Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There is No Freedom from Rick Santorum's Religion

"No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God." - George H. W. Bush
Rick Santorum has unleashed his thoughts upon America and they are frightening. Santorum is the latest of the Dominionist Warriors seeking to impose their christian theocracy on America.

What kind of Nation would America be if Santorum had the office of the Presidency?

His ideology is profoundly anti-human. I can't even engage in sarcastic ridicule of his beliefs because they are so abhorrent. Santorum's obsession with the sexual lives and habits of people he doesn't know, like all conservatives, shows the warped and perverted mind of a sexual predator who seeks to control, dominate or hurt people he doesn't understand.

Santorum is very afraid of "the dangers of contraception in this country." Birth control allows people to do... things... "It’s not okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be." Rick Santorum knows what's best you in the bedroom, Va-va-va-voom!

Santorum is very, very scared of Higher Education. Harkening back to the pious Medevial clerics Santorum believes learnin' lessens belief in god. "President Obama once said he wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob! Education and the promotion of it makes President Obama a "snob". So, therefore since Rick has three college degrees — a B.A. from Penn State, an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and a J.D. from The Dickinson School of Law - He's a Triple Snob or a Giant Hypocrite.

"I don’t believe in an America where the separation of Church and state is absolute. The idea that the Church can have no influence and no involvement in the operation of the state is absolutely antithetical to the objectives and vision of our country. This is the First Amendment. The First Amendment says the free exercise of religion." Santorum's interpertation of the 1st Amendment is the direct opposite of it's stated mandate.

Santorum repeatedly stated JFK's speech on the Seperation of Church and State, "makes him want to vomit". President Santorum would have had Thomas Jefferson pilloried for his 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptists, "the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, prohibiting the free exercise thereof,' thus building a wall of separation between church and State."

And John Adams would have been stoned under the direction of President Santorum for signing the Treaty of Tripoli, in 1797 stating, As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.

No doubt George Washington would have been immolated for arising and leaving church when the the administration of the communion took place.

Santorum believes the 1st Amendment exists to aid him and his christian fascist brethren in their attempts to oppress and dominate people. It is in line with Right-Wing Dominionist thinking. According to Right-Wingers there is only Freedom of Religion in America there is no Freedom from Religion.

Conservatives version of Religious liberty is where they are free to curtail the activities and lives of other Americans because they find something objectionable. This is in line with the Republicans turning the US Congress into the Polish Sejm.
The Golden Freedom, which the magnates defended with every bit of chicanery and power they commanded, was the freedom of the few to oppress the many... ~ James A. Michener's, Poland.
But, as evil as Santorum is and as awful a place America would be with a High Inquisitor Santorum regulating your personal lives, the scarier realization is that when Santorum wins the Republican nomination 45% of registered voters will vote for him in the general election.

Have you heard the Good News though? 45% of registered voters translates to roughly 40 million votes or roughly 13%. The same percentage Mitt Romney pays in taxes and the same percentage that would vote for the Vulture in the general election.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Military Suicides and Deaths Please Republicans and Conservatives

They sound most pleasing to a conservative's ear is that of a veteran dying...

Newtradamus, Sick Rantorum and Faux News couldn't wait to report American service members had been killed in Afghanistan and immediately blamed President Obama following the revelation of the Quran burnings. The Republican Party is full of Vultures who at the sign or smell of death swoop in to pick at the carcass for political and financial gain. And if service members are put in harm's way because Rick Santorum wants to pretend to be a tough guy, "I think it shows weakness," on TV back in the States...

Prior to the Obama Presidency, conservatives rarely if ever mentioned that Marines, Soliders, Sailors and Airmen were dying daily in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why is that?

President Obama needs to end the Bush Afghanistan Debacle. Obama got Bin Laden, that should have ended the whole mission and lead to a quick pull-out. The longer he pushes the Bush Wars the more he assumes partial responsibility.

Republicans and conservatives believe their own chest puffing he-man I'm a Warrior Lies. Right-Wingers are, by and large, warmongers, cowards, and chicken hawks. More than willing to beat the drum for war but absent when it comes to stepping on the yellow footprints and signing on the dotted-line.

What conservatives really want are the accolades and honor associated with being a tough-guy soldier without the hassle of actual Duty.

Look at how Republicans and conservatives treat returning Veterans.

If Republicans really cared about Veterans and their post war struggles they would have made long-term care and Veteran assistance they #1 priority, instead Mitch McConnell stated his top priority was to make President Obama a one-term President.

If Republicans really cared about wounded veterans, they would have demanded the resignation of David S. Chu, the Pentagon's undersecretary for personnel and readiness, when he said in 2005 that Veterans benefits, "have gotten to the point where they are hurtful. They are taking away from the nation's ability to defend itself."

Sean Hannity wraps his entire persona as a hard-charging flag waving super American yet while wrapping himself in the flag he also wraps himself in stolen charitable contributions. Sean Hannity's Freedom Alliance Charity took in $10,800,000 dollars in 2006 and only $397,000 went to intended charitable recepients a little more than 3.5%.

As dutiful slaves and dogs of the 1%, Republicans are tasked with keeping money and benefits from the American people. As such, whenever a Veteran takes his life Republicans cheer and throw parties because it means more money for their Plutocratic Master's Off-shore accounts in Luxemborug, the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.

Republicans and conservatives use the Troops. They use soldiers and marines to fatten their bank accounts and when that service member is broken in body or spirit the Right-Wingers of this Nation do everything they can to shun them and push them to an early grave because Republicans always, always choose Profits over People.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Joe Walsh thinks Mitt Romney pays too much in Taxes

Remember how Mitt Romney was loathe to let the plebeians have a look at his sacred tax returns? Because first it showed how little in taxes Mitt actually paid compared to the struggling miidle class and the poor and even his sanitized 2010 year returns which Romney thought were a safe bet showed Mitt the Vulture had hidden millions in off-shore bank accounts.

But, it turns out the paltry 13.9% tax rate Romney paid was far, far too much for Congressman Joe Walsh.

Much like Newtradamus and Sick Rantorum, Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh is proposing a tax plan so evil and so reactionary that the 1% which already owns over 40% of the Nation would skyrocket to total control.

Following Joe Walsh's proposal Mitt the Vulture Romney would pay a tax rate of 0.65%, Two-Thirds of 1%. And what would Joe Walsh do for the working class Americans in his congressional district, like Melissa Rakestraw, struggling under the Republican Recession?

Walsh says he doesn't care if Veterans at the Post Office lose their jobs as long as the Republicon plan to destroy the USPS is accomplished. Pink Slips for the Poor and Tax Cuts for the Rich, the Republican Plan.

Congressman Joe Walsh is a disgusting, uncouth, lout. Walsh is another chicken hawk cowardly Tea Party idiot serving in Congress, but not for much longer and Walsh knows it. I think he's is hoping by flashing show leg and hawking his wares up and down the streets of DC some fancy Billionaire will notice and will throw him a few million for his campaign.

13.9 Mitt Romney's tax rate is also the Percentage of votes he'll receive in 2012 [Disaffected and It Feels So Good]
Joe Walsh is a Screaming Ignorant Despicable Uncouth Scumbag (Updated) [Disaffected and It Feels So Good]

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Republican Congressman John Sullivan threatened to Kill Senators

Well, it sure didn't take the Republican Party long to go back to threatening to assassinate Democrats and those who disagree with them.

As Congressman John Sullivan of Oklahoma was talking to an Okie Town Hall about how awesome the dreamy Paul Ryan's Deathcare for American Budget was, when he recounted how he "lives with some senators" and continued,
"I yell at them all the time, I grabbed one of them the other day and shook him and I’d love to get them to vote for it. You know but other than me going over there with a gun and holding it to their head and maybe killing a couple of them, I don’t think they’re going to listen unless they get beat.”
Well now, in Sullivan's defense it has been a whole month since Gabby Giffords had to step down after a Tea Party inspired crazy took the Right-Wing eliminationist rhetoric to heart and shot her in the face.

Sullivan is a fine Republican. He's been arrested 4 times, he voted for TARP and Trillions in Welfare to Wall Street but declared the Auto bailout was "rewarding failure", he supported the 2009-2010 Tea Party Rallies and he voted to make the PATRIOT Act permanent. The Right-Wingers in this Nation have been using the threat of violence for years. The Tea Party slogan is We Came Unarmed This Time...

