Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Xmas the Iraq War is Over... Again

So, this is Christmas?
Mission Accomplished: "Major Combat Operations in Iraq have ended." - 05/01/2003

"Bring'em On!" - 07/02/2003

"They're in the Last Throes" - 06/20/2005

Saddam's Death - 12/30/2006

Right Wing Victory in Iraq Day - 11/22/2008

Conservatives have been declaring the Iraq War Over for years. When they thought it benefited them. Now, that the President is named Obama the Right has flip-flopped to calling the Iraq War "Lost".

Of course, it mainly stems from the alternate history the modern conservative movement has adopted. History is malleable to Right, if it's convenient to ignore the entire George W. Bush Presidency, the Right has shown themselves up to the task!

The Iraq "War" is over, finally. It was of no benefit to the US. It wasn't worth $1 let alone One Life! But, it was priceless for the Republicons.

The Republican Party used the War to win elections. That's the only winning the GOP ever really cared about. Even now Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum lament the loss of the war because they think it can help Republicans in 2012.

The GOP are the same as Saddam's Iraqi Republican Guard. They used War and violence to quell domestic dissent and steal Trillions of dollars from the American People. Because (Blackwater)(Xe)(Academi), Halliburton, Boeing, and the hundreds of Welfare DoD connected Corporations are the only ones who really benefited from this shameful debacle.

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