Monday, April 24, 2023

Bud Light presents Real Men of Genius: Get Woke, Go Broke or... maybe not

Destroying Property is Not 
Okay... unless you're MAGA
The Real Men of Genius commercial series was probably the best extended commercial series ever conceived.  Only the All-State Mayhem series would pose a significant challenge (Flo from Progressive and We are Farmer's aren't nearly as funny as they think they are)

Apparently, the Bud Light boycott is already on the skids.

Seth Weathers ridiculous totally anti-woke conservative dad beer will literally never get brewed and I'm guessing all the MAGA Chuds who pre-ordered a 6-pack of Ultra White/Ultra Right Beer for $30 are content to have contributed to defeat the Wokesters.

But, more importantly Traitor Tot Jr, implored rightwingers to not boycott Anheuser-Busch because Republicans still get a lot of donations from the "King of Beer".  This didn't go over well with rightwing influencers who profit off of keeping rightwingers in a constant frothing fury of fear and anger.

Now here's the thing;  Corporations are not going to save us.  After the January 6th Trump/Republican Insurrection to overthrow the United States Government, many corporations swore off the GOP and declared their intention to withdraw corporate donations.  That last a few news cycles and by the time the 2022 election season rolled around Companies were back to donating to the Rape-publican Party.

But, remember it's not #CancelCulture when conservatives do it, and it's been shown time and again that rightwing boycotts fail, but conservatives don't believe this because since the W(orst President of All Time) Republicans have routinely huffed their own farts and believed their own agitprop.  What conservatives believe is they are the majority and it's only because of tyrannical liberal fake news media, indoctrinating education system which poisons the minds of young people against them, and cheating Democrats who stuff ballot boxes with bamboo lined Chinese Fakes and Dominion Voting Machines that keeps True Conservatives from handily winning every election.  

And since conservatives are are really the majority all of their voter suppression, woman shackling legislation, lies about protecting children, and anti-LGBTQ laws are good and righteous.  Lying for Jesus absolves all crimes.

Friday, April 21, 2023

The Republican focus on Hunter Biden has one clear objective

In Republican la-la land
The walls are always closing in
The Whitey tape is about to drop
The Birth Certificate is a fake

To put so much pressure on Hunter that he relapses in drug abuse, suffers an overdose, and dies.  The Republican mantra is to afflict the afflicted and comfort the comfortable.

Republicans are sick bastards, trying to kill Hunter Biden in order to harm President Biden and make him suffer more grief as a father.  I can think of nothing more despicable than Republican government;  their entire raison d'ĂȘtre is to cause as much harm to as many people as possible.

It's beyond mere hypocrisy in reference to Trumps' fail sons and his daughter-wife, it's a horrific ploy to undermine a man who clearly cares for a sick child.

Yahoo, which has for a long time been just a Fark-style news aggregator, picked up The National Review article which alleges there is an IRS "Whistleblower" who started in 2020 yet who knows all sorts of interference into Department of Justice investigations by Merrick Garland and others in the Biden White House.  This is most assuredly a crock of shit.  But, Republicans know the allegation is worth more than any actual investigation or findings.  Look how Bill Barr undercut the Mueller Investigation. 

Republicans always benefit by sowing distrust and hatred towards the Government because despite Republicans literally being Career Politicians and "The Deep State" they are afforded the status of being against Government and outsiders.  The problem is Republicans don't have anything on Joe Biden just like they really didn't have anything on HRC.  But, it was never the point to actually have something.  The Investigation is the Thing.

"Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping." Kevin McCarthy September 2015.

So, this where there's smoke there's fire "reporting" is going to continue and Faux News will keep running these breathless "walls are closing in" hit pieces to keep their rabid followers in a state of agitation and anticipation and hope that all this pressure leads Hunter Biden to a relapse and opioid overdose.

Tennessee Republicans are shit and Cameron Sex-Abuser Sexton is King Shit who protects his little shits like Scotty Campbell

"Lawmaker" not Republican
"Ethics rules" not Grooming

The attention Tennessee Republicans have garnered after their Racist Know Your Place Stunt has now resulted in a Republican being expelled.

Representative Scotty Campbell immediately resigned when media outlets finally got around to covering some of the immoral, unethical, and illegal activities he and other Tennessee Republicans have engaged in.  Prior to yesterday, Campbell had suffered no penalties and the only consequecne was having a "vaguely worded memo" placed in his personnel file.

Of course, all this doughy, over-fed, muscleless tub of goo did was sexually harass and then choke some teenage girl interns, before you know it Faux News will be changing his chyron party affiliation from (R) to (D)...  But, in the propaganda war of Faux News against America, terms such as "grooming" and "Assault & Battery" don't get applied to Republican criminals because that would blunt their effective use against Uppity black Tennessee Democrats who broke the Rules!

Campbell's grooming actions were so egregious and so pervasive that one of the young girl interns had to be relocated to a different apartment building to complete her internship and escape his gross unwanted perverted actions.

