochers do the same???

Lori Gottlieb, "Obamacare or Kafkacare?" Unless you've become a Giant Dung Beetle, Lori, this is a lame comparison. But, do go on Lori and "Dare to Complain about Obamacare"

“The nation has been better off,” wrote one friend. “Over 33 million people who did not have insurance are now going to get it.” That’s all fine and good for “the nation,” but what about my $5,400 rate hike (after-tax dollars, I wanted to add, but dared not in this group of previously closeted Mother Teresas)? Another friend wrote, “Yes, I’m paying an extra 200 a month, but I’m okay with doing that so that others who need it can have health care.”
But, what about ME??????? Lori Gottlieb, in 2000, pouted when Six-Figures adds up to Zero, that when she reached an undisclosed six-figure salary in her late 20's and moved to Silicon Valley she was hurt and frustrated because she realized she wasn't wealthy and "could see the wealth all around me -- wealth that I most certainly didn't have." Won't someone please think of the poor put upon Rich Woman?

John Boehner, a chain-smoking, full on progressed cirrhosis individual staged a Obamacare Sign-up stunt which backfired upon him,
As it turns out, his willingness to “keep trying” was a good idea. Boehner, who is not yet eligible for Medicare, “called the DC Health Link help line,” and a “few hours later,” the process was complete. He’d signed up for health insurance.
Nicole L. Hopkins mother, to her shame can now receive medicaid through Obamacare, since she was "Unable to secure employer-sponsored health care," and had to settle for "$276 a month for bare-bones catastrophic coverage."
"How has it come to this?" she asked in one of our several talks over the past few weeks about what was happening. When she was a working mother and I was young, she easily carried health insurance for our whole family. "How have I fallen this far?"
How has it come to this? Because to Republicans if You're not Wealthy You don't get to be Healthy. 

Health care costs are 17-18% of GDP and rising. 20 years ago when costs were 10-12% people in the Medical Profession were alarmed. The proper time to act passed long ago, because while (((America))) is a Center-Left Nation there is a hard nut of Ultra-Reactionaries to whom no Republican is ever conservative enough. To these rabid fanatics Grover Norquist and Mitch McConnell are "squishes" who believe in policies of appeasement.

All of the firebaggers blaming President Obama for not getting Single-Payer, a proven system which has worked in multiple Nations and was recently adopted in the State of Vermont, seem to ignore the fact that a motivated and despicable section of our Nation would never approve and was directly responsible for Single-Payers doom. The United States was never going to get a National Healthcare System, ala Canada or Europe because powerful forces don't want it.

Power and Money concede nothing.

A reason Republicans loathe Obamacare is because it undermines their key 35 year running Talking Point, i.e. the Ronnie Reagan "Government is the problem," lie.

From The Impolitic, Why Mitch McConnell really hates Obamacare
Meanwhile, it will be too late for McConnell either way. He's led the vanguard against health care for his own constituents, so the newly covered rubes who once believed the lies won't vote for him now and the angry cons who won't ever sign up because, Dimmocrats invented it, won't vote for him because he signed off on a compromise or two. He's pretty well screwed.
Government isn't the problem, Republicans in Government is the Problem.

Let's keep this a secret from the U.S. corporate media, but, as Sy Mukherjee and Andrew Breiner note at ThinkProgress...
On Wednesday, the new head of the White House Council of Economic Advisers released a bombshell report finding that U.S. health care spending since 2010 has increased by just 1.3 percent - the smallest cost growth over a three-year period in American history - while prices in the health care sector rose by 50-year lows, thanks in part to structural changes made by the Affordable Care Act. But most media outlets ignored that story, instead choosing to focus on ongoing glitches with the website.

Friday, November 22, 2013

No Faux News, The Pledge of Allegiance should not be Mandatory

Conservatives, as naked Authoritarians, demand absolute adherence to their principles of Bigotry, Subjugation, Oppression and prostration to the 1%.

Anyone who varies from that ideology must be destroyed.

Faux News Megyn Kelly, Trace Gallagher, and Gretchen Carlson have run multiple stories alleging Sioux Falls South Dakota School Board voted to remove the Pledge and time at the beginning of school day set aside to recite the Pledge.

First of all here is the original pledge from 1892, not 1776 or 1789;
I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Under god was inserted by rabid conservative bigots in the 1950s because commies were godless whereas America was the special child of jesus.

