Saturday, October 10, 2009

Toyota, Republicans favorite Cars

Real Americans love Chevys and Fords, Punk Ass Bitch Republicans love Toyotas and other foreign cars. Why? Because they hate American Workers. Republicans want American Workers to work hard while young and when you get old die quickly. That's what Republicans want for Americans to work themselves to death. This is why Republicans are always against Unions and have been fighting against Health Care all of 2009.

Unions, like the UAW, and a more fair Health Care helps Americans, Republicans are against everything which helps extend the lives of the poor and middle class in America. Foreign Auto Makers, especially with automotive plants in the South are allowed to pay cut throat capitalism wages and disbar unions while receiving US Government Subsidies and tax incentives to treat American workers unfairly.
Republican Richard Shelby of Alabama ensured Mercedes -Benz received $253 Million USC, Honda $158 Million USC and Hyundai $234 million USC tax breaks for building plants in in his state, Republican scum Bob Cooker gave Volkswagon $577 million USC for a factory in Tennessee and "Mississippi paid $284 million for a new Toyota plant; Kia got $324 million from Georgia. Texas had to fork over only $133 million for Toyota's Tundra plant in San Antonio, while Tennessee gave $197.6 million so Nissan would move its American headquarters to Nashville."

Republicans use the power of the Government and these tax "breaks" to break and destroy the UAW which doesn't vote for Punk Ass Bitch Republicans.

But, this also means that sacrifices have to be made this year the Republican Party and their Punk Ass Bitch Conservative fanatics decided General Motors was to be allowed to wither and die. Ostensibly, the Punks on the Right declared because GM made inferior products and held aloft Worldwide #1 Car Maker Toyota as the paragon of True Car Making Genius.

And Toyota Mythical Awesomeness is falling apart. All makes and models of Toyotas are being recalled for a variety of reasons.

Late 90's and early 00's Toyota Tundras and Tacomas are failing apart from rust and corrosion.
Dealing with rusted pickup frames and the subsequent fallout is nothing new for the Japanese automaker. About 1.4 million Tacomas were involved in rust-related defects that caused the automaker to make concessions last year to customers. That year, Toyota agreed to buy back Tacoma pickups from 1995 to 2000 with frames rusted so badly that they were beyond repair.
More frighteningly than your vehicle failing apart around you from Rust is the floor mat accelerator sticking problem, where pedals become trapped under floor mats, causing vehicles to continue to speed up after drivers lifted their foot off the pedal. Toyota issued a recall for the following 4 million models:

• 2007 – 2010 Camry
• 2005 – 2010 Avalon
• 2004 – 2009 Prius
• 2005 – 2010 Tacoma
• 2007 – 2010 Tundra

Defects like the floor mat/accelerator issue or rust problem "could" be excused as planning or poor oversight concerning the manufacturing process.

But, completely inexcusable would be the deliberate destruction and concealment of evidence and obstruction of justice by Toyota into the rollover deaths, which
Dimitrios Biller, a former Toyota corporate lawyer involved in the rollover cases, contends in his lawsuit that the Japanese automaker's executives "made every effort" to quash investigations from 2004 through 2007. Biller alleges Toyota TM destroyed data.

And of course, Toyota lost $1.7 Billion in 2008 and lost $6.9 Billion(!!!) in the first quarter of 2009.

Yet a Toyota Avalon was the vehicle Republican Punk Ass Bitch and Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney longingly pinned for when he penned his magnificent Op-Ed Let Detroit Go Bankrupt, writing:
Ford, for example, needs to cut $2,000 worth of features and quality out of its Taurus to compete with Toyota’s Avalon. Of course the Avalon feels like a better product
Romney further blamed the American worker for not dying quickly enough for Romney's tastes,
First, their huge disadvantage in costs relative to foreign brands must be eliminated. That means new labor agreements to align pay and benefits to match those of workers at competitors like BMW, Honda, Nissan and Toyota. Furthermore, retiree benefits must be reduced.

Romney wants American workers to make less and die quickly after they have used up their youth. And he hopes for the destruction of Detroit and the elimination of jobs and retiree benefits. Of course, Romney's worked for Government and never had to worry about where his paycheck or benefits are coming from or their elimination.

Punk Ass Bitch Republicans and Conservatives like and protect Foreign Auto Makers because they hate Americans and want you to die.

I forgot to include the famous Who Could Ask For Anything More Toyota Ad Campaign. That sentiment is precisely the Republican Party mantra and intent for the poor and middle class. The Republican Elite and Corporatist Establishment, "cannot survive without the obedience and loyalty of millions of people who are given small rewards to keep the system going". How dare the poor and middle class, who have been given so much Trickle Down wealth demand more, be content with the "small rewards" from the Republican table.

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Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

And while Republicans are bribing corporations to move to their states, they are whining about poor welfare moms getting $250 a month.