Some of the examples contained in the complaints towards Scotty are:

after seeing her and another 19-year-old female intern entering her apartment at the nearby Capitol Towers, the woman describes how Campbell later "made comments about how ... he was in his apartment imagining that we were performing sexual acts on one another and how it drove him crazy knowing that was happening so close to him."


On March 15, the victim recalls, she went to his apartment to return a wrench that she had borrowed.

"He proceeded to ask how many men I've slept with," says the email to university officials.

I told him zero, and he insisted that I was lying and told me not to lie. He then proceeded to ask how many women I've slept with and said he bets girls go crazy over me."

Then, the victim says, Campbell offered to give her cannabis gummies to see her tattoos and piercings.

"I told him absolutely not, and he begged me for several hugs," her email says.

"I was getting progressively more afraid and uncomfortable. He then reached out his hand towards me and grabbed me around my neck."

As with everything Republicans espouse, their actions are diametrically opposed to what they profess to hold most dear. And this fat fuck was going to remain in the TN House of Representatives, after these incidents.  It was only because of local reporting uncovering this internal report that Campbell resigned!

And, of course, OF FUCKING COURSE he voted to expell the 3 Democrats who rallied for gun restrictions, stating

"If you were in court and behaved like those three did, you would have been found in contempt of court."

Understand we are beyond hypocrisy, beyond shame, and beyond ridicule working to restrain Republican malfeasance.  Republicans are absolutely empowered and unleashed to commit acts of shocking sexual grotesqueries, unethical financial impropriety, and outright criminal conspiracy.

Fascism is here.

Monday, April 17, 2023

A massive mass shooting at a Sweet 16 party in Alabama and a 16 year old black kid shot for ringing the wrong doorbell

"You always were hell and Jesus with a pistol, Bob. And seven of them... Did you kill all seven of them dead or did you just wing some of them?" - Little Bill Daggett Unforgiven, (1992).

30* people were shot at a Sweet 16 birthday party.  From the Washington Post article, 

DADEVILLE, Ala. — A small town in Alabama became the latest American community to reckon with gun violence, after four people including a high school football star were killed and at least 28 were injured in a shooting that authorities said happened during a teenager’s birthday party.

The New York Post and other rightwing rags immediately went with BLACKS BLACKS BLACKS. And Faux News has been all over the "Wilding" in downtown Chicago by the young blacks to demonstrate why white America needs 400,000,000 guns, i.e. Blacks may show up at your door and rape your wife, kidnap your white babies, and steal your car.  Shoot'em.  The shooting in Kansas City, MO provides the perfect demonstration of this as 16 year old Ralph Yarl, who *allegedly* went to the wrong door, and the homeowner treated his 10pm ding-dong with hot lead to the head and another while the child lay on the ground.  I say allegedly because the one unforgivable crime in America is to be black.  Whiteness is a panacea which washes clean all Sins.

There is a subtext behind all the ills plaguing America; White Christians are blameless and not guilty of offenses; I t's kind of the White Supremacist version of No True Scotsman fallacy.  No true white person commits a crime, certainly sometimes they might sin, truly sometimes they fall further from grace and commit acts of crime (which can be washed clean through proper penance) and verily some fall completely from grace under the sway of the Devil.  It's why Major Traitor Greene and other Republicans proclaim the January 6th Insurrectionists are political prisoners; White Conservative Christians can not commit major crimes, they can only be lead astray by apostates (Ray Epps!) or false ideologies. 

Now the "Devil" in this telling is the false ideology of "Liberalism", the false teachings of Wokeism, the temptations of Loose Women and *Teh* Gay Sex.  Just reflect on what Republicans are constantly outlawing and constantly invoking; proper patriotic teaching, re-introducing the Bible into classrooms, outlawing Abortion to ensure fast women can't be so fast tied down with that baby.

Just recall what White Rightwingers are willing to ignore, if you hold the proper Shibboleths and what they can justify in their chosen Representatives.  No sin is too dastardly that you can not be washed clean by advancing the interests of conservatives and no conservative can be guilty of sin if he's advancing those interests.  

That's why Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Fvcker Carlson can declare convicted murderer Daniel Perry wholly innocent, Stand Your Ground, DGU, Self Defense and advocate for a Pardon for a man who detailed his plan to go out and commit a killing but, a justified killing of those who must not benefit from the protection of Law.  Read the disgusting comments on this Colon Noir NRA video which advocate executing the jurors and killing anyone who might not agree this was murder. 

The Language of White Supremacists has taken hold and is repeated by Faux News and all across comment sections of Youtube, Yahoo! News stories, Twitter and rightwing websites.  The understanding which has emerged under the MAGA- Great Replacement Theory Umbrella is: 

  • There would be no crime if it wasn't for black people (addendum or "Mexicans" Build that Wall!)
  • There would be no terrorists if it wasn't for Muslims.
  • There would be no liberals if their teachers weren't indoctrinating them as children.
  • There would be no mental illness if it wasn't for the sick-in-the-head LGBTQ community.  Consequently, all things associated with LGBTQ must be ruthlessly suppressed by the Federal, State and Local Government aided by rightwing Terrorist Groups like the Proud Boys in order to protect the children from falling into the Trans Delusion.