I've worked in a junior high school in Illinois, the Pledge was said everyday. I support anyone's decision not to recite the pledge. But, that's because, unlike conservatives and Faux News, I believe in freedom.

Of course, any disagreement about the Pledge could be turned into an awesome US history project about it's origins, changes and the nature of patriotism but conservatives fanatics demand unthinking allegiance to their principles, which I earlier enumerated.

So, predictably, the School Board is alleging they have received multiple death threats via phone and email. From Crooks and Liars;
"It wasn't dropped. That wasn't true at all," School Board member Kent Alberty said. "And that is  what people were reacting to was the headline - not what we actually did. And then Fox picked that story up -- and again -- it was the headline they used, not the actual facts of what we did at the School Board meeting. The one that I guess got my attention the most was that this person feels that all five of us should be lined up and shot."
Okay, besides the shocking revelation that Faux News lies, I don't care if a veterans group made the request, Veterans aren't infallible. For instance in 2006, the Illinois Veterans of Foreign Wars supported never-served-a-day Peter Roskam, a Republican who has taken multiple gifts from the Government of the Republic of China, over Tammy Duckworth, an actual Veteran of a Foreign War who lost both legs in George W(orst President Ever) Bush's phony war on the phantom Iraqi WMD.

In 2006, while debating Duckworth, Peter Roskam repeatedly said the military needed to "finish well" in Iraq, going so far to declare the DuPage congressional region wasn't a "cut-and-run district".

Roskam won that election and we here in Illinois are still plagued by his presence and his totally ethical and above board gift-taking from the Government of the Republic of China. 

But, IOKIYAR always holds sway. And the conservative outrage machine must be furnished with new logs of lies to stoke the fires of right-wing fanaticism. So, that's why it's okay that Faux News is lying about the Sioux Falls School Board and the Pledge.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welcome to Capitalism, America.

Capitalism is impoverishing and despoiling America.

The increasing unemployment. The transformation of the United States from a manufacturing powerhouse to a service-based industry. The creation of a economy built on the hedge-fund gambling, legerdemain and chicanery of Banking Institutions. The destruction of the Appalachian mountains for strip mining, the wholesale dumping of thousands of tons of petcoke in poor Chicago and Detroit neighborhoods are the end product of Capitalism.

For years Americans enjoyed the "benefits" of Capitalism as wage slaves in third world nations made products and corrupt banana republics gleefully exported their natural resources for Corporate exploitation.

But, while Labor Unions were shedding their blood and generations of Americans fought for better working conditions benefits and pay here at home, Capitalists were fighting back.

Prior to the modern age, Capitalists employed two basic weapons, illegal immigration and off-shoring of jobs. The Rich are fully in support of illegal immigration because it imports workers who are willing to do jobs here in the United States for lower pay, no benefits and if something happens to them those workers have little recourse or legal options.

But, Capitalists have also fought for years to break down barriers across Nation-States to make capital liquid, because once capital can flow freely then labor can be completely undercut.

NAFTA, CAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership are efforts by the 1% to be able to move their capital quickly and without restraint and to "create jobs" where costs are the cheapest. The 'Job Creators' touted by Republicans have no connection to the United States and see no difference between a Mexican worker, an Indonesian worker or an American. To the Job Creators whomever they can pay the lowest pay up to and including outright slavery is the "best".

Those manufacturing jobs currently in China and various third-world wage slave dictatorships are not coming back to the US. Until the day when US labor costs less than that overseas, worker protections are eliminated and anti-pollution regulations are stricken from law by Republican operatives.

What Libertarians and free-marketers don't understand and can't believe is one day they will be treated by Capitalism, the way Capitalism has treated the rest of the world.

And that is Capitalism; it's the impoverishment and enslaving of 99% of the world to enrich 1%.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy Right-Wing Coup d'etat Day! Sorry conservatives, George Zimmerman won't be joining you

Today is the Day. The Day Right-Wingers have declared their intention to march on DC and Overthrown the Government
On November 19, 2013, a day that will hopefully live on in the history of our once great republic...
Bristling that America is a Center-Left Nation, Conservatives have been engaged in a 5 year plus campaign to undermine the democratically elected President and usurp power, through lies, bigotry and calls for violence.

The problem is the Coup was accomplished many years ago when the Ultra-Reactionary Neo-Feudalist Government was ensconced by the Rich to return the Country to the control of those who own it.

