Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Vote Republican choose Slavery.

The Republican Party wants to reduce the American people into abject economic slavery and make Americans fight with the Vietnamese, Indians, and Mexicans for wages.

Destroying economic opportunities and turning Americans into rigidly controlled Wage Slaves has been the whole goal of Reagan and his worshippers (the Republican Party).
The gradual transformation of a rigidly organized hierarchic system into one where men could at least attempt to shape their own life, where man gained the opportunity of knowing and choosing between different forms of life, is closely associated with the growth of commerce. ~ F.A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom, pg. 18

This is exactly what the Republican Party is now trying to destroy.

To accomplish this the Republican Party has supported a program of Outsourcing and Insourcing labor. Allow a flood of illegals to rush across our border undercutting wages here. How often have you heard the Republicans claim they do jobs Americans don't want to do? For instance, pick lettuce for $50 and hour for a whole season. It's a lie. Illegals in this country work and live like dogs, often 6-8 men, without their families, living in a run-down trailer working for minimum wage or less.

This is the goal of the Republican Party, make Americans have to fight here and scamper abroad as illegal immigrants fighting for minimum wage jobs.

Additionally, the Republican Party has worked tiresly to allow Socialist Nations to flood the American market with State-sponsred products.

The Republican Party did this with cheap foreign steel destroying the Steel Industry in the 1970's.
The Republican Party did this to Textile and Clothing manufactures. When was the last time you put on a dress shirt or pair of sneakers which was made in the United States?
The Republican Party did this with Agricultural food stuffs allowing the Chinese to kill Americans' pets with poisoned Wheat Gluten.

Now they are trying to do this with the Auto Industry. Invite Foreign manufacturers into America with tax incentives (Republican Richard Shelby gave Mercedes -Benz $253 Million USC, Honda $158 Million USC and Hyundai $234 Million USC) and destroy the UAW which fought for good wages and didn't vote for the Republican Party.

Shipping every industry possible out of the United States and destroying the manufacturing base, will destroy the middle class.

And the final goal for the Republican Party is to transfer land and wealth to the small cadre of Feudal Dictators in Government, Military, Banking and Industry (Often referred to as the Base (Al Qaeda), and thus, having eliminated the middle class, Americans will be reduced to the status of serfs and slaves; who will work hard in their youth and will then be discarded when they get old, sick or injured.

Of course, this will only be possible with the domestic hounds of Blackwater and the increasingly paramilitary police forces enforcing the rules decided by our Feudal Lords keeping the slaves in line through a state-sponsored legal system designed to keep them in line. And through Conservative Talk Radio designed to flood their neurons day after day with news of the greatness of the Republican Party. For instance, She Who Shall Not Be Named 2 thinks Republicans should sue to stop the Bailout of the US Auto Industry.

And as a mouth of Republican Party, she is fulfilling her task of convincing Americans to accept their Slavery at the hands of the Republican Party.

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