This is why after every mass shooting, white rightwingers immediately get into action on-line declaring the shooter a Liberal, or a registered Democrat, or a member of the LGBTQ community.  No True NRA member has every done a mass shooting.  No upstanding congregant of the White Christian Community ever committed a mass shooting.  And White people are considered upstanding unless they demonstrate any pathos.  You lose your whiteness if:

  • If you use drugs like an N-word
  • If you abandon Jesus 
  • If you don't conform to the rigid Patriarchal gender roles
  • If you don't support draconian immigration laws & enforcement 

Conservatives want a Civil War.  In white supremacist parlance this will be the RaHoWa.  Understand that conservatives are not restrained from starting this because of concerns with the fallout of any large scale terrorism campaign, it's that they understand the Deep State and Normie Society are not in their corner on open warfare.  But, if they keep using the Courts (at all levels), and keep enshrining bigotry and hatred into State Laws, and keep up the non-stop whispering campaign against Hunter Biden, and keep up the chaos and apocalyptic "breaking news", when they do launch their next Insurrection and Coup d'etat they hope that 99% society stands by while they neutralize the forces that would try and stop them.  Because once Republicans and Rightwingers declare they've won, and they've seized the levers of government...

Friday, April 14, 2023

The Woke Mind Virus 5: Seth Weathers wants you to unwoke your Beer wake up your beer belly and quaff his frothy pale yellow fluid

Chicago! Chicago! Chicago!
I recall when the Teabagger Movement inspired Racist Limbaugh to brand and market his bottled Limpballs Tea because more than the agitprop, talking points, and lies they spout what rightwing propagandists live for is to take money from their duped followers.  Half of rightwing performative outrage is "grift" the other half is the earnest desire to round-up and murder the Libs.

I always knew that for conservatives the content of the argument was nearly-meaningless, what was more important is the Presentation!  Rand Paul inadvertently admitted this when he made the analogy of the pizza and pizza boxes, by stating Republicans weren't goin to improve their pizza they were merely going to change their pizza box they presented the same old tired rightwing grievances.

Conservative Dad's Ultra Right 100% Woke Free Beer is trying to capitalize on the latest rightwing ginned up freakout.  Remember rightwing media outlets and Republicans have known for a long time that they have to constantly shock their conservative drones with OUTRAGE, to keep them angry and fearful, so that when the rime comes conservatives will support the liquidation of liberals.

But, as we've seen American Conservatives are the softest, smooth-bodied wimps in history.  It's why I don't fear them writ large in overthrowing the US government, though they absolutely want to, their lack of mental toughness and un-athletic softness makes them highly unlikely to mount a Nationwide challenge.  Of course, this won't stop rightwingers from committing Acts of Terror, which they've subjected Americans to in increasing frequency ever since the Obama DoJ warned the Nation about the rising threat of rightwing domestic terrorism.

Fortunately, for us while the 2010-2016 era represented the dying rage filled gasps of Reactionary Boomer Voting Power, elections since 2016 have demonstrated that the Zoomers and younger Millenianls don't want what the Republican Party is selling, which is why Republicans are coming round more and more to the idea of simply not letting the younger voters vote at all.

But, getting back to Weathers' Ultra Right beer, first I'm struck how much his design and name apes Michelob Ultra, so much so, I'm thinking Anheuser-Busch and it's deep legal pockets could file a copyright lawsuit or injunction over that alone.

Next, I don't know the brewing techniques or tradition Weathers is using for his Own the Libs Unwoke Beer, but, by its' description it sounds like a trad light lager, which while still dominating the market in aggregate has not been the go to for beer drinkers ever since President Jimmy Carter deregulated home brewing of beer and absolutely sparked the Craft Beer explosion and golden age of beers we currently enjoy.

But, as I pointed the quality of the beer hardly matters for whom Weathers is ostensibly selling this too.  Rightwingers are absolutely wedded to the idea of performative display of Assholishness (call it Reverse Virtue Signaling) 

But, the other thing about this one minute ad by Seth Weathers is how overtly homo-erotic it is.  I mean, I  can guess the thought process of invoking baseball because it's April and MLB just started as well as the connection between drinking beer while watching a ballgame (or while playing softball) But... He's sauntering around with his "big stick" in his hands and when he knocks that Bud Light can out of the park his swing reveals he's shirtless under the hoodie and it shows his sculpted lower abs (the so-called treasure trail), and finishes with him smacking his lips after quaffing the yellow frothy fluid, "Tastes like Freedom".

Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Comstock Act shows Republicans are tying to nullify and repeal the last 150 years

By the Power of Comstock
I, hereby, disband the FDA
And outlaw Mifepristone
No Vaccines either
Republicans have nothing to offer the American people.

In many regards the Republicans have to outlaw Abortion, for over 40 years Republicans have been telling their conservative drones give us power and we will ban Abortion in the United States.  Now this was originally a cynical power grab by the Reaganite criminals but, multiple generations have grown up being fed this rightwing agitprop and expect payment for their work.