And the Government of the Plutocracy has been wildly successful at fostering Income Inequality not seen since the Gilded Era of the Robber Barons and the Slave Owning Days of the Founding Fathers. While dismantling and destroying any Governmental institution which aids the Poor and Working Class. 

One Right-Wing champion who will not be aiding in the effort to overthrown the Government is George Zimmerman, who was arrested again. For Domestic Violence... again. With a gun... again.

The reason the Right latched onto and defended Zimmerman was because Conservatives love when black children are murdered and because right-wingers deemed Zimmerman the Vanguard against President Obama.

While conservatism is not in its' "last throes" what we are witnessing is the slow end of undeserved white male privilege and it's not pretty.

The end of White Male Privilege is perhaps the third most dangerous threat facing America, far behind gang crime and Capitalism, but way more dangerous than Islamic Terrorism.

However, it's only going to get worse as the years roll by and the demographic shift continues.

And expect to see more Sovereign Citizen murder of police officers and more young black women shot in the face for ringing a doorbell, and more Open Carry Gun Nuts waiting in ambush for unarmed women and more white supremacists following those people around in order to Take their Country Back.

Craig Cobb Leith North Dakota
When you see Open Carry gun nuts walking around in the alert
or admin carry mode, think potential mass shooting.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Palins' Papal Pronouncements, David Barton's insanity defense and right-wing religious persecution

Palin declared she's worried Pope Francis sounded kind of liberal, "[H]e's had some statements that to me sounded kind of liberal, has taken me aback, has kind of surprised me."

Of course, she's taken aback. Palin is a Real American and all real americans know that liberal is a dirty word. Why doesn't Il Papa know this?

Sarah Palin is not a Catholic. Yet, as with every issue, the only thing that is important is that the Right-Wing gets to excrete their ignorant bigotry.

No matter the issue, no matter the person, no matter their office, their achievements or accomplishments, if someone doesn't conform to right-wing orthodoxy then they are too be shunned and destroyed.

The Right incorporates a culture of absolute disrespect towards those who stray from their toxic mix of power apologia, pettiness, bigotry and oppression.

It doesn't matter if it's Pope Francis, Pat Tillman, a Postal Employee or President Obama, right-wingers are feces flinging fact-free fanatics, who only show respect for an individual if they espouse the proper right-wing rhetoric.
“I think this administration has a very narrow view of the First Amendment, that first freedom, the freedom of religion,” Family Research Council Tony Perkins explained. “I think they see religious freedom as fine with it as long as it’s in the four walls of a church. But if it comes into workplace, the marketplace, if it comes into the public square, it’s not welcome.”
This is exactly correct. Your weird beliefs are not welcome in the public square or the workplace, Mr. Perkins. You want to praise jesus? You want to adhere to the christian faith? Fine. But, you don't get to enforce your religious precepts onto others.

But, we've seen over and over and over again, that Religious Zealots don't want Freedom of Religion they want the Freedom to impose their religion on everyone else.
"I’m proud we are standing up for religious freedom in our state," Texas Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Perry said. "Freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion."
Part of the fight over coverage in the ACA is the fight of fanatics to force their beliefs on other people.
A business owner may be a Christian Scientist who doesn't believe in blood transfusions or antibiotics, but because the ACA provides coverage for those treatments the business owner doesn't get to veto coverage for his employee.
And if you think I'm creating an unfair strawman argument, religious wacko David Barton, truly believes that Veterans suffering from PTSD shouldn't get any medical or psychiatric treatment.
David Barton knows that if the returning Veteran truly believed in christ, he wouldn't have any problems. From Rawstory:
In a Veteran’s Day appearance on Believer’s Voice of Victory, televangelist Kenneth Copeland told "historian" David Barton that Numbers 32 said that soldiers “shall return and be guiltless before the Lord” and that meant that they wouldn’t have PTSD. 
"You don’t take drugs to get rid of it, it doesn’t take psychology; that promise right there will get rid of it,” he said, pointing at the Bible. 
"What we’re talking about, getting rid of the PTSD, guys who have been through battle, they need to understand that soldier’s promise, you come back guiltless before God and the nation," Barton agreed. 
"You’re on an elevated platform up here, you’re a hero, you’re put in the faith hall of fame if you take this [Bible],” he added. "We used to in the pulpit understand the difference between a just war and an unjust war. And there’s a biblical difference, and when you do it God’s way, not only are you guiltless for having done that, you’re esteemed.”
For a long, long time the Right has had total dominion over religious voters. But, as the Holy Spirit moves through Pope Francis expect an upswing of catholic bashing routinely witnessed in American history. As Right-Wingers continue to lash out at those who don't conform to the conservative values of bigotry, oppression, hatred and subjugation.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans, the Post Office, and the Right-Wing's efforts to eliminate both

Veteran's Day.