"Don't Retreat! -Reload!" Remember there is No Tea Party Orthodoxy [Disaffected and It Feels So Good]
Right Wing Terror Alert -Will Washington's Failures Lead to a Second American Revolution [Disaffected and it Feels So Good]

Friday, February 24, 2012

Illinois Representatives think Women are Farm Animals

"Illinois Nazis..."
"I hate Illinois Nazis." ~ The Blues Brothers.
The gross Republican Party and Repressive Right-Wingers continue their Nationwide assault on Women.

Conservatives, as a whole, view Government as evil and oppressive. This is because when Right-Wingers get into office the only thing they try to do is Oppress People.

Illinois, now joins the growing list of States in which legislation to shame, degrade and humiliate women by Raping them is being forced through.

Conservatives are pro-rape. They are also crafty, evil and devious. There are two politically motivated bills designed to limit women’s access to abortion. Illinois HB 4117 encompasses the tactic of changing certain building requirements mandating the size of the hallways, spaces between each electrical outlet and other minutiae plus making all Illinois abortion clinics full ambulatory surgical care centers in an effort to make current clinics "out of code" and thus forcing their closure.

But, Illinois HB 4085, is titled Ultrasound Opportunity Act It provides women the opportunity to submit themselves to a Transvaginal Ultrasound.

The bill was heard before the Illinois House Agriculture Committee. A Bill requiring women submit to a a vaginal Rape Wand being conducted in a committee that deals with livestock and farming. As Illinois Rep. Deborah Mell, a Chicago Democrat, asked, "We're not talking about abortions for cows and pigs, right? We're talking about women?" So forget second-class citizens! Could Right-Wingers be anymore blatant that they consider women little more than chattel?

After being told to submit themselves to Rape, the rape victim would be forced to decline in writing by filling out numerous forms and paperwork.

The bill was filed by State Rep. Joseph M. Lyons, D-Chicago. Joseph's bio indicates he got his higher education, both bachelors and masters at DePaul University. So, clearly this again falls under the Catholic Church and a religious freak trying to impose his religious views upon women. Looking at the Bill's co-sponsors Lyons is joined by 5 Democratic men and 10 Republican men and 3 Republican women. So, of the 19 sponsors 3 are women. Here's you Patriarchy strong at work in Springfield.

Government is not the problem. Right-Wingers in Government are the problem.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Errrr... Vaginas! Vaginas! Vaginas!

"In the past, if the debate is going to contain language that would be considered inappropriate for children and other guests, the Speaker will make an announcement in advance, asking children and others who may be uncomfortable with the subject matter to leave the floor and gallery." In 2011, Florida Republicans sent forth their spokeswoman to denounce the saying of Uterus on the House Floor.
The Right-Wing Morality Police can no longer contain their urges. Conservatives and Teahaddists have long admired the Taliban Mullahs and the Iranian Secret Police who wander around enforcing religious dogma.

So, while the Republican establishment proclaimed their focus was Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Once the Tea Party louses attached themselves onto Government welfare they restarted their tireless Campaign of enforcing their bigoted, homophobic, sexist, Agenda of Subjugation over the American People.

Republicans in Virginia, the 8th Republican controlled Pro-Rape State, passed an amended Ultrasound Rape Wand Law. The first version supported by ALL Virigina Republicans and Governor Bob McDonnell, most famous for pouting that President Obama was properly receiving credit for reviving the economy, declared any women must lay down and have a ultrasound wand shoved into her vagina.

Well, Governor Bob McRapist tried a last minute change to the law, to fool enough people into believing he wasn't signing a State-Sponsored Rape Bill, but the Bob McDonnell Rape All Women in Virginia still garners 100% Republican support and still contains the language of ordering women to submit themselves to the Bob McDonnell Rape Wand.

Not surprisingly the Law also contains other hidden methods to humiliate, shame and subjugate Women.
"A missed miscarriage is when the embryo or fetus dies but continues to stay in the uterus,” Virginia state Del. Jennifer McClellan (D) explained. “In that miscarriage, guess what you have to do to complete it. You have to have an abortion. By specifically inserting an exception for a spontaneous miscarriage, you’ve excluded from the ultrasound bill the very miscarriages that don’t require an abortion. By definition, you are requiring an ultrasound for the miscarriages that do. Words matter.”
State and Federal Republicans aren't just satisfied with destroying Workers Rights and Civil Rights gains of the 20th Century, but want to undo Human Rights gains of the last millennia.

The Modern Conservative Movement wants nothing less than total hegemonic control over the sexual lives of Americans because of the power it gives them over the Nation. "I don't think there should be any compromise when it comes to our rights to religious freedom," said William Thierfelder, president of Belmont Abbey College in Charlotte, N.C. Thierfelder is pushing for the Dominionist Freedom to savagely oppress those who do not submit themselves to his religious tyranny.

The Modern Conservative Movement whole political platform is the institution of a Neo-Feudalist System of Government, with no rights for Women, with no rights for Workers, with no rights for free association, with a Dominionist Christian Government over All, and with individuals reduced to Wage Slaves eternally having Our Pay and Benefits slashed in the Global Race to the Bottom.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Empire! Iran! Rising Gas Prices! Rampant Oil Speculation! WAR!

"You remember that old song? Bomb, bomb, bomb, Bomb Iran..." - Republican Senator John McCain.
What's the point of having a Standing Army if you're not gonna use it!

The War Machine is rumbling. The Military-Media-Industrial-Congressional Complex grew accustommed to the massive theft of wealth during the Bush Presidency. With President Obama ending the Iraq War and pledging to end the Afghanistan War the Warmongers are chomping at the bit for another War.

The Libyan Intervention was the Way the American People want US Military power utilized. A coalition, no American deaths, an realizable goal, removal of the dictator, short time span.

But, the chicken hawk Neo-Cons and Right-Wing Warmongers want full involvement in foreign entanglements because Wars are how they maintain power and engorge themselves on the Federal Budget.

If you'd like to know where the new deficit, which sooooo worries Republicons, came from, look to the Middle East. Bush's Robin Hood in reverse gift to his Base accounts for a portion of the problem but the Deficit was born in the DoD, raised and grown in Afghanistan, Iraq, HOA, and the satelittles of the American Empire. Over the last 11 years there's 11 Trillion Dollars lost to the coffers of the Warmongers.

What the American people are experincing is Empire destroys people. Not just abroad but at home. The Western Romans learned this in the 400's CE and the British learned this lesson in the late 19th century. We can't have a social safety net and a world-spanning Empire.

But, the small cadre of Elitiest bastards who profit off of warfare don't care what the ramifications are for the country and hundreds of millions of Americans because the privations and the horror of war never, ever touch them.
Mitt Romney - “We should not cut any funding from our base Department of Defense budget. That should not occur. And I would apply the $600 billion [in cuts] that were anticipated being imposed upon the military, I would take those and apply them to other parts of the federal budget. One of them, of course, would be to take something like Medicaid, which is our health care program for the poor.”
Vulture Mitt makes money off of sending your children to war and then denying you healthcare. Remember Mitt Romney's sons are too important to fight and face death in War they are helping Mitt become President.

But, they constantly have to sell war to the people. So, Iran is constantly a year away from the Bomb. And we have a terrorist appeaser, crypto-muslim in the White House.

President Obama isn't going to give the War Machine the war it wants with Iran. So, he must go.

But, with the economy improving and the smears of Right-Wing bigots unable to sway voters how to accomplish this? Simple ramp up the War talk on every Right-Wing Propaganda network and let Oil speculators bring down the economy with their gambling. And bam either another pliant Right-Wing rube or a vicious Vulture Capitalist will be ensconced in the Presidency and the Crusade shall continue!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Not about Extremely Pro-Women conservatives!

Bush Signs the Right-Wing Patriarchy Knows Best Abortion Ban.
Hmmmm... How many women present?
So having sensed their policy of Shut up Women! Men are talking about Birth Control! and stung by marching up a panel of old repressed male virgins to rend their breasts about women having sex, the Right-Wing Patriarchs decided to send out Michele Bachmann to conduct damage control by declaring the Republican Party is "Extremely Pro-Woman".

Anytime, anyone declares themselves something, say "Fair & Balanced", it's almost a metaphysical certainty the person is entirely the opposite of their statement. It's like when a Republican He-Man, say Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu, declares himself 100% Heterosexual you just know that Rent-Boy receipt is about to be posted on the Internet.

