Friday, November 1, 2013

Are Shooting Rampages "Shocking" or Newsworthy Anymore? Gun Nuts love to Blame the Victim

So, when I started this post there had already been two mass shooting rampages in the week just before Halloween, now there have been Four Mass Shootings in the span of four days resulting in 21 people killed.

As soon as absolutely nothing happened after 20 children, 4 teachers, and the principal were slaughtered at Newton, Connecticut I knew Firearm Manufacturers and Gun Crazies had definitively won.

I should have realized this after, the Dark Knight of Aurora Colorado or when 3 Pennsylvania Police Officers were murdered by Right-Wing Hero Richard Poplawski because Glenn Beck told him Obama was comin' fer his guns, or when Mike Huckabee's best friend Maurice Clemmons murdered 4 Seattle Police Officers or when a Pennsylvania man shot 12 women, killing three at a yoga studio because he hadn't had sex in 20 years or when a Faux News fueled white-power Hero killed 6 Sikhs in Milwaukee because they're really "muslin" terrorists or when 17 people were shot, 13 of them killed, in an upstate New York immigration center or after any of the several hundred mass shooting events we've had in this country.

After each of these incidents, and following the dozens of Mass Shooting Since Newton, Gun Nuts have merely dug themselves in deeper and lashed out at anyone who dares to try and bring any sanity back to our Nation through Laws.

But, now I know despite all the rhetoric; Despite all the pleas to "Freedom", "Against Tyranny", "Shall Not be infringed"; The entire NRA position and Gun Nuts argument is Nothing More than Blaming the Victim. The victims were shot because they didn't have a gun.

Now, it's slightly more complicated for Gun Makers because their industry is fueled by blood money and Mass Shootings generate more profits for Firearm Manufacturers when they happen but, when a Holy god-blessed Second Amendment Hero goes forth and kills a bunch of children and innocent people, pro-gun advocates and Internet trolls simply blame the victim for being shot, clench their teeth and call everyone libtards.

And that's that.

There was a shooting incident at Los Angeles Airport and all the Gun Cultists who descend upon these internet postings can do is fault LAX for being a Gun-Free Zone and proclaim the Gun Laws of California don't work.

Sigh. Laws against Thievery have been around since Hammurabi yet we still have thefts.

No Law in and of itself will ever stop a crime. Enforcement is needed. And what we need now is the Department of Justice to drop it's silly and ineffective Drug War and go after all segments of the Cult of the Gun. Until then all of Us are living our lives under threat from the Pro-Gun Crazies, until we all become just another shooting casualty, sacrificed at the Whims of Madmen.

Update II:
Reason Magazine commenters are celebrating the murder of the TSA worker, glibly complaining that of course the evil government will use it to crack down on the poor, poor persecuted Libertarians and that the shooter identified as Paul A. Ciancia was obviously a leftist because he had anti-government views.


Bill said...

Gun laws at this point are to pacify those scared of guns.

Correct me if I'm wrong...

It is already illegal to shoot/murder a kid.

Anyone that shoots up a school is already breaking numerous city/state/federal laws, what law could be written to stop someone with no regard for the law.

How many children are shot/killed by responsible law abiding gun owners?

Considering how many innocent children are killed by cars, driven by both law abiding responsible people and criminal drunk drivers, I feel cars should be banned. It's about the children. Using the numbers, there is no comparing the unfortunate few children killed in mass shootings to the ever increasing number of children killed by cars.

I ride a bike, don't own a car. The banning of cars besides saving millions of children will help the environment. I will not be negatively affected.

Will you support my ban of cars or would that be asking you to personally give up your car? Do you really want to be like a gun owner supporting the killing of children with cars?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh Bill you are so clever with your car analogy.


Let's examine the fundamental flaw in your argument.

Scope and availability.

It is often remarked that all it takes is a split second for a reckless driver or a negligent discharge to end a life.

There are 250,000,000 cars in America
There are 31,560,000 seconds in a Year
That means at a minimum there are (250,000,000 x 31,560,000) possible fatal seconds associated with cars! An astronomical number!!!

