Thursday, September 12, 2013

President Obama's masterful job on Syria

"The bets will give an indication of the relative strengths of each hand." Data, The Measure of a Man, Star Trek: The Next Generation
Would it be comforting to live in the Right-Wing Fart Bubble? From Faux News to every Right-Wing on-line idiot the theme on President Obama's handling of Syria is the same;

"President Obama just led us into a humilating defeat." "This humilates the US."

Of course, I know that what's at work is a conscious effort from right-wingers by the use of their unending pouting, phony outrage, chest-beating, wailing and hair-tearing to leave negative associations in the American Collective Unconscious with the Obama Presidency. For all their insanity, the use of Sympathetic Magic and brainwashing on their conservative dupes and weary liberal opponents is fantastic.

But, subterfuge appears equally lost upon lefties in regards to Syria. Diplomacy has many facets. It's almost as if everyone is living in the literal world.

Now, understandably everyone assumes the United States was going to bomb Syria because for the last 12 years the Deciders and the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Media-Complex accepted nothing less than the constant application and projection of US Military Might across the globe.

The Game of Houses is difficult but, it shouldn't be difficult to understand that we did not bomb Syria. We haven't.

What President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry accomplished they did with Words. Just words. They took a situation in which 100,000 had died and 2 million people had been displaced and turned into refugees from 2 years of constant warfare while the World kind of ignored it and they brought it forefront to the World Stage.

And by going to Congress, President Obama brought it to the forefront of every American's mind.

All it took was words. At this point what have we lost? Nothing! We've had a two weeks worth of debating and recognition that something must be done about Syria and Assad.

And to go even further, by involving Russia, which in 2005 purchased 80% of Syria's National Debt, we allowed them to save face and get world stage credit for Diplomacy. Additionally, since the bulk of Syria's Oil goes to the European Union Market we didn't intrude and and blunder about like the Blinded Cyclops of the Odyssey, as the US increasingly came to be seen under the misadministration of the Bush/Cheney Regime.

Now, it's very possible that President Obama wanted to use military force in Syria and the circumstances are working against him but, unless the person wants to produce some evidence they're claiming to be mind readers.

President Obama just showed every American what skillful World Diplomacy looks like.


Sarge said...

Chill man.
Fuck em...


Grung_e_Gene said...


It just makes no sense that seemingly successful Diplomacy and the involvement of Russia is a negative?

Of course, the ebullient love expressed towards Putin by the ultra-reactionary American right-wingers belies their professed love of Democratic Republicanism and shows their true admiration for Tyranny.

American Conservatives would love to have a Dictatorship, as long as they were the Dictators.

Sarge said...

Ain't that last the damned truth!


ChickenHammer said...

We have nothing to gain from getting involved in Syria. The people made it clear that we didn't want it. Congress was making it clear that they didn't want it. The only horse we had in the race was oBama's credibility over the red line comment he says he did not make in August of 2012.

Luckily for oBama Russian President Putin stepped in and offered a way out. The oBama regime is trying to spin this as their own plan but all the evidence says they were just lucky that President Putin bailed us out.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Can you really be this obtuse about Geopolitics?

Russia and the EU have Syria in their spheres of influence. Obama by involving Putin has not only allowed Russia which sells arms, technology and goods to Syria to exert assistance over one of their areas of control but allowed Syria to save face.

The EU receives the bulk of Syria's oil exports by the red line and bringing up the talk of military intervention President Obama masterfully brought this issue to the world's forefront.

Your blind hatred and ignorance would be laughable except that because of your golden boy W's wars of moronic choice America is seen as the bumbling blind cyclops who issues with us or against us ultimatums and has no nuance.

Dervish Sanders said...

I like your spin far more than ChickenHammer's spin. We'll have to see how this plays out before I'm totally convinced that Obama is being "masterful", but I'm inclined to believe you. Great write up.

Grung_e_Gene said...

This has to be, probably, the most bungled, the most mishandled area of foreign policy - I don’t know if it’s in the history of our country but certainly in the modern age.
Rudy Guillani on Faux News.

How evil and stupid these republicans be... Zero American Deaths and Zero Dollars stolen by the MIC.

I can't believe right-wingers buy this shit.

Dervish I appericate anyone who takes time to see how things play out but, the UN is preparing to vote on Syria and the US Congress has engaged their constiuents because the President began addressing Syria.