Michele Bachmann is an ardent supporter of the Right-Wing Patriarchy because it has rewarded her with her position. Bachmann isn't the only women employed by the Patriarchy. Andrea Tantaros went on Faux News to tell all other women She and by extension They are "Not upset about this."

But, Bachmann's role, right now, is to be the first woman of the Right, she inherited the mantle after Palin's flameout. Bachmann as first woman is given extreme position and powers but over a very narrow field and in return she is expected to ensure that 150 million other American women do not rise above their position as second-class citizens. The Patriarchy has always employed a small sliver of women to help them maintain control and power.

But, when it comes to deingrating and keeping women subservient Teahaddist Republican Joe Walsh couldn't just sit on the sidelines. "It's not about women," He-Man Joe Walsh succiently summed up.

Joe Walsh can't help himself because his own personal history shows, like all Republicans, he hates Women. Walsh still owes his ex-wife $117,000 in back child support for their 3 children. Walsh also owes the people of his district his prompt resignation over Dereliction of Duty because he's not done anything for the struggling people of his district.

This isn't going away anytime soon. Because Republicans are running away from the Economy faster than they run away from Military Service.

Racist Limbaugh summed it up recently when he dedicated his President's Day show to declaring Republicans win when they run on Social Issues. So get used to misogynistic Rick Santorum and Right-Wing Propaganda machine to ramp up religion and control of women.

Monday, February 20, 2012

On President's Day Barack Obama Posterizes Ronnie Reagan

It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours. - Harry S Truman, in Observer, April 13, 1958

GM is Alive and Bin Laden is Dead. President Obama inherited a Nation on the brink of Collapse after years of purposeful neglect, callous indifference, selective mistreatment, and pandering to the 1%, or known more simply as Republican "Governance".

What President Obama did in arresting the Fall of America was spectacular. If only Barack was an ardent socialist instead of Sean Hannity Fantasy Socialist his successes would have been even more spectacular. As the Top 5 Happiest Nations in the World are all Democratic Socialist Countries.

But, Harry Truman's wisdom shows focusing on jobs is both the correct metric it is also the least correct one. Ezra Klein asked several economists: How much of national job creation during a presidency can we properly attribute to the president? In Their Words:
“Very little,” wrote Harvard’s Martin Feldstein in an e- mail. Feldstein led the council under Reagan, and he didn’t see much role for the president in normal economic times. “The key is growth of population and labor force participation. Policy -- primarily monetary policy -- affects cyclical conditions and therefore the unemployment rate. Fiscal policy is usually irrelevant but with interest rates at the current level there has been a role for fiscal policy.”

Laura D’Andrea Tyson, a Berkeley economist who served under Clinton, emphasized the need to consider timing in our evaluations. “There are significant lags between the time a President proposes a policy, the time it is enacted by Congress and the time necessary for it to take effect,” she wrote to me. “These lags should be taken into account in measuring the economy’s job performance under a President. The first year probably should not count at all in terms of assessing the effects of a new Administration’s policies.”

N. Gregory Mankiw, a Harvard economist who served as the council chairman under George W. Bush, directed me to a blog post he had written on the subject. “Randomness is a fact of economic life,” Mankiw wrote, “and it would be a mistake to judge a president by the economic outcome during his administration. It is better to look at the decisions the president made, and to acknowledge that the outcome is a function of those decisions and many other factors not under his control. As an economist, I have views about what best practices are for economic policy, and I judge presidents by how closely they adhere to those principles.”
What is more at stake is what the President's long term planning does to the Nation. President Reagan and President Bush both instituted Recessions by ramping up the insourcing of illegals and outsourcing jobs.
From 2001-2009 under President George W. Bush, the Worst President in American History, multi-national Corporations laid off 2.9 million workers in the US, while creating 2.4 million jobs overseas in Slave Labor Nations. Median Income declined outright from 1999 to 2009. From 1960 to 2000, manufacturing accounted for 20 million jobs in the U.S. from 2000-2009 America lost a 1/3rd of those jobs. Between 2002 and 2007 2 out of every 3 dollars of Income growth went to the Richest 1%.
It's a spectacularly bad record for Americans but a spectacularly great record for Bush and his 1% Lords.

Republicans hate American Labor because they are beholden to the 1% who views high labor costs as a wholly unnecessary and easily correctable expense. Corporate leaders have always sought to keep costs down by taking advantage of the next wave of immigrants but post-WWII as labor reached it's epogee and power they have been able to take advantage of the World's manufacturing base and export jobs as easier than they once imported "cooliees".

But, while the 1% was easily able to sell this plan to the various President's and Congresses they've owned, selling it to the American consumer was harder.

So, they went for the easiest sell, Lower Prices. It's what Wal-Mart continually advertises. They fooled enough Americans into believing the pair of jeans made in Mexico was going to be as high of quality as that pair of LL Bean trousers you've had for 15 years but cost a fifth as much! Your GE refrigerator made in Indonesia and Taiwan and "assembled" in the US will last just as long as that one your dad had for 25 years made by US Union labor but, be half the price!

So while President Obama saved General Motors and millions of associated American Jobs, the Vultures, the Republicans have been doing everything they can to destroy American Jobs and institute an economic policy of Neo-Feudalism.

As I wrote in a blog post on December 19, 2008:
The son of auto executive, not a filthy line worker, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney wants Detroit to go bankrupt and millions lose their jobs and benefits. That way the poor will have to take whatever wage he and his Kleptocratic friends deem them worthy of, which is just enough to ensure they work themselves to death before the age 67. Romney even cites the Toyota Avalon being superior to Detroit autos. The same Toyota which is losing $1.7 Billions USC this year.

Confederate Yankee offers this insight seemingly taken from Romney's Op-Ed:
"What separates the successful companies that aren't asking for a bailout from the leaches grubbing for tax dollars from your already empty wallet? Greedy, bloated, self-serving and uncompetitive union labor, particularly the United Auto Workers (UAW). Non-union car factories are cranking out the smaller, higher-quality, more fuel efficient fleets that America wants to buy, while the unionized Big Three are cranking out bloated beasts that carry and estimated $2,000 of overhead per vehicle because of concessions the automakers have made the unions over the years in noncompetitive benefits and pensions."
Of course, he's not satisfied with just crushing the UAW,
"For that matter, much of the manufacturing in this country doesn't deserve to live, particularly that created with non-competitive union labor so prevalent in the Northeast and upper Midwest."
You see we need to reduce workers to the status of wage slaves as we find in Vietnam or Nigeria, receiving whatever their feudal lords deem them worthy of earning, i.e. just enough to live; while using up their youth and discarding the workers as worthless when they get old, sick or injured. (Sadly, No has an excellent dissection of Confederate Yankee's H8Red of the plebeians)

Republican Richard Shelby, who spent more than $1 Billion USC in taxpayer money to lure in foreign auto manufactures to Alabama

Because Republicans are against everything which helps extend the lives of the poor and middle class in America. Foreign Auto Makers, especially with automotive plants in the South are allowed to pay cut throat capitalism wages and disbar unions while receiving US Government Subsidies and tax incentives to treat American workers unfairly.
Republican Richard Shelby of Alabama ensured Mercedes -Benz received $253 Million USC, Honda $158 Million USC and Hyundai $234 million USC tax breaks for building plants in in his state, Republican scum Bob Cooker gave Volkswagon $577 million USC for a factory in Tennessee and "Mississippi paid $284 million for a new Toyota plant; Kia got $324 million from Georgia. Texas had to fork over only $133 million for Toyota's Tundra plant in San Antonio, while Tennessee gave $197.6 million so Nissan would move its American headquarters to Nashville."

Friday, February 17, 2012

If Rape didn't exist Right-Wingers would never have Sex

"You want me to hold the aspirin?"
"I want you to hold it between your knees!" Vulture Capitalist Foster Freiss is a Rich Old White Man, Scion of the Patriarchy, and Billionaire Backer of Sick Rantorum. So Shut Up Women He Knows Best!
Repulsive Wretched Right-Wingers Rejoice in Rape. Conservatives in this nation are so eager to redefine rape because without access to rape a conservative would never have sex. Raping women and then banning them from getting abortions is the way Right-Wingers propagate their degenerate DNA.

