Friday, June 9, 2023

I know how you start a fire... but how do you start a flood? Trump's Punishment? And his Cult of Maga Fascists continue to Attack America.

I don't endorse this...
Trump's theft of classified documents, including nuclear data and military analysis of US defense capabilities and Department of Defense war plans, is absolutely indefensible and a serious violation of the Espionage Act.

Everything Trump has done in stealing classified documents, including flooding his Mar-a-Lago computer server room, continually obstructing efforts to retrieve them, and his full knowledge that these weren't declassified or his property, shows a clear intent to use them for personal gain.  And no, I am not going to give this 300 lb bag of orange diarrhea any benefit of the doubt.  Trump stole these documents to sell to foreign powers and barter for financial gain.  I wouldn't be surprised if much of the Iran War Plans Trump stole went to the Saudi Government with the quid pro quo being the $2,000,000,000 paid to Jared Kushner.

Despicable Republicans have already all fallen in-line and decry the "weaponization of the Department of Justice" while continuing their non-stop Whataboutsim, as they demand access to Hunter Biden's dick pics, decry President Obama's blackness, and the continued existence of HRC.  Always remember Republicans absolutely believe in a two-tiered system of justice in which they are never held to account for their crimes.

Twitter, unsurprisingly, is awash as always with people who don't know anything declaring they know everything.  It's amazing and shocking how some rightwing agent provocateurs have been able to entice conservatives into this maelstrom of inanity and defense of the indefensible.  But, that's what the Cult of Mega is; a system to ensure every right-winger pays fealty and donations to Trump and his cadre of criminal cronies.

It's the same old disingenuous nonsense from the same old phony leftists Michael Tracey, Glenn Greenwald and others who always, always, always find the time to concoct the most bad faith, blatantly shameless, and patently false defenses of Trump or any other Republicans in trouble.  As with Little Nazi Tim Pool, I must conclude Tracey and Greenwald reap large financials rewards from pretending the be Leftists while goose-stepping to the March of MAGA Fascism.

Trump did so much damage to the Nation and our allies.  Never forget Trump off-handedly outing an Israeli spy to two Soviet Intelligence while the three yucked it up in the Oval Office. Or in October 2021, when the US reported a significant number of assets, informants, and friendly persons were killed and compromised.  This is directly tied to Trump's theft of classified material.

Of course, as bad as Trump's multiple crimes are, and never forget he fomented a Coup d'etat against the United States Government, Vladimir Putin unleashed a flood in Ukraine by blowing up the Kakhovka Damn and to hell with anyone displaced or drowned and the vast amount of farmland destroyed by this.  Putin apparently believed this would stall or disrupt the planned Ukrainian Counter-Offensive.

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