Friday, December 9, 2011

What's so awful about the 1%? Paul "The Vulture" Singer and Jason Barker provide the evidence

Paul "The Vulture" Singer is a disgusting criminal Hedge Fund Manager. Nothing more than a tawdry thief and the poster child for the 1%, old, greedy, criminal, without a shred of humanity or morality.

Oh, and Paul Singer is a lifelong Republican who is donating huge amounts of money to Mitt Romney and is the largest donator of money to the Republicon Party in New York.

It's not enough that Paul Singer is a man who destroys raids companies, closes US factories and eliminates American jobs but, demands to be lauded under the Orwellian/Luntzian title 'Job Creator', Singer the Vulture actually creates nothing but Misery and Death.

No, this is not hyperbole. Paul Singer is responsible for deaths of Congolese children from cholera. Cholera! An epidemic which can easily be stopped merely by providing people with clean drinking water! As of 30 August 2011, 5,666 cases of cholera and 329 deaths have been reported after the epidemic broke out in DR Congo in March 2011.

But, Singer is too busy using financial extortion to squeeze money from the region. Singer (through his Hedge Fund) paid $10 Million USC for "debt" incurred by the previous irresponsible Congolese Dictatorships then using that debt Singer is demanding $400 Million USC be paid, from the current government, and is holding up international assistance from the African people in the region.

This isn't the first time Paul Singer has used the suffering of others to turn a profit. Singer also infamously bought Owens-Corning out of Bankruptcy. Singer then used his Republicon Political connections to limit the amount of compensation American workers had incurred while working for Owens-Corning suffering from asbestos injuries to increase his bottom line.

This is Your 1%. Paul Singer, Hedge Fund Manager is a member of that small elite. They aren't creating jobs, who aren't funding innovations or "building a better light bulb". They are gambling, loan sharking and transferring electronic digits from one ledger to another. They make their money by accounting gimmicks and turning suffering into coinage.

Of course, the sickening Singer is furious with the intrepid BBC reporter Greg Palast who has repeated uncovered his "money-making" methods. Paul Singer, let the BBC know, "Paul Singer has been sued before," and "We have a file on Greg Palast."

But, Paul Singer will never, ever be blogged about by Andrew Breitbart. Michelle Malkin will never utter his name, Faux News will never acknowledge his evil deeds. Because Singer is a clear cut example the right wing dupes and ignorant conservatives refuse to acknowledge since it undercuts the entire philosophical construct the right wing has been forcing down the throats of the conservatives like so much bilge.

For instance, Bradley Schiller wrote an op-ed entitled "What's so Awful about the 1%"? This is what is so awful Bradley! Letting children die of cholrea. Profiting off of the misery of others.

But, perhaps Schiller is incapable of recognizing his myopic prostration to Power and Money and appears to be a product of self-conditioning.

It almost makes Jason Barker, Bank Examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, look tame. Barker, a bank examiner who apparently could not locate any of the $7.77 Trillion USC loaned and guaranteed to the Big Banks through the Federal Reserve system found enough time to examine his anal cavity by sticking his head up it, posted this on Facebook; "NYPD: feel free to crack some hyppie skulls for me! I work downtown and I what this crap to stop." after the NYPD busted up the Zuccotti Park Encampment.

Barker is just one of thousands of corrupted Bank Regulators who turn a blind eye to the System, to the rampant theft, and have accepted the evil 1% American Capitalist Ideal of Privatized Profits and Socialized Losses. Jason Barker's post shows he is simply mad that the 99% and OWS are alerting people to the rampant Wall Street Corruption before he has had a chance to transition from the regulation side and to the thievery side.

The 1% are nothing more than a collection of Murderers and Thieves.


JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

This guy probably owns a bank. We pay anywhere from 4 to 28 percent for money depanding on our credit score. Banks pay 0 to .01 percent for money from the Fed no matter their credit score.

Anonymous said...
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Grung_e_Gene said...

@ Truth 101, Paul Singer is manager for a $17 Billion dollar Hedge Fund. He makes his money from the dead and dying. The he funnels that money to his Republicon Guard.

@ Spam? You're a piece a spam!

German said...

Paul Singer bought defaulted Argentine bonds for cents on the dollar, and now he wants 1600% of his initial investment in return. He has a friend judge in the USA -Thomas Griesa, who has ordered Argentina -a sovereign state, to pay the vulture. Of course Argentina will never pay, and is showing the world how to proceed against this kind of parasites.