Liz Trotta of Faux News is the epitome of the Modern Conservative.
"I think they have actually discovered there is a difference between men and women." "[W]omen in the military who are now being raped too much." "And the sexual abuse report says that there has been, since 2006, a 64% increase in violent sexual assaults. Now, what did they expect? These people are in close contact..."
Back in Liz's day conservative women like Phyliss Schlafly fought to make sure women were raped just right. Liz Trotta wants to bring back the ERA, The Equal Rape Amendment!

However, don't be fooled. The Patriarchy gives a select few women extreme power in the party with the tacit understanding those women will work to undercut, dominate, and render docile and sevile all other women. That's what Liz Trotta is doing. She's put on Faux News to be the power woman enforcing the Patriarchy's Will.

So while Liz, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann fight to remake women into second-class citizens, these modern day Phyliss Schlafly's, don't run the Party. White Old White Guys Do! Thus enter Darrell Issa.

Issa is famous for not being able to pin any of Bush's massive failures onto President Obama during his tenure as Chair of the House Investigations Committee. But, what he can do is convene Meetings of the Patriarchy to debate women's healthcare. Issa of course, brought religious authorities to his 9 Man panel and excluded any women from testifying at his Inquisition.
When Chief Inquisitor Darrell Issa was asked why he excluded women
from his Tribunal on Women's Health, he said women "really didn't
belong on that panel for obvious reasons."
Issa and the Republicans are so stupid the committee was called House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the contraception mandate. So, if this issue is really about religious freedom why isn't it named House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on religious freedom? Because this was a council of Patriarchs determining women's healthcare. Everyone knows this is a Modern Witch Tribunal and just like in the 17th century, Old White Men are the Power of the Inquisition to determine if the Witch Slut has defamed religious freedom!

While Liberals knew the Tea Party 2010 elections were lying about the economy, everyone in America is aware the Focus of the Teahaddists is to Eliminate Civil Rights and push through a Totalitarian Agenda of Reactionary Religious bigotry and sophist anti-morality. The 2010 elections, were a chance for Republicans to push through their Pro-Rape Agenda.

Just read in horror the vicious pro-rape laws Republicans are pushing:

In Texas and Virginia (and now Iowa?) women must subject themselves to Republican Sponsored Rape, in the form of Trans-Vaginal Ultrasounds. Here's what it partially entails;
A probe is inserted into the vagina, sending sound waves to reflect off body structures to produce an image of the fetus. Under these new law, a woman’s vagina will be penetrated without an opportunity for her to refuse due to coercion from Republican Lawmakers Rapists.
Ron Paul declared,
"If it’s an honest rape, that individual should go immediately to the emergency room, I would give them a shot of estrogen."
Honest Rape will, of course, be determined by the Patriarchy. Perhaps a special Witch Finder can be brought in to do the examination.

And just last year House Republicans decided a new amendment was need to Federal Law to change the definition of Rape. Rape would only really be Rape if it involves force. There was no definition of what constitutes "Forcible Rape" in Federal Law last year but we all know the Republican Patriarchy would determine what does and does not constitute Rape.

The Modern Conservative Movement cares not one whit for the 99% of Americans struggling through the Republican Recession. All they are interested in is exerting Totalitarian Control over the Nation, especially sexual control over Women. Right-Wingers are bringing back the Inquisition and the Witch Trials so they can exert dominance and control over Women's Sexuality and so Republicans can Rape Away. Because without Rape Republicans would not be able to Reproduce.

Here is the Vomit-inducing Dana Loesch, dutifully fulfilling her role as handmaiden to the Patriarchy, by proclaiming a Forced Transvaginal ultrasound equals Sex."
"Wait a minute, they had no problem having similar to a trans-vaginal procedure when they engaged in the act that resulted in their pregnancy."

The Self-Condtioning of the Conservative Brain

"If you're Poor, Blame Yourself!" - Herman Cain
The Doors of Perception can be fouled easier than cleansed...

Conservatives are a difficult bunch to understand. States which routinely vote for Republicans receive more in Federal tax monies than they pay in Federal Income Tax. Yet, conservatives are vehement in their demand to make severe and deep cuts into the social safety net.

I'm tempted to demand all those who vote Republcians take their shirts off so we can see The Puppetmasters clinging to their backsides.

A New York Times article highlights that amongst the sinking middle class and the very poor there are those who rely heavily upon Government assistance but believe the programs should be eliminated and vote for candidates who propose the biggest cuts in Governmental Aid.

There are many possible reasons for this very odd behavior. But, I believe the three strongest factors are: the Republican Party and the 1% effort to make successful government programs seem as though they aren't actually government programs. First turn the benefit invisible and then eliminate it.

Next, there is the non-stop constant refrain of blaming poor people for their situation. If you aren't wildly successful in America it's due to some inherent flaw or fault in yourself. The despicable Herman Cain epitomized this belief shared by the Right-Wing Elites during those ghastly Republican Debates.

Lastly, this is a case of having been duped and lied to for so long it's easier to believe you weren't actually deceived for decades and are actually holding correct beliefs. Once a conservative no longer needs the propagandist to tell them lies and they lie to themselves they are lost to the Alternate Conservative Reality.

By turning wildly popular and successful government programs invisible, making people internalize guilt, blame and shame about being poor and then force-feeding Right-Wing lies and propaganda until the person doesn't know anything else, the Modern Conservative Movement has enough Americans believing if only the Nation was more conservative and more tilted to the 1% things would be better.

Thus while Piss Down Your Back Reaganomics and the Bush Tax cuts continue to Transfer Wealth to the 1% the conservative has entered a trance like state where they utter right-wing catch phrases as though they are mantras.

Lower Taxes... Lower Taxes... Job Creators... Job Creators... Government Hands Off My Medicare... Ohm...

Repeat the Right-Wing Mantras:Reach Economic Nirvana!

It's clear that for 20-25% of the American people no amount of facts, figures, evidence will ever change their minds. Because their brains are to warped, to damaged by to much Faux News, to many Heritgage Foundation Reports and to much hate.

But, it's the 1% and their Reactionary Mind, which is truly frightening. The True Horror of which has become apparent to millions of Americans.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Right-Wingers Birth Control Crusade is about telling you what to do

When it comes to Birth Control who knows better than a panel of angry, offensive, pasty-faced, old white male virgins!

This has always been about Unequal Protection under the law. The Catholic Church or the unelected minuscule council of Catholic Bigots err... Bishops doesn't have more rights than an American individual.

Right-Wingers are hammering on about this being a religious liberty issue. It partially is. The Totalitarian Right are supporting the trampling of an individual's rights by proclaiming an institution may prohibit covering contraception via their healthcare coverage and that the church can dictate to a private insurance company not cover it either.

While the Catholic church and afflilated organizations may bargain new coverage plans with insurance providers the whole point is if any institution is providing healthcare coverage as part of the benefit compensation for their workers they don't get to dictate the terms of how the person uses that coverage.

It's one step away from catholic church or right-wing bigots saying, 'Your salary can't be used to purchase things we dislike.'

Your employer does not have the power to tell you that your money can not be used to buy condoms or cigars or fluorescent light bulbs or wine or foie gras or to make a donation to Doctors Without Borders or the DCCC.

It's not their right* to tell you what you can and can not buy.

It's amazing that the Right-Wingers who constantly proclaim themselves the champions of freedom are firmly siding with a group specifically saying they want to restrict people's freedom.

*- I will note that some organizations make people sign morality clauses prior to employment.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Republican Steve King *officially* Gay Married to Marcus Bachmann in Secret Iowa Ceremony

Oh Darling! Why would someone as
Fabulous as me marry Crazy Eyes?
Hey you! Right-Wing Mormon and Christian Fascist! I am going to Gay Marry You against your will! The Homosexual Agenda needs to take a page from the Mormon Church and start gay marrying christian bigots and right-wing fascists in absentia. Seriously, official papers should be filed. Get your on-line ordination as a minister and start gay marring these Theocratic Republican bigots and posting their *official* gay marriage certificates on-line.

In a surprising development the "Stunning" Steve King gay married Marcus Bachmann in a secret but, fabulous ceremony. Bachmann, previously known as the fake husband of Michele Bachmann, met King during a tour of Iowa with his wife during her aborted run for President.