The Republican Party is eliminating Abortion.  The Republican Party is going to do away with birth control.  The Republican Party will outlaw gay marriage.  The Republican Party is going to make Interstate travel illegal for pregnant persons. 

Legal concepts like standing, statue of limitations, settled law, precedent are of no consequence to the Rightwing agenda.  None whatsoever.  All that matters is pushing through the Republican agenda of oppression. 

Nullification is a concept rightwingers never truly abandoned.  They tried to nullify and repeal President Obama's tenure, especially Obamacare.  Rightwingers tried to nullify President Biden's election.  Now, Mullah Kacsmaryk choose to Nullify the FDA.

But, these things get lost in the fine grain, day-to-day political writings by which the Corporate Media blob and pundit class can blissfully ignore the metastasizing threat of the Republican authoritarianism.  And act as though bad faith Republican arguments had merit and Republicans really did have a Healthcare Option to replace Socialist Obamacare, for instance.

Instead of pointing out the festering cancer which grew slowly at first and now has accelerated to warp speed the savvy pundit class engaged in bad faith Both Sides Do It rhetoric and there is no difference between the parties hand-wringing.  But, despite the media's worst efforts election after election constantly demonstrates the simple fact: Republicans Hate You.
  • Kacsmaryk's ruling was not even a joke but, a QAnon blog post.  It took blog comments as evidence and the 5th Circuit Court's deeply disingenuous save attempt was little better. 
  • This April and actions of petulant Republicans in Wisconsin, in Tennessee, in Idaho and everywhere else in this great Nation demonstrate the abject, visceral hatred Republicans have for America and humanity in general.
  • After losing the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election, basically on the issue of his draconian support of the 1849 Abortion Law, petulant dishonorable Dan Kelly, gave an unprofessional concession speech
  • Florida passed a near-complete Abortion ban.
  • Missouri Republican Mike Moon got mad when confronted about his position of parents marrying off 12 year olds.
  • Idaho passed the first step in restricting women's freedom of movement, under the guise of protecting the girls.

They pass these laws because they know, like the Comstock Act, that even 150 years later they can call upon them again when needed.  Republicans have passed the Event Horizon and now a fully-fascist organization.  At this point the physical violence is barely constrained but, they have no problem with bureaucratic violence, as we witnessed in Tennessee where Bigoted Racist White Republicans threw two young black male Representatives out of the Congress for the crime of Uppityness.  Of course, in the spotlight all manner of ethical violations, rank bigotry, and crimes by those self-same Republicans have been revealed but they face no prospect of being expelled from the Congress.

But, understand right now Republicans are barely able to constrain their violent impulses and desires by these lawless "judicial nullifications" and state laws but, the time is coming soon when such pale fair won't satiate the blood lust that every Republican is aching to sate by rounding up and murdering millions of Americans.

Fascism is Here.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Nazis in America are (Harlan) Crowing because Ben S. Shapiro defends them

AOC please put your feet on this Nazi Plate
For mendacious nitwit Ben Shapiro there is no level he will not stoop and no disingenuous story he will not concoct to defend the Plutocracy and Patriarchy.  I guess this makes sense since the rich like having Shapiro defend the indefensible.  But, you would think defending an actual Nazi would be a step too far for Mr. Shapiro.  Well, you'd be wrong...

"Well, the media have decided that it's not just enough to go after Thomas because it turns out that Thomas didn't actually do anything wrong. Crow is the -- Harlan Crow is Thomas' friend. And, apparently, he's a very, very bad man. You're not allowed to be friends with Justice Thomas because, apparently, they're now accusing him -- I'm not kidding you -- of being, like, a Nazi. The reason -- because this is what Nazis do. They make friends with Clarence Thomas. Nazis - famous for loving Black people. This is one of the things they're most famous for.

Well, apparently Harlan Crow collects, basically, memorabilia from defunct communist and Nazi states, and he has a garden in which he displays these things to show what the -- what the capitalistic free market and Judeo-Christian ethic has overcome. Apparently, this now means you're a fan of these things. So, if you own a piece of memorabilia from an evil regime in order to demonstrate to your children so that people remember from the future what that evil regime was, this means you're now a fan of that thing.  He said that he's filled his property with these mementos because he hates communism and fascism.  But, apparently this makes him a nazi and a communist.  Okay."

That's 5 Apparently's from Ben and a bunch of bullshit.  Shapiro affected to believe Crow collects this stuff too remind himself of the awesomeness of "the capitalistic free market" and Judeo-Christianity and the evil of Fascism.  This level of incredulous nonsense is on par with believing the Nigerian Prince emails of the early internet era.

On par w/ the RV toilet wine 
Clarence normally quaffs
Ben says these things because rightwingers accept their veracity by the simple act of Ben asserting them.  It's the same thing with Candace Owens.  These propagandists say things which white Reactionary and the Rich want to hear and for doing so they receive large compensation.  But, Ben likes to conflate things and obfuscate the meaning of words and terms, that's why he constantly throws in "communism" because while rightwingers know they have to say they hate Nazis publicly, they actually are all in favor and support fascism 100%.

