Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jesus! He is Risen! But where is He? Playing QB on the Denver Broncos or a Hedge Fund Manager on Wall Street?

"I don't think he's been that good from the get-go. I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. I think the media has been very desirous that a *christian* quarterback do well. They're interested in *christian* coaches and *christian* quarterbacks doing well. I think there's a little hope invested in *Tebow*, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he really didn't deserve. The defense carried this team." - Racist Limbaugh.
Here's how you know conservatives are willingly blind to racism and bigotry. I altered Racist Limbaugh's derogatory reference from skin color to christian and changed the QB's name from McNabb to Tebow. As is easily observed, any comment about Tim Tebow which is not positive is attacked as anti-christian, yet when Limbaugh made this heinous bigoted statement about Donovan McNabb in 2003 right-wingers rallied to his defense.

The Chicago Bears just lost to Tim Tebow. Dan Bernstein of 670 the Score is quite upset over the tactics He used to defeat the Bears.

For 3 quarters the Bears defense had Tebow flustered. Tebow had completed just 3 of 16 passes had thrown an interception and fumbled. Tebow's passes were off (although 4 drops by his wide receivers wasn't helping) and his normal running style was replaced by a skittish one as Tebow discovered, unlike in college, he couldn't outrun or bowl over the likes of Julius Peppers. Lovie Smith then decided to employ the "Prevent Defense". As Mike Ditka once said, all the Prevent does is prevent you from winning...

But, Tim Tebow is not the first NFL player to make his faith central to his life off or on the field. Reggie White was a preacher. Deion Sanders is a minister and led prayer circles on the football field after games. Troy Vincent was once asked what book everyone should read and he replied, "The King James Bible because it is life."

Even in the Bears-Broncos game Tebow wasn't the only player who makes a big show of his faith. Devin Hester touches his feet, legs, shoulders and points skyward in order to get god's protection, "I just tell god to watch over me from the toes on my feet to the head of my crown."

And Reggie White, Deion Sanders, Troy Vincent and Devin Hester are all African-Americans, Kurt Warner dedicated his Super Bowl victory (but not his two Super Bowl defeats) to Jesus.

So, what is it about Tebow? Do people really believe that Tim Tebow is winning because of Jesus is watching out for him or aiding the flight of the football? I think the Tebow Mania and the way everyone wants this to be an issue is because some christians want to feel they are persecuted. These christians are making Tim Tebow a litmus test for the persecution complex they crave and the war on their religion they are engaged in.

However, lost amongst all this Tebowing, was the is a more egregious religious affront. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, who recently conferred upon deadbeat Republican dad Joe Walsh, the title of #1 True Blue Pro-Family status wrote an article declaring Jesus was a Free Marketer not an Occupier.

Of course, the problem that Jesus lived 2000 years before the concept isn't really the issue. Because what Tony Perkins was actually writing about was a justification for the rampant theft and corruption by the 1%. Perkins, overplayed his hand, because the need to mention OWS and the term "occupier" in the title shows how frightened he is christians in this country will begin to side with the poor and correctly view #Occupy as a struggle against Oppressive Power and the corrupt system set up by those who wield that Power.

It's actually an old idea in christianity. The Poor Men of Lyons (Waldenses) were condemned as heretics by the Catholic Church and were eventually anathemamitised because they dared to question the Order of Society. The Waldenses meet the same fate as the Cathars in the early 1200's being chased down and brutally slaughtered by the Guardians of the Powers That Be.

Perkins ends his Jesus wants you to invest in sheep futures with the following:
Yes, we are to "occupy," not by railing against a free market system that rewards diligence, even though it is occasionally abused. Rather we are to occupy by using that system ethically as a means to advance the interests of the one we serve.
Got it? Jesus wants you to accept the Income Inequality, abuse of power and transfer of wealth. Focus instead on ethics, i.e. things which don't challenge the Economic Inequality.

Of course, what Tony Perkins is actually defending is Feudalism. Christianity grew along with Feudalist ideas. It's been a 1000 year struggle by powerful and wealthy christians to massage the meaning of christ into favoring the Rich and Elite. To turn Jesus from a rabble-rousing champion of the poor and oppressed into a scion of the Plutocracy and keeper of the status quo (Behold! The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus).

And today what the religious right have allowed themselves to become the marching foot-soldiers waiting for the opportunity to enforce the will of the 1% and oppress the Occupiers.


squatlo said...

The Limbaugh quote you "altered" really had me wondering who had said such a thing... nicely played.
Yeah, Jesus was a big fan of money changers, I recall. He probably would have urged pepper spraying and arrests of those unwashed Occupiers...

Grung_e_Gene said...

Mayhap squatlo you are unaware of the Gospel According to Supply Side Jesus?

"It is easier for a Rich Man to enter heaven seated on the back of a camel! Than it is for a Poor Man to pass through the eye of a needle."

One Fly said...

A huge no shit to this whole piece!

"Kurt Warner dedicated his Super Bowl victory (but not his two Super Bowl defeats) to Jesus."

I'm not a fan of any professional sports that I can think of. I pay attention to very little. My opinions about the donks does not jive with those who love the drama of shit like this. I take issue with this particular team though but what I want to say is from my go to guy on this Tebow isn't worth a shit. May they get their ass kicked next game.

Made to order for these crazy fucks. Don't like the tebow - then you hate god. Life in the new Merka.

And of course Big Whore Media plays it to the hilt and merka bleats for more.

I almost missed this. Glad i did not.