R. V. Burgin, a famous Marine who fought at Peleliu and Okinawa, joined the US Post Office after the War in The Pacific.

My regular postman is a Veteran. My mother works for the Post Office. Many Veterans have worked and do work for the Post Office after their military careers.

In 2006, the Republican Party hatched a plan to cripple the US Postal Office. The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 mandated the agency “pre-pay” into a fund that covers 75 years of health care costs for future retired employees. Under the mandate, the USPS is required to make an annual $5.5 billion payment over ten years.

In 2011, former Congressman Joe Walsh took time out of his busy schedule not paying child support to scream at Melissa Rakestraw, a postal worker and constituent, when she met Joe at a Coffee house to voice her concerns that a 2011 Republican Bill would destroy the Post Office,
"If the Postal Service can't compete in the marketplace," then Congressman Walsh shouted. "I am tired of propping it up!"
Of course, that's not true, the taxpayers are not "propping it up". Since reforms to the Postal Service in 1971, 1982 and 1984 the Post Office is not funded by Taxpayer welfare in contrast to Darrell Issa's lavish pension under the FERS and the free health care Walsh received to "prop" himself up and $350,000 dollars that Joe Walsh earned for his two years of "work" in Congress.

After video of the ignorant puerile Walsh came to light, Rakestraw told interviewers, "[E]arlier I had told him if he supports Darrell Issa‘s bill to reform the Post Office that 200,000 jobs could be lost. 20% of those employees are veterans. Mr. Walsh came up to me and said, ‘I do not care about the loss of public sector jobs.’"

As it specifically relates to the USPS the Plutocracy wants is a Rump Post Office. Lucrative routes will be privitazed (i.e. Manhattan, Hawaii to CONUS) while cost ineffective routes, the South Dakota Bad Lands or the wide open plains of rural Wyoming, will be run by the Post Office.

Issa, Joe Walsh, Peter Roskam and the Republicans goal is the desire of the Plutocracy; to eliminate what the US Post Service offers and represents; a living wage, reliable benefits, and a defined pension, a stable retirement. A chance to create a solid future for oneself and their family. 

The Republican Party are adamantly opposed to the Americans Middle Class and have been working for 35 years to grind them into dust,
"Who does Barack talk about all the time? The middle class. Since when in America do we have classes? Since when in America are people stuck in areas, or defined places called a class? That’s Marxism talk. When Republicans get up and talk about middle class we’re buying into their rhetoric of dividing America. Stop it." Republican Rick Santorum, former Senator and Presidential Candidate.
Getting rid of the Post Office will go along way towards destroying the Middle Class and driving 99% of Americans into Penury and Corporate Bondage.

Friday, November 8, 2013

"Fake" Libertarian spoils the ascension of Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia Governor's Race

The Stab-in-the-Back is the most fulfilling narrative that defeated political campaigns adopt.

In 2000, Al Gore "lost" the Presidency because too many Floridians voted for Ralph Nader. That's the easy sloppy narrative that many progressives seem to believe when the truth is that Gore ran a poor campaign and Republicans in Florida shut down the recount so that Gore v. Bush would be decided by the Reactionary Heavy SCOTUS. Which dutifully handed the Presidency to the Worst Man to ever hold the office.

Of course, in the alternate US where the winner of the 2000 Presidential election, Al Gore, took office September 11th would have led to an immediate call for Impeachment and a Right-Wing Military Coup attempt led by Lt. General William Boykin to overthrown President Gore would follow.

Right-Wing fanatics are super mad that Ken Cuccinelli lost to Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. It can't be because of the reprehensible beliefs which Cuccinelli and his choice for Lt. Governor espoused.

No no! It's because Hillary Clinton got a "Fake Libertarian" onto the ballot who siphoned votes away from Cuccinelli and stole the election.

First off, Libertarianism was founded to dupe working class white people into voting against their interests. In 1972 the term "Libertarian" barely won the nod as title of the Party over "New Liberal Party".

