Thursday, December 18, 2008

Atheists are trying to Undermine Civility and Undermine Peace

So says She Who Shall Not Be Named 2.

While Gretchen Carlson is Outraged, she has "christmas Wars fatigue" although she is upset because atheists are Internet trolls. She can't even admit theft is wrong though she does advise the faithful not to steal. She even resorts to the "Some of My Best Friends are..." before blaming atheists for destroying America.

Rawstory has pulled the video with Carlson and She Who Shall Not Be Named 2.

Interestingly, She Who Shall Not Be Named 2 admits she doesn't blog about Atheists on her website because she doesn't want to give them attention. I think it's because she doesn't want to get her site swamped with the rabid wing of republican party which has thrown reason out the door to embrace the Sarah Palin loving Young Earther Evolution denying non-critical thinking christian dominionist sect.

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