Friday, December 23, 2011

Good Conservatives! Let the Racism Flow Freely! Brent Bozell is a Bigot

If Opinions are like Assholes then, "you might want to say" Brent Bozell is flabby sack of smushed opinions.

Why is the Right-Wing Bigots who make the most incendiary racist or sexist comments look like fat sacks of putrid garbage?

Brent Bozell (L. Brent Bozell III), like all Conservative Pundits, has never had a real job in his entire life. Le Bigot Bozell has spent almost 3 decades sitting on his brains at various Conservative Think Tanks coming up with new ways to blame Liberals for all the fuck-ups by Conservatives. Bozell is one of those right-wing shills who blames Bill Clinton for 9/11 even if it inconveniently happened while George W. Bush was President and whines that George W. Bush got no credit for killing Osama Bin Laden even if it inconveniently happened when Barack Obama was President.

But, while expanding his mind by sitting on his fat ass for a Faux News interview Bigot Bozell decided to compose a racist simile about President Obama. What Le Bigot Bozell stated is so racist and so ignorant I won't type it again, but you can watch Bigot Bozell over at Talking Points Memo. Of course, because it is a simile right-wing liars try to parse the racist statement Bigot Bozell clearly made and then reinforced.

Bigot Bozell is yet another flabby jowled, wide assed, big bellied slob (i.e. A Conservative) who feels empowered to be as racist as possible because he thinks it's going to win elections for Republicons.

Again how many incidents will it take for conservatives to realize the Modern Conservative movement is little more than a club for bigots and racists?

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