It turns out Crow has been collecting Nazi memorabilia in general and Hitler owned items specifically.  These relics of the Third Reich are prominently displayed throughout Crow's vast estate; 
“Years later, I still shudder thinking about the Nazi uniform decorations in Harlan Crow’s house. And the painting. And the book. And the statues. And the ‘antebellum’ (pro-slavery) artifacts. I’m glad others are questioning the acceptability of those materials,” Danah Boyd said in a tweet, adding that she left the meeting after seeing the Nazi artifacts.
Harlan Crow collects this because he like many plutocratic Americans yearns for a Nazi-style regime in the United States.

And no..., Clarence and Ginni did not, in fact, do nothing wrong.  ProPublica reporting that Billionaire Harlan Crow has been jetting, Supreme Injustice Clarence Thomas all over the world, and plying him with exotic locales and expensive wines, while Clarence refused for 20 years to disclose he was receiving millions in free gifts is, in fact illegal as well as highly unethical and immoral.  But, to expect conservatives to care about this is a fool's errand.  Conservatives don't give a shit about the things they supposedly cherish.  Shamelessness and hypocrisy are the animating beliefs of rightwingers and Republicans.
I'm Hitler's Teapot Short & Stout

Fascism is here.  

Well, the Wall Street Journal Opinion Page and multiple Right-Wing Think Tanks are super pissed off at ProPublica
for insulting Harlan Crow, a rich man, whom they slandered by accurately displaying his decades long bribery of Clarence Thomas and his love of all things Hitler and Nazi.  It's not shocking, rightwing propagandists are the Shock Troops of the Plutocracy and are paid handsomely to obfuscate and castigate any who would dare question their social betters.

The WSJ ran with the tired old lie of the poor being the "Lucky Duckies" for not paying Taxes* and declared pointing out Clarence Thomas unethical behavior is the real smear and scandal!  While every Rightwinger on Twitter are proudly displaying all the Nazi and Hitler accoutrements they've collected.


Whenever the truth about a rightwinger is revealed, the plutocracy orders its paid propagandists to muddy the waters.

Candace Owens was given her rightwing Talking Points after Harlan Crow’s Nazi background was re-revealed and dutifully ran with George Soros is the real Nazi. Along with defund the police, hates America, blah, blah, blah

It's been a decades long experiment to confuse the narrative by reflexively accusing Democrats and the Left of precisely what Republicans are or are doing. but, also redefining words, concepts, and definitions they've succeeded in being able to obscure reality and allow a couple of generations to run with *ackshullay* the Democrats are real...

But, one of the problems these rightwing propagandists have is extrapolating instead of following the script so in 2019 when Owens was asked about Nationalism v. Globalism, she didn't have the requiste understanding to offer a critique and spouts gibberish about Hitler (making Germany great again) and Nationalist Socialism.  

Monday, April 10, 2023

Shall Not Be Infringed 7: In a Louisville bank or a home on the road or anywhere it's a Man's Absolute Right to Gun Down... anyone

So, imagine Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now, now place him into a Sheriff's Deputy uniform, approached me last year and asked "did you go up there" referring to Highland Park.  I tell him no.  "So and so," he says, "told me if was like a war zone."  Without stopping, without reflection he continues, "I mean... who does that?"

I pause, staring at him incredulously, "Americans..." I respond flatly.
Since, the Highland Park shooting on the 4th of July 2022, there have been 475 Mass Shootings.  For a variety of reasons, most of these don't make National headlines.  The Covenant School shooting had several days of local and National press coverage because of the circumstances surrounding that one were "unusual" and the rightwing could make political hay of the shooters' alleged identity and the location of the shooting.  (While conspicuously avoiding the high probability the shooter was sexually abused at the school when they attended it.)

So today the coverage is of the Louisville Old National Bank shooting which 14 people were shot, including the gunman.  The circumstances appear to be one of a fired employee coming back to work with his Supreme Court Endorsed AR-15 and exerting his Ultimate Severance Package.

Don't expect this shooting to do anything to alter the Republicans response of "We're Not Going to fix this..."  In fact, each one of these shootings serves to further entrench the gun nut absolute adherence to More Guns, More Gun Violence, Less Restrictions, More Guns... More Guns... More Guns...

It's not a matter of learned helplessness as several prominent Democratic Governors and the Biden administration have pushed for gun legislation, it's that Republicans will adamantly fight any and all laws, and Rightwingers will trot out every false equivalence, disingenuous lie, and bad faith argument to undercut any response to this.  And the Supremacist Court is dominated by Reactionary Faux News Drones who strike down every gun restriction by appealing to medieval thinkers.

Anyway, you already know what Republicans will say;  Chicago!  Ukraine!  Guns don't kill people!  Enforce the Laws already on the books!  Outlaw guns only Outlaws will have guns!  SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!  MOLON LABE!

I'd recommend not arguing with them on any platform because they aren't going to listen and they don't fucking care.  Not one bit.

But, understand the Rightwing interpretation of the Second Amendment and the passage of Stand Your Ground Laws by Republican dominated states is designed to let you know that they have guns and their 2A Trumps your 1A and your voting power. 