Bachmann famously known for saying gays were barbarians, admitted his earlier statment,
"We have to understand: barbarians need to be educated. They need to be disciplined. Just because someone feels it or thinks it doesn't mean that we are supposed to go down that road. That's what is called the sinful nature. We have a responsibility as parents and as authority figures not to encourage such thoughts and feelings from moving into the action steps..."
was merely a cover for his long-held homosexual feelings and that his marriage to Michele Bachmann was a sham.

The Mormon Church has zero authority so reading news stories that the Mormons are continuing their Crusade of baptizing dead people into their church doesn't offend me. But, it does offend others. From NPR;
Two decades of anger, apologies and agreements have failed to keep the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from ending posthumous Mormon baptisms of prominent Jews and holocaust victims.

In the latest incident, the parents of the late Simon Wiesenthal, a survivor of a Nazi death camp and an advocate for holocaust victims, were baptized in a Mormon ceremony. Posthumous baptisms are a critical part of the Mormon faith.
I would suggest we start gay marrying Mitt Romney's entire family since Mitt Romney has performed baptisms of the dead himself,
When Newsweek magazine asked Romney if he personally had performed posthumous baptisms on anyone, author Jonathan Darman wrote, "he looked slightly startled and answered, 'I have in my life, but I haven't recently.' The awareness of how odd this will sound to many Americans is what makes Romney hesitant to elaborate on the Mormon question."

Tastier News. First Ever CoffeeCon 2012

On 02/25/12, Warrenville, Illinois will host the first ever CoffeeCon. CoffeeCon is a consumer event. According to the Kevin Sinnott, the organizer of the event and "nationally recognized coffee expert, having appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show",
CoffeeCon is designed for consumers. If you’ve ever attended an industry trade show, you know how hard it is to be treated well when your badge lacks a prominent company name.

CoffeeCon is 100% aimed at consumers. The focus is tasting and learning how to brew. Coffee is a cooking art. If you’re into coffee, you know this already. Like any cooking art, you want to see how others achieve those perfect cups of coffee.

Our focus is taste, aroma, knowledge and community with each other, in a relaxed atmosphere.
One of the sponsoring companies is I Have a Bean, whom I jokingly refer as Convict Coffee because of the mission statement,
Our company was created for a purpose – to positively impact the lives of post-prison men and women, their families, and the communities in which we live. (Emphasis Theirs)
I've purchased coffee from I Have A Bean many times and have never been disappointed with the resultant brew.

CoffeeCon 2012 is being held from 0900-1700 on 02/25/12 at IBEW Local Union 701
28600 Bella Vista Parkway Warrenville, IL 60555, a southern suburb located 25 miles west of Chicago in the heart of the high-tech corridor.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Seems the Cathars and Christopher Hitchens had it right...

About anal sex and the Catholic Church...
"Can you understand the feeling some conservative have?" -David Gregory, Meet The Press.
Yes, I can understand. Conservative Christians are on a Totalitarian Birth Control Crusade. So, yes I understand. And the answer to these mendacious right-wing zealots is Fuck Off. Conservatives are regressive scum who espouse a totalitarian ideology designed to subjugate and oppress people.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! noted,
According to the nonpartisan Guttmacher Institute, which studies reproductive health issues globally, in the United States, “among all women who have had sex, 99 percent have used a contraceptive method other than natural family planning. This figure is virtually the same among Catholic women (98 percent).” According to a Public Religion Research Institute poll, 58 percent of Catholics believe that employers should provide employees with health-care plans that include contraception.
Claiming this issue is about "religious liberty" is akin to claiming slavery is about "religious liberty". This is about Totalitarian Control.

What the Totalitarian Right-Wing christians want is, as Christopher Hitchens put it, "a celestial dictatorship, a kind of divine North Korea."

After the deft move by President Obama laid clear the Religious Zealots motivations, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops continued down their road of moral turpitude bemoaning, “It would still mandate that all insurers must include coverage for the objectionable services in all the policies they would write,” the bishops said. “At this point, it would appear that self-insuring religious employers, and religious insurance companies, are not exempt from this mandate.”

Timothy Dolan speaking for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops proclaimed the President’s plan will require “careful moral analysis” and hoped "our religious freedom are not harmed by these regulations."

Religious authority. "Moral Analysis". What a joke. The same day the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops was frightened loose women would get contraceptives, previously sealed documents filed in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee bankruptcy listed at least 8,000 new instances of child sexual abuse by 100 alleged offenders - 75 of them priests, all of them previously unidentified.

So, Dolan and the bishops can take their "careful moral analysis" and stick it in the Vatican Catacombs.

As Jill over at Brilliant at Breakfast noted,
Where these absolutists are concerned, there IS no such thing as balance. You're either going to run this country as if it were a radical Christian theocracy, or you're going to run it in a sane manner.
Jill is correct. The Christian Fascists are All In. They are never going to accept anything less than absolute power.

It's not called Sharia Law when Totalitarian Conservatives do it...

Republican controlled State Legislatures along with Republicans Peter King, Steve King, Roy Blunt, Mitch McConnell in the House and Senate and most of the stinking trash known as Right-Wingers were so frightened of Sharia Law being adopted in the US they held mulitiple tribunals and crafted legislation in over 20 states designed to make Sharia Law's adoption illegal.

Now we know why the Teahaddists were scared of a Sharia Law being forced upon the American people. The Totalitarian Conservative Christians were planning on forcing their silly religious precepts and Dominionist dogmas upon all of us as soon as they got the power.

The Republican Scum in the Federal Government are trying to force legislation through to establish Christian Fascist Religious control upon all Americas using Healthcare as their vehicle of conversion. Republican fanatic Roy Blunt proposed a "Religious Freedom" Rider onto a Transportation bill in the Senate.

Of course, the rider has nothing to do with a Transportation Bill but, Republicans are shameless in pushing their bigoted Totalitarian Control onto America. The amendment contains the following language:
While PPACA provides an exemption for some religious groups that object to participation in Government health programs generally, it does not allow purchasers, plan sponsors, and other stakeholders with religious or moral objections to specific items or services to decline providing or obtaining coverage of such items or services, or allow health care providers with such objections to decline to provide them.
So, if your employer is a right-winger who, ipso facto doesn't like women, and he "morally objects" to pap smears; Boom it's no longer covered for you. Roy Blunt and the 300 Republican bureaucrats in DC believe that your employer should be able to tell you, the American citizen what kind of healthcare you receive, based on his feelings...

Mitch McConnell braved the terrible Liberal Media on Sunday to tell CBS host Bob Schieffer, "This issue will not go away until the administration simply backs down." Bob Scieffer wanted to know if McConnell supported Blunt's Rider to allow any employer the "Right" to deny any coverage because of their moral feelings. McConnell of course replied, “Yeah,” McConnell admitted. “Of course, I’d be happy to support it and intend to support it."

So in Mitch McConnell's America if you work for a Christian Scientist who doesn't believe in blood transfusions then tough shit dude he can deny covering it. If you're working for a Scientologist who believes Lithium and any other drug designed to treat depression or psychotic mental problems are not effective because of his "serious moral concerns" boom you just lost healthcare coverage for those drugs.

President Obama's defense of woman's rights to healthcare and his incredibly crafty manuever is exposing us to the True Horror of Conservatism. The Right has fully embraced Totalitarianism and Religious Dictatorship.

We are in the age of Dominionism. Wherein the Totalitarian Right and their zealous Christian Fascists have decided to regain control of the Government through Terrorism and Religion.

Conservatives assassinate Doctors, Republicans push through legislation to deny Americans medical care, Totalitarian Right-Wingers redefine rape to punish victims and abolish basic human rights.

It's because the Right sees their control slipping. As soon as this Nation starts treating American as individuals and provides them Positive Liberties and Positive Rights the Totalitarian Republicans will be in danger of losing their power and ability to defend the 1% who use these social issues to divide and conquer.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The SS of the USMC

The "SS" logo flag in a photograph of the platoon 
taken in September 2010 in Helmand province.
United States Marine Corps Scout Snipers have used the distinctive Nazi SS Lightning Bolts as a Unit symbol. The Marines, in this photo, were members of Charlie Company, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, out of Camp Pendleton, California.

