Sunday, November 30, 2014

Republican hatred extends all the way to attacking President Obama's Children

Joe Walsh's former Press Secretary Elizabeth Lauten went after Sasha and Malia Obama for their appearance during the White House Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony. Lauten posted a typical right-wing Facebook screed in which she demanded the girls "show a little class" and stop dressing for "a spot at the bar".

Lauten served as press secretary to former 8th District U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh from January to August 2011.

Joe Walsh is famous for chastising American Jews for not being pro-Israel enough and taking credit for electing President Obama, "it comes back to who he was. He was black, he was historic. And there's nothing racist about this."

While Walsh outed himself this past June when he took to his Right-Wing Hate Speech Radio Show to shout Ni-[clang] Ni-[Clang] Ni-[Clang] Lauten jumped congressional ship, after Walsh's 2012 defeat, to become a staffer for Congressman Stephen Fincher of Tennessee.

Lauten is, predictably, a typical Right-Wing grifter. Because Republicans don't do real work they jump from cushy Government position to cushy Government position. Congressman Fincher has personally received over $3.5 million in Welfare in Government Farming Subsidies.

Lauten's original post then segued into the obligatory everything is President Obama's Fault!!!
"Then again your mother and father don't respect their positions that much, or the nation for that matter."
Everyday, whether it be the State of the Union, a Rose Garden Address or Thanksgiving, is a day to assault President Obama and blame him for all the problems caused by the seditious Republicans, who place Party over Principle and are wholly owned by the 1%.

It's a brilliant ploy. By throwing a petulant fit and inventing all manner of faux scandals; Umbrella-Gate, Marine Corps Hat Gate, Latte-Salute Gate, Dijon Mustard Gate, and then actively working to subvert the Nation and ensure Government doesn't represent or help everyday Americans they know enough Americans will relent and allow them to regain control of the Presidency as they did when W(orst President Ever) was appointed in the stolen 2000 election.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Conservatives love when Cops kill Black People

In the aftermath of the injustice in St. Louis County, the riots and protests are going to obscure the macro and micro evils the murder of Mike Brown by Darren Wilson have re-illustrated.

After Prosectuor Robert P. McCulloch declared there would be no indictment conservatives gleefully took to every media platform they infest to trumpet their unabashed glee, celebrating, as is their wont, the killing of a minority.

Once again we have confirmation of the despicable nature of conservatives. Right-wingers only support Law Enforcement Agencies and Officers when those agents are conducting one of three activites; undermining Leftist Protests, destroying Unions, and killing or incarcerating black men.

Recall that during Cliven Bundy Insurrection, Conservatives flocked to the area to shoot and kill Law Enforcement Officers. Cop Killer Jerad Miller spent 4 days at Bundy's Camp. Conservative Domestic Terror Groups detailed their plans to shot at Officers while hiding behind women and children.

Conservatives don't support the Rule of Law unless that Law is being used to murder minorities or oppress liberals.

For instance the recent spate of Marijuana legislation laws being passed around the country would seem to indicate the pot is not a dangerous drug. But, in this case conservatives found comfort in an old canard, first proferred by William Randolph Hearst, Reefer Madness. Brown had smoked cannabis! Proof that Brown was high meant Wilson's non-lethal attempts were ineffectual! Cannabis is only a dangerous drug when blacks smoke it.

Of course, much of the right-wing defense of Darren Wilson was based on outright fabrications. Jim Hoft, the St. Louis based dumbest man on the internet hyped the "Orbital-eye socket blowout" injury Wilson supposedly suffered. Hoft and other conservatives bloggers posted and reposted a CAT-Scan which showed the broken eyesocket. It was proven the images used by conservatives bloggers was not of Wilson but taken from a University of Iowa medical textbook. Of course, this didn't dissuade the right-wing liars as they doubled-down on their lies and claimed it was illustrative of the injury Wilson suffered.

But, the real damage had been done because the Lie was in the conservative bloodstream and despite all refutations and evidence against conservatives would continue to parrot that Brown had savagely (purposeful word choice) beaten Wilson.

Now, with the Grand Jury decision we got actual photo evidence of Wilson. He suffered no injuries. His photos showed nothing more than a lip herpe and a popped zit on his right cheek.

Conservatives also hyped Brown's size as justification, Faux News going so far as to claim Brown could not be considered unarmed because of his height and weight. But, what was never mentioned was that Darren Wilson is no tiny wisp. But, while Wilson is 6'4 and 225+, he is a soft doughy disgrace.

This of course allowed Darren Wilson, that squishy slack-jawed wimp, to play up the scary black man defense. Brown despite being unarmed became the Hulk.

Wilson's Grand Jury Testimony, again designed by Prosecutor McCulloch to allow Wilson's "version of events" to be promulgated without cross examination, was a puerile collection of childish analogies.

Grabbing Brown was like a "5 year old holding onto Hulk Hogan", Brown was shrugging off the effects of the bullets and "looked like he was bulking up to run through the shots", while his face was "the most instense aggressive face" and "it looks like a demon". So pathetic was Wilson's testimony it was only to be outdone by the bullshit diary of "witness 40" which was submitted along with all the other mass of lies in order to confuse the Grand Jurors into coming back with no indictment.

It's been pointed out that Prosecutor Robert McCulloch did a fanastic job as the Defense Attorney of Darren Wilson and McCulloch may have been working out his own demons with this case. His father was a Police Officer who was murdered in the line of duty by a black man, while 4 other close family members have worked as Police Officers in St. Louis.

But, McCullochs goals are likely larger. He probably wants to be Attorney General for Missouri and aiding Wilson in escaping trial is a big shout out to white Missourians that they have a friend in McCulloch against the Demon-faced scary black man.

So... Wilson probably got away with murder. The physical evidence doesn't match with Wilson's testimony. The claim about the initial encounter and how exactly Brown "attacked" Wilson, the idea he spotted the cigarellos in Wilson's hand, why did Wilson try and present his weapon while seated in the SUV, the chase and the four times Wilson fired at Brown all of these incidents have enough inconsistencies to warrant further investigation. Nonetheless, I'm not going to guess at how the incident went down and we will never know the truth but, Wilson's entire testimony was crafted to make everyone believe he was in fear for his life.

And Wilson may have feared for his life in the end. But, in the end, Conservatives got what they wanted; freedom for a white cop who killed a black teenager.