Monday, July 25, 2011

What the terrorist attack in Norway could have meant

"Nothing justifies Terrorism... or murder," Captain America.
"Terrorist? That's just what the big army calls the little army," Wolverine.
- from the X-Men versus The Avengers 4 part Limited Series
As the terrorist killing spree in Norway was unfolding, blogs and media sites broke with news of another muslim terrorist attack. Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Free Republic, David Horowitz, Erick Erickson at Red State, Michelle Malkin, R. Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Andrew Breitbart and others were happy. Here was another 911 for them to exploit. Yet again the Rightwing message about islam and muslims would be proven correct. Yet again being a liberal pluralist multicultural nation which allowed freedom of religion to all would be no defense against muslim terrorists. Herman Cain's idea that mosques can be banned in America would gain traction.

It would be nothing less than a quickening for the conservative stance of war and intolerance and a "bloody shirt" to wave against those who would deny their warmongering. It would be a free-for-all Punch a Hippie Fest all across the Rightwing Universe.

And then it all feel apart. Like a house of cards, the foundation for the Right's War on Terror has been built on the idea that there is something especially wrong with islam. That islam unlike anything else breeds terrorists.

As a result of this single Norwegian Terrorist Attack that idea has been shown to the world at large to be nothing more than a bigoted sham. Now, of course, anyone who's the least bit interested could know that across the globe and throughout time people have used faith and beliefs to justify their barbarous treatment of others, but for the past 10 years those who identify themselves as christian or conservative or rightwing have maintained that islamic terrorism is a special problem.

It's a repudiation of the idea that islam has some special unequivocal connection to violence different than any other ideology,
It's a repudiation of the 3 Peter King muslim extremist Congressional Hearings,
It's a repudiation of all the attacks on antiwar Americans,
It's a repudiation of the War in Iraq,
It's a repudiation of Rendition,
It's a repudiation of waterboarding,
it's a repudiation of the idea that Terror must be met with military response,

It's nothing less than a complete repudiation of everything the American Right Wing has claimed over the last 10 years.

Here's video of Anders Breivik decrying "Cultural Marxism" to Sean Hannity...
Oh, it's Andrew Breitbart, well, there's no 'real' difference between the two...

Update 2:
Here is a story of courage from a man, Marcel Glefe, a Hero, vastly different than Breitbart or Breivik,


squatlo said...

I agree completely with your post, but must point out that the word (according to Sarah Palin) is "REFUDIATE"... defined as "the act of pretending to know what words mean".

do carry on... pardon the interruption.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Damn it!!!

did you know that Andrew Breitbart and Anders Breivik share more than just the initials AB, why the read the same ideology crib notes, the both believed in the threat "Cultural Marxism".

Magpie said...

"Cultural Marxism" is a borrowed term used to graduate nascent right wingers from just feeling put upon by "Political Correctness", which itself is the notion that it is a little bit rude to call a gay person a faggot, or a black person a nigger.
It sounds sophisticated and implies a conspiracy of some kind, throws a nostalgic bone to people who remember Reds Under The Bed, and frightens any rational person about as much as a caterpillar.

Thanks for coming to my blog, I’ve added you to my list.

Green Eagle said...

And once again, the right across the board shows themselves to be shameless, conscienceless liars who are unable in any way to face the truth about the abominable ideological sewer which they now inhabit.