There is no way this is unintentional as the Marine Corps initial investigation claims,
“We don’t believe these Marine Corps snipers had a historical appreciation for what this symbol meant,” an unnamed USMC official said.
Marine Corps leadership also claims the Corps did not know until late last year,
The inspector general at I Marine Expeditionary Force at Pendleton was made aware of the “SS” flag photograph in November, said Capt. Gregory Wolf, a spokesman at Marine Corps headquarters.
Please recall Claire Danes in the Homeland episode The Weekend where she notices a tattoo on a seemingly normal looking guy in a backwater bar:
Danes:'88,' huh?
Neo-Nazi: Yeah, it’s my jersey number from high school.
Danes: Or code for HH. Eighth letter of the alphabet. 'Heil Hitler.'
Neo-Nazi: You’re not just a pretty face, are you?
Danes: You guys are White Nation, huh? That’s cool.
Neo-Nazi: It’s Aryan pride, baby.
It's a whistle. Gangs. White Supremacists. Christian Dominionists. They put these symbols out there because most of the world doesn't see them for what they are and when they do get caught there's plausiable deniability.

Service members are checked for tattoos and markings during their physicals. Every single member of that Battalion and every Marine Corps Scout Sniper (and DoD Service Member) should be checked for tattoos. Americans would be shocked at the number of Gang members and White Supremacists that are currently in the military.

This is what happens when the Military relaxes standards and looks obliquely past obvious warning signs to accommodate Chicken Hawk Republicans need for Glorious, Glorious War. Gang members, Militia members, White Supremacists, Christian Fascists, criminals have been inflitrating the military for the last decade in order to gain skills, training and inside knowledge of military workings to further their own goals in the US.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

There's No Sex in Rick Santorum's Military

There's No Sex in the Champagne Room - Chris Rock
Half of the military's ad campaign is set up to convince the young recruit that he's going to be a bad ass ninja kicking down doors and taking out Osama Bin Laden, except when George W. Bush is stopping US from killing Bin Laden. The other half implicitly states Mila Kunis will attend the Marine Corps Ball with you.

The Totalitarian Right which has been fighting the War on Sex for decades has decided to drop all pretenses they cared about protecting Americans, jobs, the economy or rising debt and refocus on the only thing they do care about, making sure they control when, where and with whom you have sex and punishing dirty, dirty women who have sex outside Right-Wing Authoritarian control.

Of course, Totalitarian Republicans, know as much about real war as they do about fornicating and leading the charge on the Right-Wing War on Sex is Sick Rantorum.

His most recent interview shows the only peek into military life he's done is watching Ronnie Raygun movies:
“I meant exactly what I said,” the former Pennsylvania Dictator said. “When you have men and women together in combat, I think there’s — men have the emotions when you see a woman in harm’s way. I think it’s something that’s natural, that’s very much in our culture to be protective.”

“Some people might listen to that quote and think you meant you were concerned about women being emotional,” NBC's Ann Curry noted.

“Oh, no,” Sick Rantorum replied. “No, the issue is — and certainly one that has been talked about for a long, long time — is how men would react to seeing women in harm’s way, potentially being injured or in a vulnerable position, and not being concerned about accomplishing the mission.”
Now compare Sick Rantorum's "concerns" with a scene from G.I. Jane,
"You know, the Israelis ... they tried women in the 1967 War. Female soldiers. It seems the men couldn't get used to the sight of women blown open and their viscera hanging from tree limbs. Israeli men would linger over wounded females -- often to the detriment of the mission, often endangering their own lives."
Of course, when President Santorum takes over as C-in-C every future military recruit should be aware of his positions, "I would say, any type of sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military."

So yea, no more dates with Mila Kunis or Justin Timberlake for you Jarhead. Ooh-Rah...

Friday, February 10, 2012

White House deftly outflanks Catholic Outrage and Totalitarian Republican Bigots

In a fantastic maneuver, the White House has altered its stance to allow for Catholic Objections.
"All women will still have access to free preventive care that includes contraceptive services," one White House official said. "The insurance company will be required to reach out directly and offer her contraceptive coverage free of charge," if the employer objects to providing that coverage in its benefit package.
Now, of course, if the issue actually was about the Catholic (or any Religious) Conscience exemption this solution would solve the problem. But, everyone knows this was nothing more than a cheap cynical ploy by Totalitarian Right-Wing Bigots to use religion to attack Obama and to punish those immodest brazen hussies who don't keep their legs closed.

Anthony Picarello, general counsel for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, indicated the compromise won't assuage his or the USCCB religious feelings because somewhere... somehow... a strumpet is having sex for pleasure instead of unceasing baby-making and no Catholic Dollars anywhere can be used,
That means removing the provision from the health care law altogether, he said, not simply changing it for Catholic employers and their insurers. He cited the problem that would create for "good Catholic business people who can't in good conscience cooperate with this."
This has been brewing amongst the Religious Anti-Woman Zealots for years. From a July 2010 article by Dana Goldstein, The Coming Birth Control Battle: "I don't want to overstate or understate our level of concern," said McQuade, the Catholic bishops' spokesperson. "We consider [birth control] an elective drug. Married women can practice periodic abstinence. Other women can abstain altogether. Not having sex doesn't make you sick."

This whole issue is about controlling and punishing sex. The Totalitarian Right thinks the only job of Big Government is to stop you from having sex or to punish you if you do. As I proved back in May 2011, with the post Conservatives Celebrate Rape,
You see Republican men know about Rape and know it's only Rape when it's forcible.

Christopher Smith was the Republican chosen to sponsor the forcible rape provision. What exactly constitutes force was never described and the Republicans faced opposition to their outrageous evil 'forcing' them to back down, Smith declared the forcible rape language would be removed. But, Republicans are slimy liars and when they passed the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Bill (HR 3) on May 9th, the bill achieved a similar goal as the redefinition of rape by using the power of the IRS, the threat of audits and byzantine Medicare rules to ensure women are punished for being raped and impoverished or incarcerated for having an abortion.

Because if you are raped Republicans and Conservatives believe it's the woman's fault. Faux News will immediately go on air to declare it's definitely your fault because you dared show your 'filthy lust-ridden body' in public without a burqa.

Rebecca St. James' and Sean Hannity had a gay old time blaming rape victims during his segment on "Slutwalks", when she stated women,
"are asking for sex. They’re asking for sex if they’re dressed immodestly.” And, “There has to be responsibility, though, for what a woman is wearing, personal responsibility.”
Conservatives and Republicans then love to have a token representative, whose power and position are tied to the Patriarchy, carry the banner of the Right's Repression and Dogmatic Misogynism as Kirsten Powers did in further blaming rape victims for being raped. I point Sean Hannity, Kirsten Powers and Rebecca St. James to the Illinois Complied Statutes:
(720 ILCS 5/12‑17):
The manner of dress of the victim at the time of the offense shall not constitute consent.
Because the Republican Party is the American Taliban comprised completely of Totalitarian Bigots who hate freedom and individualism. This manuever neatly shows the objections from Republicans is nothing more than a sham.

Contraception is about Control and Punishment

"But do you understand what the New York Times wants, and the far-left want? They want to break down the white, Christian, male power structure, which you’re a part, and so am I." - Bill O'Reilly
For Conservatives everything boils down to Control; controlling women, controlling who votes, controlling workers, controlling sex, controlling the media, controlling government. Control is so important to Conservatives because Right-Wingers are Authoritarians who can not handle freedom and hate individualism.

Once Right-Wingers have control they turn to punishment. The Conservative elections in 2010 showed Right-Wingers don't actually want to help America they want to harm people whom the hate and distrust. Matthew Vadum at The American Thinker clearly enunciated the conservative view of Control and Punishment in his article, Registering the Poor to Vote is Un-American.
Registering them [the Poor] to vote is like handing out burglary tools to criminals. It is profoundly antisocial and un-American...
Every policy decision and proposed law or amendment was designed to subjugate women, eliminate rights, punish the poor, destroy Unions, harm Americans.

The "debate" over contraception and birth control is nothing less than wanting to control women and punish those who somehow elude Right-Wing Control.
“Do you want [farming retailer] Tractor Supply to open stores or would you rather they take their capital and do what Obamacare and its 2,700 pages dictates – which is to open a lactation chamber at every single store that they have?” - Tom Stemberg Co-Founder of Staples.
Oh Blessed Authoritarian thank you for the Insightful Business Acumen about Women! You, a Supreme Member of the 1%, have such august wisdom!

