Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tastier News. First Ever CoffeeCon 2012

On 02/25/12, Warrenville, Illinois will host the first ever CoffeeCon. CoffeeCon is a consumer event. According to the Kevin Sinnott, the organizer of the event and "nationally recognized coffee expert, having appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show",
CoffeeCon is designed for consumers. If you’ve ever attended an industry trade show, you know how hard it is to be treated well when your badge lacks a prominent company name.

CoffeeCon is 100% aimed at consumers. The focus is tasting and learning how to brew. Coffee is a cooking art. If you’re into coffee, you know this already. Like any cooking art, you want to see how others achieve those perfect cups of coffee.

Our focus is taste, aroma, knowledge and community with each other, in a relaxed atmosphere.
One of the sponsoring companies is I Have a Bean, whom I jokingly refer as Convict Coffee because of the mission statement,
Our company was created for a purpose – to positively impact the lives of post-prison men and women, their families, and the communities in which we live. (Emphasis Theirs)
I've purchased coffee from I Have A Bean many times and have never been disappointed with the resultant brew.

CoffeeCon 2012 is being held from 0900-1700 on 02/25/12 at IBEW Local Union 701
28600 Bella Vista Parkway Warrenville, IL 60555, a southern suburb located 25 miles west of Chicago in the heart of the high-tech corridor.


Tom Harper said...

Sounds like a cool event. I make an excellent cup of coffee if I don't say so myself, but there's always more to learn and room to improve.

Sarge said...

Never tasted the stuff - that is strange for retired military and air traffic controller. My claim to fame with coffee was in the control tower at Tyndall AFB. It is standard procedure to make a new pot for the on-coming crew. Well, we got busy with early morning launches and the coffee wasn't made. I was told that they were not relieving the tower without coffee being made.
The coffee pot made a rapid descent of about six stories onto the concrete. I washed up the grounds and tossed the fucker in the dumpster by the tower.
The Chief Of ATC Ops called me at home and made me go buy a new coffee pot.
I made a statement..


Oh, the crew chief relieving me came to work for me in Korea...
Coffee was never mentioned.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Tom H,

I must admit to coffee snobbery. I never drank the dark elixir of life until my early 30's during my 3 overseas tours and when I got back I decided organic, fair trade beans and a Bodum vacuum coffee maker was a good starting place.