Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Iran Deal II: The Wrath of the Khan-servatives

The Right's reaction to a diplomatic success was as predictable as it was unhinged. Now, unfortunately the P5+1 Iran Nuclear Deal should be called Obamacare III: The Search for Conservative Sanity because Republicans declared the so-called "Nuclear Option" ending the filibuster to be Obamacare II but, I'm not fluent in right-wing klingon.

Fortunately, the internet provides many who are able to translate right-wing shit-talking and what they uncovered is President Obama's Diplomacy is Munich and the President himself is Neville Chamberlain or A. Hitler.

The constant references to Hitler and WWII go beyond "Godwin's Law" and show us right-wingers have a paucity of reading, knowledge, understanding of any historical time frame to draw upon other than WWII.

Andrew Deadbart's successor Ben Shapiro stated, The easy comparison is to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler in Munich in 1938.

Mark Levin, the brains behind Sean Hannity went further, Obama's destruction spreads worldwide; we surrender to Iran.

Munich 2; Deal Reached On Iran's Nukes, howled Joshuapundit. ...President Obama and the West have just decided to accept a nuclear armed Iran.

This is like Munich and Chamberlain all over again, isn't it? said Robert Stacy McCain. Even to think of negotiating with the Tehran regime is a disgrace.

So, Conservatives wasted no time assuring their duped and brain battered followers that Diplomacy by President Obama is tantamount to surrender. Gotta Blame Barack for something!

Of course, its' only inside the American Right-Wing fart bubble of outrage that such diplomacy is seen as surrender, partly because the grifters who continually pump there noxious emissions into the right-wing blog-o-sphere need a fresh supply of outrage to keep fleecing the conservative rubes but also because secretly down in their shriveled loins conservatives hope some Right-Wing Second Amendment Hero will rid them of President Obama.

However, the worst of the worst has to go to NeoClown John Bolton, Former UN ambassador and never right about anything, who let it be known that Israeli has his blessing and the moral duty to launch nuclear attacks on Iran immediately for the dastardly crime of diplomacy,
"So in truth, an Israeli military strike is the only way to avoid Tehran’s otherwise inevitable march..."
Once again, Israel is treated as the 51st and yet most important State in the Union by the Right.

A reason for this was hit upon over at Addicting Info, T. Steelman who believes that underneath all of the furious beating of conservatives' man-boobs lies the belief by the right-wing religious fanatics that Wars in the Middle East will usher in the end-times,
This agreement throws a wrench into their Armageddon plans. The situation in Syria has petered out for the moment so Iran now draws their attention again. For their End Times scenario to work, there must be conflict in the Middle East. Every step to alleviate that drives another nail into the coffin of their twisted religious doctrine. The way these people talk about this — their codes and dog-whistles — clearly paint Obama as the Antichrist. They believe that his actions, especially concerning the Middle East, will jump-start their little end-of-the-world drama. They WANT war in the Middle East. They WANT death and destruction. Because they believe that will usher in the Second Coming. They see everything as the end of the world because they WANT it to be. And that is just some premium sick, to my mind.
So, it does seem the conservative Chairborne Commandos who've never stepped into the yellow footprints let alone heard a shot fired in anger beat feet to their keyboards to furiously demand that Neville Chamberlain/Obama/Hitler renounce his kenyan muslim marxist ways and declare immediate war on Iran.

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