In 1980 David H. Koch, of the Koch Brothers, was the Libertarian VP nominee. The party received 1% of the Nationwide vote.

Since, then Libertarians have worked hard to reinvent themselves to be palatable to left-wingers. But, Libertarian is just a scam term Ultra Reactionary's use to dupe middle class people to vote to enslave themselves into Corporate Bondage and Wage Slavery.

Now, any Libertarian who espouses the I vote Libertarian because I want to be left alone! There's No such thing as a Free Lunch! The principle of Zero-Aggression! Ron Paul!!! is either woefully misinformed or a right-wing liar.

Ron Paul has no problem with the Government oppressing you. He just wants the Power of Oppression to be vested in the Hands of the States instead of the Federal Government. And Oppression was exactly what Ken Cuccinelli promised.

Ken Cuccinelli, whom Ron Paul not only endorsed but campaigned for, asserted as Attorney General that the 2003 SCOTUS decision Lawrence v. Texas did apply to Virginia. He attempted to get Sodomy Laws reapplied to the State and wanted to arrest Men and Women who engaged in Sexual acts he deemed abnormal. Demanding that local Law Enforcement officers invade peoples' homes and conduct wide-ranging inspections into their sexual mores.

Cuccinelli also declared his administration would reduce Virginia Women to broodmare status and considered any Federal law which helped to provide health care to women to be illegal and unconstitutional.

But, of course, that's not a problem for Libertarians, who are overwhelmingly young white males, who could care less about women's issues and declare themselves Libertarians as an expression of the fury that White Male Privilege no longer holds Supremacy in America.

How's your principle of Zero Aggression going to hold up when David Koch dumps 4000 tons of Petcoke next to your house one day? Who will you turn to?

And therein lies the whole tale of Libertarianism. The Young White (Protestant) Males can not envision a day when the Corporate Plutocracy treats them the same way it treats minorities and women.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

America's Right-Wing Coup: McJobs for All, Food for None, Tax Cuts for the Rich and Austerity forever

A Coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder. - Edward Luttwak, Coup d'Etat: A Practical Handbook
Republicans and their duped Conservative drones are pushing this Nation into a Land which resembles the Feudal Domains of Dark Ages Europe. 400 Americans own more wealth than the over 150,000,000 other Americans.

The Rich did not see the Progressive Victories of last 100 years as permanent and immutable. The Ultra-Reactionary Neo-Liberal Class Warfare the Rich have been waging upon Americans for the last 35 years has been incredibly successful. The 1% have returned America to levels of Income Inequality not seen since the Glided Age of Robber Barons and the Slave Plantations of The Founding Fathers.

A new Massive redistribution of wealth up to the Rentier Class began on November 1st, with the first of $50 Billion in cuts to Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP).
"It took us years to get here but we are here," House Agriculture Committee Chairman Republican Frank Lucas.
It did indeed. Republicans have been demonizing and ostracizing the Poor for decades. The Founding Fathers knew that a Nation built upon the disparity of wealth the Republican Party and the Pro-Business Democrats have created was untenable. James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, 4th President of the United States, warned future Americans about Class Warfare, 
"The most common and durable source of faction has been the various and unequal distribution of property..." And,
"We are free today substantially but the day will come when our Republic will be an impossibility. It will be impossibility because wealth will be concentrated in the hands of a few."
Now, Herman Cain succinctly declared the Republicans' simpler understanding of the economy,
"If you're poor... Blame yourself!" 
The cuts to SNAP aren't happening in a vacuum or as part of hypothetical economic model. They are being done while each and every Government program which aids the poor and working class is likewise under assault funded by a few hundred Americans and their Corporate Zombies. Meanwhile, 300 or so Republican apparatchiks have seized vital organs of Government and are using that power to overthrow the Democratic Republic.

And it's succeeding...

Daily, Americans are bombarded by the Right-Wing propaganda machine, AHIP saboteurs, and Republican plotters attempting to undermine the ACA (Obamacare) with their simplistic narrative, 'Obama lied!' so that they true goal of eliminating the Social Safety Net.

Unlike most, Coup attempts the Plutocracy already controls most of the Government, it's just every now and then, those dastardly poor and working class people don't readily vote themselves into Corporate Bondage and Wage Slavery. 