One of the things baked into language which helps perpetuate the patriarchy is the way stories are framed.  I know everyone is shocked by the Mass Shooting at The Covenant School at the Louisville Bank but, just three weeks prior to there was a horrific domestic violence massacre, in which 4 people were murdered, including a Command SgtMaj of the Army, by a jilted divorced man who then used his Supreme Court Protected Firearm to shoot himself.

As soon often happens, the man decided since the divorce is finalized it was time for him to exert his final Dude Process Rights and gun down that bitch.  But, since the new man in her life was present the gunman decided to killed him and then shoot 3 children to death as they slept in their beds.

Here's a tweet about a Florida Road Rage in which the two white fucks decided to shoot at each other but merely shot each others children.
Who's the good guy with the gun?  Who's the bad guy?  It doesn't matter because the Stand Your Ground Laws are designed to allow gun nuts the possibility of killing a person and then claiming self-defense.  Because who's going to testify against them?  And even if they are convicted?  Well, that's what Republican Governors are for.

The work the rightwing propaganda machine did in atomizing America and doing away with the concept of society is bearing it's fruit.  There are only individuals and your family and you are at war with everyone else.  But, that 3/4 ton lifted rollin' coal truck,  don't vaccinate yourself or your children, vote for the guy whose promising tax cuts don't worry about his racist anti-woman agenda.  After most shootings don't get covered and Faux News et al make sure their devoted fans only here about gun violence in DemocRAT controlled cities.

What it all comes down to now, now that the Firearms Manufacturing Industry has flooded the Nation with 400,000,000 guns, is Republicans and Rightwingers are taking a real long hard look at their guns and are coming around to the idea their guns are the Ultimate Solution to the problems in America; those problems being, not enough people voting for Republicans.

Mullah Kacsmaryk auditions for America's Next Top Mullahs

Boston Hospital Bombing Fan
Mullah Matt Walsh
“I have acted without bias and after extensive prayer, to allow these bills to become law,” Mullah Mark Gordon wrote in a letter to Wyoming’s secretary of state released on Friday evening.   His religious choices on medical procedures are binding on you.  And Republicans plan to use their Religious Liberty to further bind and control America.

I'm finally beginning to understand the post 2020 Republican effort to overthrow the election prior to the Jan6th Insurrection;  Republicans were trying to pull off "That One Weird Trick" by Judge-shopping for that some rightwing wackaloon Judge who would declare Trump the winner and then Rightwingers would assert that podunk Judges' ruling binds the entire Nation.

Matthew Kacsmaryk's ruling on mifepristone has been dissected for being based on rightwing lies, religious nonsense, brought forth by people without standing, and rife with utter tripe in the place of any legal concepts.  Remember Religious Liberty to a Republicans means they have the power and liberty to dictate what you can and can not do. 

Kommen sie Herr FrĂ€ulein
Republicans can not win elections and have no policies to win more voters to their agenda.  The only policies Republicans offer up are Lower Taxes on Rich people and More Guns.  Their only Agenda is Hatred & Fear.

That's why Republicans gerrymander states like Wisconsin.  That's why Republicans suppress voting in Georgia.  That's why Republicans rely on the Electoral College to gain the Presidency.

Now, in conjunction with ignoring, undoing, stopping the will of the Voters (writ large) has been the stacking of courts with ideological villains who mouth the appropriate words of impartiality and respect for the law, but who in actuality are rigid Reactionary authoritarians who use their benches to call balls strikes and strikes balls.

This "ruling" from Kacsmaryk isn't rooted in any foundation of law.  Everyone knew what his decision was going to be when the disingenuous plaintiffs sought him out with their standing-less suit.  Even the Corporate Media understood how this little Nazi buffoon was going to rule, but the Corporate Media's job is too make fascism palatable to the masses, to "grudgingly" accede to majestic majesty of the law which unfortunately means one piss-ant Judge in Texassistan decrees what goes for everyone.

Now, in response President Biden directed the DoJ to bring a counter-suit and a Federal Judge in Washington issued an injunction.  This is good but, we approaching a point when the pushback against these rightwing rulings will face an inflection point; namely will a Democratic President or Legislature ignore a such a future ruling?  Because each ruling by these rightwing "judges" is designed to build pressure, to push for a reaction, because Republicans believe in a One-Party Rule and Fascism.  And Fascists use the system right up until they can no longer do so and then comes the violence and death camps.  Republican Judges believe that they can make these rulings precisely because they expect society bow down and take it.

This poppycock ruling is designed cause confusion and concern in the Pharmaceutical companies which manufacture this drug (and others) because the explicit threat from Republicans is if you don't acquesise to us we will use the awesome power of the Government to bankrupt you and subject various people in your company to arrest, lawsuits, and congressional investigations.
Mullah Tim Pool
"I want Restrictions!" 
on women

This is precisely why Republicans under Gym Jordan have launched their "Weaponization of the Department of Justice", the Republicans are broadcasting their intentions and making clear this is what they will do and how they will govern.

