Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day Health Scare

The Republicans (and Democrat traitors) have their Corporate Insurance Masters orders to provide the American People with the same level of Health Care Columbus provided the Arawak upon landing in the Caribbeen, i.e. slavery and death. And like Columbus, Republicans make official declarations (about Health Care) which are complete lies.
Columbus's report to the Court in Madrid was extravagant. Because of Columbus's exaggerated report and promises, his second expedition was given seventeen ships and more than twelve hundred men. The aim was clear: slaves and gold.
[T]hey ordered all persons fourteen years or older to collect a certain quantity of gold every three months.
When it became clear that there was no gold left, the Indians were taken as slave labor on huge estates, known later as encomiendas. They were worked at a ferocious pace, and died by the thousands. ~ From Howard Zinn's work, A People's History of the United States

Insurance Compaines don't provide coverage. They will take your premiums but if you actually need to use their "coverage" the first thing the company will do is deny your claims and if that doesn't work for them, Insurance Companies simply drop you.
From a Washington Times story: Guardian Life Insurance Co. executive called high-cost patients such as Mr. Pearl "dogs" that the company could "get rid of." Legally barred from discriminating against individuals who submit large claims, the New York-based insurer simply canceled lines of coverage altogether. Guardian, a 150-year-old mutual company, reported profits of $437 million last year, a 50 percent increase over $292 million in 2007.

Insurance Companies make money by pretending to provide you coverage but if you are actually sick or become sick they will drop your insurance. Republicans delight in Americans working themselves to death in pursuit of Corporate profits and then being denied care. Its what the Republicans are striving to achieve for their masters. Republicans delight in hating you and watching you die.

Having been stationed at Swamp Lejeune North Carolina, one of the things I learned about was the quality of the ground water. Camp Lejeune (that's a US Marine Corps base for the Chicken Hawks out there) has had decades worth of chemicals leach into the ground and metals from ammo launched into the hinterland from various weapon systems. Because of that the groundwater was contaminated, and one of the effects has been a spike of Male Marines, who were stationed at Lejeune from the 1960's through the 1980's getting Breast Cancer. Male Breast Cancer is rare, extremely rare.

But, while these Marines get coverage from the VA (a government run option), Insurance companies would view this as a "pre-existing" condition and would deny them coverage. America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) blames Veterans for rising prices, just like the Republican Party and The Bush Administration:
The AHIP study shows that nearly half of this apparent increase in Medicare expenditures can be explained by controlling for the use of services received through the Veterans Administration (VA) or at military facilities.
AHIP and Republicans want Veterans to die because as David S. Chu the Pentagon's Undersecretary of Personal and Readiness, under President George W. Bush, said, "The amounts have gotten to the point where they are hurtful. They are taking away from the nation's ability to defend itself."

Like gangsters and criminals, AHIP the national association representing nearly 1,300 member companies providing health insurance coverage to more than 200 million Americans, brazenly threatened Congress and the American people that they will simply raise prices if any real Health Care Reform occurs.

Eventually, if Republicans are allowed to, they will help Health "Insurance" Companies simply take your money and disavow every disease as a pre-consisting condition and allow all Americans to die.

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