Friday, June 2, 2023

Republican "Reality" is Ur-Fascism

President Biden tripped and fell over on stage at the Air Force Graduation Ceremony.  Rightwingers immediately made fun of him.  Donald Trump had something stupid and grammatically awkward to say about it.  One of the components of Ur-Fascism as famously written about by Umberto Eco, is that the enemies of Fascists (i.e. Republicans) are simultaneously both too powerful and yet too weak.  Thus, President Biden is a conspiratorial crime lord master manipulator while being frail and dementia ridden. 

But, understand this is the Republican way of governing and has been since Clinton was President.  Republicans have no interest in governing the Nation, but instead have hit upon a strategy of throwing tantrums, flinging shit everywhere, and causing problems all in an effort to get Normie Americans to throw their hands up and give in and let Republicans seize power.

We see what Republicans do when they have control of Government; ignore warnings of imminent Terrorist Attacks, begin Wars in various parts of the world, slash the Social Safety Net, empower Vladimir Putin and pay fealty to him on July 4th, eliminate medical care for women, while also working to roll back freedoms and protections for women, rollback laws and regulations and fast track the mass proliferation of firearms throughout the Nation and, of course, create a boogieman (nowadays it's LGBTQ folks) whom they can blame for all the things they've done to harm Americans and destroy the United States.

Of course, when they are not in full control Republicans concoct scandals and make all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations about the Democratic President and their families, as they did with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, and now with Joe and Hunter Biden.

Incidentally, it seems the Republican troglodytes have hit upon the propaganda technique of calling every unsupported and outright false allegation to be the result of a "whistleblower" instead of using the right term, some guy made shit up.  Making shit up and creating their own reality is the hallmark of the modern Republican, and flinging the false assertion out into internet and American society is the goal.  Because by the time the truth comes out, Rightwing drones will have absorbed the agitprop and worked to regurgitate it as far and wide as possible.

“We are not interested in whether the allegations against Vice President Biden are accurate or not,” Chuck Grassley of Iowa said Thursday morning on Fox News.

"I don't want Reality! I'm asking the questions,"- Oklahoma Faux Tough Guy MarkWayne Mullin.

Gallingly and lamentably these two villains are Senators; Grassley's been in Government since the Korean War (despite the claim Republicans hate career politicians) and MarkWayne Mullin is a classic small time business crook who hates when Americans getting better wages and treatment instead of being treated as chattel slaves.

There was a time these inadvertent admissions would elicit a response on Twitter and elsewhere as 'Republicans are finally saying the quiet parts out loud', but Republicans have been saying they don't give a shit about reality and The Truth is what they say it is, Karl Rove famously stated this while the W(orst President Ever) was pushing the United States in the disastrous Iraq War.  But, Alternate Reality covers the entirety of Rightwing thinking; they want certain things which are demonstrably false to be true and work to make the truth irrelevant and since they occupy positions of political power they have the weight to ensconce their rightwing lies and falsehoods into Law, all in their effort to destroy the American Dream and reshape the United States into a Neo-Confederate Slave State.

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