Because Republicans know that Corporations hate uncertainty and risk, and would rather side with restrictive Republican Policy.  Remember Walgreens preemptively caved to this ruling before Mullah Kacsmaryk even made it.

That's a key weapon Fascism wields getting people to surrender before even fighting.  Fascism succeeds when people acquiesce before hand additionally, Fascists use "legal rulings" to sow discord and confusion because they know good people who believe in the rule of law will attempt to follow the rules sent down to them, no matter how confusing, immoral, or outright unlawful they are.

Friday, April 7, 2023

GinniClarence, the Ettin of the Supreme Court strikes again

The Ettin of the Court
If this was a traditional D&D campaign a group of Hero's (Murder Hobos, if you prefer) would have descended and slaughtered the Ettin and looted its lair.

Instead, Ettin GinniClarence is allowed to roam free despoiling the land, looting America, and terrorizing the American people. 

Clarence Thomas has a deep hole in his soul, an anger which can never been satisfied and a thrist which can never be satiated.  To that end Clarence will engage in all manner of shamelessness and opulence to fulfill his hatred.

If Ginni Thomas wants to overthrow the 2020 Election?  No problem Clarence will help conceal her involvement before and after the fact.

If, the Sinister Six on the Supremacist Court want to undo women's rights, worker's rights, environmental protections, and ensconce religious nonsense and bigotry into secular law, so be it.

But this ProPublica Article,  highlighting the 20+ years of luxury Harlan Crow has heaped upon Thomas, shows just how deep the Billionaire Rot has penetrated.  

For more than two decades, Thomas has accepted luxury trips virtually every year from the Dallas businessman without disclosing them, documents and interviews show. 
The extent and frequency of Crow’s apparent gifts to Thomas have no known precedent in the modern history of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Back when Henry VIII, put Thomas More on trial one of the charges leveled against More was the taking of bribes as a Judge.  Bertrand Russell pointed out gifts to Judges in that era was a matter of course, and Judges were expected to take them thus proving they and their ruling was impartial.

GinniClarence Thomas have been whisked around the Nation on private jets, lounged in luxurious surroundings and enjoyed such finery year after year after year in dollar amounts exceeding what 90% of the America public will ever earn in their lifetimes.  But, even odious Clarence recognizes such ostentatious wealth is off putting and like all the Wealthy Mean Elitists who comprise the Republican Party pretends to an everyman aesthetic,

"I prefer the RV parks. I prefer the Walmart parking lots to the beaches and things like that. There’s something normal to me about it,” Thomas said. “I come from regular stock, and I prefer that — I prefer being around that.”

What tripe. What utter unbelievable nonsense. 

 Congresswoman AOC is correct that Injustice Thomas needs to be impeached but, Republicans would fvcking love to turn it into a spectacle of Democrat Racism.  GinniClarence will get away with their ethics violations, moral turpitude, and Seditious Conspiracy until Clarence finally keels over.

Thursday, April 6, 2023

The Fascists Next Door 6: Tennessee Republicans can Volunteer to go fvck themselves

 We're Not Gonna Fix It! No we ain't gonna fix it! We're not gonna fix it!  Nevermore!

For years Republicans have enjoyed the Corporate Media soft defense of there really is no difference between the Parties but, in Tennessee and elsewhere Republicans are adamant on showing the younger generation that there absolutely is a difference.  That difference being Republican don't give a shit about Americans and Republicans are beholden and made wealthy by their slavish devotion to the Firearms Industry.

And the "Zoomers" and Millenials have taken notice; "You ban books.  You ban drag.  Kids are still in body bags."

Okay Poindexter, they broke the rules!
3 Democratic members of the Tennessee Congress faced explosion by the Republican White Power supermajority and dutifully expelled the two black members.  Ostensibly this was for "breaking rules"but in reality it was for the temerity of not knowing their place, for the "crime" of Unforgivable blackness, and for a word which rhymes with "Mutiny" but begins with up.

"They tried to shred our constitution with a bullhorn," said Rep. Gino Bulso (R-Bald White Old Bastard), who also described their actions as a "mutiny."  See I told you what made Tennessee Republicans mad was a word which rhymes with mutiny but begins UP...

I am hopeful that the young cohort of America do not follow the path Gen X took; when my generation swallowed the Reaganite Lies about voting not mattering, that we should be too cool to vote, and to not vote man cause it just encourages them, because it was exactly what the Republicans needed to ensure their control of the Government through undemocratic means.

But, in Tennessee after The Covenant School shooting (for which we still don't have any release of the killer's notes, plans and other evidence because it most assuredly details child sex abuse by School and Religious officials). Tennessee Republicans made it absolutely clear; they intended to do nothing about gun violence, the number one killer of children in America, despite rushing through all sorts of laws about LGBTQ and drag to "protect" children.

Republicans elsewhere have rushed through rollbacks on any and every regulation, permit, or licensing on guns and gun owners as Florida Governor Ron DeathAnus quietly signed a law on April 3rd to allow the carrying of firearms without permit or even training, right on the heels of multiple shootings over Spring Break.

