Friday, November 22, 2013

No Faux News, The Pledge of Allegiance should not be Mandatory

Conservatives, as naked Authoritarians, demand absolute adherence to their principles of Bigotry, Subjugation, Oppression and prostration to the 1%.

Anyone who varies from that ideology must be destroyed.

Faux News Megyn Kelly, Trace Gallagher, and Gretchen Carlson have run multiple stories alleging Sioux Falls South Dakota School Board voted to remove the Pledge and time at the beginning of school day set aside to recite the Pledge.

First of all here is the original pledge from 1892, not 1776 or 1789;
I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Under god was inserted by rabid conservative bigots in the 1950s because commies were godless whereas America was the special child of jesus.

I've worked in a junior high school in Illinois, the Pledge was said everyday. I support anyone's decision not to recite the pledge. But, that's because, unlike conservatives and Faux News, I believe in freedom.

Of course, any disagreement about the Pledge could be turned into an awesome US history project about it's origins, changes and the nature of patriotism but conservatives fanatics demand unthinking allegiance to their principles, which I earlier enumerated.

So, predictably, the School Board is alleging they have received multiple death threats via phone and email. From Crooks and Liars;
"It wasn't dropped. That wasn't true at all," School Board member Kent Alberty said. "And that is  what people were reacting to was the headline - not what we actually did. And then Fox picked that story up -- and again -- it was the headline they used, not the actual facts of what we did at the School Board meeting. The one that I guess got my attention the most was that this person feels that all five of us should be lined up and shot."
Okay, besides the shocking revelation that Faux News lies, I don't care if a veterans group made the request, Veterans aren't infallible. For instance in 2006, the Illinois Veterans of Foreign Wars supported never-served-a-day Peter Roskam, a Republican who has taken multiple gifts from the Government of the Republic of China, over Tammy Duckworth, an actual Veteran of a Foreign War who lost both legs in George W(orst President Ever) Bush's phony war on the phantom Iraqi WMD.

In 2006, while debating Duckworth, Peter Roskam repeatedly said the military needed to "finish well" in Iraq, going so far to declare the DuPage congressional region wasn't a "cut-and-run district".

Roskam won that election and we here in Illinois are still plagued by his presence and his totally ethical and above board gift-taking from the Government of the Republic of China. 

But, IOKIYAR always holds sway. And the conservative outrage machine must be furnished with new logs of lies to stoke the fires of right-wing fanaticism. So, that's why it's okay that Faux News is lying about the Sioux Falls School Board and the Pledge.

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Nan said...

It never seems to occur to the pea-brained right-wing types who want every child to be forced to say the pledge that as soon as you start forcing everyone to say it you've turned it into a lie.

As for the veterans' groups, the S.O. and I talk about that weird contradiction fairly often. We know many VFW and American Legion members who are rabidly right wing and thought aWol walked on water. They all dissed Clinton as a draft dodger, but gave aWol a free pass. Even worse, they shit all over John Kerry and Kerry was a combat veteran. Maybe there's something they put in the beer they serve that kills more than the usual number of brain cells?