Thursday, December 22, 2011

Of Derrières, Jim Sensenbrenner, and Conservative Racism

Chicago born Wisconsin Republicon Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner isn't going to take any eating advice from someone of Michelle Obama's stature!

Sensenbrenner was overheard speaking loudly into his cell phone at Reagan National Airport. According to an eyewitness, he told a story of a woman who approached him at a church auction to make comments in support of First Lady Michelle Obama. Sensenbrenner responded that he believed Mrs. Obama to be a hypocrite in that “she lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself.”

How many comments of a gross racist nature do we need to reach the conclusion that the conservative movement is little more than a club for evil bigots?

Of course, that Sensenbrenner is a grotesquerie, a shambling obese slob, puffy-faced, neck waddled, flabby assed, wide-waisted, prodigiously bellied (i.e a typical Republicon) making this comment is not lost on his rabid supporters. [Read the comments from the above linked story.]

It's not a coincidence that the most despicable comments about Michelle Obama are made by the most despicable obese right-wingers. Racist Limbaugh has rountinuely insulted Michelle Obama about her weight and routinely refers to the FLOTUS as Moochelle Obama. Ho ho ho ho! Of course, all conservatives repeat Limbaugh's insulting racist joke because they have no concept of humor or originality.

Conservatives eat this racist shit up. It fits their bigoted conception of African-American women.

Do Americans really not understand that the vast, majority of Republicons serving in the Federal Government are bigots or shamelessly pander to conservative racists?

Matrifocal Point correctly points out that Sensenbrenner is also playing into a centuries held conservative bigoted sexist/racist belief system which hyper-sexualized African/Slave women as having large butts (and breasts) as this allowed them to be raped and absued.

This belief still pervades conservative thinking as 'Women who dress immodestly are asking to be raped' which Faux News repeatedly asserts.


Matrifocal Point said...

Yes- racist and sexist! Not okay Sensenbrenner!
I expanded on this in my blog:

Please check it out!

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

The shithead probably can;t ven score with his old lady. His frustration and obvious assholeness which goes with being a republican forces him to say crap about good looking women like Michelle Obama because he's a loser who will never enjoy the company of a woman better looking than Phylis Diller or nicer than Rosanne Barr.

I suppose being a kind and gentle soul I should feel sorry for Jim but the man is a fat prick. Screw him.