Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dylan Ratigan Steals From My Blog

Last September I wrote:
What we have is a lousy kleptocracy were members of the government collude with industry and work hand in hand in order to ensure Socialism for them and cut-throat Capitalism for the rest of the plebeians, Profits are Privatised and Losses are Socialized.

Well, while that's true, the Corporate Powers are the stronger members of the Kleptocracy and dictate orders to their marionettes in Government. The Punk Ass Bitch Republican Party take their orders and carry them out faithfully.

Any way MSNBC New Guy, Dylan Ratigan highlights (video at Crooks and Liars) how Corporate Communists (his phrase) have control over Washington and use their position to Socialize their losses and Privatize their Profits. Ratigan states, "a system that takes resources from the citizenry and redistributes it to a tiny elite."

Right Wing Punk Ass Bitches like to claim the Free Market and Corporations would produce excellent products if left alone from the evil Government's interference. Well, it's not true. if left alone without Government Regulations, persons at various levels in Corporations will get away with whatever they can and would passively or actively allow Americans to die from the creation of their products; By doing shit like this:
BP acknowledged that for the last six years its Whiting refinery violated federal pollution limits on benzene.

Federal regulators say BP PLC violated the Clean Air Act by making modifications at its Indiana oil refinery along Lake Michigan to process Canadian crude without the proper permit. The EPA said in November the modifications caused "significant increases" in sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter and carbon monoxide emitted from the refinery.
And at the top CEO's, who get Billions from the Government, lobby to undermine and de-teeth legislation designed to curb their voracious appetite for profit over people.

Dylan Ratigan: The Cost of Corporate Communism


Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

AT least he tried to hide his theft of your ideas Grung e. I had an editor from the Chicago Tribune use lines from my old site verbatim without attribution. Look at the bright side though. Important people read your shit.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Yeah, TRUTH 101 I don't know if you know this but I'm kinda a big deal... Your old bud Blue Pit Bull wrote the following to me:

I've visited your site before, and I want to tell you this isn't personal, but I don't like your smarmy comments and the way you conduct yourself, so you aren't allowed to comment here at all.

Personally, I love the (dis)affected unctuousness of my posts. I wrote him a farewell comment but he declined to post it, which is fine, he is within his rights to take his blog home and not let anyone dissuade him from his beliefs.