Thus, Obamacare has become the Hill on which the Plutocracy is willing to sacrifice their Republican attack dogs upon because the Rich absolutely loathe the idea of working class people having a bit of breathing room and not living in fear of being bankrupted by a health care crisis.
"One of the problems so far is that many more people are signing up for Medicaid than are signing up to the private insurance plans in the market place" - Chris Wallace, Faux News 
Faux News contributor, Dr. Marc Siegel said in an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show that “there is too much health insurance, it covers too much. Too many people have it."
And Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell complained the Poor people in Kentucky whom he's personally tried to keep down and indigent are getting the benefits of Obamacare, 
"Well, 85 percent of the people who've signed up in Kentucky have signed up for Medicaid. That's free health care. The rollout is quite mixed -- quite mixed -- and largely people signing up for Medicaid. Free health care."
Unlike, Senator McConnell, who "works hard" for his Government provided health care.

Like, the "Banana Republics" fostered by The United Fruit Company or the Anglo-Persian Oil (now known as BP) dealings in Persia, Corporate Monstrosities use money and influence to purchase a Government which conforms to the whims and desires of a small cadre of Wealthy Elites and enforce a Corporate Hegemony which oversees the ruthless implementation of Austerity politics; the raiding of municipal pensions, elimination of food programs for poor children, the destruction of health care for wounded veterans and the blatant theft of the last bits of wealth held by the elderly.
"We live in a society where politics is controlled by money; wealthy individuals and big businesses," Jeffrey Hollender — the founder of the natural products company Seventh Generation.
The 1% of the 1% truly have a vision of a smaller US Government, one small enough to fit in their pocket.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Are Shooting Rampages "Shocking" or Newsworthy Anymore? Gun Nuts love to Blame the Victim

So, when I started this post there had already been two mass shooting rampages in the week just before Halloween, now there have been Four Mass Shootings in the span of four days resulting in 21 people killed.

As soon as absolutely nothing happened after 20 children, 4 teachers, and the principal were slaughtered at Newton, Connecticut I knew Firearm Manufacturers and Gun Crazies had definitively won.

I should have realized this after, the Dark Knight of Aurora Colorado or when 3 Pennsylvania Police Officers were murdered by Right-Wing Hero Richard Poplawski because Glenn Beck told him Obama was comin' fer his guns, or when Mike Huckabee's best friend Maurice Clemmons murdered 4 Seattle Police Officers or when a Pennsylvania man shot 12 women, killing three at a yoga studio because he hadn't had sex in 20 years or when a Faux News fueled white-power Hero killed 6 Sikhs in Milwaukee because they're really "muslin" terrorists or when 17 people were shot, 13 of them killed, in an upstate New York immigration center or after any of the several hundred mass shooting events we've had in this country.

After each of these incidents, and following the dozens of Mass Shooting Since Newton, Gun Nuts have merely dug themselves in deeper and lashed out at anyone who dares to try and bring any sanity back to our Nation through Laws.

But, now I know despite all the rhetoric; Despite all the pleas to "Freedom", "Against Tyranny", "Shall Not be infringed"; The entire NRA position and Gun Nuts argument is Nothing More than Blaming the Victim. The victims were shot because they didn't have a gun.

Now, it's slightly more complicated for Gun Makers because their industry is fueled by blood money and Mass Shootings generate more profits for Firearm Manufacturers when they happen but, when a Holy god-blessed Second Amendment Hero goes forth and kills a bunch of children and innocent people, pro-gun advocates and Internet trolls simply blame the victim for being shot, clench their teeth and call everyone libtards.

And that's that.

There was a shooting incident at Los Angeles Airport and all the Gun Cultists who descend upon these internet postings can do is fault LAX for being a Gun-Free Zone and proclaim the Gun Laws of California don't work.

Sigh. Laws against Thievery have been around since Hammurabi yet we still have thefts.

No Law in and of itself will ever stop a crime. Enforcement is needed. And what we need now is the Department of Justice to drop it's silly and ineffective Drug War and go after all segments of the Cult of the Gun. Until then all of Us are living our lives under threat from the Pro-Gun Crazies, until we all become just another shooting casualty, sacrificed at the Whims of Madmen.

Update II:
Reason Magazine commenters are celebrating the murder of the TSA worker, glibly complaining that of course the evil government will use it to crack down on the poor, poor persecuted Libertarians and that the shooter identified as Paul A. Ciancia was obviously a leftist because he had anti-government views.