Okay, I could argue in bad faith eventually ending up with a number bigger than the number of atoms in the universe but, you're being extremely mendacious with your pleas.

I've pointed out time and again that No Law in and of itself stops crime, enforcement is what's needed.

But, besides the fact that it's entirely possible to have bothincreased car safety and gun safety cars and guns have different roles in society.

A car can be a weapon, as can a hammer, but unless you're insane a gun isn't used to drive in nails.

So, take your false equation to some Gun Hugging site which thinks we don't have enough guns in the country and all these shooting would have been stopped if only they were present to put two in the chest and one in the head of the perp.

ChickenHammer said...

Murder is bad but some people take every opportunity to sensationalize it in order to further their personal views.

Data from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report shows the murder rate is the USA has been declining for years.

Contrary to the rants of the Anti-Gun crazies things really are getting better.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Correct overall crime is going down. However, deaths from guns have stayed the same for the last 20 years. 30,000+.

That's too many.

Additionally, you are committing the lazt Gun Lovers fallacy that Less Crime Follows More Guns. This is not proved.

I would contend the drop in crime follows the reduction of lead in our air, water and soil.

But, you're absolutely correct that the NRA and Gun Nuts sensationalize Murders like when they schedule a "Guns Save Lives" on the Anniversary of the Sandy Hook Murders. But, that's what we've come to expect from Gun Crazies using deaths to advance their cause of Unrestricted Gun Violence. Good catch.

Dervish Sanders said...

The car analogy begs the question: cars are registered, so why not register guns? What about a class to verify proficiency before a license is issued? What about requiring liability insurance that covers your gun? All sound like reasonable suggestions to me, but the pro-gun crazies oppose them all.

ChickenHammer said...

Additionally, you are committing the lazt [sic] Gun Lovers fallacy that Less Crime Follows More Guns. This is not proved.

No. I am not pushing the more guns less crime meme. I said murder rates are down. I said nothing about guns. In previous comments I have said that while gun ownership has been rising crime rates have been declining. I have never made the argument that one is the cause of the other.

This is not the first time you have accused me of this. Why is that?

Grung_e_Gene said...

So... Chickenhammer, in a post about Guns and mass shootings you mention crime is dropping. Perhaps your begging the question works on duping others but the only inference that could be reasonably drawn is that you are implying a connection.

To claim you are not is quite duplicitous.

ChickenHammer said...

That's rich Gene. LOL! You bash my comment based not on what's in it but solely on your insinuations.

You're a tool and are too stupid to realize you are bashing your own thoughts.

Grung_e_Gene said...


I can't decide which is more pathetic:

Your full-throated defense of mean-spirited Corporate Perfidy, Greed and Negligence,


Your obessive need to trounce a blogger who, in your mind is "a tool" and "too stupid to realize" he's being trounced.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Dervish Sanders,

Registering Guns is most definitely a needed step. Gun Owners are incredibly lax when it comes to securing their firearms putting all of us at risk. This extends from the lowliest teabagger all the way up to Vice Presidents and sitting regressive congresswomen Renee Ellmers who can't be bothered to lock up her AR-15.

Gun Owners should have to prove to the State that they have positive control and accounting of the weapons twice annually.

Of course, gun nuts can't be expected to properly maintain their weapons and the residents of Chicago will be plagued with gun violence in which 3/5ths of firearms used in Chicago Violence comes from outside Illinois or Cook County.

Dervish Sanders said...

I heard about that theft of the unsecured AR-15. Pretty careless, and with a dangerous (and expensive) item. Chicago is a case against gun control, haven't you heard? The fact that they have strict gun control laws but lots of gun violence PROVES gun control doesn't work (or so say the gun nuts).

Also, agree with you about what inference ChickenHammer was drawing.

Syrbal/Labrys said...

They won't worry about really controlling crazies with guns until some crazy with a gun takes out several of the 1% crowd. The "Masters" don't care if the serfs only murder each other...actually, they figure survival of the fittest and fastest is just good sport.

What, me, bitter? Why do you ask?