Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eviloution is a Communist Plot

It is a plot to Destroy Americans' belief in God. And when you follow down the slope (which may or may not be slippery) to Destroy America.

A clear piece of evidence emerged when The Chinese Communists concocted this latest piece of eviloution propaganda:

Scientists in China finds major dinosaur site.

However, the commies were quite, quite sloppy and some tidbits, which reveal this to be a fraud, can be found in the Commie's lackey media outlet the BBC:

The researchers, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, say they have unearthed 7600 dinosaur bones since March in Shandong province. Hmmm, since March you say? Obviously the Commies have been making fake bones, sticking them in the ground and uncovering them after aging them.

Detailed information on the fossil find is not expected to be published in scientific journals until later in 2009. And why? Because the clear falsity of the dinosaur plaster molds would be uncovered by William Demski or Denise O'Leary.

The scientists hope the find will help to explain why the creatures died out. Well, that can be explained very easily. World Wide Flood killed all the Behemoth(s) of the bible.

I can only hope as we delve into the Year of the Darwin (sounds strangely like the way the Chinese Communists use their calendar the year of this or that...) that Eviloution will be destroyed and children in all levels of schooling in America will be able to respond to every question with the ontological answer: God did It.

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