Friday, July 15, 2011

Do you know why there wasn't a Medal of Honor awarded to a living Service Member under George W. Bush?

Because Dick Cheney would have lost his front of the line free medical care. Seriously. One of the "benefits" a Living MoH recipient gets is front of the line medical care and they are the only persons who could move ahead of Vice President Cheney in an emergency.

Of course, while the MoH recipient will (bravely) deal with the aftermath of multiple tours and will have to make do with his special $1200-a-month augmented by COLA pension, Dick Cheney is basking in the Hundreds of Millions of blood soaked pay off dollars he has been awarded by the Companies who hired him to start Wars.

And from late 2001 to early 2009 there was Dick Cheney, who had skirted duty and chickened out of the Vietnam War via 5 deferments, telling George Bush not to award a Medal of Honor to anyone, so that he could keep receiving emergency heart transplants, angioplasties and surgeries without the fear of a living MoH Hero delaying his medical treatment

So, how do we thank our current Living MoH Heroes? By forcing President Obama to end these Disastrous Wars of Choice and Empire. And by holding the Republican Party accountable for the Disastrous Wars they championed which have resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and 6 TRILLION siphoned off and stolen by War Profiteers leading us to the Republican Recession.

But, while George Bush, Dick Cheney and the Republican Party hate our military Heroes I salute MoH Leroy Arthur Petry and Salvatore Giunta and all our honorable service members.

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