Now, Republicans while being abject evil and irredeemable slime are still crafty and shrewd so they will not acknowledge their fight is for totalitarian control but, instead will engage in a propaganda war. Thus we have Right-Wing Wailing Campaign, wherein they pound their breasts, pull their hair and are reduced to blubbering, about President Obama's War on Religion.

This could be an argument about Positive Liberty and Negative Liberty but, that would require an honest debate partner and Regressive Republicans are never, ever honest. Regressives aren't actually worried about the moral implications since all Americans engage in birth control techniques and use contraceptives. Nor are they worried about Government mandating to religious affiliated institutions healthcare coverage since 28 States currently have provisions mandating religious affliated healthcare insurance providers cover contraception.

What this is about is controlling sex. Pre-occupation with sex, (i.e. the easier access for woman and the acceptance of homosexuality) has always been a prime occupation of Authoritarians. All Republicans are Authoritarians and once a society embraces human rights, Authoritarians lose power.

Once women are no longer tied to the pregnancy/birth cycle they can exercise power in society and that is something the Catholic Church and Conservative Authoritarians have always loathed/feared. Because more people involved lessens their control. More voters lessens their chances of controlling government.

So, the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Catholic Church has declared War on President Obama. Catholic ass Cardinal Francis George weighed in using his religious authority,
“We cannot — and will not — comply with this unjust law,” states the cardinal, who is vehemently opposed to the new Obama administration rule requiring religious organizations to include contraceptive health insurance coverage.
This is the same man who declared, "You don’t want the gay liberation movement to morph into something like the Ku Klux Klan, demonstrating in the streets against Catholicism."

It's well past the time when religious figures should be openly mocked for their false authority and the millions of wasted hours ruminating about a how many angels can dance on the head of a molested child. An individual working for a Jewish-affiliated Hospital can't be docked pay because he eats pork outside work, and a Catholic affiliated Hospital can't give less healthcare benefits to an individual who breaks one of their silly precepts.

The easiest answer is if you don't like rubbers and birth control pills then don't buy them, but that's not good enough for the Regressive Conservative Authoritarians. They don't want anyone to have access. Because, women's access to contraception is a threat.

What would solve this is a Single-Payer Plan and Medicare for all, and President Obama is shrewd enough to be setting up the battle of his second term to implement them.

This is the right thing to do but, I always wish the White House would be ahead of the message instead of letting evil Republican scum and wacky religious weirdos control the message. But, if Liberals can not get behind the President on this issue, then I'm not sure why they call themselves Liberals? Because, why call yourself Liberal if you are siding with the Regressive, the Authoritarian, the Conservative, with those who have consistently sided with rolling back hard fought rights won over the last century.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Right-Wing Ploy to Blame Barack Obama

"During depressions, money flows back to it's rightful owners" - Richard Mellon Scaife
So, the 243,000 jobs and drop in unemployment are bad, bad news for Republicans. The Republican Party is invested in harming the 99% at every turn. Their job as detailed by their 1% Masters is to hurt the Nation so they can roll back the Civil Rights gains of the People in the 20th century and instill a Neo-Feudalist Right-Wing Dictatorship.

To accomplish this goal, Conservatives have a very simple governing style. Once elected Republicans do as much damage as possible. Elected Republicans are Governmental Suicide Bombers.

Following the carnage Republicans simply (by simply I mean non-stop Propaganda) place the blame on the Democrats elected to clean up the mess from their deliberately destructive policies.

After Worst President of All Time (as of 1973) Dick Nixon resigned in disgrace Republicans decided to lay the blame on the Democrats and did so by harming the Nation at every turn while Jimmy Carter was in office. This was so the Worst President of All Time (as of 1989) Ronnie Raygun could get into office and begin the massive redistribution of Wealth up to the 1%, with his Piss Down Your Back and Tell You It's Raining Reaganomics.

Of course, I never thought we would see an even worse President come along but, every Republican elected is demonstrably more evil and worse than the one preceding him. Republicans long ago shed their concerns for 99% of Americans and are solidly behind the 1%.
"This is an impressive crowd - the haves and the have-mores. Some people call you the elites; I call you my base." George W. Bush.
So, we see that after having stood solidly behind George W. Bush (The Worst President of All Time until the next Republican comes along) Right-wingers have been busy trying to rewrite history and place the blame all upon President Obama.

And now with the economy still mired in the Bush Republican Recession, the Right-Wing is busy setting up the Alternate Conservative Reality Matrix. When the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) disproves Right-Wing lies and shows the 2009 Obama Stimulus and Obamacare are benefiting the economy, then have Newt Gingrich appear to declare, "We must abolish the Congressional Budget Office". Anytime good economic news emerges, Republican slugs emerge from their slime covered mansions and declare, Don't Give Credit to Obama!

Republican Governor Bob McConnell, Good job report? Lower Unemployment? It's because of Republican Governors! Not Obama! Never mind how! Just never give credit to Obama!

Republican Bigot Sick Rantorum, The economy is improving? Well, that's because I may be elected.

This is the third basic play from the Right-Wing Playbook. Always take credit for good events, always blame Democrats for bad events.

Think of major event and recall the Right-Wing Propaganda response:
The Criminally Negligent BP/Transocean Gulf Disaster? Obama!

The Dow Jones Down in 2008? Obama!
The Dow Jones Up in 2012? Not Obama!

The Housing Bubble of 2002-2007? Barney Frank!
The secret $7,700,000,000,000 Banker Bailout of 2008? Chris Dodd!

September 11th? Clinton!
Osama Bin Laden dead? Not Obama!
Now, as the economy gets better the Republicans are going to have to get more ridiculous with their lies, but outrageous, ridiculous, unbelievable lies are what the Republican Party does best these days. Always Remember what ever a Right-Winger says, it all boils down to stealing the wealth of the world because the 1% WANT! THAT FUCKING! MONEY! And every Republican is invested in helping them steal it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Arizona Republican White Power! Celebrate the White Man's Burden

“It’s not wrong to use race or other indicators for the sake of identifying that people are violating the law. Ccommon sense indicators, are all kinds of things, from what kind of clothes people wear — my suit, in my case — what kind of shoes people wear, what kind of accent they have, um, the, the type of grooming they might have, there are all kinds of indicators there and sometimes it’s just a sixth sense and they can’t put their finger on it.” - Representative Peter King Republicon tells the US House only whitey's like him wear suits.
Arizona banned Ethnic Studies in 2010 under HB 2281. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne has stated the reason for the ban, "This is consistent with the fundamental American value that we are all individuals, not exemplars of whatever ethnic groups we were born into."

The bill was passed mainly because of Horne's personal distaste for the Tuscon Unified School District's Chicano studies program, especially after he allegedly heard a teacher say, 'Republicans hate Latinos.' Thus, while Tom Horne is a bigot who hates Lation, Hispanics and Chicanos, his reasoning is also ignorant, self-serving and wrong and it is incontrovertible that Republicans hate all minorities.

Here in Chicago we celebrate Casimir Pulaksi Day. All across Cook County government offices are closed, Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Public Library, Springfield Public Schools, and Illinois state-wide public and private schools are closed as well. Wisconsin (the whole state) also closes on Pulaski Day. According to Bigot Horne, Illinois school districts are inconsistent with American Values for honoring a foreigner.

Arizona Rushpublicans went further in their White Hot Rage as Jan Finger Waging Brewer created the Papers, please max schnell Law! Where Police and other officials are required to demand identification from someone who doesn't look like an *cough* brown skin *cough* American.

So, now Flushed with White Power & Pride, Rushpublican State Representative Cecil Ash has called for a Special Day to celebrate White People.

Ash is a twitter fan of Glenn Beck and it's no surpirse that Beck's stable of putridly evil, violently stupid ignorant trash find this to be a good idea Ash himself is an ignorant racist birther Ass:
Cecil Ash: Well Anderson I think there’s been a lot of controversy over the issue. It’s created a division among a lot of people in the United States and for better or worse many people don’t believe he’s a U.S. citizen. They believe he has loyalties… ah… divided loyalties I suppose you could say.

Anderson Cooper: But those people are wrong. He is a U.S. citizen.

Cecil Ash: Well, you’re telling me that he’s wrong. I’ve never investigated that. If he is then he has nothing to fear.