Republicans don't give a shit about you.  Republicans are racist to the core, bigoted beyond belief, full of hatred and bile, owned by special interests who pollute the Nation and flood the cities and streets with firearms.  Republicans hate America and have nothing to offer the American people.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

The List of Republican Outrages would fit a book of infinite pages


"I'll be the Ogre in the room...  “Yes, I can understand kids going hungry, but is that really the problem of the school district? Is that the problem of the state of North Dakota?  “If their kids are choosing to eat in the first place—" North Dakota State Senator Mike Wobbema demonstrates yet again Republicans have nothing to offer the American people and believe government should have two missions only; Quell domestic unrest at home and invade Nations abroad to open up their resources for American cannablism.

The Republican Agenda of destroying the United States America is rapidly picking up speed. 

In the wake of the Nashville school shooting, Republicans have come around to the idea of gun control; specifically outlawing Trans people from owning guns.  The reason Republicans want Trans people restricted from owning guns is because Republicans and Rightwingers want Trans persons to be unarmed victims when the GOP comes to round them up and execute them.  In Republican thinking there is no other reason for taking guns away from people other than to make them easy targets for state-sanctioned violence.

Anti-Trans legislation and violence is just one of the salients in the current Republican War to Destroy the United States of America and remake it into an Unequal Nation based on NeoConfederate Ideology and fundamentalist religious bigotry.  Any radical destruction of a Nation requires the architects to create a scapegoat and the Republicans have chosen Trans persons as the target.  But, after Republicans succeed in eliminating Trans people their focus will shift to the next target, probably Teachers, but what Republicans and Rightwingers have started is rapidly accelerating towards the Naked Singularity of outright open Fascism.

But, the list of ridiculous Republican proposals would be funny if the GOP wasn't steadily degrading the Nation, undermining society, and rushing headlong into Fascism.   Republicans are still trying to: steal Social Security, starve children to death, criminalize Trans people, amongst the many other outrageous actions they push to Destroy the United States of America.

Craig T. Nelson meet your future child bride

Republicans are still planning on crafting legislation to steal Social Security.  It's galling but unsurprising because for 90 years Republicans have loathed the merger Federal Social Safety Net and have passed down to each successive generation of despicable Republicans the goal of crushing the American people and ending the American Dream.

Just 3 weeks ago, Representative Nancy Mace felt entirely at ease going onto CNN to espouse rightwing lies about Social Security and once again as they do everyday, the so-called Liberal Media, rushed to spotlight and amplify Republican Talking Points, "I'm 45, I'm assuming Social Security will be insolvent..." Republicans have been claiming Social Security is going bankrupt since Ronnie Raygun in 1981, when Nancy Mace was 2 years old.

Besides stealing social security, Republicans rejoice in any chance they get to ensure people go without food, without housing, without medical care, without hope...  America, supposably the richest country on Earth is a Pauper Nation.  

"I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that is hungry. I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that says they don't have access to enough food to eat." Minnesota Republican Steve Drazkowski, whose vote to ensure school children go hungry was defeated 38-26.  Drazkowski, further pissed on hungry children, snidely remarking, "I had a cereal bar for breakfast.  I guess I'm hungry now."

North Dakota, however, looked at Commie Minnesota and said fuck them kids and voted against free school lunches for low-income children in their state.  Because those kids are needed in the oil fields, fracking that gas, not feeding their bellies.  Starvation is a key weapon wielded by Republicans to keep people docile and submissive.  There is something particularly pernicious about hunger are most often fat-faced, wide-waisted, smooth bodied chumps who have never, ever known a day's hunger.  Have never gone to bed on an empty stomach. And those Rightwingers who make the arguments about "food stamps" are quite often those who have benefited from the social safety net, and liberal government programs. 

Ben S. Shapiro, who doesn't have a real job but spends his days sitting on his ass talking about things he's never experienced and giving his high-pitched opinions on everything he doesn't know anything about was asked presumably by a viewer about expanding school lunch programs, agrees that school children should just go hungry, 

"Well I mean if you are a parent school lunches are not going to solve the problem of child hunger at any serious level if there is a problem of children nationally starving that is a child endangerment scenario in which CPS needs to be called uh if you're talking about actual child starvation the truth is it does not take that much money to feed a child I know I have three of them uh the you should be feeding your child before you feed yourself."

Moochers! Feed your Kids!  And if you can't well that's what then the Awesome Power of the State needs to come in and take custody of those children.

These people are those vicious S.O.B.s who would not give a mean nickel to someone on the street, who yell, 'Get a Job!' at any panhandler/homeless person they see.  Who call the Police to roust a beggar.  They are Republicans.

And while the Right has to varying degrees always been this way, the rancor they have absorbed from Dead Rush Limpballs, Faux News, on-line rightwing propaganda, and social media has turned them rabid.       Republicans have a firm grasp of the Supreme Court, and a slim control of the US House but as they've always done they've turned every advantage into a stranglehold using the bureaucratic legerdemain and the nihilistic power of a Party totally divorced from doing anything helpful for the people they lord over.  Republicans have nothing to offer the American people but Fear & Hatred and they are dolling that out in spades.