Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mitt Romney and the Republicans are equivalent to Saddam's Republican Guard

Democratic Illinois Senator Dick Durbin tried to pass an Amendment to S. 1867 the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012. The Amendment was defeated 38-60. The Amendment was to stop the bill's proposal to declare the United States a battleground in the Phony GWoT. 43 Republicans voted against the Amendment. That is they voted to keep the language in the Bill which allows the US military to indefinitely detain suspected Al Qaeda members and anyone else the Government deems an "enemy combatant".

And here you thought the Bush/Cheney Torture/Extraordinary Rendition/With-Us-Or-Against-Us language would only apply to them damn Terrorists.

Welcome to the Republican Vision of Freedom. Too bad you didn't listen to the Leftists and Anti-War crowd when they raised the alarm about the most corrupt, most anti-American Administration and then choose to blame it on the black guy. The Republican Party is equivalent to Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard. Only 2 Republican Senators, Mark Kirk and Rand Paul, chose to stand for the US Constitution and Freedom.

What's next in the Republican Plan of Attack; a Bill entitled House-a-Soldier in Your Home to help offset the Budgetary costs of the DoD?

Because that's what Mitt Romney advocated in a speech less than a month ago. Romney declared he would eliminate Medicaid;
"And I would apply the $600 billion [in cuts] that were anticipated being imposed upon the military, I would take those and apply them to other parts of the federal budget. One of them, of course, would be to take something like Medicaid, which is our health care program for the poor, and return that program to the states."
Of course, now we can see why the Republicans are in favor of declaring the United States a war zone. After they steal Social Security, eliminate health care for the poor, stop funding Pell Grants, and impose Slavery Measures err... "Austerity" Measures on the American People they are going to need the military to quell the Domestic disturbances they are engendering.

Of course, even if the Republican Plan to use the US Military to quell Domestic disturbances falls through Blackwater (Xe) and Erik Prince have made it clear they will eliminate Democratic Opposition to the Republican Guard. Erik Prince, now hailing from parts unknown, let it be known he would "eliminate" Jan Schakowsky for her daring to question his Mercenary Army and the Billions Blackwater stole through no-bid contracts pushed through by the Bush/Cheney Presidency.

So, get used to America. The Plutocracy wants the Middle Class destroyed and the Republicans are the just like Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard ready, willing, and able to accomplish the mission.

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Jolly Roger said...

This is a collision course, and they are guaranteed to fail if they don't alter it. They might be able to take old Dixie and create their third-world hellhole, but they are guaranteed to be driven out of the northeast, and probably the midwest as well (thanks so much, Snyder, Kasich, and Walker for your services.)