Saturday, April 1, 2023

The List of Republican Outrages would fit a book of infinite pages


"I'll be the Ogre in the room...  “Yes, I can understand kids going hungry, but is that really the problem of the school district? Is that the problem of the state of North Dakota?  “If their kids are choosing to eat in the first place—" North Dakota State Senator Mike Wobbema demonstrates yet again Republicans have nothing to offer the American people and believe government should have two missions only; Quell domestic unrest at home and invade Nations abroad to open up their resources for American cannablism.

The Republican Agenda of destroying the United States America is rapidly picking up speed. 

In the wake of the Nashville school shooting, Republicans have come around to the idea of gun control; specifically outlawing Trans people from owning guns.  The reason Republicans want Trans people restricted from owning guns is because Republicans and Rightwingers want Trans persons to be unarmed victims when the GOP comes to round them up and execute them.  In Republican thinking there is no other reason for taking guns away from people other than to make them easy targets for state-sanctioned violence.

Anti-Trans legislation and violence is just one of the salients in the current Republican War to Destroy the United States of America and remake it into an Unequal Nation based on NeoConfederate Ideology and fundamentalist religious bigotry.  Any radical destruction of a Nation requires the architects to create a scapegoat and the Republicans have chosen Trans persons as the target.  But, after Republicans succeed in eliminating Trans people their focus will shift to the next target, probably Teachers, but what Republicans and Rightwingers have started is rapidly accelerating towards the Naked Singularity of outright open Fascism.

But, the list of ridiculous Republican proposals would be funny if the GOP wasn't steadily degrading the Nation, undermining society, and rushing headlong into Fascism.   Republicans are still trying to: steal Social Security, starve children to death, criminalize Trans people, amongst the many other outrageous actions they push to Destroy the United States of America.

Craig T. Nelson meet your future child bride

Republicans are still planning on crafting legislation to steal Social Security.  It's galling but unsurprising because for 90 years Republicans have loathed the merger Federal Social Safety Net and have passed down to each successive generation of despicable Republicans the goal of crushing the American people and ending the American Dream.

Just 3 weeks ago, Representative Nancy Mace felt entirely at ease going onto CNN to espouse rightwing lies about Social Security and once again as they do everyday, the so-called Liberal Media, rushed to spotlight and amplify Republican Talking Points, "I'm 45, I'm assuming Social Security will be insolvent..." Republicans have been claiming Social Security is going bankrupt since Ronnie Raygun in 1981, when Nancy Mace was 2 years old.

Besides stealing social security, Republicans rejoice in any chance they get to ensure people go without food, without housing, without medical care, without hope...  America, supposably the richest country on Earth is a Pauper Nation.  

"I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that is hungry. I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that says they don't have access to enough food to eat." Minnesota Republican Steve Drazkowski, whose vote to ensure school children go hungry was defeated 38-26.  Drazkowski, further pissed on hungry children, snidely remarking, "I had a cereal bar for breakfast.  I guess I'm hungry now."

North Dakota, however, looked at Commie Minnesota and said fuck them kids and voted against free school lunches for low-income children in their state.  Because those kids are needed in the oil fields, fracking that gas, not feeding their bellies.  Starvation is a key weapon wielded by Republicans to keep people docile and submissive.  There is something particularly pernicious about hunger are most often fat-faced, wide-waisted, smooth bodied chumps who have never, ever known a day's hunger.  Have never gone to bed on an empty stomach. And those Rightwingers who make the arguments about "food stamps" are quite often those who have benefited from the social safety net, and liberal government programs. 

Ben S. Shapiro, who doesn't have a real job but spends his days sitting on his ass talking about things he's never experienced and giving his high-pitched opinions on everything he doesn't know anything about was asked presumably by a viewer about expanding school lunch programs, agrees that school children should just go hungry, 

"Well I mean if you are a parent school lunches are not going to solve the problem of child hunger at any serious level if there is a problem of children nationally starving that is a child endangerment scenario in which CPS needs to be called uh if you're talking about actual child starvation the truth is it does not take that much money to feed a child I know I have three of them uh the you should be feeding your child before you feed yourself."

Moochers! Feed your Kids!  And if you can't well that's what then the Awesome Power of the State needs to come in and take custody of those children.

These people are those vicious S.O.B.s who would not give a mean nickel to someone on the street, who yell, 'Get a Job!' at any panhandler/homeless person they see.  Who call the Police to roust a beggar.  They are Republicans.

And while the Right has to varying degrees always been this way, the rancor they have absorbed from Dead Rush Limpballs, Faux News, on-line rightwing propaganda, and social media has turned them rabid.       Republicans have a firm grasp of the Supreme Court, and a slim control of the US House but as they've always done they've turned every advantage into a stranglehold using the bureaucratic legerdemain and the nihilistic power of a Party totally divorced from doing anything helpful for the people they lord over.  Republicans have nothing to offer the American people but Fear & Hatred and they are dolling that out in spades.

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