Anderson Cooper: But I mean, the information is out there. It has been released. It has been shown. There are some people who don’t believe it, but there are also some people who believe that the moon is made out of cheese and you can say you’ve never investigated it but I think you would probably say to them the moon is not made out of cheese.ased. It has been shown. There are some people who don’t believe it, but there are also some people who believe that the moon is made out of cheese and you can say you’ve never investigated it but I think you would probably say to them the moon is not made out of cheese.
First, the Republicon scum declared their intracable determination to never work with President Obama. After that statement they all declared that Obama is divisive.

The 1960's are over. Cecil Ass and the bigots and racists who compirse who comprise a majority of the voters for the Republicon Party will never acknowledge Civil Rights and are involved in an enormous push-back. With over 30 years of total support from the Republicon Party and the Right Wing propaganda machines and the creation of the Astro-Turfed Tea Party the Racist Right are feeling empowered to foist the Alternate Conservative Reality back onto the Nation.

Friday, February 3, 2012

If you want to Know what your job would be like without Unions, Ask a Concussed NFL Player

On 01/28/12 Chicago Tribune ran a story on former Bears Linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer and his struggles upon suffering his career-ending concussion during the 2010 NFL Season.
On August 28 2010, Hillenmeyer suffered a concussion during a pre-season game. He was placed on injured reserve before the season and has never played again. The Bears terminated his contract Feb. 28, 2011, one month after the team's concussion consultant, Dr. Elizabeth Pieroth, a board certified clinical neuropsychologist, examined him and recommended he no longer play. The Bears cut him with one year and $1.8 million remaining on his contract. According to the union, Article 45 of the collective bargaining agreement stipulates Hillenmeyer is eligible for an injury protection benefit of 50 percent of his base salary up to $1 million, meaning he should be able to collect $900,000.
If you want to know what it's like to be a non-unioned employee, look at what the NFL Teams do to their players. Oh got hurt? Can't play anymore? Gone. NFL players have short careers, averaging roughly 3.5 years. They have a famously powerful Union. Hunter Hillenmeyer had a contract. The Bears aren't honoring it.

This is what we have to look forward to as the 1% continues their drive in the Right to Work for Less laws. RTW doesn't actually secure you a job what it secures is your employers' right to fuck you over. And fucking over workers is what American Capitalism is designed to do.
Don't want to come in on the weekend? You're Fired!
Don't want to work Thanksgiving? You're Fired!
Got hurt on the job? Well, the Company says you didn't. Now, try and get benefits. Oh and the Republicans eliminated Medicare and stole Social Security.
The Indiana Republican controlled Legislature pushed through Right-to-Work-For-Less and Governor Mitch Daniels signed the bill into law on 2/1/12.

Quickly upon the heels of this success the Republican controlled State Legislature of Minnesota and Arizona are trying to pass through Union-busting and anti-worker agendas. Minnesota Republicans want to amend their state constitution to outlaw Unions.

2011 saw Republicans in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan push through heinous anti-worker legislation in direct opposition to the will of their constituents. The current Republican attempts at fucking over the 99% are always done on the strength of We're a Representative Democracy. But, what it shows is Republicans are the equivalent of governmental suicide bombers. Once they get elected they never ever represent their people but engage in a political campaign of doing the most damage possible without worrying about the electoral consequences.

Because even if the Republican scumbags are voted out or recalled, they've done the explosive damage they sought to do and they've assured themselves of Right-Wing Paradise being lavished with hundreds of thousands in speaking fees from Conservative Think Tanks or jobs as rhetorical bomb-throwers on Faux News.

Non-Union workers demonstrably receive less in wages and benefits. Non-Union workers are at whim workers. This is precisely what the 1% wants, the ability to reduce pay and eliminate pensions and have every worker afraid, one wrong step, one breath away from termination.

And do you think you're going to be able to fight and win a lawsuit against a Criminal Corporate Conglomerate? Look at the former Bears player Hillenmeyer. He earned millions in his career but it's coming up on one year since his release. Think you can hold out for a year trying to win a legal battle against Corporate Criminals? They will drag court procedures out for decades because they never die, but the victims of Vulture Capitalists, the 99% do...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Republicans want to Kill Chicagoans via Lead Poisioning

Yes, Republicans entice their conservative drones to shoot Liberals but this is the more prosaic poisoning.

From the Chicago Tribune story,
EPA researchers tested samples from 29 Chicago area homes and at least 1 liter in the first 12 tested in 15 of the 29 homes exceeded 15 parts per billion of lead. The current procedures require only the first liter out of the pipes be tested. The current procedures, obviously give an inaccurate account of the lead levels as the higher levels were registered in the proceeding water.

The EPA says there is no safe level of lead exposure, especially for vulnerable populations including children, pregnant women and infants who drink formula made from tap water. Miguel Del Toral notes that lead is the only substance other than carcinogens for which the EPA exposure goal is zero.
But, Republicans know that by simply eliminating the EPA the Lead levels will effectively drop to zero because no agency will be measuring for them!

As I related with my post Peter Roskam called me the other day about the Job-Killing EPA in which I asked Representative Roskam why the Republicans overwhelming support the idea of eliminating the EPA and federal clean water standards HR 2018, A Republican House bill in which 223 of 236 (94.5%) of Republicans voted to eliminate the Clean Water Act of 1972. The answer is always that the EPA harms jobs.
"Whether it’s the EPA, the FDA, the FCC, the SEC, the CFTC, you name it, there is an acronym for a federal agency causing harm right now. We’re trying to pull that in." - Eric Cantor, famous Republicon Hit Man for the Plutocracy who demanded disaster relief for Tornado victims in Joplin, MO only be appropriated from cuts to Medicare.
Oh, but don't worry Corporations have your best interest at heart, they certainly will voluntarily reduce their toxic pollution! It's the Myth of Self-Regulation.

As we have seen with every deregulation and privatization scheme Chicago and Cook County residents would face the prospect of tainted water with little to no remedy to face giant Corporate Criminals who regularly violate EPA and State rules now and would pollute and poison Americans with absolute impunity if the Republicons succeed in their efforts to dismantle the EPA.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not Very Concerned about Poor People. The Republican Party and Mitt Romney are Of the 1%, By the 1% and For the 1%.

"I'm not concerned about the very poor."

"I like to be able to fire people who provide me services."

"Don’t try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom, allow investors to buy homes." 3 Quotes which sum up Mitt Romney 2012 GOP Presidental Nominee.
The Republican Party and Mitt Romney are the culmination of American Capitalism. The Wall Street Thieves and Vulture Capitalist friends of Mitt Romney have been driving the American Economy into this Recession. The Recession aids the 1% and the longer it goes the more they like it. The Republicans are safeguarding the Recession because the longer they can harm the American People the more will be driven into perpetual Wage Slavery and Penury.
"During depressions, money flows back to it's rightful owners" - Richard Mellon Scaife
To Republicans the Poor and shrinking Middle Class are nothing but Cogs in the gears of Industry and War. To be used when young and healthy and to be discarded when old or broken.

It's the precise reason the Republicans are always trying to undo Unions, steal Social Security and eliminate Medicare. Unions and the Social Safety net provide a chance for Americans to have a decent life after their working days are over. Republicans want Americans to work until they die.

But, like all things Right-Wing the Republican caused and continually fueled Recession has to be run through the BainWashing Machine of the Alternate Conservative Universe.

So, Reince Priebus and the RNC continually portray President Obama and his family as out-of-touch.

President Obama, his wife Michelle and their two daughters are an ideal case of the American Dream. Rising from modest backgrounds Barack and Michelle, through hard work and education rose via the meritocracy and are currently in a loving and stable marriage with two seemingly well-behaved and well-adjusted children.

But, in modern Republican politics, lies are much more important. So, create fake news stories about Michelle Obama spending $50,000 on lingerie. Matt Drudge ran with it! It'll stick. Of course, it's an out-right lie and never mind the Great Grifter Sarah Palin's $150,000 dollar wardrobe for the 2008 election. Because it's all about setting the stage in the conservatives mind and then feeding propaganda to the mind that is able and willing to accept it.

It's all about getting poor and middle class people to vote themselves into bondage to the Republican Slavers and 1% Masters. As Senator Tom Coburn wrote The Rich are involved in a scheme, "This reverse Robin Hood style of wealth redistribution... Fleecing the Taxpayer while contributing nothing..."