Saturday, December 3, 2011

Conservative Doublespeak

Conservatives love economic Freedom, that is the freedom to work longer for less pay in 'Right to Work' States.

Conservatives love the Right to Peaceably Assemble, that is for astroturfed false-front organizations to call the President a lying Kenyan Marxist Witch Doctor Muslim not for the OWS to point out systemic economic inequality and social injustice.

Conservatives hate Injustice but not the injustice of destroying ACORN via completely false, manipulated propaganda style videos.

Conservatives are always on the look-out for abuse of authority by Law Enforcement or the Government, except when it comes to police beating and violently rousting dirty-hippies.

Conservatives denounce the playing of the race card, that is until they get to play it. Seriously, though the Herman Cain allegations. I completely understand why Faux News, Ann Coulter, R. Limbaugh are in 100% support of Cain despite the disgusting, icky sexist behavior he has committed for decades, Cain has promised to lower their taxes by millions. But, why does any so-called family values conservative support him? Is it really as simple that he has identified himself as a (R)?

Conservatives Support the Troops, except when the Veterans get home and are left to their own devices, end up homeless, jobless, emotionally distraught and commit suicide, those Veterans get told to 'Get a Job'.

Conservatives always want lower taxes, except for the payroll tax which doesn't aid the Richest 1%

Conservatives love Freedom of Speech, that is the freedom to call the President a N-Slur, not the freedom to point out the facts that CEOs make over 300 times what the average worker makes, that's Class Warfare.

Conservatives pull themselves up by their boot-straps without any of this evil socialist assistance, just like Adam Carrola and Joe the Plumber, except of course Adam Carrola's mother received welfare and Joe the Plumber received welfare assistance, too. Typically, Andrew Breitbart's crowd picked up the recent Adam Carrola rant about OWS and now suddenly find him to be "refreshing", "epic", and his rant is "awesome dissection" which "nailed it" by a comedic genius!

Conservatives think actors, musicians and comedians should just "Shut Up and Sing", unless that actor, musician or comedian is a conservative, in which case they need to be given constant media exposure.

Conservative love the writings and philosophy of Ayn Rand, even though they've never read any of it and even though Rand was an ardent Atheist who championed abortion all throughout any pregnancy.

That's your modern conservative movement. So beset with obvious contradictions, shameless liars and evil charlatans that I can understand why Conservatives cling tightly to them. Because if the Right ever stopped to analyze what it is they are championing the opening of the Doors of Perception would cause a psychotic break of Galtian propotions.

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