Saturday, December 10, 2011

Joe Walsh v. Tammy Duckworth, any bets who conservatives will vote for?

"After much soul searching and discussions with my wife Helene, friends, and supporters, I am here tonight to announce that I will stand for re-election in the 8th district of Illinois. I am running for re-election to fight for those in my district who feel like they are losing their country." - Representative Joe Walsh (R-IL)
Joe Walsh is going to run against Tammy Duckworth, Wounded Iraq War veteran and former assistant secretary of Veterans Affairs, for the newly realigned Illinois 8th District in 2012.

Any bets whom Conservatives will champion? Of course, they'll back the disgraceful Joe Walsh.

I can't think of a bigger piece of garbage in the US Congress than Joe Walsh. Yes, even including Michele Bachmann. Everything we have learned about Joe Walsh shows he is interested in only one thing, getting money into the hands of Joe Walsh.

Walsh, first tried to make a name for himself as being the Tea Party candidate who called President Obama black. Then he worried that "American Jews aren't Pro-Israel enough."

Walsh outdid himself by going on a screaming red-faced tirade at Melissa Rakestraw, an Illinois resident and Postal worker, who dared to talk to him. Walsh screamed, "DON'T blame the Banks! I am tired of hearing that crap!" The "crap" being the truth about how the Banks and Wall Street collapsed the US housing market and turned the US economy into a giant gambling ring.

Rakestraw, later told Walsh, many returning Veterans work at the USPS, Walsh said he didn't care if Veterans lost their jobs as long as the Republicon plan to destroy the USPS was accomplished.

Walsh wasn't done. Walsh told a town hall he considered Veterans joining OWS and #Occupy protests "Anti-American" and "they don't understand this country." That would be Joe Walsh, ZERO days in uniform, ZERO days deployed.

There can hardly be a more illustrative example of the current conservative hypocritical mindset than Joe Walsh. Apparently, the conservative notion of supporting the troops extends only as far as the magnetic field on their yellow bumper stickers.

It goes beyond being the willing dupes for the Right or accepting Karl Rove's tactics of attacking a Democratic politicans' strength. Conservatives are the willing foot-soldiers to the Republicon Guard, and the willing slaves of the 1%.

The October 2011 Chicago Magazine showed the average sale price for the suburban homes around Chicago. Municipalities, like Palatine, Vernon Hills, Mundelein, Lincolnshire, Lake Zurich, in Joe Walsh's current Congressional District have all seen their 2011 housing value drop from 2010.

What Illinois residents have learned about Joe Walsh is the same thing his ex-wife and kids learned about him. Joe Walsh is a deadbeat who doesn't give a crap about the people he supposedly represents and is only interested in securing a job for himself sucking off taxpayers or working in DC as a lobbyist.


Jerry Critter said...

I am looking forward to more Joe rants. Any time I can laugh at a republican is a good time.

Patricia said...

Why are they called conservatives? They don't seem to be conserving anything. Maybe their own asses.