Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Why is Chicago's Air Quality so bad? It must be those strict gun laws!

So if there were no angels, would there be no sin? - Pearl Jam, Push Me, Pull Me (1998)

One of the most disreputable rightwing talking points has always been, 'Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the Nation, but they have murders.  Ergo gun laws don't work.'  Rightwingers adopted this monstrous lie after NRA ghouls and rightwing shills spent decades hammering this and other lies about gun violence into the conservative brain.  

Giant brain-worm, Major Traitor Greene, from her vile perch, most clearly regurgitated this horrific rightwing lie, "Strict gun laws actually create murder."

This is the result of 50 years of rightwing agitprop, the steroids Greene takes, and the Reactionary warped adoption of anarchist ideology, in a junior high school educated brain.  It's an If/Then, syllogism a 13 year would come up with,  If there were no laws against murder, then there would be no murders. Q.E.D.

Push Me, Pull Me...

But, getting back to the air quality issue, it seems everyone has grasped that Chicago's air isn't bad right now because of smokestacks or car exhaust on the ground locally but, because of factors outside the immediate area and thus outside the jurisdiction of "Chicago".

Chicago residents were not responsible for BP Whiting in Indiana repeatedly violating environmental laws and dumping benzene, mercury, and other toxic chemicals directly into Lake Michigan.

Chicago residents were not responsible for the giant choking black tornadoes of coal ash whipped up by the wind from the petcoke deposits the Koch Brothers dumped uncovered alongside the Calumet river in 2012.

So, the abnormal haze, cool temperatures and smokey air coating lower Wisconsin and the Chicago-land area are fallout of the massive once-in-a-century Canadian Wildfires.  These once in a generation wildfires, gigantic tornado clusters, Category 5 hurricanes, massive floods, deadly heat waves are sure coming more and more often. 

Pollution issues affecting people not responsible for creating them is the entire crux of the Climate Change catastrophe afflicting the world.  And one of the reasons, Republicans won't do anything about it.  The massive amount of people who will suffer and die are probably going to be in the underdeveloped Nations around the world and thus overwhelmingly not white.  And the large cities in America which are affected are havens for Democrats, so it's a win-win-win to Republicans to have poor black and brown people suffer and die and for liberals to suffer in the United States.  After all, Republicans are Real Americans living in the Countryside clinging to their guns and religion and will survive the climate disaster. 

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