Friday, December 19, 2008

Republican Hatred for the Individual

Do I Hate You? Do I Hate You? Yes
Do I Hate You and Placate You? Ohh
~ H8Red Anthrax

This might as well be the lyrics for the Republican Party, because they clearly hate the individual and want them to die an early death after having squeezed every ounce of labor from them.

I thought the Republicans wanted people to earn as much as possible, I thought they were the party of the individual. Isn't that what they've been telling people for years? We want you to keep as much of your money as possible. Well it's obviously bullshit.

The Republicans so-called principled stand against the bad business model of Detroit has been shown to be a lie with the recent news Toyota is going to run a loss of $1.7 Billion USC this year.

The real reason the Republican Party lead the charge against the UAW and the US Auto Industry is because they represent a small cadre of plutocratic elites who wish to re-instate a feudal dictatorship in America in which the rarified 1% control the majority of wealth and ensure no one else earns a living wage.

To Republicans the people of this nation are cogs for the gears of industry or war to be used up and worked to death so they can't retire as useless eaters, draining the coffers of the state from which the Republicans enrich themselves.

This is why the Republican party is committed to destroying the middle class. Because a middle class exercises political power and votes against being squeezed and worked to death by the Republican Feudal Overlords.

David S. Chu stated benefits to wounded veterans and retirees, "are taking away from the nation's ability to defend itself." Meaning stop spending money on soldiers who can't be sent to fight and gain money for Republicans.

The son of auto executive, not a filthy line worker, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney wants Detroit to go bankrupt and millions lose their jobs and benefits. That way the poor will have to take whatever wage he and his Kleptocratic friends deem them worthy of, which is just enough to ensure they work themselves to death before the age 67. Romney even cites the Toyota Avalon being superior to Detroit autos. The same Toyota which is losing $1.7 Billions USC this year.

Conservative bloggers strive for the deaths of workers. Confederate Yankee offers this insight seemingly taken from Romney's Op-Ed:
"What separates the successful companies that aren't asking for a bailout from the leaches grubbing for tax dollars from your already empty wallet? Greedy, bloated, self-serving and uncompetitive union labor, particularly the United Auto Workers (UAW). Non-union car factories are cranking out the smaller, higher-quality, more fuel efficient fleets that America wants to buy, while the unionized Big Three are cranking out bloated beasts that carry and estimated $2,000 of overhead per vehicle because of concessions the automakers have made the unions over the years in noncompetitive benefits and pensions."
Of course, he's not satisfied with just crushing the UAW,
"For that matter, much of the manufacturing in this country doesn't deserve to live, particularly that created with non-competitive union labor so prevalent in the Northeast and upper Midwest."
You see we need to reduce workers to the status of wage slaves as we find in Vietnam or Nigeria, receiving whatever their feudal lords deem them worthy of earning, i.e. just enough to live; while using up their youth and discarding the workers as worthless when they get old, sick or injured. (Sadly, No has an excellent dissection of Confederate Yankee's H8Red of the plebeians)

Republican Richard Shelby, who spent more than $1 Billion USC in taxpayer money to lure in foreign auto manufactures to Alabama doesn't want taxpayer money to help domestic auto manufactures. Why? Because Republicans want to destroy the political power of workers in the US to reduce them to the status of workers in Indonesia.

And the mouthpiece of the Republican party Rush Limbaugh clearly stated how dare the individual not work until his death. Limbaugh "You're not supposed to retire when you're 55. You sound to me like you are totally capable of still working." (From Crooks and Liars 11/19/08)

And to point out the irony of Republicans working for the Death of Individuals, Pat Buchanan points out while Shelby and other Republicans are trying to destroy Detroit and impoverish individuals, General Motors didn't bomb Pearl Harbor, Mitsubishi did. So Republicans support companies that directly killed American Troops.

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